Rahu Ketu transit 2020 Sep to 2022 March – Results for each zodiac sign

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

Major life events are affected by Jupiter, Saturn transits and RAHU KETU transits. These are long duration transit planets – and not like Mars, Mercury and Venus, Moon that transit after every month or two.

Saturn takes around 30 months to transit a new zodiac sign.

Jupiter takes around 11 months to transit a new zodiac sign.

Rahu Ketu takes around 18 months to transit a new zodiac sign.

So it is these 4 that make or break your life – in the following revelations, I would walk you all through the positive developments that can take place in your life as well as negative developments that can affect your mental peace. So let us start with the journey of 12 zodiac signs and observe how the Fantastic Four (Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu) can impact your life in the coming 12 months – starting from November 20, 2020 to November 2021 (Jupiter) from November 2020 to July 2022 (Saturn) and from November 2020 to March 2022 (RAHU KETU).

So come you all, let us begin with this wonderful journey and explore the ASPECTS and TRANSITS for the coming year – 2020 November to 2021 November.


Money becomes the focal point and obsession towards accumulating, collecting, saving is what is seen.

When you focus too much on savings, and maintaining your bank balance – you become ‘money’! And when you become ‘money’ then the good night sleep is missed, then you start suffering from insomnia and then the money that you had been saving so diligently starts flowing towards your medical bills – and your doctor visits!

Man goes on SAVING and ACCUMULATING and the more he SAVES the more he goes on losing, and that is the very fact of this human world, someday or later – he simply loses everything that he had been accumulating his whole life!

The above quote in Hindi simply states that:

“Jesus says that the one who goes on saving and accumulating wealth – will lose, and the one who is willing to lose everything – will gain. Quiet a contrast mathematics.” – Osho

The mathematics of Jesus is very contrast to the one that we have been taught in the schools and universities and yet it is so true, so real!

Aries men and women should try to understand this mathematics of Jesus – if they can understand than they can benefit from the transit of Rahu and Ketu. If they can truly relate to the ‘message’ of Jesus than they can save themselves from the utter frustration that Rahu can bring along during these coming twelve months.

Swami Vivekananda always emphasized that ‘MONEY’ should not use YOU. Instead YOU should use Money and use it wisely.

Earn money, money is necessary but don’t make Money as your Mother – don’t make Money as your God – else you will suffer more than otherwise is the message of the RAHU KETU transit for all Aries Men and Women.

How to overcome this obsession towards money making?

The answer is by taking some time out of your busy schedule – and by talking with yourself.

Talk to yourself – slow down, curb your ambition of accumulating more and more money. Else you will face trouble.

The Jupiter Saturn transit in the tenth house from Aries Ascendant is a good sign of progress in career matters and also expansion is seen in business matters. Promotion in the next year – between March to May is seen. Jupiter along with Saturn creates a special Yoga called NEECH BHANGA Yoga – meaning the debilitated Jupiter in Capricorn will NOT affect negatively since Saturn – the Lord of Capricorn sign also dwells in Capricorn sign.

Overall this transit of RAHU KETU and JUPITER SATURN can be a great turning point in your life if you take risks – and if you realize the fact that “Life begins where Fear ends.”

To all Aries men and women – you have got the martian power – you are aggressive by nature, you like to take the lead – and so now is the time – take risks, take the lead and while you do so – just be cautious of money matters.

Additionally for a better future, donate fried food to the poor. Always remember – no one has ever become poor by GIVING. So donate food as much as you can – there is absolutely no other effective remedy than to donate food to those who are in need.


Self-centered attitude is what will be prominently seen for all Taurus men and women in the coming twelve months. Rahu transiting in your Ascendant Sign Taurus – will make you more and more self-centered and obsessed with yourself. Take care of your health.

In the coming days you will be living in many illusions. You may think a lot and you may also feel cheated because you would simply fall for ‘appearances’ and miss to realize the ‘true face’ behind those appearances. Don’t judge someone based on appearance – looks can be deceiving.

If you are in a love relationship or a married person, you need to focus on your partner. During these twelve months – your partner may feel that you don’t pay much attention to his or her needs. Also you have to focus on being sexually active if you are married – as disinterest in sex is a strong possibility that can turn off your partner. So take the necessary steps to remain sexually active so that you can satisfy your partner. If required take the necessary supplements/tonics like Viagra – to remain strong in the bed.

