Which gemstone you should wear if your Moon is placed with Rahu/Ketu/Sun/Mars or Saturn?

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

In the whole subject of Astrology or Human life as such – the MIND is the most significant aspect of human life. Therefore I always emphasis on the fact that your MOON CHART is more important than your ASCENDANT CHART for the simple reason that – HAPPINESS IS BASED ON THE STATE OF YOUR MIND.

And so when MOON is with KETU or RAHU or SATURN or MARS or SUN – by default the LORD of your MOON SIGN becomes weak – and so wearing a GEMSTONE of your MOON SIGN LORD is very much essential for living a successful life.

Now for the larger interest of all my close followers and readers – I will take you through certain examples based on which you can get a better understanding of the message I am trying to convey:

Example 1:

MOON conjunct KETU in the sign of Saturn (CAPRICORN or AQUARIUS)

Such a native should wear NEELAM irrespective of which ASCENDANT he or she is born. Do not get trapped in bookish knowledge – else you will never find the answer to your life problems.

MOON conjunct RAHU in the sign of Mars (Aries or SCORPIO)

Such a native should wear RED CORAL irrespective of which ASCENDANT he or she is born. Do not get trapped in bookish knowledge – else you will never find the answer to your life problems.

MOON conjunct SUN in the sign of Venus (TAURUS OR LIBRA)

Such a native should wear DIAMOND irrespective of which ASCENDANT he or she is born. Do not get trapped in bookish knowledge – else you will never find the answer to your life problems.

MOON conjunct SATURN in the sign of Sun (LEO)

Such a native should wear RUBY irrespective of which ASCENDANT he or she is born. Do not get trapped in bookish knowledge – else you will never find the answer to your life problems.

MOON conjunct SATURN in the sign of Moon (CANCER)

Such a native should wear PEARL irrespective of which ASCENDANT he or she is born. Do not get trapped in bookish knowledge – else you will never find the answer to your life problems.

So what you all should realize is that the MOON SIGN LORD STRENGTH is utmost important if you want to swim through the many difficulties and challenges of life.

When Mohan was young – he was very shy, very timid, very restless – than one day I looked into his horoscope and realized that his moon is with KETU in the sign of Aquarius. The Lord of Aquarius sign – Saturn is excellent in his horoscope but because KETU is falling in AQUARIUS – it is sucking out the strength of SATURN and so then I suggested him to wear NEELAM.

Mohan was a sincere man of heart and always close to me. He immediately listened and started wearing NEELAM – a beautiful Blue sapphire stone from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and then within six months – he rose to great heights of career, his perspective towards life changed – always remember it is only when your perspective changes – that you start progressing in your life! Mohan started progressing in life – that made me happy – to see a young simple man of heart – finally getting what he deserved!

But not everybody is Mohan and so I also don’t entertain everybody – it reminds me of a great Guru – once a Cabinet Minister had come to seek his advice – the Guru rejected him. Then after a few weeks – the son of the same cabinet minister called him and the Guru said “I rejected your father – how will I accept you?”

The REAL Is FEARLESS because the REAL has nothing to lose – nothing to gain – HE is the MASTER – the REAL MASTER.

And that is how you all should be – in fact those who are following me closely – must be really something because understanding my sharing is not everybody’s cup of tea.

Tea – we all have a cup of tea almost many times a day – as Indians we cannot live without tea! Tea is spiritual – Coffee is sexual. Now this is a very deep subject – will reveal on some other day – but for now – it is necessary to remember that – when you take a sip of tea – you should enjoy it completely – as if taking the sip of tea is the ONLY pleasure of your life – the only goal of your life. Unfortunately many of you drink tea – but when you drink – when you take the first sip of tea – your mind is somewhere else – you are thinking about someone or something – your mind is not HERE AND NOW – and that is where you miss – this is how you go on missing life – you have to BE HERE NOW – that’s what meditation is all about – to bring the monkey mind to this NOW moment – and so next time when you drink tea – ensure that you are enjoying the aroma of the tea – the taste – the flavor in totality.

Always remember – when tea-drinking can become a meditation then anything can become a meditation.

