‘Uranus’ – King of the Sky


In our Indian context – the planet Uranus is often addressed as हर्षल – Herschel.

Around 200 years ago – on 13th March 1781, an eminent scientist observed Uranus for the first time and reported it as a comet. In his journal – he writes:

“I don’t know what to call it. It is as likely to be a regular planet moving in an orbit nearly circular to the sun as a Comet moving in a very eccentric ellipsis. I have not yet seen any coma or tail to it.”

The word ‘eccentric’ should be noted. Because the nature of Uranus is indeed ‘eccentric’!

By 1783 – the same scientist had finally come to the conclusion that Uranus is NOT a comet but a real planet of our galaxy – the 7th planet from SUN! In 1783 – he shares his observations to the Royal Society of England in the following words:

“By the observation of the most eminent Astronomers in Europe it appears that the new star, which I had the honor of pointing out to them in March 1781, is a Primary Planet of our Solar System.”

The then King of England George III was so much delighted with this new discovery that he gave the scientist an annual stipend of 200 British Pounds on condition that he move to the Royal Palace of Windsor so that the Royal family could look through his telescope the newly discovered planet.

For the years to follow – the British Royal Society was not able to find a suitable name for the newly found planet – and so until the official name was declared – they all started calling the new planet as Herschel – because the scientist’s name who discovered the new planet was Sir William Herschel! And that is why even today in Indian languages especially in Hindi, Marathi or Gujarati – the planet Uranus is addressed as हर्षल (Herschel)!

However Herschel is not the official name of this beautiful planet! The official name is Uranus and there is story to it….

After Sir William Herschel discovered the planet – he initially named it as “Georgian Planet” in honor of his new patron, King George III. However outside England, nobody was willing to accept this name – so the question remained – What name should we give to this newly found planet?

In 1783 – German astronomer Johann Bode suggested the name ‘Uranus’. This name was based on the Greek God of Sky – ‘Ouranos’! One has to understand the Greek culture and beliefs because the Greeks worshipped Planets as God! They believed that Saturn is the father of Jupiter. And so Bode suggested that the new planet should be named after the father of Saturn. The Greek God of Sky – Ouranos was believed to be the father of the first generation Titans (planets of our galaxy) (pre-Olympian God) and so the Latin name ‘Ouranos’ was suggested which later was globally spelled as ‘Uranus’!

In the following years – astronomical symbol was finalized for Planet Uranus. Because every planet in our galaxy has astronomical symbol so the new found planet should also have its own! The scientists finalized astronomical symbol for Uranus -⛢. This ⛢ symbol is a mixture – a hybrid symbol because it is made with the combination of Sun and Mars astronomical symbol! And the reason was obvious – Ouranos is the Greek God of Sky and the Greeks believed that Sun and Mars dominated the Sky and since Uranus was believed as the Sky Planet – the astronomical symbol for Uranus (in Latin – Ouranos) was formed with the combination of Sun and Mars astronomical symbols – ⛢.

Slowly the rest of the world started realizing the significance of the new found planet – 7th planet in our galaxy and so even though URANUS remains the official name still certain countries gave a new variations to it. In China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam – its name is literally translated as the “sky king star” (天王星). In Mongolia – its name is “Tengeriin Van” which means “KING OF SKY” – ruler of heaven!

Uranus – the KING OF SKY – interestingly was discovered exactly during the times when the world was witnessing many revolutions – romantic movements – and growing emphasize on INDIVIDUALITY and FREEDOM of creative expression! The discover of the new found land – the NEW LAND which is now called THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA was born around the same time – 1776 and 1789!

Uranus is indeed a great planet that has been ignored by typical Indian astrologer pundits who simply cannot imagine or think anything beyond the scriptures and that is how many have been failing in doing accurate predictions because the less people know – the more stubbornly they know it!

But the ancient seers such as Sage Vyas – who scripted the iconic epic poem of Mahabharata was aware of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto!

Sage Vyas was the son of a great Saint and Astrologer – Sage Parashar -considered by many Indians as the Father of Vedic Astrology!

Sage Vyas mentions in his epic scripture – Mahabharata that there are 7 great planets and they are brilliant and shinning. It is obvious that in these 7 planets – Vyas is not considering Rahu and Ketu because they are nodes and not planets!

So apart from Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn – who were the other two planets that Vyas was referring to?

Further studies reveal that Vyas was indeed referring to the planet URANUS and NEPTUNE because in his scripture he mentions:

“Some greenish white planet has crossed Chitra Nakshatra” – Uranus is indeed greenish white in appearance.

Vyas names Uranus as Sveta.

In the same scripture – Vyas mentions Neptune as Syama because Neptune is bluish white in appearance. Vyas writes:

“I see a bluish white planet in Jyeshta Nakshatra and it is smoky.”