“The sexual fulfillment of women is vital for harmony in love relationships, in the family and for the well being of society as a whole. I can even go so far as to say the future of our planetary well being depends on it.” Mahasatvaa Ananda Sarita

Taurus men and women are always in search of pleasures, and pleasurable experiences. But the coming time is going to be challenging when it comes to experiencing sexual pleasures. So set your expectations accordingly. Relationships will be at stake, there is a possibility of losing your partner through a break-up! So be careful of maintaining your relationship in all possible ways.

When you are in a relationship – surrender not to the person you love, but to the LOVE that is between you and your partner! And learn to accept your partner in totality.

Jupiter Saturn transit from the Ninth house is going to make you more philosophical. You will read many books of wisdom and try to learn new subjects related to spirituality. You will also take interest in meditations and if you are already doing meditations than this is a wonderful period for you to grow and progress in your meditations. During the second quarter of the next year, you may also set on pilgrimage and visit many temples and shrines at far away places. You will also take interest in performing certain rituals at your home. All of these positive activities will brings a certain level of confidence within you. And it is confidence that eventually brings success! Confidence is the most beautiful thing you can possess.

The coming twelve months will definitely boost your confidence level, although from the mind perspective – you will remain restless and worried. The solution to overcome this restlessness of mind is by relaxing. Learn to RELAX in between your work schedules and tame your mind to relax.

“Inner silence and inner peace are the fruit of total relaxation.” – Osho

Visit Lord Ganesha temple every Wednesday and meditate for minimum 30 minutes on His Holy name – || “Aum Gam Ganapataye Namaha” ||

Overall these twelve months are going to be the months of great learning and through this learning – you will evolve into a new person, a much matured person.


Expenses. And health issues. These are the major issues for all Gemini men and women in the coming twelve months. If you are young, you must observe your expenses and they can lead you to more stress and restlessness. If you are above 40 years, then you must be very careful about your health. You must definitely do a regular quarterly blood tests. Prevention is always better than cure.

Foreign travel is possible in the coming twelve months for Gemini men and women, but again expenses will be too much and travel to foreign land will be a stressful experience.

Rahu transit in the 12th house may also bring certain paranormal experiences in your life. Black magic, tantra, voodoo spells – ghosts, you may feel attracted to many such dark aspects of human life. On a positive side, if you are a meditation practitioner than you will experience many wonderful spiritual experiences in the coming twelve months.

You will remain careless about your health and also will not pay much attention to the activities of your enemies. You must remain vigilant about the actions taken by enemies .

There is a high possibility that you may miss to realize the dangerous plot that your enemies may be planning against you – and thereby you may become a victim and suffer at the hands of your enemies. During these twelve months your secret enemies will try to create more trouble for you – but if you remain cautious and bring awareness to your life than you can deal with all your enemies and save yourself.

You can change for good when you bring awareness into your life.

All Gemini men and women need to beware and cautious when dealing with your enemies since your enemies can really make your life miserable if you miss to remain alert and bring awareness to your being.

Jupiter Saturn transit in the 8th house is not going to be of any support but you will definitely take interest in occult sciences and may also indulge in practicing Tantra, Magic spells. You will find great difficulties from your in-laws if you are married. You will also face certain legal issues from your in-laws. You need to be careful while dealing with your partner’s finances and in-laws. The coming time will be of great difficulties and mental sufferings – but always remember that ‘sufferings’ are ‘blessing in disguise’ if you can learn from your your failures and setbacks.

The year is of suffering but once you bring awareness to your being, once you start meditating, once you become a prayerful man – then you are able to sail smoothly and in the process evolve as a much matured individual!

The question ‘HOW’ is very significant because when you learn ‘HOW’ to go through a certain difficult road – you can find the way, you can walk through the difficult phase of your life with much ease. This ‘HOW’ can be realized only when you start meditating.

To all Gemini men and women, I specifically encourage you all to meditate every day.

The most effective remedy for Gemini – to overcome this difficult phase of life is only by becoming more and more meditative. Meditate every day and remember you are not alone.



