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Personalized Car Astrology via Audio or Video call with Acharya Addittya Ji:

In just a 30-minute session, you will uncover invaluable astrological insights pertaining to Car Astrology tailored specifically based on your personal birth chart:

  1. Car Purchase Muhurat:
  • Auspicious timings and dates for purchasing a new car based on astrological considerations
  • Alignment of planetary positions to ensure favorable energies for the new car purchase
  • Suggestions for conducting rituals or performing specific mantras to enhance the positive vibrations during car purchase
  • Guidance on selecting the most auspicious time to finalize the transaction and take possession of the car
  1. Car Registration Muhurat:
  • Auspicious dates and timings for registering the newly purchased car
  • Ensuring alignment with favorable astrological energies to enhance the overall success and prosperity associated with the car
  • Recommendations for performing rituals or mantra recitations during the registration process
  • Guidance on choosing an auspicious time to complete the formalities of car registration
  1. Car’s Health and Longevity Astrology:
  • Assessing the astrological aspects of the car to determine its overall health and longevity
  • Analyzing the birth chart of the car to identify any potential issues or challenges it may face
  • Proposing remedies or rituals to mitigate negative influences and enhance the car’s overall well-being and lifespan
  • Providing guidance on maintaining the car’s vibrational harmony with specific practices or rituals
  1. Car Color Consultation:
  • Suggesting the most suitable car color based on astrological considerations and its impact on an individual’s life and experiences
  • Analyzing the client’s birth chart and aligning it with favorable color vibrations to enhance personal harmony and success
  • Advising on the specific color combinations that align with the client’s desired goals and intentions
  • Exploring the psychological and energetic effects of different car colors and their influence on personal well-being
  1. Car Model Selection Astrology:
  • Analyzing the client’s birth chart to determine the most compatible car models based on astrological considerations
  • Assessing the planetary positions and their alignment with the client’s unique energy patterns
  • Offering insights into the car models that will complement the client’s life goals and aspirations
  • Providing guidance on choosing a car model that aligns with their personality traits and overall life path
  1. Car Number Astrology:
  • Assessing the numerological aspects of the car’s registration number to identify its influence on the owner’s life
  • Analyzing the compatibility between the client’s birth date and the car’s registration number to ensure harmonious energy alignment
  • Offering suggestions for changing or modifying the car’s number to improve its overall influence on the owner’s life
  • Providing guidance on selecting an auspicious number combination to promote positive vibrations and success in various aspects of life
  1. Customized Car Astrology Services:
  • Tailored astrological services according to the specific requirements and preferences of the client
  • Personalized guidance and recommendations for various aspects of car astrology, such as car accessories, modifications, and maintenance
  • Addressing individual concerns or queries related to car astrology based on the client’s unique birth chart and circumstances
  • Providing customized rituals or remedies for enhancing the positive energies and overall experience associated with the client’s car.

Enter the extraordinary realm of Acharya Addittya Tamhankar, where Astrology meets the automobile world. With two decades of Astrology practice and a unique Astrology system, Acharya Addittya has successfully guided thousands of followers across the world in finding their perfect cars based on their astrology charts. This exclusive branch of Car Astrology is a well-kept secret known to only a handful of Astrologers worldwide – and Acharya Addittya Ji is one of them, ready to help you choose the ideal brand and color before you book your brand-new car. By ensuring that your car brand and color are astrologically suitable, you open doors to enhanced success and growth in your life, while simultaneously preventing accidents and mishaps. Countless real-life examples abound, where individuals have experienced career growth and love life success by purchasing the astrologically perfect car brand and color. And now, it could be your turn to become the next fortunate individual whose life transforms drastically.

Don’t miss the opportunity to consult with Acharya Addittya Ji for a life-changing Car Astrology session. Secure your spot and embark on a journey that has the potential to change your life forever!

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