Under what conditions does the Sun give negative results?

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

SUN never gives any bad or negative results. Always remember this and I say it to all my readers, followers and fellow travelers.

Sun is the very source of our life. Without Sun – life is not possible! And so Sun itself is the source of life. SUN IS LIFE.

To me – the SUN is the ultimate GOD. Without the SUN, I cannot imagine life – without SUN we all cannot imagine life!

From the very beginning of time, SUN has been the GOD for many civilizations- right from the MAYA civilization in the land of the Americas to the Surya Vanshi ( dynasty worshipping Sun) – the land of Sanatan Dharma – our country!

Sun is not a planet. Sun is a star. Understand this – because unless you understand this – you all are not going to relate to what is coming your way!

Understand the fact that SUN is a STAR. It is not a DEAD PLANET – it has tremendous life energy to it – it has intense ‘light’ to it – it is the very source around which all the planets of our galaxy revolve – and they have been revolving from the beginning of time – WHY?

Because the source of energy is only to be found in the SUN – and nowhere else!

How beautiful you feel – when you get up in the morning and look up in the sky – as if a new life is flowing towards you – as if your whole body is being rejuvenated through the blissful early morning sun rays!

The negative energies always fear the SUN – because it is the LIGHT OF THE SUN that prevents them from harming you – manipulating your mind – damaging your health!

The darkness has always feared the SUN!

RAHU has always feared SUN – in fact, that is why the ancient SEERS have mentioned in a symbolic way that RAHU is AGAINST SUN – and that is indeed so true – DARKNESS is AGAINST SUN!

A young man once came and said “ Master – I have had a good sexual life – and now also a good married life. But now I am moving towards spiritualism – now I am preventing myself from having SEX. But is NOT so easy. Whenever I am alone and relaxed with my wife – I would want to have sex with her – I try to control but it is difficult – what to do?”

The master laughed – a loud belly laugh. Then the master said “ Gopal – what are you doing to yourself? Suppression is not the answer – the more suppress your sexuality – the more it would erupt someday – do not suppress – instead, have a normal sexual life with your partner – let there be so much of sex in your life that a day should come when you realize that enough is enough – the self-realization has to come from within you – when you come to the point where the desire to have sex – transforms into a desire to dedicate your whole life at the feet of your LORD!”

All kinds of people I meet – I interact with and many are trying to get over sex – don’t do it – because the more you try to get over sex – the more you would remain trapped in sex. Instead, let there be so many sexual experiences in your life that you realize that there is ‘really’ NOT much into this – that there is something much beautiful – much blissful than SEX!

Sex is raw energy. It has to be transformed, and through transformation there is transcendence.

How will you transform? Because the energy is there – we all are born out of SEX. Sex is very much the source of our birth! So how are you going to get over it?

By NOT surrendering yourself to the ‘DESIRE’. DESIRE is born in your mind. You just have to remain a WITNESS – just witness to what the monkey mind is desiring – do NOT act upon it – just WATCH – just WITNESS – and slowly the desire will go away!

A beautiful picture of Neem Karoli Baba to whom Steve Jobs and now in recent days – Mark Zuckerberg had referred to as the most inspiring figure in their life!


The WILL POWER to overcome these DESIRES is SUN.

SUN is the light – the light of consciousness!

How can one say that SUN can cause harm? How can someone say that SUN can give bad effect? How can you blame the very source of LIFE – this happens because of IGNORANCE – and today we are discussing SUN – the one who eradicates the DARKNESS OF IGNORANCE!

There is one beautiful story – it appears simple but it has a great significance.

Once it happened – that ‘DARKNESS’ went to GOD and complained against SUN.

DARKNESS said “ Why the SUN is always chasing me? For millions and millions of years – SUN has been behind me – I have done nothing wrong to HIM and yet why SUN is always against ME?”

God said “ Let us go and ask this question to SUN.”

