What are the remedies for debilitated or retrograde Mercury?

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

Retrogression signify – Correction.

Whenever Mercury goes retrograde- corrective actions – corrections in your day-to-day activities take place. You look back on the papers you have documented, decisions you have taken, selections you have made, project planning you have done – all and everything that has been going on and around is now being corrected or let’s say you get a window of opportunity to do the correction.

Depends on the level of your Consciousness- the greater you are conscious the greater is the scope to use this retrograde state of Mercury to do all corrections and set your life back on track!

For those ignorant beings – retrograde mercury becomes a hard patch because they are ‘sleeping’ and NOT AWAKE. They were just moving like a robot as Mercury was moving in its direct motion. But suddenly the Mercury stops moving in its normal speed – slows down (retrograde) and then these robots don’t know what to do. They get confused and so then you see chaos in their life for the time until Mercury gets Direct.

So you see – now we have seen two sides of the same coin (retrograde mercury). One is of the Conscious living and the other is of Ignorant living. The man of awareness makes the best out of the retrograde Mercury period while the man of Ignorance faces many chaotic situations while Mercury is retrograde.

Consciousness is BLISS. Ignorance is Misery.

And the majority is living a life that is full of ignorance – full of MIND – and the MIND is a ROBOT. The Mind is mechanical – it has absolutely NO intelligence.

Understand the fact that this MIND is your MOON.
The LOGIC that drives the MIND (MOON) is your MERCURY.

And BEYOND the LOGIC – is the most beautiful planet that has helped the whole universe and you and me and everybody to live a conscious life – a life of love – of consciousness – of awareness and the name of that holy planet is JUPITER – SRI GURU!

A beautiful idol of Shri Vishnu. I humbly prostrate before His Holiness.

GURU – Jupiter. To reach the GURU – to comes closer to consciousness – understand the fact that first, you have to OVERCOME the MOON – then the MERCURY – and then finally you come to the ABODE OF SRI GURU!

Now your question is related to Mercury debilitating in Pieces. But I would have loved if you would ask “Why Mercury is debilitated in Pieces?”

A money-man, a banker, a philosopher will not like to be in the Abode of His holiness – the Guru! Because here – in the ABODE OF THE HOLY MASTER – intellectualism has no ground – no value – and MERCURY is all about showing off intellectualism! And so Mercury becomes weak in the ABODE OF SRI GURU – Pieces – the 12th Zodiac – the Abode of the BEYOND – liberation – MOKSHA!

In the greater interest of all my dear followers and readers – let us first understand the WHY before we come to the WHAT!

Mercury is your way of thinking – in our IT software language – it is called ‘PROGRAMMING’ – how you have been programmed – and let it be very clear that the state of programming (Mercury) comes purely from you last many births – and the KARMA that you have been executing.

Now – the MIND is the monkey – meaning it has no direction – it is like a child – it just does all the things that a 1-year-old child does – it becomes angry – it becomes adamant – it becomes ARROGANT – it becomes mad – it becomes crazy – it becomes wild – so you see it just goes on BECOMING – it cannot BE – the nature of the MIND is BECOMING.

A man ruled by the MIND is always trying to BECOME – when in reality GOD wants us all to BE – BE YOURSELF!

Once it happened – there was a monk – and whole life he lived in trying to become like Buddha – and now he was on his deathbed and some of his followers were present. Suddenly the old monk started crying – so much so that he could not control himself…..

One of the followers stepped ahead and asked him “Master why are you crying what is it that you miss – what is it that you regret?”

And the old monk said “ I regret not BEING MYSELF! And now when I am standing at the doorstep of DEATH – now that anytime I will be leaving this physical body and heading towards GOD – I don’t know how to face God. What to say when God will ask me “ Izutsu – I had sent you to BE Izutusu – then why did you spend your whole life in BECOMING like Jesus, BECOMING like Buddha, BECOMING like Mahavira – like Krishna? If I had wanted I would have given birth to hundreds of Gautama Buddhas, hundreds of Jesus, hundreds of Mahavira, BUT I made only one Gautama Buddha – only one Mahavira and so I had made only ONE Izutsu and yet you spend your whole life in BECOMING when you were meant to BE YOURSELF – BE IZUTSU!”

And then the old monk took his last breath….

The followers touched the feet of IZUTSU – the old monk. Even though late – Izutsu had realized his mistake – and through his last words – he also had brought awareness to his followers! And so they all touched his feet – they had no words to express their gratitude they just remained close to him – until Izutsu – the old monk took the last breath of his life.

Whole life is spent in BECOMING – when in reality you are supposed to BE YOURSELF!

The MIND is immatured – it goes on becoming and WHEN Mercury comes in the clutches of the MIND (Moon) – imagine what can happen?

The Man or Women with Mercury in PIECES simply is driven by the WHIMS AND FANCIES of the MOON – and the MOON (MIND) is restless by nature. The nature of the MIND is to wander – but in reality, YOU are NOT the mind – say Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi – but the man with such a placement finds it difficult to understand – to digest. Because he or she is so much trapped in the MIND and the MIND is a monkey!

