Follow-up Consultation via Audio/Video call
with Acharya Addittya Ji

Enhance your understanding of the cosmos and your life’s unique blueprint with a follow-up 60-minute astrology consultation service provided by the internationally acclaimed Astrologer & Spiritual Guide, Acharya Addittya Tamhankar. This session is meticulously crafted for those who have previously benefitted from Acharya Addittya’s guidance and are seeking to delve deeper into the celestial wisdom. Here’s what returning clients can expect from this comprehensive follow-up consultation:

An In-depth Review

Begin your session with a thorough review of your previous consultation. Acharya Addittya will revisit the insights and recommendations shared with you, evaluating your progress and the evolution of your astrological influences since your last reading.

Updated Natal Chart Analysis

Your birth chart is a living document of the heavens. Acharya Addittya will update your chart to reflect the current transits and progressions, providing a fresh and timely perspective on your astrological journey.

Advanced Astrological Techniques

Leverage Acharya Addittya’s mastery in advanced astrological disciplines such as predictive astrology, solar returns, or synastry, depending on your needs. This session allows for a deeper dive beyond the foundational analysis of your natal chart, exploring the subtler nuances of your destiny and life patterns.

Karmic Progression

Explore the karmic narrative and spiritual evolution that connects your past, present, and future. This session places a special emphasis on understanding and navigating your karmic path, facilitated through Acharya Addittya’s spiritual guidance.

Tailored Remedial Measures

Based on the updated analysis, Acharya Addittya will adjust and recommend new remedial measures, rituals, or lifestyle changes to enhance positive outcomes and ameliorate challenges as seen in the latest chart details.

Comprehensive Q&A Session

Having built a relationship with Acharya Addittya, you can delve into even more personalized and profound discussions about your life’s questions. Use this time to seek guidance on any lingering concerns or new circumstances that have arisen.

Strategic Life Planning

Armed with fresh insights, this session aims to help you craft a strategic plan for the upcoming months or years. The goal is to align your actions with the optimal astrological timings for success and fulfillment in various areas of life.

Continued Spiritual Mentorship

As a return client, you gain ongoing support in your personal and spiritual development. Acharya Addittya serves as a mentor, providing you with wisdom not only derived from astrology but also from his vast understanding of spiritual principles.

Progression Roadmap

By the end of the session, you will be guided with a detailed progression roadmap summarizing the insights, upcoming astrological trends to watch for, and a refined list of remedial suggestions to aid you in navigating your path ahead.

Note: This special follow-up consultation service caters to individuals who have established a connection with Acharya Addittya and are looking to deepen their astrological and spiritual knowledge. It underscores the value of consistent guidance and the personalized attention given to returning clients seeking further enlightenment.

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