In Astrology which house signify Love?

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

The whole source of the Love that you seek – is in the FIFTH house of your birth chart.

LOVE is one thing. Marriage is other thing. Marriage is only a working partnership. LOVE is something else, altogether different than what marriage is!

Love has absolutely no relation to LOGIC, to RULES, to INTELLECT – it is quite unconnected to thought. Love HAPPENS – the word ‘HAPPEN’ is beautiful – I personally love this word – because whatever HAPPENS is never planned – it just ‘happens’!

Life is also something that – happens! Love, Life is never planned – it just happens. And so does – SANNYAS!

That is the reason why 5th house is significant. That is the reason why 5th Lord is significant. And that is the reason why LOVE is significant.

Love needs tremendous COURAGE! When a man or woman is fired up with LOVE – they can go to any extent to attain the LOVE that they SEEK.

5th house also signify COURAGE. Remember 5th house is represented by the SIGN LEO – the LION!

Love is the ‘source’ that brings COURAGE. This LOVE can be the LOVE for a person or for the NATION! Freedom Fighters became fighters because they had tremendous LOVE for the NATION – Bhagat Singh, Lokmanya Tilak, Veer Savarkar – Mahatama Gandhi and many freedom fighters were aflamed with LOVE for our country – it is always LOVE that ‘triggers’ the whole story of life, it is always LOVE that brings life to our being.

In the beginning you are seeking LOVE. Then someday and at someplace – you FALL in love. But the real ‘maturity’ comes when you no more fall in love but you become love!

The whole purpose of LIFE is to become LOVE!

Love is the GOAL – Life is the journey to attain the GOAL – LOVE!

Only a man who can become LOVE – can live LIFE in totality and only a man who can live life with LOVE – can one day attain the BUDDHAHOOD – (Sannyas)!

It is all inter-connected, and the thread that connects LOVE, LIFE, SANYAS is LOVE!

A man or woman whose 5th house is aflame with MARS – SUN – JUPITER or VENUS or MOON is indeed a man of LOVE – he loves ROMANCE. But one must understand that ROMANCE can of many layers – from the base to the high level!

One must understand that the Oxford dictionary defines the words ROMANCE as a kind of ADVENTURE!

And Adventures can of many levels and of all kinds – and the very first ADVENTURE that LOVE initiates is to ‘JUMP’ into the unknown!

Once you are in LOVE, once you are aflame with LOVE – once your whole being is fired up with LOVE – you can JUMP – you will JUMP!

That is how many LOVERS have JUMPED and RISKED their life – and there has been absolutely NO REGRET – because LOVE never REGRETS – when you LOVE, you simply LOVE!

And when this LOVE is raised to the HIGHER ALTITUDES – SPIRITUALISM – then you have someone as beautiful as JOHN, the baptist, Peter, the fisherman, Ananda, Arjuna – who has so much LOVE for their master – that they never looked back, never asked a single question, never raised any doubts – they SIMPLY JUMPED into the unknown – the followed the Master!

Love has many layers – the love that Buddha has will of different quality than the love that Hitler has! Hitler’s love will be hot – that is what the commoners know about love – to them LOVE always have to be HOT! Even when they eat dog – they want HOT DOG! So the concept of LOVE for the commoners is of HOT LOVE, SEXUAL LOVE.

But Buddha…..Buddha’s love is like that cool breeze, there is no demand, no conditions, when you in the omnipresence of Buddha – the love that you receive is different than the HOT LOVE that you have known.

The HOT LOVE that people have is not LOVE in totality – it also has the shade of HATE. The ‘fights’ is a result of that HATE – when the fight is over – you cool down and then again you are in the bed – making LOVE! You see – this is how the LOVE of the physical world is!

But BUDDHA – in BUDDHA’s LOVE you will find absolutely no shade of hate and so many may also find BUDDHA’s love as BORING because there is no ‘spice’ in HIS love!

You may say anything to HIM and yet he is NOT going to react. HE is simply going to SMILE and HIS smile is so penetrating that if you can receive – then his smile can simply penetrate into the deepest valleys of your heart and move you within!

Buddha is the highest the purest state of LOVE that knows only to SHARE, to GIVE and just to GIVE!

You can only GIVE if you HAVE!

Buddha has it – in fact Buddha is not just filled with LOVE – BUDDHA is LOVE!