UNDERSTANDING is less – because the PIECES SIGN won’t let MERCURY (programming) execute in its own way – naturally – here the MIND becomes the boss and then you know what happens!

Pieces Mercury equals to no real understanding of the deeper aspects of human life – because now what comes through such a MERCURY is INTELLECTUALITY and NOT INTELLIGENCE.

That is WHY – Mercury is addressed as debilitated in PIECES SIGN by the ancient seers – imagine how insightful our ancient Vedic Seers and Sages must be!

I humbly prostrate before them – they are indeed so beautiful – and so beyond the MIND – true Yogis! What a bliss, what a beautiful meditative state – where there is NO MIND – and you are deeply engrossed within – someday we all have to reach this stage – someday you all who have been following me – especially those very few souls who have been seeking spiritual guidance – someday a state must come – where you are truly engrossed within – deeply meditative state – where you simply Breath in and Breath out – no thoughts – no mind – no world – but just you – and the Holy Name of your Lord within!

The mind is the WORLD. And NO MIND is freedom from the WORLD!

But in this material world – where you have to perform certain duties – certain tasks – certain businesses – you got have good logic that is directed by the MIND that has merged with the HEART!

Understand this – and through your question, I appeal to all my genuine followers and readers – understand this – that the LOGIC that is derived from the MIND – is a LOGIC of INTELLECTUALITY.
While the LOGIC that comes from a MIND that is NOW tuned with your HEART – is a LOGIC of INTELLIGENCE.

PIECES ZODIAC MERCURY – is totally lost in the MIND. And so neither intellectuality nor intelligence is seen. But you know – still there is a silver lining to this placement – and let me tell you that I just love it.

And the silver lining is that BECAUSE the INTELLECTUALITY is NIL – there is EVERY POSSIBILITY that just with the omnipresence of the GURU – the holy MASTER – this PIECES MERCURY can be diverted towards the HEART through the practice of deep meditation! And so with my eyes, I have seen many beautiful souls with this placements – through meditative, spiritualized way of life – they all have transformed into beautiful butterflies – souls of love and peace!

And so if you ask me – then personally I LOVE PIECES MERCURY – it has all the potential to rise by adhering to a meditative life!

BUT – if they continue to live a typical plastic rose lifestyle – ignorant lifestyle – then the same PIECES MERCURY brings MANY MANY EMOTIONAL TURMOILS in their life – they just seem to never stop – as if they are rolling along with the high and low tides of the sea!

So it is a wonderful placement – because you either spend whole life by going through the many emotional turmoils or you simply turn inwards and rise above the mind and experience the bliss, the love, the peace within!

How beautiful life can be – when you spend a minimum of 1 hour in the early morning hours in a deep meditative state!

But who wants to listen? People are simply shallow – they just want to throw away money and want solutions as if solutions are manufactured products!

Products – Human beings are becoming PRODUCTS. And that is the greatest irony of this so-called developing mechanized technology AGE! The HUMAN TOUCH is missing – insensitiveness has become so common – that there is no way to express what is happening all around us!

People want everything READYMADE – when the reality of LIFE is that NOTHING COMES READYMADE – it all comes through your OWN ACTIONS!

Actions! And you also want to know the right action – the right remedies that would help you to overcome the state of your PIECES MERCURY!

But let me tell you and through you – to all my followers that 8TH House Mercury is a good placement. It certainly is an encouraging sign that can help you to experience the BEYOND – the unseen – the unknown! It certainly makes the person – or at least helps the person to understand the essence of spirituality – you do are spiritualized by this placement – so in a way, 8th Mercury for Leo Ascendant is a good placement!

Such a placement brings interest in the OCCULT. In the darker sides of HUMAN LIFE. And only a man who can deal with his own darkness – can deal with the darkness of others!

And the remedies are simple! Start fasting on Mondays – visit Lord Shiva Temple and offer Abhishek using fresh raw cow milk. Offer some raw rice grains on Shiva Linga. Sit for a while and meditate on HIS holy name – 108 times:

“Aum Namaha Shivaya.Aum Namaha Shivaya.Aum Namaha Shivaya……”

And then bow before HIS Shiva Linga and resume your worldly duties!

Always remember – and I would want all my followers to realize that you don’t have to RUN AWAY or ESCAPE from your worldly duties and responsibilities. You have to execute your responsibilities and duties – BUT while you DO SO – you have to learn to remain DETACHED!

I humbly prostrate before the Lord of Lords – the Bhagavan of Bhagavans – the ultimate Yogi – the Prince of the Himalayas – His Holiness Mahavatar Babaji.

And so to all my followers and readers – I insist that DO NOT TRY TO FIND AN ESCAPE ROUTE – the beauty is in going through the daily chores of life while you remain detached – engrossed within.

To be meditative is to walk, talk, execute your duties – but without getting distracted – without moving away from your inner self – your inner being! And so every Monday – you spend some time in HIS temple – meditate on HIS name.

