What are the effects of Jupiter in Ascendant?

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

Good question.

But before we all dive into this question – the most subtle question that is born from your question is the question of EGO.

First comes the EGO. First comes the ‘i’. Then comes the agreeing and disagreeing and then follows the unending miseries of life!!

Whole life is spent in agreeing and disagreeing and in the end, nothing is derived.

Agreeing and Disagreeing is of the MIND – understand this, this is of significance. The MIND goes on agreeing and disagreeing – the Heart simply listens!

And so someone who is just listening – can understand more than someone who is agreeing and disagreeing – he simply is into his MIND and the MIND is mechanical – it can only make you more confused than otherwise!

Every day, more than a hundred emails come to my inbox, and maximum of them are in this ‘agreeing’ and ‘disagreeing’ mode of state! And to me, such people are dangerous to my peace- because they create a lot of noise. If I help them with even one ‘message’ – they will not listen, they will ask a hundred counter questions – you see – the MIND is in play whereas I am looking for someone who is following his heart – such a man, such a woman will not ask – will not agree and not disagree but simply listen to what I am sharing – and then it is a song, then there is every possibility for such heartful men and women to progress in life – they are always in minority – and yet it is these men and women who make this world a much better place to live!

Judging is ugly. The MIND is always judging. And it judges from the appearance – because the MIND is shallow – the HEART has depth – a great saint once had said that “People ‘see’ through their MIND” – and the MIND is elusive – it goes on creating many illusions – and that is how many of you find yourself in more miseries than otherwise.

Jupiter in Ascendant is good – only when the Ascendant lord is well-placed.

The ancient seers mention that Jupiter in Ascendant often takes away the native’s father – either the father dies early or the father moves away from the native – in short, the native rarely does get father’s love – there is a kind of strong absence of father’s love in his or her life.

The ancient seers must be right. Because that is what we see happening in most cases. But the bigger question is – WHY?

And the answer is simple. The presence of the LORD OF LORDS – Jupiter on the Throne (ascendant) of your life – conveys a simple message “Your seniority is far superior to anybody else in your immediate family.”

Now, who is your immediate family? Of course your Father and Mother.

In Indian culture, the Father is the topmost authority of the family. Now the situation is – that with Jupiter in Ascendant – you have arrived with much seniority – that it simply cannot tolerate anybody else – and so it is a sign that soon you would be taking the whole responsibility of the family – you become the FAMILY HEAD – while the Father goes away (death/separation etc.) But the role of the Father in such a native’s life is much shorter – in fact if other aspects are not supportive than he or she should definitely live independently – away from the father.

Yesterday – a case came, many such cases come every day – but in this case – the man writes in his email “I may commit suicide because my father is no more and my mother is disturbing our marital life (me and my wife) – now you please help me or I don’t know what to do.”

I wrote to him “ The solution is simple, get yourself out – stay away from your mother for the coming 18 months – arrange for an aide for your mother – and just let time pass by.”

Now – will he follow this suggestion? And the answer – is NO. He never responded to me – and I knew he would not – and the reason is subtle, very subtle – the reason is in one word – ATTACHMENT!

Buddha says “ The root of suffering is ATTACHMENT.”

Jupiter in Ascendant – actually leads to many struggles and sufferings. Lokmanya Tilak had to go through imprisonment – through many struggles – he had a Gaj Kesari Yog – Jupiter and Moon in Ascendant and yet life was not as smooth as a common man generally expects it to be!

From the common man’s perspective – everything has to be SAFE. SECURE. SMOOTH.

From much-evolved soul – such combinations or placements leads to much suffering. And it is this suffering and struggles that lead him to the much higher realms of consciousness!

Yesterday, I was talking to a ex-CEO of a known company, he is a meditative man – have been following the path of meditation – and he said “ The Saints and the evolved souls always are open to sufferings and pain because they are aware of the fact that it is only through the sufferings that you come towards the light of consciousness.”

So true – but who wants to listen?

The common man is running behind all possible tricks to find an ESCAPE ROUTE from the sufferings and pains. A few days ago, a man wrote to me – “I am going through a chronic disease of lungs, is there a way I can find a way to overcome it?”

Now – the question itself is wrong. Because you are trying to find an escape route. Many women write to me “ My mother-in-law is not a good person, she does this and does that – is there a way to do something so that we get rid of her?”

