Can I change my destiny?

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

If Astrology was 100% true then God’s presence would have made NO difference to human beings. If everything is destined and there is absolutely NO way to change the course of your destiny than we all would have been dead by now.

But we are Alive. We are alive because we are NOT perfect. We are NOT 100% accurate – there is a much higher power that dwells in this universe and it is called God – God consciousness.

Always remember- Perfection means death. Imperfection means being alive.

Perfection is a myth. Totality is a reality. You cannot be perfect but you can always be total.

Astrology is not perfect – Astrology is TOTAL. Astrology is not 100% accurate- Astrology is 99% total – accurate.

I may be in a love relationship and my relationship will remain as long as I am not perfect – Imperfections keep relationships alive, perfection simply brings a relationship to a dead-end.

Because you are not 100% perfect – because your partner is not 100% perfect – you enjoy the relationship – had it been 100% perfect – it would have appeared as PLASTIC PERFECT relationship and PLASTIC is a dead material – utterly dead!

A couple that has no differences, no imperfections, no arguments and no quarrels – is a dead couple – it is a dead relationship!

Relationship remains alive only when there are imperfections, quarrels, arguments, small fights – you see – these all are sources that keep your relationship ‘imperfect’ and because it is imperfect – it is alive, it is not dead.

Astrology cannot be 100% true, it can be 99% true because that remaining 1% is where Buddha can change the course of your destiny, that 1% is where Jesus can change you inside-out, that 1% is where Krishna, Mahavira – the divine masters can intervene and save you, nurture you and raise you from the ashes – the lowest point of your life.

When you are willing to SURRENDER yourself at the feet of the master, the master comes to your rescue – the master comes rushing to save you, to nurture you – to help you realize the true essence of human life – because the master loves you – the master can wait millions and millions of years for you – the real question is when are you going to AWAKE- when are you going to start turning inwards.

Going inwards will awaken you and once you are awakened then there is no looking back – the road is clear and you are ready to walk with the compassionate divine Master!

99% astrology can be right but the remaining 1% is the only space where you can change the entire course of your life by introducing God in your life, by bringing unwavering Faith and Will Power in your life, and by raising the level of your awareness, consciousness.

The more you will become conscious of your actions (karma) and the more you will execute actions by being conscious, aware – the more you will experience the divinity of the Master – because the MASTER is the CONSCIOUSNESS – GOD CONSCIOUSNESS!

SIN happens when you are asleep – when you are NOT awake. You are pulled towards a woman – lust comes rushing to your being – consciousness is completely overshadowed – you are no more conscious – no more in your senses – that is when SIN happens – and then you wonder “What happened – how come you were pulled towards a certain woman – how come you became so ignorant – how come you became so stupid.” – You see – every moment of life – GOD is TESTING our awareness – our state of consciousness – one mistake and scams are born – one instance of ignorance and scandals are born!

Meditation, chanting the name of the lord, reading the holy scriptures, reciting the shlokas – these all are powerful means through which you can retain your level of consciousness – then mistakes don’t happen – then you start making right decisions in your life – then you start making good friends/partners – it all depends on YOU – YOU will attract your TRIBE based on your level of consciousness – based on your fineness – your purity of life, purity of thoughts – purity of emotions!

When your emotions are pure – when your love is deep, when your devotion is deep – the divine master comes and intervenes in the matters of your life and reduces the negative impact of your destiny.

Reminds me of a story…

There was a young man, he must be like me. He was devoted to his master, he had nobody, he was a nobody. A KETUISH by birth. And his name was Arjun. Arjun used to follow the footsteps of his master. The Master would walk briskly through the dense forest and Arjun would follow. Sometimes Arjun would say “ Master I am younger than you and yet you walk so briskly, so much of energy, so much of swiftness is in your movement…that to just see you walking is a blessing to my eyes, a divine moment for me.”

Listening to Arjun’s words – the Master would laugh loudly – a loud belly laugh – even to see HIM laughing was a treat to the eyes. Arjun followed the Master for 20 years. The Master would never stay at one place for more than a month – and so Arjun was also always on the move….from one village to the other.

One day while he was seating near the feet of the Master – the master took a burning charcoal and threw it on Arjun’s body. Arjun moaned in pain because the charcoal was 🔥burning hot. It felt on his right hand and now there was a big burned patch on his right hand. The pain was intolerable, he screamed loudly, tear started flowing through his eyes – in that jungle there was no way to get any medicine. He continued to scream, cry – the pain was unbearable.

