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60 minutes Birth Time Rectification & In-depth Astrology Consultation Session with Acharya Addittya Ji

Birth Time Rectification is an essential service in Vedic Astrology for accurately determining an individual’s birth time, which forms the foundation of their astrological chart. Acharya Addittya Ji offers in-depth Birth Time Rectification services, providing meticulous analysis and methods to ascertain the correct birth time. Here are the key aspects covered in this service:

Consultation and Intake: Acharya Addittya Ji begins by conducting a thorough consultation to gather all available information about the native’s life events, significant milestones, and major incidents that can help in determining the approximate birth time.

Event Analysis: Acharya Addittya Ji meticulously examines the timing of significant life events that have occurred in the person’s life. These events can include marriage, educational achievements, new job or career breakthroughs, health issues, and other notable incidents. By cross-referencing these events with the astrological chart, he can narrow down the possible range of birth times.

Astrological Chart Analysis: Acharya Addittya Ji performs a detailed analysis of the individual’s natal chart, factoring in the positions of the planets, ascendant (Lagna), Moon, and other significant astrological elements. He studies the unique configurations and relationships between these celestial bodies in order to identify patterns and clues that can assist in the process of rectifying the birth time.

Dasha System Evaluation: The Vedic Dasha System is an integral part of birth time rectification. Acharya Addittya Ji analyzes the major periods and sub-periods (dashas and antardashas) experienced by the individual, examining the correlation between the events in their life and the timing indicated by the dasha system. This aids in fine-tuning and verifying the birth time.

KP Chart Examination: In addition to the birth chart, Acharya Addittya Ji scrutinizes KP charts which provide further insights and accuracy in rectifying the birth time. These KP charts offer a more deeper understanding of specific areas of life, such as relationships, career, and spiritual pursuits.

Technology-Assisted Techniques: Acharya Addittya Ji employs advanced astronomical software and ephemeris to calculate the planetary positions and alignments for the potential dates and times under consideration. By comparing these calculations with the individual’s chart and recorded life events, he can narrow down the birth time with greater precision.

Confirmation and Final Adjustment: After analyzing and correlating multiple factors, Acharya Addittya Ji narrows down the range of possible birth times to the most likely options. He guides the individual in obtaining further supporting evidence, such as birth certificates, family records, or testimonials from relatives, to validate and finalize the birth time adjustment.

Analysis of Consequences: Acharya Addittya Ji explains the potential consequences and impact of the adjusted birth time on the individual’s astrological readings and predictions. He discusses the changes that may occur in the interpretation of the person’s character traits, life events, and overall horoscope.

Birth Time Rectification is an intricate process that requires the expertise and experience of a skilled Vedic Astrologer like Acharya Addittya Ji. Through this service, individuals can obtain a more accurate and reliable birth time, enhancing the precision of their astrological readings and insights, leading to a deeper understanding of their life’s purpose, potential, and destiny.

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