Now again – you are trying to find an escape route.

Husband writes “ My wife and her family proved to be a disaster – now how can I find a way to get through them? Should I file for a divorce?”

Wife writes “ My husband seems to be cheating on me – I am fed up of his behavior – should I drag him to the court and get a divorce?”

You see – and I appeal to all the readers – to read these above set of questions again and again and you will find only one hidden question among all these questions and the hidden question is “ HOW CAN I ESCAPE?”

Today, you may escape – but the KARMIC DUES remain – so tomorrow (next birth) you may have to come back to face the dues – and that time it is going to be harder than it is now!

So the solution is not in ESCAPING – but FACING your KARMA with much determination and persistence.

Husband has cheated you – and you immediately go to court for a divorce.

Mother-in-law is not good – and so you start finding out a way to get rid of her.

Wife seems to be a quarrelsome woman – and so you have decided to drop her.

Every person in this human world wants to find an escape route – those who find – will be ‘held’ later. And those who face the situation without trying to escape – will be allowed to go their way – freedom comes only when you go through all your PAST KARMIC OVER DUES – it is going to be painful – but that is how it has to be – never try to escape – instead face the situation of your life with much determination and confidence.

Confidence – Jupiter in Ascendant brings immense confidence to the native. In fact, the native is confident by nature itself. As mentioned above – Ascendant Jupiter may bring certain sufferings to your life – but such a native is a POSITIVE person and because he always remains positive – all the sufferings and struggles provide him with much higher perspectives of life and in this whole process – eventually he evolves to higher altitudes of life – becomes more matured – and in the end succeeds in achieving his goals.

Personally – I like men and women who have Jupiter in Ascendant – at least there is some positive influence over them – than otherwise. They have a generally positive outlook on life. Also, they are optimistic by nature. Generally, they like everything that is BIG.

BIG is the word. They seem to be fascinated with whatever that is BIG, SPACIOUS, LARGE. And this is purely because of the positive influence of Jupiter in Ascendant (throne) who himself is the BIGGEST planet of all!

You can say that they are large-hearted but that is totally based on the placement of their Moon and Mercury.

One of the drawbacks of this placement and especially when Jupiter nakshatra lord is not well placed or Jupiter has some negative Drishti from other planets – is the EGO factor!

EGO has to be monitored on a regular basis. And Jupiter is your subtle Ego! Scholars, Pundits – they all are trapped in this subtle ego. In fact Jupiter in Ascendant gives birth to many pundits and priests.

And that reminds me of a story – a story of the High Priest – who lived in Russia. It happened so that the High Priest learned from the people of the town that there are 3 farmers who lived across the river are great saints.

The High Priest became upset. He became jealous- and so one day he hired a boat and asked the boatman to take him to the other side of the river where the 3 farmers lived. Soon he reached the shore. Then he got down and started heading towards the farmers. They were simple men, sitting under a huge tree, smiling, in their own bliss. When they saw the High Priest standing before them, they touched the feet of the highest priest, and the High Priest was very happy. He thought, “Now I will put them right — these are not very dangerous people. I was thinking they would be rebels or something.”

He asked them, “How did you become saints?”
They said, “We don’t know! We don’t know that we are saints either. People have started calling us saints and we go on trying to convince them that we are not, we are very simple people, but they don’t listen. The more we argue that we are not, the more they worship us! And we are not very good at arguing either.”

The priest was very happy. He said, “What is your prayer? Do you know how to pray?”

They looked at each other. The first said to the second, “You say.” The second said to the third, “You say, please.”

The priest said, “Say what your prayer is! Are you saying Our Lord’s Prayer or not?”

They said, “To be frank with you, we don’t know any prayer. We have invented a prayer of our own and we are very embarrassed — how to say it? But if you ask we have to say it. We have heard that God is a trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. We are three and he is also three, so we have made a small prayer of our own: ‘You are three, we are three: Have mercy on us!’ ”

The priest said, “What nonsense! Is this prayer? You fools, I will teach you the right prayer.” And he recited The Lord’s Prayer.

And those three poor people said, “Please repeat it once more, because we are uneducated, we may forget.”

He repeated it and they asked, “Once more — we are three, repeat it at least three times.” So he repeated it again, and then very happy, satisfied, he went back in his boat.

