How is Retrograde Jupiter in the 6th house?


The word ‘Retrograde’ has to be first understood. Why the word ‘Retrograde’? The English dictionary defines the word ‘Retrograde’ as moving backward. In more explanatory terms – the word Retrograde means “to go back on the progress that has been made.”

A man is in a relationship. Venus matters when it comes to relationships. Venus is going retrograde – now the same man would look back on the progress that has been made in his relationship – maybe he may just sit back – maybe a certain question would arise – the woman would want to get married – the man is not ready – he wants to take his own time to make a decision – sometimes both of them – go into a retro-mood – and start analyzing – the many good and challenging points of their relationship – so you see – nothing is moving ahead – the relationship has come to a point of halt – it is going slow, backward – in rounds and rounds of thoughts – that’s retrogression – “to go back on the progress that has been made.”

Right now Planet Venus is still in the sign of Libra from last 3.5 months. When in reality Venus transits a zodiac sign in just 28 days! But this year (2018) – Venus went retrograde from October 5th to November 16th! And so imagine – how many relationships would be going through a retrogression mode? I personally have received almost over 100 cases – where either there has been a break-up, or relationship is going through certain hurdles. So you see – retrogression is ‘state’ that is neither good nor bad. It all depends on the progress you have made so far!

In reality – a planet to whom we address as a Retrograde planet is NOT going backward – let this be very clear. This is deep, and this is of significance.

In reality – such a planet has simply slowed down – somewhere the energy of the planet has slowed down – who slows down the energy – and to this – no one has found an answer – even the scientists are scratching their heads but no specific answer has been found so far! But our ancient seers and saints had. The energy to which we address as God – God-consciousness!

The divine God-consciousness to which many addresses as – Krishna-Consciousness (ISKON) or Christ-Consciousness is the energy that impacts the slowing down (in our words – retrograde)of the Planet! The Planet is not moving backward – rather it has just slowed down – in life – God slows down us as well – is that bad? No, it is a blessing in disguise – because in this slowing down – in this state of retrogression – God simply wants you to sit back, introspect, meditate and understand who you are, what is it that you are doing, through this retrograde state – God is simply giving you ‘window’ of opportunity to discover your true self – a rarest of the rare opportunity to transform yourself – to make you *revisit* the matters of life so that you understand what works for you and what doesn’t! It is during the retrogression period that you come to a state where much has to be cut, much has to be dropped. Only the very essential has to be saved; the nonessential has to be completely destroyed.

And by the time you come out of retrograde state – you have got much clarity on what works for you and what isn’t – whether it is a relationship – or office matters, or family matters or even enemy matters! At the end of retrogression – you are slowly coming towards a conclusion – to where you want to head?

Mercury goes retrograde almost many times in a year. I had a friend, she was the Director of an IT company in the US. During one my trip to the US – during one conversation with her, I realized how much she gets worried when Mercury goes retrograde! And that is understandable – one certainly should not make any decisions – when Mercury goes retrograde – the period of retrogression is to analyze, look within, turn inwards – to find answers to a certain query, a certain project that you may have in your hands, it is, in fact, a great time to brainstorm on an idea – but not make a decision – it is only after the brainstorm – after the revisiting – after the retrograde state – that a good decision can be made! So – RETROGRADE PERIOD – use it for decision-making – but DECIDE only when the Planet is no more retrograde but have become Direct. Let a week pass after the retrogression period is over and then make a decision!

Now – when you have a Retrograde Planet itself in your Birth Chart – tell me – how would you look at it? It is simply a signal that this human life of yours have certain ‘matters of life’ that you got to REVISIT, RETROSPECT, REVIVE. It is a ‘left-over’ Karma of your PAST LIFE – and this human life has been bestowed upon you – so that you complete the unfinished business of your past life! Remember – everybody is born to pay for their past life karma – but in retrograde case – it is not about paying the dues – it is revisiting the unfinished Karma – and ensuring that is finished – and in reality, it does finish because of the existence – the existence ensures that the cosmic law is justified.

