Impact of Retrograde Mercury in Transit Chart


Retrograde Mercury leads to a messy situation. And if you have a Retrograde Mercury in your birth chart then you are definitely going to get more messy and misunderstood during this retrograde mercury period starting from Aug 24th to Sep 16th. Mercury is the way you process your thoughts – it is like a software and retrograde mercury means a software with many default bugs that never gets resolved.

Retrograde Mercury however makes you over smart – you tend to outsmart your opponents and win major deals during this retrograde period. So Retrograde Mercury makes the native a very smart person who knows how to crack a difficult exam or how to make his way through all the challenges and difficulties in life. So financially, materially this Retrograde Mercury may prove beneficial but when it comes to personal life, when it comes to relationships, when it comes to making decisions – the native is a total gone case. He or she is just difficult to deal with when it comes to relationship. At times such a native behaves strangely and so strange behavioral, strange thought process, weird opinions is a trademark of native born with retrograde mercury. That is why many a time such men and women are labelled as “Total Mad” or “Gone Case” by others who just cannot understand this strange software that these natives carry within their heads.

Now that Mercury is going retrograde from Aug 24th to Sep 16th – I will quickly highlight certain points that you should be cautious –

Aries Moon sign natives should be cautious while dealing with matters related to children, stock market. In case you are a creative person and working on some creative art then beware and ensure that you don’t make any major mistakes that you may regret in future.

Taurus Moon sign native beware while dealing with land properties or when buying a new vehicle as you may commit some silly mistake in making your decisions and later you may regret heavily. So do not make any major decisions regarding buying a property or vehicle until Mercury goes direct on 16th Sep. Issues regarding your home, mother may arise and you may be forced to deal with it. Take good care of your health as you may be prone to allergies and chest pain during this period so focus on doing daily exercise and you will be alright.

Gemini Moon sign native should be cautious when communicating at workplace or when communicating with your lover – because miscommunication and misunderstanding can hit your good prospects and so think thrice before you speak. In plain words – keep your mouth shut and just do what needs to be done. Else your spoken or written words can cause much havoc in your public and private life.

Cancer Moon sign natives should be cautious of their savings. Protect your money and beware while doing online transactions as you may become an easy target for hackers. In todays time – millions of dollars are being hacked by online fraudsters – so beware when dealing online especially when Mercury is retrograde. Enhance your online security – protect your online social media accounts from getting hacked. Stay away from negative offensive people – block them immediately – do not show any mercy because these online negative offensive fellows can cause much trouble to your mind. Some issues regarding family matters may arise – so beware and keep yourself mentally prepared.

Leo Moon sign natives should be cautious of overdoing and overthinking. This retrograde mercury period can drive you crazy and you may feel lost. Some of you may find yourself too busy during this period that you may miss to attend some of your family events. So you should focus on finding balance between work and home. If you can balance work life with your family life then you will be able to easly walkthrough this retrograde mercury period.

Virgo Moon sign native should be cautious of overspending. During this period your expenses may grow and you may also suffer from insomnia. If you are already having sleepless nights then this period will be more challenging since it will make your insomnia more severe than otherwise. Overthinking and Overspending – just take care of these two tendencies and you will be alright. Focus on doing more meditations and more chanting during this period. Remaining calm and practicing pranayam can be of great help.

Libra Moon sign natives should be cautious of social media interactions. Think twice before posting or sharing on social media accounts. You may becomes a target for trollers and you may get badly trolled – so beware before posting anything on social media. Some of you may face issues with friends at large. Networking issues, or getting misunderstood in friends circle are some of the traits that you should beware of – so go slow, maintain a low profile until Sep 16.

Scorpio Moon Sign natives may face certain chaotic situation at workplace. Some of you may find new job opportunities. Businessmen may suffer more during this period as some miscalculations may lead to major loss. Overall this period is of caution for those working at higher positions and independent businessmen – go slow and delay your decisions until Mercury goes direct on 16th Sep.

Sagittarius Moon sign natives should be cautious when travelling long distance. If you are doing research or some doctorate course then you may have to revisit your works. This is a good period to find more clarity in your thought process as retrograde mercury will give you the opportunity to sit back and revisit all that happened during the last four months in your life – and this act of revisiting, analyzing will provide you with a new idea, new perspective and a new strategy that will work in your favor when Mercury goes direct on Sep 16.

Capricorn Moon sign natives will discover some new insights during this retrograde Mercury period. However you need to be cautious when dealing with strangers. Ensure that you don’t let your friends or outsiders cross their boundaries – don’t let others trespass your personal life. Focus on strengthening your security and also maintain secrecy about your project work. Remember there are men and women who are jealous of your success and so you should do everything secretly and by keeping things highly confidential.

Aquarius Moon sign native should be cautious when dealing with people. Especially if you are a public figure or if you have an active social life then be very careful when communicating with others. If you are married then you may face some misunderstanding issues with your marriage partner. So ensure that your communication with your marriage partner is loud and clear, maintain a good environment in your home by controlling your tongue. Keep your mouth shut and focus on doing what needs to be done.