When the SUN was asked for, SUN said “I don’t know who is DARKNESS. What do you mean when you say DARKNESS? I have NEVER encountered her. I don’t even know her! Chasing is out of the question. We are not even acquainted. No one has even introduced me. Please call her so I can see who this person DARKNESS is, then I will remember her and NOT chase her.”

SUN is so innocent – so pure – and therefore is so beautiful.

GOD listened to SUN’s suggestion – SUN had said “ YOU bring DARKNESS before ME and I will see who this DARKNESS is.”

BUT even GOD was never able to bring DARKNESS before the SUN. And it is said that the CASE is still pending in the files of GOD – millions and millions of years have gone by – and yet GOD has never been able to bring DARKNESS before the SUN. BECAUSE when the SUN is there – DARKNESS is not there. It is not that the SUN is chasing DARKNESS – it is just the Presence!

JUST the PRESENCE of the LIGHT – the LIGHT OF CONSCIOUSNESS within you and the DARKNESS of DESIRES cannot stand – it just cant -it never can!

Understand this my fellows – understand this – this is very deep – you don’t have to chase the desires – you don’t have to do anything special to get over the desires – you simply have to focus on expanding your CONSCIOUSNESS – the light – which the SUN represents!

What a beautiful revelation has come out through this answer – that it is indeed the SUN that represents the CONSCIOUSNESS within us! Just as I am writing this answer – this self-realization has happened that SUN is CONSCIOUSNESS.

WHEN CONSCIOUSNESS comes over – then the desires remain – BUT they transform – they are uplifted to certain higher altitudes – higher purpose!

I always say – that RAHU is present in a YOGI’s horoscope also. It was indeed in Jesus’s chart also, in Muhammed’s and also in Buddha’s – but the difference between them and us – is that we are still clinging to lower desires while they raised their desires to the ultimate higher altitudes – the journey from SEX to SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS!

SEX is at a lower base – understand this. I am NOT against sex. But you all must understand what is what.

SEX is at the lower – physical – base level.

LOVE is Higher than SEX. – It is above SEX.

PRAYER is HIGHER than LOVE – it is above LOVE.

But there is also something that is much higher than PRAYER – what is it?


Meditation is beyond prayers – the highest peak where there are no two bodies to have sex with each other – two minds to love each other – two hands to pray – there is absolute ONENESS – with the divine – the beyond!

ONENESS. Only through deep meditation, you can experience ONENESS – than there is ultimate bliss – the ultimate happiness – then life is melody – a beautiful painting!

Excitement is of the MIND.

A woman once asked “ How to find my soulmate?”

And the answer is found in the below Buddhist revelation:

Whenever you meet someone who makes you feel comfortable – where you feel that you can be just the way you are – without putting on any ‘mask’ – without any doubts but total trust – that person is your soulmate – and not the one who attracts you by his or her ‘appearance’!

SOUL – the SUN is indeed the SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS of the whole universe. The ultimate consciousness.

NOW – why is it that human beings categorize SUN as bad or good in horoscopes?

Whereas I am saying again and again and maybe till the last breath of my life – that SUN is SUN – there is absolutely no way that SUN can be bad – SUN is SUN – the KING of this Universe!

Then how come SUN gives malefic effects to human beings – or to be specific – to certain human beings?

And the answer is found in the STATE OF YOUR KARMA.

And it is your own STATE of many past births and rebirths that have shaped the state of your current SUN placement in your birth charts.

So – SUN is NOT bad – it is YOUR own BAD KARMA – or let’s say – POOR QUALITY OF KARMA that has made SUN the way it is in your current birth chart.

So who represents the STATE of your SUN in your birth chart?


SIGNS – are secondary – they simply provide a certain degree of strength. But the real quality of your SUN (Consciousness) is represented by the NAKSHATRA in which your natal SUN is placed.

Let us start with LIBRA.

CHITRA NAKSHATRA (2nd half – last part)

Now – it is NOT that SUN debilitates in the entire sign of LIBRA. This is like saying the flight was all low while flying from Mumbai to New York! That can never happen- at a certain stage the flight may steep down – but that’s all – then it is back to its height – flying high at its normal heights!