For meditation – you have to strengthen the LORD of your MOON SIGN. For attaining success in your career – you have to strengthen the LORD of your MOON SIGN. So the LORD of the MOON sign is very significant. In fact only two planets are MOST SIGNIFICANT in your life – and that is the LORD of your MOON sign and LORD of your ASCENDANT sign.

Success comes in your life when you learn to live in the NOW moment. Reminds me of a beautiful story….

One day, a monk came to meet Ikayu – the great Zen master.

Ikayu asked him “Have I seen you before?”

The man said “No sir, there is no possibility. I have come for the first time, I am a stranger — you could not have seen me before.”

Ikayu said “Okay, then have a cup of tea.”

The monastry was big, and there were many monks who lived in this monastry. One of them was standing near Ikayu. And so Ikayu asked “Have I seen you before?”

The monk said, “Yes sir, you must have seen me. I have always been here; I am not a stranger.”

The monk must have been a disciple of Ikayu’s, and Ikayu said,”Okay, then have a cup of tea.”

Now the manager of the monastery was puzzled: with two different persons responding in different ways, two different answers were needed. But Ikayu responded in the same way — to the stranger and to the friend, to one who has come for the first time and to one who has been here always. To the unknown and to the known, Ikayu responded in the same way. He made no distinction, none at all. He didn’t say, “You are a stranger. Welcome! Have a cup of tea.” He didn’t say to the other, “You have always been here, so there is no need for a cup of tea.” Nor did he say, “You have always been here so there is no need to respond.” And neither did he ignored the known, the familiar disciple!

The manager couldn’t understand. It is difficult: a manager has to be mathematical, calculating; he has to see the world and arrange things accordingly. The manager became disturbed. What is this? What is happening? This looks illogical. It’s okay to offer a cup of tea to a stranger but to this disciple who has always been here? So he asked, “Why do you respond in the same way to different persons, to different answers?”

And Ikayu called loudly, “Manager, are you here?”

The manager said, “Yes sir, of course I am here.”

And Ikayu said, “Then have a cup of tea.”

This asking loudly, “Manager, are you here?” is calling his presence, his awareness. Awareness is always new, it is always a stranger, the unknown. The body becomes familiar not the soul — never. You may know the body of your wife; you will never know the unknown hidden person. Never. That cannot be known, you cannot know it. It is a mystery; you cannot explain it. When
Ikayu called, “Manager, are you here?” suddenly the manager became aware. He forgot that he was a manager, he forgot that he was a body; he responded from his heart. He said, “Yes sir.”

This asking loudly was so sudden, it was just like a shock. And it was futile, that’s why he said, “Of course I am here. You need not ask me, the question is irrelevant.” Suddenly the past, the old, the mind, everything was dropped. The manager was there no more — simply a consciousness was responding. Consciousness is always new, constantly new; it is always being born; it is never old. And Ikayu said, “Then have a cup of tea.”

You see – so beautiful is this story – and so deep that only a meditative being can truly understand and resonate with this story. Consciousness knows no past and no future – Consciousness is very much in the NOW moment – and so when Ikayu called “Manager – are you HERE?” – suddenly the consciousness of the manager responded “Yes sir – I am very much here.”

And this is how when you start responding “Yes sir – I am very much here” – when you start living your life by bringing your mind in the present moment – in the NOW moment – that is when you will start progressing in your life – the key therefore is to BE HERE NOW.

Always remember – PAST is NO MORE. FUTURE is NOT YET. NOW is the only moment. Life is flowing NOW – if you are able to BE HERE NOW – then you will perform well in your work which ultimately will bring great success and progress in your life. Intelligent person attains success in life because only an intelligent person is able to live totally in the PRESENT MOMENT – the NOW moment.

It is not important that WHEN you awake – it is important that you AWAKE. So get started – start wearing the gemstone of your moon sign lord IF your moon is in conjunction with KETU, RAHU, SATURN, SUN or MARS. And along with this remedy – also start taking efforts to FOCUS on the NOW moment – the more you are able to BE HERE NOW – the more LIFE can offer you….

Train your mind – to – BE HERE NOW.


Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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