What is the difference – retrograde and normal state of the planet?

Retrograde example – A young man is getting ready to marry the love of his life – and suddenly he goes back on his decision – he runs away from his marriage. Now what? This man is reborn with certain retrograde planetary placement around his marriage aspects/house – where it determines – that now the unfinished business of marriage has to be addressed – the marriage has to take place for the native (soul) to move on with his cycle of birth and rebirth!

Normal example – Here the story has moved on – the young man has gone ahead, married the love of his life – now – how he lived his married life – whether he was loyal to his love, whether he was a good husband – whatever the quality of karma related to his marriage – will be seen in his next birth chart when he is reborn. Here you will see no sign of a retrograde planet in regards to his marriage. Here he is simply made to pay his dues – if he was a good husband – he will be getting a positive placement for his marriage – if not then accordingly he would be put to ‘task’! So in a normal state of planets – the story of life is moving on – progressing – but in retrograde – it has “to go back on the progress that has been made.”

A man or woman with a retrograde planet has NOT gone all the way – at some point, they have quit – and so now they have come in this human world to FINISH the unfinished business that they had quit in their last human life.

And generally, it is found – that these retrograde community of individuals complete the unfinished business that they had left behind (past-life).

A whole birth – a whole human life is awarded to them – just so that they can address the unfinished business of their last life – and so usually they do meet success in it.

Unfinished business – but related to what aspect of life? This is understood from the planet and the house it is placed in!

In your case – the sixth house – determines many parts of human life and human affairs – but on a higher level and from a positive angle – it has more to do with SERVICE – to SERVE! Somewhere the native has quit from serving someone – now who is this someone – for that other aspects are necessary to understand. But the core point is to SERVE – to FORGIVE enemies – to either finish certain disputes by being MORE COMPASSIONATE – MORE UNDERSTANDING in your daily routine life. It is also an indication that one must demonstrate loyalty towards those who provide him with employment. Since Jupiter is a planet of compassion and love – here – the message is simple – BE MORE and MORE Kind – do not indulge in REVENGEFUL ACTS – learn to live in a LET-GO!

Your understanding will help you to go with the whole, wherever it is going. You do not have a goal separate from the whole, and the whole has no goal. It is not going anywhere.

Albert Einstein is the only scientist – who had realized the true essence of the universe – of the ‘whole’!

The understanding of let-go helps you to be here, without any goals, without any idea of achievement, without any conflict, struggle or fight, knowing that it is the fighting with yourself which is simply foolish.

To meditate is to LET-GO!

A man with a retrograde planet in the SIXTH – should learn to live in a LET-GO. Existence wants you to LET-GO of all your disputes, your misunderstanding, your unfinished grudges, and enmities – existence wants you to come out clean and the only way to come out clean – is to simply stop reacting and learn to live in total acceptance – and that is what the Buddhists call – Tathata! Tathata is to live in suchness – such are the things – such is the situation – there is simply no question of accepting or rejecting – you simply live in suchness – TATHATA! And a man who lives in suchness is called Tathagata!

To learn to live in a let-go – you have to first – find yourself and you will be able to find yourself only when you lose yourself in the service of others!

When going through the Mahadasha of any retrograde planet – remember you have to be more understanding, more meditative and you have to learn to Let-Go – the period of a retrograde planet is your testing time – and you will pass only if you REACT LESS and RESPOND MORE! Certain unfinished matters of the retrograde planet will come to you – and so you have to be more humble, more compassionate and more serving towards others. Serving because in your case it is the sixth house!

The sixth house is the house of service! Serve more and more people – selflessly – don’t run away from the responsibility of serving and soon your next life the matters of the sixth house and the house ruled by Jupiter would be no more in the state of Retrograde – but flowing profusely – like a beautiful running river!

Jai Shri Ganesha! Jai Guru!

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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