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For me, meditation is watching your videos and reading your books. Thank you for giving directions. I have ketu in 6th house aspected by Jupiter now I believe ketu period will be golden period and started loving ketu.
Sonal Arora
Pranam and love to you Guruji.🙏 I convey my gratitude. Thanks for guiding and warning us including me, as an Aquarius moon sign native, already l am feeling some problems as you said.
Hi Additya!! You always bring tears to my eyes! I love your videos and your way of being! You are a gift to us! Many, many blessings to you! Hare krishna🙏❤️ from Brazil
Celia Ribeiro
My sincere Pranam to you. Whenever I hear or see you, my heart is filled with joy, happiness and hope. I carefully listen to you while meditating. It helps me a lot. Always grateful to you.
MR Mishra
Please 🙏🏼 don’t stop sharing . We look forward to understanding and improving ourselves with your guidance. Thankyou & bless you 🙏🏼🙌
Poonam Mangwani
Thank you very much Acharya ji, your words helps me lot, i am encouraged, getting solutions, sure iover come it soon.
Kumar Swamy
Continue this beautiful journey Addityaji. The world needs knowledge and peace. Your Fan from Israel.
Lia GracaReddy
Jai Ganesha Jai Guru🙏 I can’t stop crying hearing this for years I only heard Moon ketu conjunction is bad due to Matra dosh n chart. I have close conjunction of 2° difference and my husband has 17°distant and my son has Moon Jupiter conjunction of 7° distant and we don't like superficial family or friends around. Thank you so much Jai Guru...PLEASE give a chance to meet you touch your feet just once🙏I think all my confusions with go away & will find my path then.
Thank you so much sir for sharing your divine knowledge with us and for being our guiding light always. Moon is placed in the Hasta nakshatra 3rd pada in my lagna chart & conjuncted with ketu which is in the same Hasta nakshatra in 2nd pada in the 4th house in Virgo sign. Lord Jupiter along with Rahu is placed opposite to this conjunction in the Pisces in 10th house in Revathinakshatra 4th pada. After watching this beautiful and informative video i literally got clarity in my life You are truly a blessing from Mahadev himself in our life sir. May Mahadev bless you always.
Mr. Sandeep
Dear Sri Addyttia, my sincere and respectful regards for this beautiful podcast. I infinitely appreciate your podcasts, as they are always of a high spiritual depth. But this podcast moved me immensely for the way you related Astrology with the millenary truths of the Vedas and the great Masters, highlighting the planet Venus with so much beauty, and offering the cure for those who have it afflicted it in their Natal Chart. Thank you very much Sri Addittya for the story that I already knew, but it always moves me...Thank you so much for the warnings, and above all for the words of Hope for all of us...May God bless you greatly always. Namaskar
Maria Victoria Campos
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