Neptune indeed creates a lot of ‘smoke’ in human life – this smoke is symbolic of the many mysterious events that Neptune brings along in an individual’s life.

In the same epic scripture – Mahabharata, Sage Vyas mention Pluto as a Teekshana (Intense) star. Sage Vyas mentions:

” Some immobile luminary was troubling Krittika Nakshatra with its SHARP Teekshana (Intense) rays.”

The reason Pluto was seen as a Nakshatra by Sage Vyasa – because it was near Krittika for a very very long time and now as we all know – Pluto stays in a sign for over 14 to 30 years!!! So Sage Vyas took Pluto as a Star and named it as a TEEKSHNA (intense star)!

During the times of Mahabharata – it is a known fact that TEST TUBE babies was a known concept! Or for matter even before Mahabharata – during the Age of Ramayana – Ravana had his own private jet called “PUSHPAK VIMAN” because his airplane appeared like a lotus flower! So having a very common device like telescope or microscope was not difficult and so Sage Vyas had these devices through which he observed the planets – Sweta (Uranus), Syama (Neptune) & the Teekshna star (Pluto) which modern scientist later discovered as a Planet and not a star!

The primary reason that the Indian Vedic society lost or ignored the mention of Sweta (Uranus), Syama (Neptune) & Teekshna (Pluto) is because there was not much available knowledge about these planets and the sages who succeeded Sage Vyas were not able to trace the presence of these planets and so the many scriptures that they scripted had little or almost no mention of Sweta (Uranus), Syama (Neptune) & Teekshna (Pluto)!

Most of our Indian Astrology society is more of a follower of scriptures – and so we have more ‘Parrots’ and less ‘Eagles’ – Eagles who can dare to dive into the unknown – the unseen – the beyond, one who has the courage to go beyond the scriptures and declare to the skies the reality – whatever it is!

And there have been such rare individuals who were also Astrologers and who dared to explore the TRIO – Uranus, Neptune, Pluto!

During my teens – I had a close contact with one such Highly Spiritual Astrologer who took deep interest in Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. And it was obvious that he was ferociously opposed and ridiculed by the whole conservative society of Indian Astrologers!

But he was such a jolly man, he knew my father – and when I met him, he was in his late 60s – and I must be 16 and he was very fond of me. He was an ardent devotee of Akkalkot Swami Samarth and a disciple of the divine master Swami Swaroopanand of Pavas! It was in his small library that I was first introduced to Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Probably he was the only man in Pune – who was truly devoted to Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and had been trying to spread awareness about the significance of these three planets!

Although my father was a very famous journalist, and novelist during the 1990s- he was also a very good astrologer. But interestingly I never had a word with my father about Astrology – primarily because he passed away when I was 14.

But it was in the old jolly spiritual man’s presence – that my first contact with Astrology happened and I was 16 at that time! He passed away within a few years but his passion towards exploring the TRIO planets – Uranus, Neptune & Pluto was indeed highly applaudable.

Uranus Neptune Pluto has been widely accepted by Western Astrologers but Indian Astrologers have been ignoring these planets leading to many misinterpretations and wrong predictions.

Uranus has the similar traits of Mercury but at a very larger – higher version. That is why Uranus at times bring eccentricity to the person – because Uranus brings a totally different flavor of Mercury which is very higher consciousness level and only an evolved soul can truly resonate with such a higher altitudes that Uranus brings along.

Whenever Mercury Uranus conjunction happens – the native turns out to be exceptionally intelligent because URANUS brings ‘INDIVIDUALITY’ – and individuality is directly connected to the HEART!

Only a man who follows his heart is an INDIVIDUAL and so when Mercury conjuncts Uranus – you find a highly intelligent man – because this conjunction brings the born quality of tuning the intellect with your heart.

Uranus or Herschel is a planet that has all the qualities of Mercury but with a SPIRITUAL TOUCH!

And that is why URANUS does exceptionally well in the AIRY signs – 3. (Gemini) 7. (Libra) 11. (Aquarius). In fact AQUARIUS has been identified as the SIGN OF URANUS!

And see – we are in AQUARIUN AGE – meaning in the AGE OF URANUS!

Uranus does exceptionally well with VENUS, MERCURY. Conjunctions or any other positive aspects with these planets provides exceptional results – giving birth to a LEGEND or a person who indeed is DIFFERENT than the rest!

It’s DIFFERENT – URANUS loves all that is odd, different from the rest.

A man or woman who has a very STRONG URANUS – primarily in the KENDRA houses (1,4,7,10) generally stand out from the rest of the crowd – simply because they don’t follow the CROWD – they follow their HEART – they are INDIVIDUALS who simply love to live their life – by being yourself!

