Beauty of 6th, 8th and 12th house – from spiritual perspective


Helping/Serving someone who is worthy of help is not a bad thing. (6th)

Visiting the Samshan (Graveyard) for deep meditation is not a bad thing. (8th)

Leaving everything behind – renunciation – total detachment and heading towards the beyond – the unseen – the unknown is not a bad thing. (12th)

BUT to do all of these – first, the consciousness has to rise within you. A certain higher stage of awareness/consciousness should have to come to your existence! The inward journey should have reached to a certain stage – certain depth. AND the ‘go-ahead’ from the divine master should come….only then you can truly experience the solid depth of all these 3 houses – 6th 8th 12th!

6th 8th 12th is NOT a house for the common soul -a common man – a great risk – great sacrifice – great courage is needed -not everyone can JUMP!

To ‘JUMP’ a sign of certain courage is required – a certain depth – a certain understanding!

A certain depth of understanding has to be there – only then the TRUTHS can be given!

It is interesting to know that almost all of Jesus’s 12 Apostles (Disciples) were identified by Jesus with just one glance!

Jesus was walking through the river shore and He comes across Peter, the fisherman – and they are meeting for the first time and Jesus just looks into the eyes of Peter and says “ Follow me. I will make you a fisher of men.”

And Peter is such a simple man. A simple man has more understanding than your so-called literate white-collar men! There is absolutely no logic, no intellectuality – nothing that can come between him and the master! And Peter looks into the eyes of Jesus – and he could see that this man is something else – His grace, His peace, His glow – and Peter drops the fishing net and simply starts following a man to whom he has met for the very first time in his life!

No questions are asked. No doubts are raised. No hesitation. And this young man – Peter simply starts following the most beautiful man who once walked on this planet – Jesus Christ!

Your HEART can JUMP – what holds you back is your so-called intellectuality = logic – learnings – the MIND!

But Peter was such a beautiful man – such a simple man – just one meeting – he was not even aware that the man who is saying ‘Follow me’ is Jesus! He simply felt that this man is something – that there is absolutely no selfish interest – no goal – no agenda – just a ‘call of the divine – the ultimate love’ and Peter, the fisherman starts following Jesus!

It is this illiterate fisherman Peter – who later goes on to become the greatest Saint of the Christian faith – He is later venerated as Saint Peter – one of the 12 Apostles of Jesus!

Peter simply jumped into the unknown! COURAGE is needed. And for COURAGE – one has to be TRUTHFUL – one has to be a follower of His Heart.

Then 6th can be understood. Then 8th can be realized. Then 12th can liberate you!

Jesus further goes to a town near Jerusalem and there he finds Matthew. Matthew is the tax collector – he is sitting at the Entrance Gate of the town and Jesus walks to him – this meeting is also happening for the first time and Jesus just looks at Matthew and says “Follow Me.” – And Matthew looks into the eyes of this man and he is moved – something moved within his being – and Matthew simply gets up and starts following Jesus!

Not a single word is uttered. Not a single question is asked. And Matthew the Tax collector starts following Jesus – the man whom he has met for the very first time in his life!

It is not you who choose the master – it is the master who chooses you!

Jesus chooses Peter. Jesus chooses Matthew. And Jesus goes on to choose each of his Apostle in the same way – just a call at His first glance “FOLLOW ME” – and that’s all!

I tell you all – especially to all who have resonated with me on this forum – that it is NOT your MONEY – it is NOT your INTELLECTUALITY – it is NOT your STATUS – it is NOT your LOGIC that can help you to realize the truth – it is only when you drop all of these that the truth can come to you! The divine can come to you. God can come to you!

Peter dropped all. Matthew dropped it all – not everybody can do it – and SO not everybody can truly understand and realize the depth of 6th, 8th, 12th!

People are writing emails to me showing their money, showing their status, showing their power – let me tell you nothing of these can bring me to your service – to help you – the more you brag about all of these the more you will be ignored. Your money cannot attract me, your status cannot attract me, it is only your HEART that can pull me towards you – but then the heart has to be pure – pure of all impurities that you have been living with all your life.

Understand this – and I say this to all of you – there is NO such thing as ‘CLIENT’ for me. If at all there is then that is just someone whom I consider as a friend, a fellow traveler. This is NOT a business for me. Only businesses have ‘CLIENT’ – love has only friends.