Income will shoot up, and you will become famous in your social circle. The coming twelve months will bring much needed promotion in your career. You will also benefit through your social circle, friends and well-wishers. This is an excellent time for you to invest in properties.

If you are young and doing college then you may find a hot girlfriend! However you will also face much troubles from your girlfriend. Relationship is on the cards but you must be careful and prevent yourself from getting too much ‘involved’ with your partner.

Always remember – relationship can blossom when you continue to RELATE with each other. Relating is beautiful than relationship!

“Love is never a relationship; love is relating. It is always a river, flowing, unending. Love knows no full stop; the honeymoon begins but never ends. It is not like a novel that starts at a certain point and ends at a certain point. It is an ongoing phenomenon.

To all Cancer men and women – the coming twelve months is going to be an excellent time to enjoy life to the fullest. Earning will multiply, and also you will encounter certain romantic moment in your life. You will remain a little confused on whether you truly are in love with your girlfriend or boyfriend. You will take risks by investing heavily into stock markets. Your investments will pay off but you need to be cautious and make informed decisions before investing in stock market.

Jupiter Saturn transit from your seventh house will also bring very good marriage prospects for those who are planning to get married. You will enjoy support of your immediate boss, relations with your boss in the office will be cordial and satisfying. Happiness will flow in your life and you will also find some relief in the matters of court.

Overall the coming year is going to be a year of new relationships, bonding, and also evolving through the process of social networking.

You will take more interest in socializing and will expand your social network. You will also expand your following on social platforms, you will become more likable and make new friends during this twelve months. Enjoy your good time while it lasts – and always remember the fact that – Nothing Lasts Forever – so get the most out of the good times that you are going to experience this year – because change is constant, except change everything else changes!

And Cancer is a sign of CHANGE! Men and women of Cancer sign go through many ups and downs in life – but always remember that it is this ups and down phases of life that in the true sense keeps you ALIVE!

To all Cancer men and women – the message is “Learn to LIVE the moment – because life is neither in the Past, and nor in the Future – Life is flowing NOW – learn to live your life by being HERE and NOW.”


Too much obsession toward CAREER and less focus on family matters is seen for men and women of Leo sign. Always remember to find a balance between work and family.

Work is important but the work you do and the money you earn is of no use if you CANNOT spend some quality time with your family!

Family comes First. Leo men and women should understand this as the coming days will make you too ambitious – and when you become ambitious, you tend to ignore your family members, your children and your life partner!

On the career front – you will see a lot of action happening, also you will find your boss very demanding, and you will be running all over – trying to satisfy your demanding BOSS!

You will become very ambitious in the coming months – and that will make you much impatient.

Leo men and women must find work-life balance. Remember to relax and spend some time with yourself.

“Inner silence and inner peace are the fruit of total relaxation.” – Osho

The coming 12 months will make you busy but remember to relax.

Jupiter Saturn in the sixth house will definitely bring good job offers to you. If you have been jobless than expect a job offer coming your way. Take good care of your health especially if you have any chronic disease. A regular blood test is suggested since prevention is better than cure.

You will win over your enemies. Your enemies will be defeated and you will emerge victorious.

Support of Jupiter will also help you address any disputes that you may have in court or outside the court. You will find great relief in legal matters if you were entangled in any legal case.

Overall the period of twelve months is going to be more active on the work front and less on the home front. Some unfinished business will be finished during this year.



Virgo men and women will find themselves taking more interest in philosophy and religion. The time is to RELAX. You will be no more busy in your work and that will give you good time to spend with your family.

Inclination towards performing certain rituals, implementing a new life style is seen for all Virgo Sign men and women.

If you are a superstitious man or woman, then this year you will slowly start overcoming your superstitious beliefs. You will become more liberal in your outlook towards life. You will start feeling a certain sense of ‘freedom’ within you. There is also a high possibility that you will start seeking your Master (Guru) – you will become more and more focused on find your Guru!

But you must realize that Guru need not be in physical form, HIS omnipresence in this vast cosmos is more than enough to guide you.

Guru is always willing to share, to give! Love is always HAPPY to GIVE! The Guru, the benevolent master is LOVE – Unconditional Love!

