Western Astrology OR Vedic Astrology – which one is accurate? In Western Astrology, my sign appears as Aquarius, while in Vedic Astrology, my sign appears as Capricorn, which one is correct?


Western Astrology has been unfairly treated and unfortunately because of the growing influence of Vedic Astrology in the Western countries- it has become a “ Narrative” that Vedic Astrology is Superior and Western Astrology is Inferior.

In reality both are EQUAL in their own rights. Today thousands and hundreds of Western Astrologers are practicing and consulting people by using the SAYAN AYANAMSHA ( TROPICAL ASTROLOGY) and so to sideline their way of looking at charts is indeed a sign of IGNORANCE.

In fact I would specifically like to mention that no matter from what PERSPECTIVE ( VEDIC OR WESTERN) you judge a horoscope – if you are a real astrologer and if you DON’T LIMIT yourself with a certain MINDSET and remain OPEN to trying and exploring both – Western and Vedic – and like an ant pick the ‘sugar’ grains from both then you can certainly derive a beautiful understanding of Astrology.

I have travelled to the US and I have seen closely how effective Western Astrology is as well as I also appreciate the many plus points of our Vedic Astrology.

Whether you are Capricorn or Aquarius can also be found with just one answer to the question that I ask – ARE YOU OPEN MINDED LIBERAL OR CLOSE MINDED CONSERVATIVE PERSON?

If you are spontaneous answer is – Option 1 – then you are Aquarius.

One good thing about Western Astrology is that they don’t follow any AYANAMSHA. They simply follow the tropical way – which is dynamic, changing and NOT static like Vedic astrology.

So reliability of Western Astrology as far as House Placement of the planets is concerned is very much accurate than that of Vedic Astrology.

Interesting the most popular KP Astrology invented by KRISHNAMURTHY borrows the PLACIDUS SYSTEM OF WESTERN ASTROLOGY.

In KP Astrology – the House and cusp lords are calculated through the Placidus system of Western Astrology. Hence it is a one of the major deviation of KP Astrology from Vedic Astrology.

KP Astrology simply has taken the JUICE from Western Astrology and added to it the FLAVOR of Vedic Astrology – leading to a hybrid mode of Astrology that blends the best of both – Western and Vedic Astrology!

The problem with VEDIC ASTROLOGY is the AYANAMSHA! There are over 20 AYANAMSHA- and with each AYANAMSHA the VISHOMTARI MAHADASHA changes! Also in cases where the Ascendant or planets are on 29 degree – the signs and the house placement changes!

It reminds me of a situation when I wanted to have a real nice ICE CREAM. And I was on a visit to the Sausilito Island which is near to San Fransisco. It was a Sunday and I thought to take a trip to the beautiful island. When I got down from the ferry boat – I decided to walk around the small downtown of Sausilito Island. And that was my first trip to the US and being a pure vegetarian I was skeptical if I could find an eggless ice cream. But I was taken aback when I stepped inside an Ice cream parlor and the shopkeeper said “ We serve vegetarian ice cream – no eggs.”

Poor me – I was hungry and I thought thank God – atleast I can have some ice cream.

I said “ Give me one cup if ice cream.”

The shopkeeper asked “ Which flavor you want?”

This is the QUESTION that arise when you are practicing VEDIC ASTROLOGY. WHICH FLAVOR ( AYANAMSHA) you want to cast your birth chart?

And the answer is never the same. Some prefer RAMAN ( Chocolate Flavor), some prefer LAHIRI ( Strawberry Flavor), some prefer KP( Orange Flavor) while some prefer Yukteshwar (Banana Flavor)!

But then I said to myself – my main need is to have ice cream – then why should I make things COMPLICATED by choosing FLAVOR ( Ayanamsha)? Rather it will be great if I just go for the PLAIN VERSION – VANILLA!

Western Astrology is the VANILLA VERSION – it is plain and on the circumference level it is GOOD.

Practical nature – real events – for this Western Astrology is best. Else KRISHNAMURTHY would not have borrowed the main cuspal chart theory from Western Astrology!


I am a great lover of FONTS and I like to read a lot about Fonts and how they were invented and used from the medieval period. Today we have millions of fonts – but during the Old Age – there was a saying – a famous saying “ That when in doubt on which font to use for your publication- always use GARAMOND FONT – it is a safe bet.”

Similarly when in doubt and when you are confused on which Ayanamsha to follow and whether your sign is Aquarius or Capricorn – always use WESTERN ASTROLOGY- it is a safe bet.”

Although I am an Indian – and come from a family of great Astrologers – I don’t discriminate between the various schools of Astrology. I simply RESPECT every school of Astrology because every school of thought brings something unique, something beautiful to our overall understanding of this beautiful science called – Astrology!