Once it happened – and it is an ancient story. Mughal Emperor Akbar once heard that there is a far greater singer than TANSEN. And so he called TANSEN – one of the best singers of his kingdom and said “ I have heard of a man who is a far greater singer than you – people don’t know his name – they have never met him – but he is often seen in the northern forests – but when he sings – the whole forest is mesmerized in his song – I want to have this man in my court – you please go and get him. I can pay him as much as he wants – but you please go and get him – ask him to become a royal singer of my court – the greatest court of Hindostan – Shehnshah Akbar’s Darbar.”

TANSEN quickly realized about the man to whom Emperor Akbar was referring to…and so he bowed before Akbar and said “ His Highness – the man you referred is nobody else BUT my GURU! And I know very well that he will NOT come….”

Now Akbar became more interested – he said “I will personally go to him, you also come with me. Let us see what happens.”

And so now the arrangements were done. A whole fleet of soldiers, chiefs mounted on elephants, courtiers, VIPs – all of them joined Emperor Akbar and along with TANSEN – they all started heading towards the ‘man’ who had instilled such a great interest in Akbar!

They all reached. And Akbar asked Tansen “ Where is your master? I see only a man doing some work below that Tree….”

And TANSEN said, “ That man is the one you have been waiting for – that man is the one you have come to see all your way from Delhi – that man is my master – and please forgive me but I cannot control myself……”

And Tansen started crying……after so many years he had seen his master – and he rushed – he ran towards his master – the whole fleet of Emperor Akbar stood behind – and TANSEN kept running – it was a long-distance……and TANSEN reached…..he instantly could tell that he has reached in the omnipresence of his master – the same divine fragrance, the glow, the divinity – and TANSEN simply fell upon his master’s feet…..and the master turned to see who has come….and the moment he saw TANSEN – he smiled and said “Baccha – son – how are you?”

And the ROYAL SINGER TANSEN – simply kept crying at the feet of his master – for 20 years he had not turned to his master – after a gap of 20 years he had come – with every drop of his tear – the ignorance was being washed away – and instead of asking where he was for last 20 years – and why he never turned up for such a long time – the compassionate master simply had said “Baccha – how are you?”

Not a single instance of complain, not a single instance of anger, not a single instance of any question – BUT just love and love and love and that is all that he had been experiencing when he was learning the art of singing at the feet of his master! And today he could feel the same love – the same warmth – the same compassion…..TANSEN said “ Master – I have come to request you to come to Emperor AKBAR’s court and sing before Him…..Mughal Emperor Akbar also has come with his courtiers and they all are waiting for you……”

The master smiled, looked up in the sky and said “ TANSEN – tell your Emperor – that this man sings only in the court of Lord Krishna, only for Lord Krishna, only for the supreme God – and not in any other court. Now go – your Emperor is waiting for you…..”

And the master turned his back and started walking……

A real Saint is not a cat. He is a LION. And he absolutely has NO FEAR! Then no matter, even if the Emperor is standing before Him, he has absolutely nothing to fear – he remains in his own bliss – his own peace!

The master lives in freedom. And so he simply denies singing in the court of Mughal Emperor Akbar and walks aways! Who can dare to reject the offer of the most mighty Emperor of Hindostan – Emperor Akbar! But the master knows only one Lord – Lord Krishna – he knows only one court – the court of Shri Krishna and in His court – in His darbar – he is happy to Sing and whole life he has been singing in that forest – and the whole forest would transform into heaven – Gods would come down – Krishna would come and they would simply melt in the beautiful melodious voice of the master! That was HIS joy – that was HIS life – that was the epitome of His bliss!

TRUTH is fearless….and TRUTH is the only path that can lead you to the source of happiness, eternal bliss!

The beauty in living this human life is to BE the way you are – natural….freely flowing like a beautiful river and then there is no fear – no hesitation – you simply keep walking with the name of Lord in your heart!

TANSEN had to return empty hand. He said to Akbar “ My master has rejected your offer and let me tell you – even if you dare to arrest him – then I will be the person you would have to arrest first and hang.”

Akbar simply had no words to speak. Never in his whole life, he had seen such a man – rejecting the offer of the great Akbar! When the whole world longs for Akbar’s grace – this man has simply denied – this man simply says “Not interested.” – and now if TANSEN also goes away then who will sing for me? And so Akbar simply returned to his Kingdom. Never again this subject was spoken of – it was the most embarrassing moment for Akbar and so it was never discussed.