So you don’t have to seek the Guru, the Guru will come in search of you – when you are ‘Ready’. This Readiness is based on how deeply you have surrendered yourself to the master, the Guru!

In the coming months, Virgo sign men and women must understand that there is no need to seek the master, you just need to start living your life with TOTAL surrender to the Master – and then a day would come when the master will come in search of YOU!

Always remember that it does not matter whether Guru is in physical form or no more in the physical form – once the Guru ACCEPTS you as HIS disciple – then the ‘connection’ always remains!

Virgo will have to face challenges when it comes to communication. Because during these 12 months, many of your friends and family members will MISUNDERSTAND you. You will say something with a certain positive intention and the others will misunderstand you. They will distort your words and give it a different meaning!

That is exactly what ignorant men and women do – they follow their MIND and the MIND goes on distorting and creating new stories which are not true in any sense whatsoever!

“The mind is very clever and cunning; it distorts every great teaching. It jumps upon words, catches hold of the words, and starts giving meanings to them which are not the real meanings.” – Osho

And so Virgo men and women should try to be AS CLEAR AS POSSIBLE when communicating with their friends and family members. Also in the office be very precise while communicating with your colleagues and bosses.

Boredom will be experienced by many Virgo men and women during these twelve months because there will not be much work to do and business will also remain at average level.

Set your expectations right and prepare yourself mentally to remain satisfied with whatever you may get in terms of money and status during these twelve months.

The most significant message for all Virgo men and women is that if you want to remain happy and satisfied with whatever life provide you during these twelve months then simply set your expectations right.

When you set your expectations as ZERO – then whatsoever comes your way – appear as a bonus! And that brings a smile on your face.

Fifth house Jupiter Saturn is an excellent placement for doing investments. You can also become more active in stock markets by staying invested. This is a wonderful period from children perspective especially if you are planning for a child. Those who have children – will hear some good news in regards to your children. If you are struggling to get your son or daughter married – then this is a good time to get a good match for your son or daughter.

From spiritual perspective – this is a good time to deepen your meditations. Spend more time in meditations. Listen to some spiritual relaxing music. If you are student, then this is the best time to devote yourself to higher studies. You will also score well in your examinations. You will find some great like minded friends during this duration.

Virgo men and women will feel secured and relaxed during these twelve months, it is perfect time to rejuvenate yourself so that you are ready to live your life in totality.


Dangers, Difficulties and Dilemmas is the picture for all men and women of Libra Sign. These twelve months of duration is going to be a challenging time for you all and you must definitely take care of your self, especially during the vulnerable times of Covid 19!

Dissatisfaction from family, strain in relations with family members is inevitable during these times. You will also feel disinterested in participating in family functions. Investments can go for a toss – since you are bound to make wrong finance decisions.

Be aware while crossing roads – or while walking on streets because this is a highly accidental prone period for you – so just take good care of yourself.

Jupiter Saturn in the fourth house from Libra Ascendant will definitely make you busy in the matters of properties. If you are planning to buy your first home – then you will succeed in your plan. A brand new car is also on the cards for those who are planning to replace their old car with new or those who are planning to buy their first car.

Restrictions at home is something that you must be experiencing from last few months – but with the arrival of Jupiter in your fourth house – now you will get some relief and you will be able to get out of the restrictions levied upon you at your home. You will stop repressing your emotions and start expressing yourself – which in turn will bring a great relief to your whole being. Because REPRESSION is SUICIDE and EXPRESSION is LIFE. The coming twelve months you will open up – and let all that you had been suppressing within you will start coming out and that will also bring a positive impact to your health and you will start feeling much lighter and relaxed.

Relations with mother can improve if you take the initiative. For those who are having strained relations with mother – this is the perfect time to patch-up relations with your mother. This also a great time for those who are planning to renovate their home and surroundings.

For Consultants and small business men and women, this is a great time to find new clients, business will grow steadily, and after March 2020 you will see rise in demand.

Overall the coming year 2021 is a year of great transformation for you, because the sudden shocks, and certain unseen difficulties that you will have to go through – will bring a new perspective to your life. You will mature, you will transform into a better person than you were.

Be careful when using your credit cards as there is high possibility that you may get trapped in deep debt which in turn will frustrate you and give you sleepless nights.