And the boat started sailing, the High Priest was very happy, now he can tell the people, that how he taught these illiterate 3 people. And while he was engrossed in his thoughts, just in the middle of the lake he was surprised, his boatman was surprised: those three poor people were coming running on the water!

And they said, “Wait! Please one more time — we have forgotten the prayer!”

Now it was the turn of the High Priest to touch their feet, and he said, “Forget what I have said to you. Your prayer has been heard, my prayer has not been heard yet. You continue as you are continuing. I was utterly wrong to say anything to you. Forgive me!”

How beautiful is this story, and how deep! You see – the High Priest had so much of EGO – that he could not ‘see’ the divinity of these 3 farmers who indeed were the greatest Saints! And they were so simple, so innocent that they went RUNNING ON THE WATER – and yet they found nothing special about it – it was just a natural action for them – but the High Priest was taken aback – because he may not have seen in his whole life – anybody – any human being – RUNNING or WALKING on the WATER!

TRUTH has no agenda. The High Priest had an Agenda – Agenda to show these 3 Saints – on how Great he is and how uneducated and stupid they are.

But the 3 saints – they were so simple, so innocent – how beautiful their heart must be – although they have attained the supreme consciousness – God realization – Self-realization – yet they do not ridicule the High Priest – they run on the water just to understand the ‘prayer’ that the High Priest wanted them to learn!

Truth is simple. Life is simple. The 3 Saints were also simple. Jesus is simple. Buddha is simple. Mahavira is simple – the great enlightened beings are always found to be simple.

Simple is beautiful. A simple man. A simple woman – and my whole heart is open for them – it is always a pleasure to interact with every man and woman who are SIMPLE.

There is a beauty in simplicity!

You see – the poor man needs no master. It is the rich men who need the help of a master. The poor man is simple. The rich man has made his life complicated through his own ignorance. That is how we find the rich in more miseries than the poor.

The poor man can ‘Jump’ – He is not going to ask any question – he has more faith than fear. That is how – Peter the fisherman ‘jumps’ – he is a poor man and Jesus meets him for the first time and Jesus says “Follow me, I will make you the fisher of men.”

And Peter drops everything and starts following Jesus!

Now if the same happens with a rich man – imagine how much he would complicate the situation. He will ask millions of questions, raise hundreds of doubts and in this process, he goes on missing the truth, the divine, the beyond!

And this is what happens with you all – TOO MUCH of your intellectuality and TOO MUCH of your wealth comes between YOU and the TRUTH.

Jupiter in Ascendant leads to this TOO MUCHNESS. You may become a Pundit or a Scholar but then you dont stop there – you go on ACCUMULATING KNOWLEDGE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN – you become so much PACKED – that there is no space for the real thing to penetrate in your being! You have already closed the doors by your own ignorance – your own TOO MUCHNESS!

And Lao TZU – the divine master says “ Too much is the only SIN.”

Look back in the history – you will see DICTATORS failing miserably – why? Because they went TOO FAR – TOO MUCH AMBITION led to their failure.

Be cautious you all – and ask yourself – if you are maintaining a BALANCE – the moment there is no BALANCE – your desires and your ambitions have outgrown yourself – you all are ‘in’ for the greatest misery of your life!

One day Lao Tzu said to all the villagers, “ Tomorrow I must leave.”

The villagers felt sad, how beautiful it was to be with Lao Tzu – so much we have learned- so much we have changed and now this wonderful man is leaving us – how to face this truth- and so they insisted him to stay.

But Lao Tzu said, “You all have loved me a lot but now I cannot stop here anymore, It is time and I must go.”

That night, when there was nobody around, a very close aide of Lao Tzu asked him “ Master, please tell me, what is the reason for leaving? These people love you so much. They have become your followers- then why are you leaving?”

And Lao Tzu smiled and said “ These same people who are loving me so much, these same followers who are following me so sincerely – will turn exact opposite, if I continue to stay on, remember too much is the only sin. And so before my stay becomes too much before their love becomes too much – let me move – please don’t insist anymore. Tomorrow I must leave.”

TOO MUCHNESS leads to problems. I appeal to all my readers – look at your life – and I say this to all my readers – observe closely – and you will find that it is TOO MUCHNESS that has led you to many miseries.


It is this TOO MUCHNESS that goes on bringing too many miseries into your life and the irony is that you never realize it.

If you go on saying to your lover “I love you” – every day – it will be mental torture! There has to be a certain limit – a certain balance to everything that you say, you do.