If the Great Emperor Akbar could not understand the 6th (Selfless service) – 8th (Courage to jump into the unknown) and 12th (Give away everything – total detachment – total renunciation) than how can a common man understand and relate with the 6th, 8th, 12th!

And so for the common man – 6th, 8th, 12th remains the most vulnerable houses – you would not dare to go into its depths unless you are PREPARED for it – unless you are READY for it!

And to become ready – first, you have to drop all your learnings, all your notions, and all your intellectuality. To experience the love of the master – you have to become a ‘nobody’! Your status, your power, your property and the MONEY that you flaunt with – is not going to help you to realize the higher purpose of life. At most you can buy SEX, you can buy PROPERTIES, you can buy CARS, you can buy everything that is sellable – BUT you CANNOT BUY the TRUTH. You cannot BUY the ultimate consciousness – You cannot BUY the divine – You cannot BUY the real LOVE!

For that, the only way is to become a nobody – to let your EGO fade away – to let your HEART take over and then there is a song to it then there is a music to it then the whole universe is available for you!

Love happens only when you become a nobody – when there is no ego, when you get out of that egoist feeling that ‘ I am somebody’.

People have become shallow. And they must not be blamed. That is how the current world has become – a world of products – and not human beings! And so ignorant people always are found in the world of ‘clients’ and in the world of ‘money’ and in the world of ‘deals’! That is how they all have been trained to live – so what is the point in blaming them – they simply have never known that there is a world that is beyond money, beyond sex, beyond power, and beyond deals!

Only a man who has moved into the depths of the 6th, 8th, and 12th can understand this – can realize this and can experience this different and beautiful face of the world that simply exists on the foundation of love and simply love!

There was a stationmaster. And he was British. It was the time when India was still under British rule. And the stationmaster was moving around the train, to see if all the passengers have bought a ticket…. and suddenly he saw a half-naked Indian man – sitting at the window seat… looking outside, lost in his own self…. the British station master went to him and asked to show his ticket. The half-naked man showed his empty hand – there was NO ticket!

The Stationmaster asked the half-naked man to get down at the next station. The half-naked man nodded his head in affirmation.

At the next station, the station master stopped the train and the half-naked man got down – there was no complaint, no resentment, no anger on his face, he simply got down and stood at a nearby tea stall.

The station master blew up the whistle – a signal for the train to move on.

But a strange thing happened – the TRAIN could NOT move ahead!!!

Immediately the engineers were called for. They checked – but everything was alright! There was no defect in the engine – absolutely nothing!

Some more expert technicians were called for – and they all said the same thing “The engine is perfect. But we don’t know why the TRAIN is not able to move ahead – why the TRAIN is not able to restart….”

The passengers were becoming restless…..the station-master looked out and he could still see the half-naked man standing near the tea stall and this time he was smiling. The station master realized his mistake. He quickly got down – touched the feet of the half-naked man to whom he had asked to get down. He said “ I don’t know who you are – but I can understand that there is something about you – that I can not express in words…..I now humbly request you to board the train again so that the train can restart….”

This is how when the divine master comes into your life – enters into your being – becomes a part of your existence – then the ‘train’ of your life too kickstarts! Then whether there is gas within whether the train is in good shape or not – that doesn’t matter – when the MASTER has arrived – the train starts vibrating and starts moving on the RIGHT TRACK!

The half-naked man simply smiled – not a single word was spoken. He just moved towards the train, got inside the train and the moment he stepped inside the train….the train started moving….the station master for the rest of the journey remained at the feet of the half-naked man….trying to understand who this half-naked man is!

The half-naked man was NEEM KAROLI BABA and this was HIS first public appearance – and what a moving real incident – tell us so much about his deep divinity!

A beautiful actual picture of NEEM KAROLI BABA to whom later a man called Steve Jobs comes to meet. The man who later established the company called ‘Apple’! Julia Roberts – the Hollywood actress in an interview says – I have just seen the photo of His and there was an instant connection – I read a lot of about Him and I don’t know but I feel pulled towards His Holiness.

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook had recently referred to a temple in Vrindavan in his interview with PM Modi – which was built by Neem Karoli Baba’s devotees.

Many westerners came to Baba – and many were touched by His omnipresence!

Baba – His whole life devoted to Lord Hanuman! And what a beautiful coincidence that while I am writing this answer – today is also Saturday! The day of Lord Hanuman!

