Effects of Jupiter transit in Aries 2023


The greatness of the master is that He drinks the poison to save His devotees. That is why the Guru is the Param Shiva. Param Shiva means the Supreme Shiva. And so when the Supreme Shiva of our galaxy – Lord Jupiter enter the sign of Aries – he will have to face the corrupt ambitious dubious Rahu and thereby suck the whole poison that Rahu has created in the past 12 months by staying in the sign of Aries. This transiting Rahu in Aries has caused much pain and miseries in the life of millions across the world. In the last 12 months many men and women have suffered at the hand of this transiting Rahu in Aries sign however now the days are going to change for good. Now the Supreme Shiva – the Master Jupiter comes and when the Master comes he comes with a Master Plan.

And the plan is very simple because God is very simple, Love is very simple, Truth is very simple. Simple has it and so the plan is simply to raise those men and women who have been suffering at the hands of Rahu. So who have been suffering at the hands of this transiting Rahu? Let us analyze – the Moon Signs – Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus have been mostly affected by Rahu in Aries sign because for Virgo – the transiting Rahu is in 8th house, for Capricorn – the transiting Rahu is in the 4th house and for Taurus the transiting Rahu is in the 12th house. And so first I will discuss the results of Jupiter transit Aries for these 3 earthly signs – Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus.

Virgo sign natives had to go through a lot of sufferings and sudden events and accidents and tragedies but now all of these is going to come in control as the Master Jupiter comes to uplift you and give you the much needed motivation and good vibes. So from now till November 2023 you are covered – you don’t have to worry much – you will be perfectly fine and you will also get the necessary financial progress as well as issues with in-laws will also be resolved. Overall days are going to get better for you and so Virgo natives should be grateful and should continue to remain faithful because it is only when your faith is bigger than your fears that you can succeed in achieving your goals.

Capricorn moon sign natives had to go through many domestic issues, property matters, home related problems from last 12 months however now with the arrival of Shri Guru in their fourth house – things are going to get better – issues regarding property, mother, vehicle will be resolved. You will also find much peace in your home environment. In case if there was any Vastu Dosha – then you will find the right remedies or you will change your residence for good. And when Jupiter is transiting your fourth house – you are bound to get possession of new apartment as well. 4th house is the very center of happiness – and with Jupiter’s arrival – the negative results of Rahu in 4th house will be nullified and so starting from now till November – this Jupiter transit will eradicate the negativity of Rahu and will help you find happiness in life.

Taurus moon sign natives had to go through a lot of pain and suffering in the last 12 months – Rahu in 12th house caused much agony and miseries in your life – you also had to spend a lot of money – your expenses went up – many of you also experienced some strange weird supernatural experience as well as some of you may have had some sleepless nights – but now with Jupiters arrival in your 12th house – you are going to experience much relief – many of you will find some good remedies to overcome the black magic spells cast upon you – many of you may also get some good medical solutions as well as now your long travel plans will also fructify and you will be perfectly alright in the days to come. Jupiter’s entry in your 12th house will give you some good spiritual experiences but only after November 2023.

The next trio signs that I would like to discuss is the signs of the waters – the watery signs are my all time favorite – somehow I just connect with watery signs of Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer. And so now lets see how Jupiter in Aries will impact these three watery signs.

Scorpio natives will find great support at their workplace – Jupiter’s entry in your sixth house will bring good job opportunities. In case if you have been suffering due to certain chronic diseases then this Jupiter transit will bring much relief and your health will improve. Black Magic primarily comes from the closed doors of the sixth house and so when a positive planet Jupiter is transiting in 6th house – then it is a sign that you will be protected and you will be able to defeat your secret enemies. 6th house has many negative vibes however Lord Jupiter will simply suck all the negativity of this house – and thus you will be healed and you will start feeling more optimistic and balanced in the days to come. Until November – Jupiter’s energy will be spend in protecting you from negative people however after November the same Jupiter will start giving you many material rewards and you are truly going to enjoy the time starting from November 2023 till May 2024. So stay tuned and keep smiling. When you smile – you look beautiful.

Pisces is my all time favorite moon sign. And Jupiter transiting in the second house is certainly a great positive news for all my fellows born with moon in Pisces! This is a perfect time to focus on your self growth. You will take much interest in reading self-help books during this transit of Jupiter. Financial growth is promised as well as you will also experience some good times with your family. In case you had any issues with your family then now is the time – because now Jupiter is going to resolve all your family issues and you are going to feel as if life is back on track. Overall this is the most positive phase for Pisces – you don’t need to fear Sade Sati because when the master comes – He comes with a master plan! So stay strong and focus on your self growth.