On one hand you will be tempted to use credit cards and take loans while on the other hand you will remain utter careless in managing your finances. And this can lead to certain difficult situations that you may not want to face. Also pay attention to your teeth because visits to the dentist will increase and in rare cases a dental implant surgery is also seen, so take care of your teeth – use a good toothpaste.

For lovers, relationships will be a challenge. You will have to manage your relationship else breakup is possible. So when you love, be careful to not to hurt your partner but rather become more understanding.

UNDERSTANDING is an ART. And not everyone is an ARTIST!

True love is born from UNDERSTANDING – says the Buddha!

And so maintain a good relationship – men and women of Libra Ascendant must become more understanding. Patience is when you are supposed to be mad at your partner BUT you choose to be UNDERSTANDING. To Understand Everything is to Forgive Everything!

Only when your understanding has matured that you will be able to LET GO – to FORGIVE! And so even though the year for Libra men and women is not going to be great still you can make it great if you work on scaling the level of your Understanding!

It is only through the difficult situations that we learn, we grow only if we stay POSITIVE.

Stay Positive.


Relationship will be spice up. Longing for sexual satisfaction will be finally attained. You will become more focused on your partner. Focus on your partner will increase while focus on yourself will decrease. This can lead to a situation where you become a henpecked husband! Many times in such situations the mother starts wondering that how come my son has forgotten me so quickly when I had been instrumental in bringing him up, and now he simply ignores me and follows his wife! Lover will become too much attached to their partners. And when you get into ATTACHMENTS – you welcome SUFFERINGS!

Maintain a balance in your relationship. You will be tempted to fall for opposite sex – and that will bring more troubles in your life. If you are already in a relationship than you will be troubled by the growing DEMANDS of your partner. Frustration can engulf you if you fail to maintain a balance in your relationship.

Jupiter Saturn transit in the third house will make you busy in your work. You will initiate new business ideas and will also appear confident in your work circles. You will enjoy the support of your siblings. If you are married then your partner will progress in his or her career. In case you have had some bad fights with your neighbor than this is the perfect time to patch up with your neighbor.

Certain responsibilities related to your siblings will make you feel burdened. But slowly this situation will change and your siblings will become independent, you just have to be patient.

From career perspective – this is not a time to expect any rewards or promotions, instead you should simply focus on maintaining good relations with your boss at work.

Overall – love, sex, fun will be in abundance for men and women of Scorpio Ascendant – but don’t expect any major progress in career, for now – life wants you to enjoy your love life. So just chill and enjoy life to the fullest.


Stressed out at WORK. This year poor Sagittarius men and women are going to get stressed out at work. Boss will expect TOO MUCH from you and you will be caught in a situation where you can’t afford to say ‘NO’!

Stay away from playing politics at work as that may boomerang on you. You will become obsessed with work and in the process you will forgot the fact that “All WORK and NO PLAY makes Jack a dull boy.”

So do not ignore your wife, your children, your mother, father – spend some quality time with them. Although now days WORK FROM HOME is more actively seen in practice, still the TRUTH is that HOME becomes a WORKPLACE and then even though you are with your wife, children and parents – still you don’t get a single minute to spend with them – because the management makes you work beyond office hours and since you are no more doing work from office – the concept of ‘office hours’ has simply evaporated and you are made to work day and night – even on weekends! This is the current condition of maximum men and women who are doing WORK FROM HOME – in the case of Sagittarius men and women – it is going to be more worst – and so you have to learn to say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” – else you will be stressed out and that will affect your health. Always remember – Never get so busy making a living that you forgot to make a life.

No one on his or her deathbed ever said “ I wish I had spent more time in office.”

Work but don’t exaggerate. There is a great difference between an efficient worker and a workaholic!

Anything when becomes TOO MUCH – becomes a headache! “TOO MUCH IS THE ONLY SIN” says Lao Tzu!

So avoid doing too much work – else you will attract many health issues and troubles with family.

Jupiter and Saturn in your second house will definitely increase your bank balance, and you may also have a new addition to your family! Child birth is seen if you are expecting a child in the coming 12 months. Couples trying for a child – should definitely take a chance this year.