URANUS is that special ‘ingredient’ that makes you an INDIVIDUAL and not just a part of the CROWD!

And always remember – TRUTH happens only to the individual – and not to the crowd. GOD comes only to a person who lives as an individual, LOVE happens only to the individual – only the individual can RISK everything for LOVE – to become an INDIVIDUAL – you need to keep aside your LOGIC, your HEAD and follow the voice within!

Generally all strong URANUS natives find their TRIBE at certain stage of life – because like-minded people come together naturally – no introduction is needed – the VIBES itself recognize who is a FRIEND and who is NOT!

It is not just your PHYSICAL presence that gives the feel of your VIBES – it is also what you chat, what you type, what you write is what gives a very STRONG SENSE OF YOUR VIBES to those who has a certain depth of understanding!

Resonance happens its own accord and so these wonderful DIFFERENT unique URANUS individuals find their tribe – naturally!

A quirky, eccentric, highly intelligent, creative and a FREE THINKER – URANUS individuals find their TRIBE and also LOVE them hard.

It is always very easy to FIND YOUR TRIBE. And Uranus individuals are perfectly aware of how to find their tribe!

All you have to do is SPEAK THE TRUTH, SHARE YOUR SELF-EXPLORATIONS, YOUR UNIQUE CRAZY IDEAS, BE YOURSLF – SING YOUR SONG without bothering who says what – and then SEE who stays around! Those who stays – those who continue to follow you – are YOUR TRIBE and you should LOVE THEM HARD!

Many people will come and many will also leave – you simply remain focused on those who stay – appreciate those who remain with you.

FREE WORLD – that’s what URANUS likes and that’s what URANUS represents – FREEDOM from all notions, rituals, customs and traditions – a complete MODERN outlook is what URANUS stands for!

AMERICA or precisely the US therefore comes under the direct influence of URANUS – since the whole foundation of the US is based on LIBERTY – EQUAL RIGHTS – and FREEDOM!

America has given birth to many URANUS individuals who introduced UNIQUE IDEAS & TECHNOLOGY that transformed into GOBAL BRANDS – then whether it is APPLE, MICROSOFT, or fast food giants like SUBWAY, DOMINOS, PIZZA HUT or KFC! All these product brands were initially ridiculed and criticized by the society!

URANUS individual also is ridiculed for his or her CRAZY WILD IDEAS that makes NO SENSE to a common man who follows a typical conventional lifestyle.

Whether it is BUSINESS, or SEX, or WORK, or THOUGHT PATTERN – if URANUS has a role to play then expect something out of the way – something that is NOT normal but ‘UNIQUE’ in nature.

Reminds me of one such URANUS monk – he was a highly evolved being and his name was Ikkyu. One day he called all his disciples and said “ I am going to die soon. But I want to die differently. I don’t want to imitate. I don’t want to die on the bed. People die on their beds – I don’t want to die on bed.”

The bed is the most dangerous thing — 99.9 percent of people die there, beware! So whenever you go to bed, remember: this place is very close to the graveyard.

The disciple knew that the master is a crazy man. Who would think of dying in a unique way? People simply die…

But Ikkyu was a URANUS being – his way of life always had been strange and unique to its core! And so Ikkyu asked his disciples “Any suggestions? I am waiting….”

A young man said, “You can die sitting in the lotus posture.”

Ikkyu said, “That is not new. Many other masters have died in that posture. Suggest something new, something unique!”

A woman said, “You can die standing.”

Ikkyu said, “That looks a little better.”

But a disciple objected; he said, “Although it is not well known, I know one Zen master who has died standing. So you will be number two.”

Ikkyu said, “Then reject it. Suggest something new. I want to be first!”

It is then that one of his closest disciple suggested, “Then there is only one way. You die standing on your head, in a head stand, shirshan. Nobody has ever tried it.”

Ikkyu said, “That is right. That suits me! I am so grateful to you.” He stood on his head and died.

This is how URANUS influenced beings do – they always are unique in their way of doing things and the divine spiritual master – Ikkyu – being a URANUS being – even while dying – made sure that his way of dying is UNIQUE – novel!

Ikkyu died by standing on his head – but NOW the disciples were in dilemma! They knew what to do when somebody dies on a bed — that his clothes have to be changed, that he has to be given a bath, new clothes have to be put on him, and then he is taken to the funeral — but what to do with this man who is standing on his head? He has not even fallen, and he is dead!

They tried in every possible way to find out whether he was dead or alive. He was dead, but there was no precedent, so they didn’t know what procedure should be followed.

Then one disciple of Ikkyu said “I know his sister. She is also a great Zen mystic. She lives in a nearby monastery. I will go and inform her. The other disciples agreed. And the sister was informed. She came running to the place where Ikkyu had died – and she could see Ikkyu standing on his head and dead. She was his elder sister and so looking at Ikkyu she said “ What is this Ikkyu? You have been mischievous all your life; at least in death, behave! Just lie down on the bed!”