Cancer is the most complicated sign of all zodiac signs. You never know what these natives will do – they are unpredictable because they are very impulsive by nature! When you are born with moon in Cancer then either you become an emotional fool or an emotional intelligent person. Much depend on the quality of your chart. Last 12 months – you have been too much focused on your career growth – sometimes the act of doing too much makes you an obsessed man. You become one dimensional and that is when the problems begin. Life is not one dimensional – Life is multidimensional but this realization will come when Jupiter will transit Aries – Jupiter’s arrival in your 10th house will bring much needed awareness and this awareness will help you go steady and you will learn the importance of being patient. Overall things from the career front will now stabilize and some of you may even experience phenomenal growth in your career – promotion is possible during this transit of Jupiter though you may have to wait until Rahu moves out of Aries in November 2023.

The next trio signs that I would like to discuss is the signs of the fire – the fiery signs – Leo, Sagittarius and Aries are very much action oriented by nature. They love action – they are the action packed heroes of real life. Mars, Jupiter, Ketu and Sun will jump first and think later! And the connection of Mars Ketu Jupiter and Sun with these three fiery signs needs no introduction. And so now I will discuss about the impact of Jupiter’s transit in Aries.

Leo is a sign of divine intelligence. Brilliance is the word when it comes to Leo. Rahu’s presence in the ninth house tends to drive you more into the higher philosophies of life – you tend to become too much obsessed with certain ideologies, religious dogmas and so on. Rahu is bad because Rahu has no breaks – Rahu is like a car without brakes – and so at some stage it is obvious that Rahu will crash you. However now when Jupiter enters Aries – slowly and steadily you tend to come back to your senses and you will then find balance in your perspective. With Jupiter’s arrival, long travels, relation with fatherly figures as well as improvement in the matters of luck will happen. Some of you may even find your Guru – master. Although it is not necessary that every person finds his or her Guru in physical form, in fact Guru in non-physical form can do much for you than in physical form! Raman Maharshi used to say – that the Guru need not be in physical form. I have seen so many great enlightened beings who never had their Guru in physical form. Weak people need some physical form – so that they can smile, shake hands, touch the feet of the Guru but all of these is of not much use – what is of use is the level of your surrender and whether you follow GURU VACHAN – the message and teaching of the Guru – whether you walk the talk. Leo natives will certainly feel much lucky from November 2023 – in fact the days from November 2023 to May 2024 will be the best days for many Leo men and women.

Sagittarius sign is the darling of Lord Jupiter. The most favorite sign of Lord Jupiter is the sign of Sagittarius and therefore the ancient seers have addressed Sagittarius as the Multrikona Rashi of Jupiter. The very nature of Jupiter is like that of a child. Have you seen a child – a child will be very sweet and also at times very aggressive especially if you rub him in the wrong way. But in both state – his innocence remains and this innocence brings much beauty to his existence. Jupiter is just like that. Swami Samarth or Sai Baba also would get angry and scold but the very next moment you would find them smiling and laughing and in their own bliss – innocence always is spontaneous and is always for the moment. Jupiter’s transit in your 5th house is a very auspicious sign. Studies, Pregnancy, Spiritual practices, creative works and children – in all these areas of life – you will find support and positive outcomes. If you are preparing for competitive exams then this phase is good to give a try. This is also a good time for stock brokers. From November 2023 onwards – you will experience more growth in your career as well as you will strike gold in your creative pursuits. Overall the coming year is a time to celebrate for many of you – so enjoy the moment while it lasts.

Aries is a sign close to my heart because my father was born with Moon in Aries. And he was a very straightforward man – maybe that impacted his growth prospects but that is how most of the Aries men are – they tend to have less or rather no diplomacy. Once when Osho was in his car and the car was about to start – my father lied down before his car – he was ready to die but would not allow Osho to proceed – finally Osho let him in his car and then my father interviewed him. The interview became a big hit and my father;s fame rose to new heights. Even today many of his readers remember him – just yesterday I received a call from a lawyer who still wants to read one of his missing article! Aries may not have the diplomacy but their straightforwardness wins the hearts of many! Jupiter’s arrival in Aries is the beginning of a new chapter for many of you. Every ending is a new beginning. And so now this new beginning comes with many hopes and wishes. However to attain your wishes first you have to work on yourself. Guru’s transit on your moon is therefore a wonderful development – the existence is now giving you all the support that you need to get the best version of you. Self-growth happens with ease when Jupiter connects with your natal moon and so this is indeed a blessed time for many evolved souls. Although materially this period may not be too good but spiritually this transit brings much blessings and support so that you evolve and mature to new heights of awareness. From November onwards – you will experience much faster improvement in yourself and this improvement will then bring many rewards in your life when Jupiter transits the sign of Taurus in May 2024.