Similarly – in LIBRA SIGN – SUN debilitates only in SWATI Nakshatra!

Now look at this beauty – SWATI is ruled by RAHU – the DARKNESS!
And we just discussed above that DARKNESS cannot STAND the LIGHT OF CONSCIOUSNESS – the SUN!

And so SUN becomes weak in the NAKSHATRA of RAHU – SWATI.

Now the same SUN also is not comfortable in the other NAKSHATRA of RAHU – ARDRA and SHATATARA.

BUT in SWATI – SUN debilitates in totality because here the SUN has to face a double whammy – RAHU + VENUS (Libra Sign Lord) – both totally contrast to the energy of SUN – RAHU (DARKNESS), VENUS (PLEASURE-SEEKING qualities – in Hindi we call – BHOGI)

And the SUN is a YOGI! SUN is NOT a BHOGI. And so in the absolute NAKSHATRA OF BHOGI (SWATI) – SUN debilitates meaning is not able to provide 100% of his ‘sunlight’ to the individual who has his or her SUN in SWATI.

In general whenever the SUN is in RAHU’s nakshatra – (Swati/Ardra/Shattara) the person struggles with his health/status/dignity/prestige/ego.

NOW – the SUN who debilitates in the NAKSHATRA of RAHU (Swati) – the same SUN exalts in the NAKSHATRA of KETU (Ashwini)!

See – see how beautiful this Art of astrology can be!

The ancient seers have mentioned that SUN exalts in the sign of ARIES – in the first ten degrees – meaning from 0 to 10 degree in ARIES!

Now tell me – which Nakshatra falls in the first 10 degrees of ARIES?

ASHWINI! – The nakshatra of KETU.

And so this is how the whole story of SUN is – this is how the whole story of human life and this universe is!

SUN – is at its lowest in RAHU’s nakshatra – SWATI.
SUN – is at its highest in KETU’s nakshatra – ASHWINI.

A few days ago – a marriage proposal came. NO – not for me! 🙂

But for a young man whose MOON Nakshatra was SWATI. And his parents came up with a girl’s horoscope that had her MOON in ASHWINI!

Now tell me – how can this marriage work – the young man is from the world of RAHU and the girl is from the world of KETU – these are two polarities – one is HITLER – the other is BUDDHA!


So always focus on the MOON NAKSHATRA along with SUN NAKSHATRA before getting married – especially if it is an arranged marriage!

In LOVE MARRIAGE – where is the time to see all of this! The heart connects – the love begins and then there is a song…. a poem – then love is all over you – who wants to know what stars are in play when all you know is that your heart is simply happy to play! When you love – you simply love!

The harmony of energies is all that matters when it comes to a lasting and blossoming relationship – be it within human beings OR be it within planets and nakshatras!

So whenever the SUN is placed in those energy zones that go against its natural energy – SUN – transforms into a malefic – read the word again – I am saying ‘transforms’. So SUN is PURE in its being – it is the NAKSHATRA (based on your past KARMA) that the SUN transforms into a malefic otherwise it is NOT, in reality, a bad guy!

So now just for our quick understanding – let us see where SUN can transform into a malefic:

SUN in RAHU’s nakshatra (SWATI (lowest point- debilitate), ARDRA, Shattara)

SUN in Saturn’s nakshatra (Pushya, Anuradha, Uttarabhadrapad)

SUN in Venus nakshatra (Bharani, Purvaphalguni, Poorvashada)

In these 9 nakshatras – there is a strong possibility of SUN going the wrong way. Especially in the Rahu and Saturn’s nakshatras. And especially if RAHU and SATURN are placed badly in the horoscope.

Somebody asked “How would you define a friend?”

My answer is simple. Friendship is based on the depth of ‘relating’ – the more you can relate – the more you can be a ‘Friend’!