And it is said that Ikkyu quickly jumped on the bed and died! And the sister simply walked out of the room, she did not even bother that he had died!

The sister just called loudly “Ikkyu get back to your bed and then die.” And Ikkyu quickly jumped on the bed and died! What happened? Both were great spiritual masters – and it is a tradition of the EAST that the younger sibling always listens to the elder sister or brother. The sister was elder to Ikkyu and so the moment she said “Go back to your bed and then die” – Ikkyu immediately jumped on the bed, and just like an obedient child lay down on the bed and died! Even death is a game. And the sister did not even wait for the funeral. She just walked back to her monastery!

The enlightened beings don’t take life very seriously – to them ‘DEATH’ is just a process – and so Ikkyu’s sister walked out casually – DEATH is a great tragedy for the common souls – for evolved souls – Death is just one ‘station’ where the ‘train’ stops – just to begin with a new journey (a new life) again!

Uranus beings are natives of the beyond – they don’t fit in – they just don’t fit in to the normal course of life! They don’t fit in a BOX – they think beyond the box – the explore life beyond the four walls. They are those SOUL INDIVIDUALS who are perfectly aware that if they don’t fit in then they are on the RIGHT TRACK.

URANUS is a planet that will always STAND OUT from the crowd – positively or negatively – but URANUS is born to STAND OUT!

Higher realms of consciousness precisely connect with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. And so only those individuals who are EXPANDING their CONSCIOUSNESS can truly GROW in life – because their GROWTH is the GROWTH WITHIN – they focus on perfecting their inside growth by meditating every day – consistently and with love & devotion!

Many times marriages fail because the ‘live-in-relationship’ works better for the individual than a legal marriage!

Live-in-Relationship is an altogether new idea that gradually evolved in the Western countries since they have a very high cases of divorce. However in conservative Asian countries like India – also the trend of live-in-relationship is on the rise because divorce cases are also skyrocketing in India as well!

Such UNCONVENTIONAL IDEAS are born from planet URANUS!


Traditions and customs are SATURN DOMAINS. And URANUS is against all traditions and customs!

To SATURN – Living within the set norms of a RELIGION is what matters more than anything.

To URANUS – There is NO RELIGION – because HE is perfectly aware that GOD HAS NO RELIGION!

Swami Vivekanand says “Religion is not in books, nor in theories, nor in dogmas, nor in talking, not even in reasoning. It is being and becoming. Religions do not come from without, but from within.”

Wise men have realized the futility of RELIGION that is on the outward – and this wisdom comes only through the outer planets – where the higher realms of consciousness dwells and that is URANUS, NEPTUNE and PLUTO!

Highly meditative individuals – who have been able to rise above their MIND – who have taken efforts to expand their consciousness – have self-realized the fact that RELIGION is to be found from WITHIN and not on the outward.

Uranus has the potential to take you beyond the mind. Blessed are those individuals who have a positive URANUS placement – because they are those few individuals on this planet who can and who have given this human world – a new FRESH PERSPECTIVE towards life in general!

Always remember – Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction…..that is how URANUS is – HE just loves to BE – he is never interested in BECOMING!

Just BE YOURSELF – sing your song – don’t bother who will say what – those who can resonate with your song, your sharing, your feelings – will always STAY with you! And that’s what INDIVIDUALITY is all about.

Your problems and your miseries will continue to exist as long as you miss to realize the significance of INDIVIDUALITY.

URANUS loves INDIVIDUALITY. I love those who don’t give a damn to what others say – those are the ones – the chosen ones! GOD LOVES INDIVIDUAL and not crowds because TRUTH happens to an INDIVIDUAL and not to crowds!

BE AN INDIVIDUAL – that’s the message. Message of URANUS to all those ‘insane’ INDIVIDUALS who can listen to the message of URANUS – the KING OF SKY!

It happens, it always happens that those who are truly SANE – are labelled by the fake society as INSANE INDIVIDUALS – and it is THESE ‘INSANE’ individuals who have given this human world the unimaginable wonders and innovations because they could hear the music of the beyond – of the unseen which the so called SANE people cannot!

JUPITER, KETU, MARS, SUN, MOON – they vibrate positively with URANUS.

The most contrast planet that stands against URANUS is – SATURN!

SATURN and URANUS are two polarities – and imagine if they come together in an individual’s chart then what can happen?

And that is exactly what I will be sharing with you all – as the URANUS CONJUNCTION SERIES begins!

The first conjunction of this extensive series is gong to be – SATURN URANUS conjunction.

Stay tuned. And Stay Blessed.

Meditate every day.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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