And the second remedy is to visit every Wednesday – to Lord Ganesha temple – offer some sweets before Him and sit and read the Ganesha Shloka – or Atharva Shirsha or – any scriptures that relate to Lord Ganesha as per your region and language! Just surrender to HIM – in his peaceful Abode – find your peace – close your eyes and spend some time – meditating on HIS name: – ||Aum Gam Ganapataye Namaha||

A beautiful picture of 500 years old Siddhivinayak temple, Sarasbaug, Pune.

||Aum Gam Ganapataye Namaha|| ||Aum Gam Ganapataye Namaha||

What other remedies are required? The greatest REMEDY is to SURRENDER yourself in TOTALITY to HIS HOLINESS FEET.

But who wants to listen? People are roaming around with big fat wallets and purses – ready to spend on all kind of ‘things’ to find a solution – when the most effective solution needs no money – but DEEP FAITH and DEEP LOVE!

But people don’t get it. They call me and they want to listen to what their mind wants to listen and then I have to disconnect because I am not to entertain your MIND – I am here to HELP YOU GO BEYOND THE MONKEY MIND. And so you will find me unreasonable – if you are a follower of your MIND and you will find me reasonable – if you are a follower of your HEART!

I remain the way I am. It is your perspective that goes on giving different shades and colors to my identity – in reality, I am as I am. And so there is no need to give any explanations to those who are following their MIND.

The MIND needs explanations – because the MIND thrives on LOGIC.
The HEART needs NO explanations – because the HEART thrives on LOVE.

And I am all for LOVE – and so only that man and that woman can reach me – resonate with me and follow me – who is also – all for LOVE!

Somebody may ask “But how to learn about love – who can teach me, love?”

And the answer is – NOBODY CAN TEACH YOU LOVE.

And so see – we all have come back to the root of our blissful existence – and that is CONSCIOUSNESS!

Unless you make the unconscious conscious – it will direct your life and you will call it fate – says CG Jung!

And so now I share with you all – my book “Gift of Consciousness” – many of you have been writing to me – asking about how to get the book – and so now through this answer, I am sharing with you all the link to my book “Gift of Consciousness”

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The way to OVERCOME any difficulties of your life is not by ESCAPING but by FACING those difficulties with CONSCIOUSNESS.

And the remedy and the way to come closer to the higher realms of consciousness is by turning inwards and meditating on HIS holy name.

“Hare Krishna Hare Krishna. Krishna Krishna Hare Hare.”

Always remember that to find a solution – your present level of consciousness cannot help – you have to raise the level of your consciousness – only then there can be a flow of JOY, a flow of LOVE, and an unending fragrance of your DEVOTION!

And the greatest diversion from consciousness is to THINK THAT YOU ARE DIFFERENT FROM THE REST! When in reality we all are a part of this UNIVERSE – to whom Einstein calls – the WHOLE!

Whenever I address as you or your – it is not just for the questioner but to all my fellow travelers and followers and readers. So let this be very clear.

And so that man and that woman are living in utter ignorance – who goes on thinking and believing that ‘I am different’ – you are not different – you cannot be – because WE ALL ARE CONNECTED and that is ONENESS!

The spiritualists of WEST are now talking a lot about ONENESS – but from AGES and AGES – in our soil – there have been many many SAINTS who have had mentioned about ONENESS – (NON-DUALITY)!

What a beautiful verse from the holy book “Dyaneshwari” written by the one of the greatest Saint – Sant Dyaneshwar – and that too when he was 16 years old! 600 years ago – HE had mentioned about ONENESS – and now all over the globe – within the westerners – they all are coming to the fact that the UNIVERSE is ONE – that WE ALL ARE CONNECTED to the SUPREME – that there is NO DUALITY – but WE ALL ARE ONE – ONENESS!

The secret is ONENESS and ignorant fellows are trying to be different! Now, what to say? And this is how 90% of this human world is – trying to be different!

But you – my fellows and followers on this forum – you all must be special in some way because following a person like me – a total out-of-mind person like me – needs some courage – because to follow me – you have to keep your mind aside – only then can my words penetrate in your inner being – only then can my sharing touch your heart!

And so those who are simply letting my words penetrate in your being without agreeing or disagreeing – can understand – can relate and can resonate with my answers with my sharings! And indeed such men and women – must be special.

Somebody may ask ‘What is the way to be special?” How can you come to the state of being special?”

And the answer is found in the below picture quote:

…and then you will be special! How beautiful is this – the way to be special is by being ordinary – and bringing GOD to your life – meditating on HIS holy name – engrossing yourself in HIS holy name and while you do so – never let the EGO magnify that you are doing something special and then….you will be special!

And so come, come you all – and let us all be special – by turning inward – by quieting the monkey mind and letting the SOUL speak – for it is only when your SOUL speaks with you that you find the answers you have been seeking.

And the SOUL speaks in Silence. Real communication happens in SILENCE.

Meher Baba – remained his whole life – silent – he never spoke a single word and yet through his written messages – changed many hearts – many many hearts across the world. TRUTH needs no voice – it only needs Silence – pure silence.

Knowledge is noisy. And Truth is found only in silence – deep silence.

Come you all – come and meditate – let there be deep silence – quiet the chattering mind – close your eyes and remain focused within.



Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru!

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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