When Jupiter is in ASCENDANT – irrespective of what sign it is placed in – one has to be careful of not letting life slip out of balance.

BALANCE. Life is a balance between REST and MOVEMENT.

Let there be a balance – yesterday itself, a young man in his email writes to me “ I am confused on whether I should leave everything to attain spiritual bliss or I should continue with my material life?”

You don’t have to leave anything. Understand this. You just have to find the Balance. If you are married – then don’t stop having sexual relations with your wife. That way you are denying her basic rights. If you are eating non-veg – don’t stop eating non-veg because that way you are making the whole family suffer just because of your ignorance. Having Sex – Eating Non-Veg, or doing anything that is a normal way of living a human life – is not to be condemned or denied. Just go with the normal way of living – and while you do so – remember to bring God in your life, introduce God in your life – be more faithful and less fearful – walk on the path of love – path of the truth – follow the truth, follow every man and every woman who can add value to your life and a time will come when you will become ‘special’!

All of you, are in a way special to me, because to follow me, or my answers, is certainly not something that everyone can understand. It is only a meditative heart that can resonate with my answer. Only that man and that woman can truly relate with my answers – who are turning inwards, and becoming more and more meditative!

Jupiter in Ascendant is a good placement for meditation. The whole chart comes under Jupiter’s influence and so if this Jupiter gets the right support of other planets and aspects then – you see a beautiful man, a beautiful woman flowering!

And when you flower within – when you resolve yourself within – only then can you find a right match – a suitable match, a suitable partner for yourself!

Jupiter in Ascendant – is in many ways fortunate enough in finding the right marriage partner. And the reason is simple – when you are living consciously – you will always seek someone who compliments your conscious living! And so a good match is often seen with this placement.

But there are many more things to Astrology – with just one placement you cannot conclude the story – but at least the essence of the story can be realized and in this case, the essence seems to be more positive when it comes to health, marriage, personality and more important – the character!

Habits become character. And the divine master is encouraging you to drop all habits because all habits are mechanical by nature – there is absolutely no consciousness to any habit that you perform!

I am therefore not saying to anyone of you – that focus on good habits and drop bad habits. I am simply encouraging all of you – my readers and fellow travelers – to simply drop all habits – and let every action that you perform – execute out of your consciousness. And not out of a habit!

The MIND is mechanical. Understand this. When you train the mind to do a certain thing again and again – it will go on doing it with exact accuracy but there will be no awareness to it! Remember the first time – when you were learning – how to drive the car? Or how to ride the bike? – You were so conscious – your every action was conscious – the clutch, the break, the indicator – everything that you were doing was being executed with so much of awareness! But when the same driving or riding became a habit – all your actions became mechanical – now you are ‘doing it’ – but it is not out of awareness but mechanical – it appears perfect but there is no life to it!

And so all habits are bad. I would encourage you all to drop all your habits and do all that you have been doing ‘mechanically’ – as a part of ‘habit – do it the next time with much awareness – as if you are doing it for the first time and you will see something special – you will experience a great liveliness within you – and I am here, simply to share the liveliness, the awareness, the consciousness with you all!

So come you all – let us all focus on our meditation – life continues, the many problems of life continue, the distractions continue – but nobody should stop you from meditating – in the begining it is going to be difficult – but if you remain persistent, a day would come in your life – when slowly you would find yourself deeply rooted within you – yes, the noise is on the outside, the people – the crowd, the rush – and yet deep within your heart – there is total peace, a great silence is flowering within you and now nobody on the outside can disturb your peace – your peace is your real wealth and now it is safeguarded – and the day this happens – you know – you have arrived – you are flowering and then there is no looking back, the sky (consciousness) is clear and you are ready to fly!

When there is no ‘clinging’ – when you learn to live in total detachment only then do you realize the beauty of living – only then you can spread your wings and fly!

Understand what is what – and that is possible only when you live in total detachment. This human world is a mixture of ‘Salt’ (fake people) and ‘Sugar’ (real people) – but to realize who is salt and who is sugar – first, you have to raise your level of consciousness – only then you can wisely pick the sugar out of the salt!

Jupiter in Ascendant is an ideal placement that can help you to raise your level of consciousness by being more and more meditative – but the question is – are you ready?


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Jai Shri Ganesha! Jai Guru!

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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