Before leaving his body – Buddha had said to his disciples “ Do NOT make statue of me because once I am gone, I am gone. The statue can go on deceiving you for centuries.”

For five hundred centuries no statue was made. But later people started building statues of Buddha – when Buddha himself had said “ Do NOT make statue of me.”

There is a very deep meaning to the beautiful message that Buddha had shared with his disciples – and it is significant for you all to understand.

It is always easy to follow a STATUE – it is of BUDDHA but it is DEAD. It cannot move you – cannot disrupt you – cannot pull you away from your illusions!

But ALIVE BUDDHA – can ask you to do something that is in your interest but not in your favor! The ALIVE BUDDHA can ask you to drop everything and FOLLOW HIM – then it will be difficult because you are attached to each and everything – right from your CAR, HOME, to your WIFE and children and so ALIVE BUDDHA is dangerous – a STATUE is BETTER! Make nice STATUE – offer a nice garland of beautiful flowers – burn an incense stick – and that is all! You are safe – the STATUE is NOT going to ask for anything – you can safely say that I LOVE THE STATUE – but you will think twice if in the place of the STATUE – the REAL BUDDHA – the ALIVE BUDDHA is present because then the master is not dead – he is ALIVE and people always find it a challenge to follow the MASTER’s word – because THOSE words disrupt the MIND – and you are still caught up with the MIND – the MIND loves STATUES of MASTERS (it is a safe bet) – but the same MIND will start shivering if the REAL BUDDHA comes – because BUDDHA is the state of NO MIND and LOVE exists only when there is NO MIND but only the heart – the consciousness!

To conquer others – you may succeed someday, at some birth cycle. But to conquer your MIND – to become the Master of your Mind – is NOT so easy. It may take a lifetime or many births until – the ‘Buddha’ is born.
“Buddha” is not a name, it is a title. It is a title that reveals the state of NO MIND. Buddha means the state of NO MIND. Buddha is NO MIND.

NO MIND – means NO LOGIC, NO HEAD – and LOVE HAPPENS only when there is NO LOGIC, NO HEAD – absolutely NO HEAD.

There are many aspects that may initiate LOVE MARRIAGE – one of them is when the fifth house lord connects in some way with the seventh house – a strong possibility of a Love Marriage is signified.

Rarely does one find LOVE in MARRIAGE! There are ‘individuals’ who are destined to find LOVE only OUTSIDE marriage. Universe is vast – very vast – the MIND cannot contain the VASTNESS of this UNIVERSE – and so people who are slaves of their MIND cannot feel the VASTNESS and along with it the many many millions and millions of SITUATIONAL SCENARIOS that evolve in certain ‘individual’s’ life!

There are many such – in millions around this VAST HUMAN WORLD – who enjoy sexual pleasures, emotional support, hand-holding only OUTSIDE MARRIAGE and not in marriage!

So MARRIAGE definitely has NOTHING do with LOVE. In a rare case – in exceptional cases – if marriage happens out of LOVE – then it is a different thing – but statistics show that maximum DIVORCE CASES are from LOVE MARRIAGES than otherwise!

But still ‘MARRIAGE’ remains an institution that is going to remain forever – for the sole reason – that MARRIAGE is a part of tradition – a practical MEDIUM – to attain material GAINS!

During the Imperial Age – the KINGS would have many marriages with many women of princely states – because those MARRIAGES would SECURE the material gains and strengthen his authority over more provinces and more people.

So MARRIAGE is always going to remain – it is not a necessity but it has been made compulsory – because it has absolutely NOTHING to do with LOVE – but more to do with STATUS, and SOCIETY!

For LOVE – only 5th house and 5th house LORD’s connection with VENUS is enough.

For LOVE MARRIAGE – the 7th house connection with the 5th house is necessary.

Generally women or men having MARS VENUS conjunction are highly sexual by nature – and they also look very HOT. So sexuality is seen but this sexuality has absolutely nothing to do with marriage.

VENUS MOON – again is a highly sexual woman or man. This is also a pleasure seeking BHOGI person – and enjoys many sexual pleasures in life – along with other luxuries of life.

VENUS RAHU – again highly sexual – wants MORE sex – real time sex that LAST LONGER – and not just get over in 5 minutes.