Just ‘Relate’! Arjuna was a great FRIEND of Krishna. The very first step before becoming a disciple is to first become a FRIEND!

How can you become a disciple if you are NOT able to RELATE?

First comes the ‘Relating’ – then comes the stage of discipleship!

And you all will be able to RELATE with the Master – with the higher realms – only when you are able to RELATE first with YOURSELF!

Only when there is a possibility to relate with your higher ‘self’ – can you relate with the other higher self – which in turn becomes your master – and you – HIS disciple!

And so I always encourage you all to MEDITATE – because unless you MEDITATE – unless you spend some quality time with YOURSELF – alone, you cannot relate with yourself.

To be able to RELATE with the Master – with your LORD – first, you have to relate with your SELF.

To be able to LOVE others – first, you have to love yourself – only then can you love others.

Ananda, Sariputta became a close disciple of Buddha – because he can relate more to what Buddha was saying, was doing!

Peter, John, and all the 12 Apostles (disciples) of Jesus could relate to Jesus and HIS words.

Arjuna was totally surrendered to Krishna – to him, the master’s word was the last word! Arjuna was not just a disciple – he was indeed the greatest DEVOTEE of KRISHNA!

RELATE – first comes the relating than comes the stage of disciple and beyond that comes the highest stage – the stage of the devotee.

To be a devotee is such a total transformation that only the master becomes aware that you have changed from the disciple to the devotee. The student is in the head. The disciple is in the heart. And the devotee is in the being.

To be a devotee is the greatest beauty of this human life – it is indeed the greatest state of your being – to be a devotee – to be able to LOVE your LORD with total surrender – total submission of your being!

There was one poor man, he was illiterate. He lived on the streets of Jerusalem. He had to work really hard to earn a few coins. He was a shoemaker. But even in such a ‘busy’ life – he would always make a point to say his morning prayers.

And so one such morning – he was praying to God. He was saying “I miss you, GOD. I miss you so much. Let me come close to you my God. my Lord, and I promise that I will clean your body when it is dirty. Even if lice are there, I will take them away…. And I am a good shoe-maker, I will make you – perfect shoes. You are moving in such ancient shoes — dirty, gone completely dirty…. And nobody looks after you, my Lord. I will look after you. When you are ill, I will serve and give you medicine. And I am a good cook also! So you don’t have to worry, I can serve you with the best food that you would love. God I miss you so much, God I love you so much”

And while he was praying, MOSES was passing by and HE heard the prayers of this shoemaker and he said “Stop! Stop your nonsense! What are you saying? To whom are. you talking — to God? And He has lice on His body? And His clothes are dirty and you will clean them? And nobody is there to look after Him, and you will be His cook? From whom have you learned this prayer?”

The shoemaker was such a simple man. He was filled with love – he had no perfect words for GOD – but he had the most beautiful words to share with GOD.

But MOSES objected to his prayers, he questioned him. And the shoemaker said:

“I have not learned it from anywhere. I am a very poor and uneducated man, and I don’t know how to pray. I have made it up myself and these are the things that I know. Lice trouble me very much, so He must be in trouble. And sometimes the food is not good — my wife is not a good cook — and my stomach aches. He must be also suffering. This is just my own experience that has become my prayer. But if you know the right prayer, you teach me.”

Moses says “Fine. I will teach you the Perfect prayer – the proper way of praying…”

And Moses teaches the shoemaker – the perfect prayer. And the man says ‘Thank you’ – with his heart filled with gratitude – his eyes filled with tears.

Moses feels happy. He thinks he has done a great job. He looks up in the sky to see what GOD has to say! But God is angry. God is very angry. God said:

“I have sent you there to bring people closer to me, but you have thrown away one of my greatest lovers. Now he will be doing the right prayer, but it won’t be a prayer at all — because prayer has nothing to do with the law. It is LOVE. Love is a law unto itself; it needs no other law.

Prayer needs no perfect words, all that your prayer needs – is a beautiful heart that is able to RELATE to GOD – to HIS word – to HIS love!