On this Saturday, I humbly prostrate before the most devoted Lord – Lord Hanuman.

Sacrifice, Selfless service (6th) Jumping in the unknown, taking risks for the greater interest of the people (8th) and devoting everything – surrendering in totality towards the Lord (12th) – all these great qualities of Lord Hanuman can be understood and self-realized only when you start walking on HIS path – the path of devotion, the path of LOVE!

Once a westerner from Canada asked Neem Karoli Baba “How to experience God?”

And Baba said:

Then you can understand the 6th, the 8th, the 12th. Then you can move into the depths of these 3 transformative houses – then there can be a song to your life – and THEN you DONT have to wear any gemstones of these houses – there is absolutely NO NEED TO DO SO!

Wearing a gemstone of 6th, 8th, 12th is like holding a sharp-edged sword in your hand – when you don’t know anything about sword fighting – when you cannot use it to your benefit!

So if you or anybody who is reading this answer – is willing to enter the depths of the sixth – eighth – twelfth – then first PREPARE yourself – Get READY!

And to get ready – the only way is to first self inquire! Turn inwards, let the voice within you be heard – meditate, spend some quality time with yourself by being more and more meditative!

6th 8th 12th are the houses having high voltage power – a 10 watts bulb cannot sustain their power – for that first you have to scale up your ‘bulb watts!

And so through this question – the message to all my followers and readers is – do not wear any gemstones of 6th, 8th, 12th – unless you are READY for it. Unless you are READY to live a life of a Sanyasi – unless you are READY to live a life of the Buddha – unless you are READY to live like Diogenes!

Diogenes was one such enlightened person in ancient Greece. And he would roam naked – everything was left but one wooden bowl to drink water was kept.

But one day – Diogenes was passing through a river and he saw a dog drinking water from the flowing river – and he thought “If a dog can drink water without a bowl than why I am carrying this wooden bowl with me?”

And then the bowl was also thrown away! Then in true sense, everything was dropped and Diogenes continues with his journey – many were cured and many were healed – through his omnipresence – soon the news of his miracles reached Alexander, the Great – and Alexander became restless – he wanted to meet Diogenes – and he waited for many days….many days.

And then one day he learned that Diogenes is staying in a nearby town – just a few miles away from his capital. Alexander quickly rushed with all his security guards to meet Diogenes…..

And they reached. And Alexander got down – rushed towards Diogenes and Diogenes was having a bath in a river, looking at Alexander the great Saint Diogenes said “ Alexander – why have you come? What is it that you want from this naked man?”

And Alexander said, “I don’t want anything – I have come to give you whatever you would want from me – I am the Great Alexander – and I am happy to see you helping the people of my kingdom and so ask for anything and it will be given to you.”

Diogenes smiled and said “ Really? Then just give me one thing – just listen to my one request….”

“What is it?” asked Alexander, the Great.

And Diogenes said, “ Just move away from where you are standing – you are standing between me and the Sun – you are blocking his sun rays from reaching me – and your shadow is falling in between – so please move a bit and that is all I want!”

Alexander moved a bit and Diogenes said: “And always remember never stand in between the truth and the man who is seeking it – and now you can go.”

Alexander, the Great bowed before Diogenes – never had he come across something like this and never had he met someone as beautiful as Diogenes. For the first time, his eyes became wet – he returned to his kingdom – but with a heart that was no more the same – something had moved within his being but before he could realize what was it – he died. The journey never began – before it could start – life was over.

That should not happen with you all – that should not happen with anybody who is willing to embark on the journey within! And so this answer has come – the question is just an excuse!

Life is short. Active years of life are more short. You all have to decide whether you want to spend your life in ‘calculating’ the degrees of your planets and placements OR you want to put this life to some better purpose – some higher purpose – and what could be higher than to know your self – to discover your self!

Once you self realize – once you have tasted the divine – once you have experienced the Godliness than – only then you can understand, appreciate and resonate with the most spiritual houses like the 6th, 8th, 12th. Until then you stay away – until then you continue with your daily chores – until then you keep preparing yourself – there is no rush – the point is about embarking on the journey within without thinking how much time it is going to take – how many more lives it is going to take! As Krishna says to Arjuna – “You just shoot – you just do what you have to do – don’t worry about the results – don’t worry how it is going to shape – don’t worry about the HOW, WHEN – just DO what you are meant to do!”