VENUS URANUS – this person likes to have unique way of doing SEX – they always try out new things to add excitement to their sexual experiences. Erotic sex is something they love to explore – and are generally out of the box thinkers when it comes to having sex.

VENUS NEPTUNE – this person lacks actual ACTION in the BED. He goes on imagining and fantasizing – and in the process bores the partner (if the partner is strong sexual being). Because the partner wants some hard sex – and this person simply is too soft and kills all the fun that the partner expects.

Human life comes with many flavors – and HUMAN becomes GODLY – when there is absolutely NO flavor left – NIRGUNA – when there is no SATVIC guna, no TAMASIC Guna, and no RAJAS Guna – NIRGUNA!

NAR – to – NARAYAN. That is the whole journey – my fellows, that is the whole journey – NAR (HUMAN) nature is of being BHOGI (pleasure seeking) and NARAYAN is the nature of being YOGI (God seeking)!

Births happen – today a woman is not happy in her marriage, not satisfied sexually in her marriage – she will come back – today a man is not happy in his marriage, not satisfied sexually in his marriage – he will come back. This is how the cycle of birth and rebirth continues – you keep coming back- and SOCIETY has made this more complicated because SOCIETY blocks the men and women to seek sexual pleasures from else where – and then there is no other option – the man/woman dies with the DESIRE unfulfilled – and takes BIRTH again to satisfy the unfinished business!

This whole cycle of rebirth could have been avoided – had they satisfied their desire in the same life itself! But the question of wrong doing and right doing comes in between them and their desires – indeed a very touching situation – that only a master can understand – because the master is BEYOND the society’s so called ‘WRONG DOING’ and ‘RIGHT DOING’ theories.

The master can understand YOU. The real GURU will ACCEPT you without asking you a single question. The real master will NEVER judge you – HE can understand your heart than anybody else would!

Always remember MORALITY is SUBJECTIVE – is totally SITUATIONAL BASED. MORALITY is totally based on your level of CONSCIOUSNESS.

Remember Sri Krishna – remember the many ways that otherwise are not considered to be ethical that Krishna implemented during the Mahabharata War? Now would you call Krishna immoral? NO that would sound too stupid! Because what KRISHNA did was spontaneous – his morality was spontaneous and in the state of TOTAL CONSCIOUSNESS.

WHATEVER YOU DO – IF YOU ARE DOING IT WITH CONSCIOUSNESS – WITH FULL AWARENESS than that is the real morality – it is NOT fake – it is NOT because of any outside pressure – it is spontaneous, and very much a result of your own consciousness!

Rumi when says “ I will meet you on a field which is beyond the ‘wrong doing’ and ‘right doing’” – HE addresses the FIELD of CONSCIOUSNESS!

How beautiful is this and how deep – only a meditative being can truly relate, can truly understand. Bliss. Pure bliss.

5th house is very important because LOVE is very important! Without 5th house and 5th house Lord support – LOVE is missed, it is simply missed!

And only a man who can LOVE – can also LOVE someday GOD – can also go to the extremes to experience GOD – can also become a BUDDHA! Because he can JUMP – he can be COURAGEOUS – he can go beyond MIND – and only a man who can GO BEYOND MIND – can do something that is OUT OF MIND!

A man who has gone all HIS way to attain the LOVE of his life, has all the ‘necessary’ qualities to attain GOD – such a man *is* SPIRITUAL because LOVE is SPIRITUAL and HE has already surrendered to LOVE – so going a step ahead – crossing the boundary of the KINGDOM is not going to be difficult for him – and that is what Prince Siddhartha did – when time came, when the CALL OF THE DIVINE came – he simply left his KINGDOM – and became the BUDDHA – Gautama Buddha!

Only a man who can dive – who can JUMP can become a BUDDHA someday. And you will dive, you will jump, you will show courage only when you are truly a follower of your HEART!

That is the reason that I have always encouraged you all to FOLLOW your heart. The society says FOLLOW YOUR HEAD – FOLLOW YOUR LOGIC – but the divine compassionate master is encouraging you all to FOLLOW YOUR HEART – only then LOVE is possible, only then the dance is possible, and only then this life is possible!

Always follow your heart, your heart knows the way – run in that direction, for the heart is always right. Always.

Meditation is the ‘path’ that can help you reach your Heart! Heart-meditation – focus on your heart – be attentive to your breathing and meditate every day.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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