Pisces Moon sign natives should be extra cautious when dealing with colleagues at workplace. There is a possibility that people may misunderstand you and that can lead to conflict at workplace. So remain silent, communicate clearly and maintain a low profile at workplace. Humility is always appreciated so stay humble, and that will save you from all the troubles at workplace.

Overall retrograde mercury’s main action is happening in Uttara phalguni and Purva Phalguni Nakshatra. Mercury will go retrograde on 24th Aug in Uttaraphalguni Nakshatra and then on 28th Aug – this retrograde Mercury will enter backwards in Purva Phalguni Nakshatra. So the most primary matters affected by retrograde mercury is health, wealth and relationships. So you all should be careful and cautious during this period. If there are any major decisions to be taken then make those decisions before Mercury goes retrograde on 24th Aug. Always remember – retrograde mercury period is a period when you are compelled to look back and correct yourself. It is an opportunity – a second chance for you. If you can make something positive from this second chance then it only makes your life more happier, more beautiful. And so it is likely that those who had lost their jobs may find another job or those who have been suffering at their workplace may get a new job opportunity. Similarly – if you had some serious relationship issues then this period will help you to sit back, introspect and find out what went wrong in your relationship and if you are an evolving soul then you may realize your own shortcomings and you will try to correct yourself by giving one more chance to your failing relationship.

Why relationship fail? Because it is based on ordinary love. Ordinary love is greedy by nature. You will be surprised to know that the English word `love’ comes from a very ugly root in Sanskrit. It comes from lobh. Lobh means greed. And as far as ordinary love is concerned, it is a kind of greed.

That’s why there are people who love money, there are people who love houses, there are people who love this, who love that. Even if they love a woman or a man, it is simply their greed; they want to possess everything beautiful. It is a power trip. And in this power trip – the wife is always powerful – she holds the key and the husband becomes a henpecked husband! I have heard a story…. In the life of one of the great emperors of India, Akbar, there is a small story. He was very much interested in all kinds of talented people, and from all over India he had collected nine people, the most talented geniuses, who were known as the “nine jewels of Akbar’s court.”

One day, just gossiping with his vice-councilors, he said, “Last night I was discussing with my wife. She is very insistent that every husband is henpecked. I tried hard, but she says, `I know many families, but I have never found any husband who is not henpecked.’ What do you think?” he asked the councilors. One of the councilors, Birbal said, “Perhaps she is right, because you could not prove it.

You yourself are a henpecked husband; otherwise, you could have given her a good beating, then and there proving that, `Look, here is a husband!’”

He said, “That I cannot do, because I have to live with her. It is easy to advise somebody else to beat his wife. Can you beat your wife?”

Birbal said, “No, I cannot. I simply accept that I am a henpecked husband, and your wife is right.” But Akbar said, “It has to be found…. In the capital there must be at least one husband who is not henpecked. There is no rule in the world which has no exception, and this is not a rule at all.” So he said to Birbal,

“You take my two beautiful Arabian horses” — one was black, one was white — “and go around the capital. And if you can find a man who is not henpecked, you can give him the choice: whichever horse he wants is a present from me.” They were valuable. In those days horses were very valuable, and those were the most beautiful horses. Birbal said, “It is useless, but if you say, I will go.” He went, and everybody was found to be henpecked. It was very ordinary: He would just call the person and call his wife, and ask, “Are you henpecked or not?” The man would look at the wife and say, “You should have asked when I was alone. This is not right. You will create unnecessary trouble. Just for a horse I am not going to destroy my life. You take your horses, I don’t want any.” But one man was sitting in front of his house and two persons were massaging him. He was a wrestler, a champion wrestler, a very strong man. Birbal thought, “Perhaps this man… he can kill anybody without any weapons. If he can hold your neck, you are finished!”

Birbal said, “Can I ask you a question?”

He said, “Question? What question?” Birbal said, ”

Are you henpecked?”

That man said, “First, let us greet each other, a handshake.” And he crushed Birbal’s hand and said, “Unless you start crying and tears start coming from your eyes, I will not leave your hand. Your hand is finished. You dared to ask me such a question?” And Birbal was dying — he was almost a man of steel — and tears started coming, and he said,

“Just leave me. You are not henpecked. I have just come to a wrong place. But where is your wife?” He said, “Look, she is there, cooking my breakfast.” A very small woman was cooking his breakfast. The woman was so small and the man was so big that Birbal said, “There is a possibility that perhaps this man is not henpecked. He will kill this woman.”

So he said, “Now there is no need to go further into investigation. You can choose either horse from these two, black and white, a reward from the king for the one who is not henpecked. And at that time that small woman said,

“Don’t choose the black! Otherwise I will make your life a hell!”

The man said, “No, no, I will choose the white. You just keep quiet.”

Birbal said, “You don’t get either, neither white nor black. It is all finished, you lost the game. You are a henpecked husband.”

Remember – relationship is a power trip – couples fight to show their domination – and mostly it is found that the game ends with power in the wife’s hand – she makes you a perfect henpecked husband! Enough for now – take good care of yourself and remember to meditate and chant every day.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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