The last three signs are the Airy signs of Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. Airy signs always travel in business class! Meaning these are hi-fi rashis. Intellectuality is at its peak and natives of these signs are just like those flying birds – they are constantly on the move – and this movement is more on the mind level. They need constant stimulation to their brain and they love to imagine – reminds of that Barbie song – “imagination is your creation” – a very famous American song – I must be in my teens when I had heard this song for the first time! So now I will quickly discuss the impact of Jupiter transit on these three Airy signs.

Libra is the most balanced sign of all zodiac signs. In fact a native having Libra moon sign or Libra Ascendant is indeed a much balanced and evolved person especially if his chart has a certain quality to it. Jupiter transit in Aries is a promising sign in the matters of marriage and relationship. Any fights or disputes with your partner will now find a resolution and after November 2023 – you will be enjoying your time with your partner. Businessmen will definitely see much better profit margins especially after November 2023. Those seeking a marriage partner will find a good marriage partner and finally you will be happily married! Overall Jupiter’s entry in the 7th house naturally brings much balance and also support in your life – you will no longer feel dejected – rather you will see much progress in your life.

Gemini is a highly expressive zodiac sign. These natives love to express their feelings, they love to share their thoughts and may be that is why you will find great speakers, as well as many gossipers belonging to this zodiac sign. Many great works of intellectualism and innovations happen through the natives belonging to Gemini zodiac. Now as Jupiter enters Aries – the season of enjoying the fruits of your hard labor begins. The coming one year is going to be a great time and many of your wishes will come true especially if you are running through a positive Mahadasha. Saturn in your ninth house and Jupiter in your eleventh house is a perfect recipe that you will enjoy in the days to come. When gains happen – you tend to feel good about everything in life. Jupiter is coming to bring much gains in your life and so this is a promising period for freshers, working professionals as well as businessmen. In fact most of the positive results of this transit will be seen after November 2023 when Rahu will exit from Aries sign.

Aquarius is the epitome of modernism and unconventional ways and thoughts. Its a very modern sign that want to bring many innovative ideas, and social changes in the society. Many progressive people come from the abode of Aquarius sign. Along with Saturn – Rahu and Uranus also rules over Aquarius. Uranus is the Father of Modern Age and Rahu loves to do all those things that go against the traditions and customs of the society. So the combination of Uranus Rahu and Saturn makes Aquarius a very unique zodiac that only few could understand and related with. In plain words Aquarius is humanist, liberal and progressive thinkers who lead the new generation of our planet. Jupiter in Aries gives power to your communicative abilities and you will also become very busy in the days to come. This is a time when you will enjoy many short trips as well as you will also be able to implement your ideas that leads to new creations. Support from siblings will grow and you will also benefit during this transit. Overall after November 2023 – you will experience growth in your career. Stay blessed and just be yourself.

Overall the transit of Jupiter in Aries is going to be a great support for those who are suffering at the hands of Rahu as well as for those who are suffering due to Shani Sade Sati. Always remember – along with transit – your personal chart Mahadasha and Antardasha also plays a major role in providing the final outcome. In Pisces – Jupiter is cool and calm while in Aries Jupiter is highly motivating and so this transit of Jupiter in Aries will bring a lot motivation for those men and women who were about to give up. Always remember the moment you are ready to quit is usually the moment right before a miracle happens – so never give up. Magic is man-made, Miracle is God-made. A real master will never do any miracles because doing miracles is also a trap! When powers start happening in your spiritual growth, the greatest courage is needed not to show them.

It is said of a disciple of Rinzai, a Zen Master, that some other religious Master’s
disciple was talking to him and the other Master’s disciple said,
‘Our Master is a man of miracles. He can do anything he wants. I have seen many miracles he has been doing, I have witnessed them myself.
What is the great thing about your Master? What miracles can he do?’
And the disciple of Rinzai said, ‘The greatest miracle that my Master can do is not to do miracles.’

Meditate on it. ‘The greatest miracle my Master can do is not to do miracles.’ When miraculous powers start happening, only the weaklings will do them. The stronger one will not do them — because he knows that now this is another trap. Again the world is trying to pull him back.

This is the last trap. If you can avoid psychic energies, silently, witnessing, if you can pass them by without being entangled by them, without being imprisoned by them, only then do you arrive home.

Many seekers on the spiritual path get lost in the powers and siddhis – only one in a million is wise enough to not to get caught in this last trap and he is the chosen one – he is Jesus, he is Buddha, he is Mahavira and he is indeed on the path towards liberation – towards that ultimate consciousness called God.

You all stay blessed. And remember to meditate on God’s Holy Name. Aum Gam Ganapatye Namaha. Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

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