Although you will be doing too much of work and there will be many responsibilities on your shoulders still you will also earn a good amount of money. New car, new bike or any new valuable possession is seen coming your way – this year.

Students planning for higher studies, definitely should enroll in good universities. Chances of getting admission is likely. This is also a good time for lovers to get married or if you are planning arranged marriage, then a suitable bride or groom will be found during this year.

Overall this is an excellent time to earn good money – you will gain, many of you will also get a rise in salary and businessmen will also find good business in the coming year of 2021.



Celebrations and progression in entrepreneurship is seen in the coming year of 2021. You will become a favorite on social network. If you have been active on social network then you will definitely become more known in social circles during these twelve months.

Love affairs can popup. If you are a SINGLE than it is likely that you may find a new girlfriend. And if you are already in a relationship than you will become very possessive of your girlfriend or boyfriend. This is a time when you will become more romantic and you would just love to become adventurous.

Last few months you were experiencing boredom but now life will become interesting with the arrival of LOVE in your life!

For all Capricorn men and women – LOVE is the primary focus of this coming year. For many past years you have been denied LOVE but now existence is opening up to your wishes and showering upon you the LOVE that you have been longing for!

During this year, lovers will be so busy in their love life that they will have absolutely no interest and no time for friends. The focus will be more on personal relationships – where LOVE has been missing – whether it is LOVE between Husband and Wife, Father and Daughter, or Son and Mother – but now is the time to bring ‘life’ back to relationships that were drying out from last few months and years!

Many of you may want to take RISK – but be careful – take risks but before you take risks, be sure that you have taken all the factors into consideration. You will invest heavily in stock market and there is high probability of you making more profits at stock market.

Jupiter Saturn transit in your Ascendant house will definitely BOOST your CONFIDENCE LEVELS.

You will appear more confident and appealing to others. People will perceive you as a Knowledgeable person – and you will become a respectable figure in society.

Those who were planning to push you down – will now go on back-foot. Because they realize that you are now no more alone, that now GOD is WITH you.

And when GOD pulls you up then nobody can stop you from attaining all that you had wished for! And so fellow Capricorn men and women – this is the time when GOD is going to settle all the scores related to you. God has been watching all these years on how much you had been through the dark tunnels of life – and so now GOD has finally decided to provide you with all that was taken away from you!

GOD is GOOD all the TIME! And so be grateful to GOD and whenever you get time, worship God, and meditate on HIS Holy Name. This year you will realize and you will also appreciate the fact that JUSTICE IS DELAYED BUT NEVER DENIED!

Finally – this year – 2021, you all Capricorns will be given justice that you all had been waiting for – finally something good is going to happen in your life. Get ready to celebrate!

Life is for all those – who know how to celebrate!


Trouble to the Mother, and trouble at home is seen for all men and women of Aquarius sign. The coming year of 2021 is not a good year from ‘happiness’ perspective. Many of you will feel low and deprived of happiness. And because you will feel deprived of happiness, you will feel frustrated.

At career front, you will feel directionless, you may think of changing your profession. You will feel dissatisfied in your current job, you will feel as if you are NOT getting the right credit and the attention that you DESERVE.

So both from work and home front – men and women of Aquarius Sign will remain dissatisfied. And because of the weak planetary support – you will have to remain at back-foot.

But always remember – that at times in life you have to take four steps back – just to take a BIG LEAP OF FAITH when the TIME is RIGHT.

Jupiter Saturn also will be in a weak state as they will be transiting the 12th house from Aquarius Ascendant. You have to be careful when making any major decisions related to finance. From material perspective this may not be a great transit for Aquarius natives BUT fro spiritual perspective this is definitely a beautiful development. Those who are set on spiritual journey – those who have started with meditations will benefit and progress.

In fact when the TIDE is LOW, when situations – when people you encounter go LOW – it is meditations and your self introspection that can help you to remain HIGH.

Always remember – and I say it to all Aquarius men and women – that when you are in utter difficulties – when you are jobless – when you are homeless – that is when you truly start experiencing the reality of this human life. These difficulties make you a REAL MAN, a REAL WOMAN who no more lives in ILLUSIONS (MAYA) but who slowly slowly realizes the TRUE FACE of this HUMAN WORLD! WISDOM comes when you go through the fire of suffering!