GOD loves millions of such ‘shoemakers’ who don’t know the perfect prayer – and yet it is their prayers that reach GOD – it is their prayers that GOD himself longs for! Because to GOD – what words you use is irrelevant – with what feelings you use – is more relevant! When your prayers are filled with love and innocence – you directly RELATE with GOD and GOD relates with you!

The ‘relating’ is purely based on the quality of your NATURE. This quality of your nature is determined by the MOON birth NAKSHATRA.

1st Group – KETU

Aswini – 1
Magha – 5
Moola – 9

2nd Group – VENUS

Bharani – 1
PoorvaPhalguni – 5
PoorvaShada – 9

3rd Group – MARS

Mrig – 2
Chitra – 6
Dhanishta – 10

4th Group – SUN

Krittika – 2
UttaraPhaguni – 6
UttaraShada – 10

5th Group – MOON

Rohini – 2
Hasta – 6
Shravan – 10

6th Group – RAHU

Ardra – 3
Swati – 7
Shatatara – 11

7th Group – MERCURY

Ashlesha – 4
Jyeshta – 8
Revati – 12

So you see – when you fall into the same group of nakshatras – the depth of ‘relating’ – the possibility of being friends – the possibility of a relationship is more promised.

And interestingly each nakshatra in the above-mentioned group come in the TRINE aspect. Harmony is found in TRINE aspects and each group has nakshatras and signs that fall in perfect TRINE!

So never go by signs – observe the nakshatras!

When arranging a marriage – see first if the birth nakshatra (moon, sun, Lagna) of the girl and the boy are relating to each other – only then go ahead with the next observations.

The whole story of human life is based on the energy that you receive from the NAKSHATRA. Planets are secondary. Nakshatras are primary source of all that you are – and all that is happening within your life.

But people have become shallow – astrology has become shallow – and shallowness has become the way of life – because TRUTH is hard – and shallow people cannot digest TRUTH – so they remain happy with a shallow life – a shallow way of living!

But to you all – I would encourage you all to go deeper – swim to the depth of the ocean – only then can you find the real MOTI – the real treasures!

The other shore! – the beyond. The whole journey of this human life is to experience the beyond – but to do so – one has to first overcome the monkey mind!

And it is a long journey – because the MIND is not today’s creation. It has been shaped by many births and rebirths – so it is going to take time – the journey is long – but every long journey begins with a small step!

So come, come you all and let us take the first small step towards overcoming this monkey mind – by being more and more meditative.

Miseries come – when you miss noticing your routine life. How much of ignorance has taken over your routine life – there is absolutely no consciousness – to what you do – when you do – where you do!

I encourage you all to focus on your daily routine – what you eat, when you eat, where you eat – how you behave, in short – how much consciously you live your daily life?

Try to find the answer to this question and then life can transform! Because the moment you start ‘self-inquiring’ – something moves within your being – something happens at that time and you are no more the same! It is then that a great transformation is in the happening – then everything around you is the same – but you are no more the same – you are moving inward – the journey is starting – the greatest journey of your life is on its way to begin – the journey within!

LOVE is the shrine, the only shrine that can heal you, transform you into a beautiful human being. Love is the path. Devotion is the way.

You are always free to make your choice – what you choose is what you become, whom you follow is what you become – it all depends on that one person and that is YOU and the choices you make in your life.

The greater the consciousness, the greater is the quality of the decisions you make.

When consciousness prevails – there is NO MIND – in that state of NO MIND – the TRUTH is found – the answers are found – the solutions are seen.

The TRUTH is realized as soon as you go beyond the MIND, beyond the words.

In that state of consciousness, you come closer to yourself- you meet yourself!

SUN is the source of consciousness – instead of getting lost in the 12 houses of astrology – go beyond these 12 houses and 9 planets and 27 Nakshatras and experience the beauty within you.

Meditate. And let there be more consciousness to your living – and then there is every possibility to experience more love in your life.


Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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