And so you all – come, come closer to your ‘self’ – come closer – the hurdle is your MIND – the greatest prison is the prison of your MIND!

Overcome the mind by being more and more meditative.

My new book “NO MIND” – the Journey Beyond is now published. You all can avail a copy of it on Amazon.

Once Yukteswar Giri – the Guru of Paramhansa Yogananda had said “that only those who are destined to read a certain book – read” and this is indeed so true! The book is made not for all, but only those few insightful souls, few individuals who are slowly moving on the path toward inwards – flowering, blossoming through their own efforts – their own dedication!

What is going to happen is something that anybody can tell you. Why you all need me? The real question is HOW TO REMAIN ROOTED WITHIN while all the happenings continue to happen around you! And it has been happening in everybody’s life – Saints were also not shown mercy – everybody has to go through HIS or HER karmic cycle – but the question that I want to bring up in the larger interest of your progress is “How to remain unmoved, undisturbed while you walk through this human birth – because neither you can change what is going to happen and neither you can stop what is going to happen – so the best course is to remain silent and stay focused within!

Let there be SILENCE. No job, remain silent and continue with a focused approach to finding a job. Just remain focused. No marriage, remain silent, and keep yourself in good shape – fit and fine and just go with the flow – you never know who would fall for you! But the focus should be on yourself – if it is a job – sharpen your skills – educate yourself with more skills training. Even for marriage – who will marry you if you remain unfit, unhealthy, you have to come in the right shape – so instead of worrying when will I get married – join a health club – get yourself back in shape – become more appealing, bring some good understanding to your being, raise the quality of your life by being more conscious and then in one thousand – some ‘one’ may get attracted to you and marry you!

But who wants to listen to basics? People are running after one astrologer to the other.

You will get a job only when your karmic cycle resonates with the ongoing transits of your planets. You will get married only when the time is right for you. But people rush – and then find themselves in some wrong job or in some terrible marriage!

So always wait. BE PATIENT. Do not try to find a ‘short-cut’ by showing your money – in the KINGDOM OF GOD – your money has ZERO value – while your FAITH and LOVE has the ultimate VALUE!

Sai Baba spend his whole life by helping people to understand the significance of FAITH AND PATIENCE. SHRADDHA AUR SABURI. But people are still unable to be patient – the MIND won’t let them – but I am helping you all – to overcome your mind – turn inwards and get to the bottom of your heart!

Your HEART – and I say it to all my followers and readers – YOUR HEART IS BEAUTIFUL. But what comes between YOU and your HEART is the MONKEY MIND.

Get your mind in your control – the first step is to control your mind – the second step is still the MIND and the last step is to merge this MIND into your HEART and then what comes out of you – is the real intelligence!

Once your mind becomes a slave of your heart – then you can drive the MIND – and when you drive the MIND – you become the master of your life!

And then why just 6th, 8th, 12th BUT all the 12 houses and 9 planets start speaking with you and all the 27 nakshatras start vibrating with you – then you have to go nowhere – but to remain rooted within – in HIS holy name. In your Lord’s omnipresence!

Then you don’t have to seek the master – the master will come to you – but only when you are READY!

Let there be a LET GO. Let there be a total surrender. Let there be more and more depth to your life. Let there be more meditativeness to your life and then the master will come and when HE will come, HE will take you in his arms – never ever to leave you – never ever to let you go!

What a beautiful quote of His Holiness Neem Karoli Baba. Touched. Truly touched by His holiness.

Language is poor – it has its own limitations, sometimes words fell short – but those Insightful souls who can resonate…. will be touched – will be moved and will be able to understand the depth of His words!

Whole life you may spend in the search of your master – you may think when you are going to meet your master – but you are just spending one life – the moment the master arrives in your life – HE will hold you with love, and for the many births that are yet to come!

Once the master gets hold of you – HE never lets you go – NEVER! And that is the most beautiful essence of this pure divine bonding – that nothing is asked for – there is NO demand – there is NO expectation – there is only giving, sharing and bonding with love – that there *is*!

Love is happy when it is able to give something. Love & Light to you all. Let there be more love to your life. For love has absolutely no logic and yet it is love that has all the answers! Let love blossom within you – because you can love others only when you can love yourself! It all begins with YOU.

You can love others only if you are able to love yourself. First, learn to love yourself!


Jai Shri Ganesha! Jai Guru!

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

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