Even Krishna had to go through the suffering, even he was not spared from the wrath of ignorant men and women like Gandhari who cursed HIM when the Mahabharata war was at its dead-end and Gandhari was fuming with anger. Even Sai Baba was not left – certain villagers of Shirdi created many troubles for HIM. Even Jesus was NOT spared – HE was crucified by this society.

Always remember – GOD never takes away the trouble or the sufferings from your life – instead GOD gives you the STRENGTH to FIGHT BACK and OVERCOME the suffering and miseries of your life.

And so to all beautiful souls of Aquarius Sign – I encourage you all to remain STRONG while you walk through this difficult phase of life. Always remember – CHANGE is CONSTANT. And neither the good times and nor the bad times last forever.


“THIS SHALL ALSO PASS” – remember these words. Whenever you are going through bad phase of life – always read these words again and again.

And whenever you are going through GOOD phase of life – still always read these words again and again – “THIS SHALL ALSO PASS” – so that you remain grounded and you don’t let your EGO get into your HEAD.

Overall a time of learning and evolving into a much matured person. Stay Positive and Never Give Up – keep going. When you keep walking – the way appears on its own – you just have to keep walking.

Keep waking…


The wonderful noble souls of PISCES sign will benefit a lot during this coming year of 2021. Men and women of PISCES sign will expand their social network and become more popular in their social circles.

There will be absolutely no time and no interest in relationships as many of you will be too busy in your business and engaged in your social circles.

For many past years you have been slogging to achieve the goals that you had set for yourself, this year you will reach closer to attaining your goals.

Men and women who were trying to find a suitable marriage partner will finally succeed and will get happily married.

Students who were planning to attempt CA final year exams or CAT exams should definitely take a chance – there is a high possibility of you clearing the exams with flying colors.

PISCES executives who had been waiting for PROMOTION – are likely to get promotion in the next year – 2021.

You will become more communicative and you will try to connect with as many like minded people as you can. On communication front – you will be quiet effective and many of you who are in communication related business such as sales, call centers, politicians, social workers, public speakers – will excel and make a difference.

The best quality of all PISCES men and women is that the have tremendous FAITH in GOD!

This unwavering FAITH will definitely help all men and women of PISCES sign to move on and progress in life – especially this new year 2021 will be a promising year for all PISCES men and women.

Just take care of your father. Respect elder men and women. Listen to their suggestions – because there is a possibility that you may ignore the elders and just follow your head. But always remember that the OLD men and women have more experience of life and so they can always are of great help.

Listen to your elder’s advice not because they are always right but because they have more experiences of being WRONG.

Overall the upcoming year of 2021 is going to be a milestone for many PISCES men and women across the world.

And with this the ‘journey’ of all twelve signs comes to the end.

Always remember Astrology is not one dimensional – and so just TRANSITS are not enough, there are many more factors (Mahadasha, Natal chart placements, Transits over natal planets) and so the TRANSIT predictions is just one side of the ‘coin’.

And so just CHILL and GET READY for a NEW PHASE in your LIFE – as RAHU and KETU change the signs on September 19 – as well as JUPITER change sign on November 20.

To all my followers and readers – I wish you all the best for the upcoming new year with my new book on Ketu “Why Ketu Can Heal” releasing worldwide at Amazon on 28th of September, 2020. I am certain that those insightful readers who have enjoyed and loved reading my book on Rahu – will certainly love my new book on Ketu.

Life is unpredictable – death can strike anytime, but as long as I am alive and as long as you are alive – together we will continue with this wonderful journey called “Life”!

Hate can take you nowhere but LOVE can take you everywhere – to the farthest shores of this planet!

But first you have to LOVE yourself – first the ‘ripple’ of love has to form around you – and then that one ripple of love will start creating more and more ripples of love – that is how we all can make this world a better place to Live!

Love Yourself. Value Yourself. Trust Yourself.

Swami Vivekananda says – “Only a man who TRUST HIMSELF – can TRUST GOD.”

Remember – you are not useless – the universe has a purpose to your existence – find that purpose by turning inwards.

Meditate every day and remember you are NOT alone.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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