In reality NO AYANAMSHA can be stated as the PERFECT AYANAMSHA.

So PERFECTION is NOT the word. The real word that we all should chase is TOTALITY.

Astrology is NOT perfect. And because it is NOT perfect it is GROWING with so many intelligent beings across the globe – contributing through their own self experiences and research. Had Astrology been perfect – it would have been dead by now!

Perfection is a myth. Totality is the reality.

“Don’t think it in terms that you have to be perfect, think in terms that you have to be total. Totality will give you a different dimension.” – Osho

Perfection means death. Now there is no further going, but Totality is something that always keeps you going…you stay motivated when you are being TOTAL.

“ I LOVE THIS WORLD BECAUSE IT IS IMPERFECT. It is imperfect and that is why it is GROWING. If it was perfect it would have been dead by now.” – Osho

Questions arise because people are looking for a perfect answer. In reality there is never a perfect answer!

There is never a perfect school of Astrology- be it Vedic or Western. They are Total but not perfect and because they are NOT perfect they are alive and growing with time.

Your question does not specify whether you meant Moon sign or Ascendant sign or Sun sign.

But for the larger interest of my followers and readers let me brief a bit on this as well.

Moon sign is your MINDSET. How you PERCEIVE a certain situation in your life. A man living in a luxurious apartment may not find happiness but a man living is a simple small apartment may find happiness and enjoy a good night sleep. Because HAPPINESS is based on the STATE of your MIND.

Ascendant sign is your NATURE. In Indian context we address it as SWABHAV. What is your nature? Understand the fact that NATURE is something that is NATURAL to your existence. The MIND is given by the society- MIND is not natural – it is shaped based on the locality in which you grow. But NATURE is BEING YOU. It is your SELF. A man who has LEO ASCENDANT has inborn nature of GIVING, SHARING, HIS HEART IS BIG – MEANING HIS NATURE IS OF GIVING. HE believes and lives with the thought that “NO ONE HAS EVER BECOME POOR BY GIVING”. Now even if his Moon may be in Capricorn or Aquarius- still HIS NATURE OF GIVING will NOT be affected because NATURE stands above the MIND. After all the Natural always stands out than that which is Artificial! And so a man with Leo Ascendant and Capricorn Moon will be a GIVER – a BIG HEART man – than when compared to a man with CAPRICORN ASCENDANT and LEO Moon. Because even though the Moon is in Leo and the man has the thoughts of giving but the nature is NOT of giving – the Ascendant is Capricorn and not Leo!

Sun sign is your INDIVIDUALITY. How you are as an individual. Whether you live your life by BEING YOURSELF and how you are as Person in Totality. All the traits of you as an Individual is seen through your Sun Sign.

Now you have to find for yourself- which sign you belong to by following the above-mentioned criteria. If you are looking for your Moon sign – meditate on your mindset – introspect on how you perceive a given situation? Are you open-minded unconventional( Aquarius) OR are you close minded conservative, conventional person (Capricorn).

If you are looking from nature ( Swabhav) perspective – then introspect on whether you are PRAGMATIC PRACTICAL by nature ( Capricorn) or whether you are PHILOSOPHICAL IDEOLOGICAL by nature ( Aquarius).

If you are looking to find your Individuality – then whether you like to live your life by being INNOVATIVE ( Aquarius) or by being a Follower of Traditional ways of doing things ( Capricorn).

So many such evaluations you may have to do to find your actual sign (Aquarius or Capricorn).

But to follow a safe bet – the answer can always be found in Western Astrology which has NO AYANAMSHA ( No flavors) but comes Raw and at times Raw is beautiful. Raw is Real!

The diamond that you see in the plush Jeweller shops is a polished diamond. But if you want to see the real Diamond – then you have to show courage to jump WITHIN the dark caves of your being! And very few could do so because MEDITATION needs COURAGE! Only a man who has courage can meditate. And only a man who can Jump Within – can someday experience the Real Diamond within – the SELF!

The real Diamond (Self) is always Raw – it is natural and not polished. The Bhagavan ( Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi) addresses this real Diamond (Self) as the Guru!

“ THE SELF IS THE GURU” – Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi

So self-discovery- Who You Are? For that would be the best answer to your question!

“Your own SELF REALIZATION would be the greatest service you can render to the world.” – Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi

Always remember that all ‘schools’ or ‘systems’ of Astrology are in some way or the other – are contributing to the predictions and observations. NOBODY is USELESS – the Universe has a purpose behind everything and that includes all schools of Astrology as well.

Meditate every day and remember you are not alone.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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