The Master just observed him cry with pain. After 20 minutes – the Master moved his hand on Arjun’s burning hand and within a minute the pain was gone, Arjun was healed. Arjun started crying but this time the tears that flowed through his eyes were the tears of joy. He touched the feet of his master and said “ At least explain this because I am naïve and I cannot understand your Leela ( divine play).”

The master looked into the eyes of Arjun and said “ You were destined to get burned completely. Your whole body was destined to get burned because of your past life karma. I just reduced the intensity by burning a small part of your hand – now you are out of that karmic balance. You are saved.”

Arjun could not find words to express his gratitude- he said “ Even if I wash your feet with my blood, even if I follow you for millions of years to come, even if I make a beautiful dress for you by using the whole skin of my body still I will not be able to express my gratitude towards you. O COMPASSIONATE MASTER….always let me stay under your wings, in your gracious shadow.”

Astrology cannot be 100% true, it always gives 1% space for miracles. By reducing the intensity of the bad results – the Master saved Arjuna from such a BIG trouble. The whole possibility of change is in this 1%. It is this 1% in which the miracles happen, in which a Buddha is born, in which you can modify, change the course – the impact of your destiny by being devotional, dedicated at the feet of your master – the Guru.

But very few – one in a million can make use of this 1% space – because we have ‘Arjun’ in minority whereas we have ‘Duryodhana or Hitler’ in majority!

We have ‘Diogenes’ in minority whereas we have ambitious ‘Alexander, the Great’ in majority. God loving people are few whereas God fearing people are more!

Arjun is special because Arjun was NOT god fearing – Arjun was God loving person.

Arjun was the epitome of devotion. Devotion is love overflowing. I love devotional beings because the greatest mountain can also move if your devotion, your faith is deep – unwavering and constant.

Astrology appears 100% accurate to those who are NOT willing to become Arjuna. Astrology appears 100% accurate to those who are NOT willing to meditate. Astrology appears 100% accurate to those shallow people who are still to know the real purpose of human life.

One who is turning inwards – one who is coming out of the ‘sleep’ – one who is becoming the Buddha – one who is meditating – only such a man, such a woman can make use of this 1% space that God so lovingly bestows on HIS children!

We all are GOD’s children. And children never fear their FATHER – they LOVE their FATHER.

When your love is overflowing – when you remain devoted than results of certain malefic conjunctions like – SATURN RAHU, SATURN MARS, RAHU SUN, MOON RAHU – can be modified or put to good use – but only when you are willing to become Arjuna – when you are willing to embark on the greatest journey of life – the Spiritual Journey.

Many men and women confuse the word ‘Spirituality’ with ‘Occultism’.

Occultism is NOT spirituality. Black magic, hypnosis, and other mysterious arts fall under Occultism but NOT spirituality.

Buddha had absolutely nothing to do with occultism. Kabir had absolutely nothing to do with occultism. Mahavira, Jesus, Arjuna, the enlightened beings have absolutely NOTHING to do with occultism and your zig zag magics and fancies of mind.

The enlightened being operate beyond the MIND. Beyond the MIND is the spiritual world – and within the limit of MIND is the magical (occult) world!

Magic is limited. It has its limits. However miracle has no limits. Miracle is God made. While magic is man made. Occultism connects you with magic.

Spirituality connects you with Miracle.

You all have to decide which path you want to choose – path or magic or path of miracles because you become that what you choose!

Whether you want to walk on the path of Meera Bai (greatest devotee of Krishna), whether you want to walk on the path of Ananda who followed Buddha for forty years and attained enlightenment exactly 24 hours after Buddha died OR whether you want to walk on the path of occultism and remain trapped in the deep dangerous valleys of your monkey mind – you all have to decide – you all have to choose – and you will choose, you will select your path based on the level of your consciousness!

There was one Astrologer – he was one of the greatest astrologer that the world had ever known – and he was walking on the sea shore – when suddenly he came across certain footprints of Gautama Buddha deeply embossed on the wet sand. And he could not believe his eyes. All the scriptures that he had been studying his whole life had been telling him about certain signs that exist in the feet of a man who rules the world — a chakravartin — a ruler of all the six continents, of the whole earth. And he saw in the footprints in the wet sand on the riverbank all the symbols so clearly that he could not believe his eyes! Either all his scriptures were wrong and he was wasting his life in astrology…otherwise, how was it possible on such a hot afternoon, in such a small, dirty village, a chakravartin would come and walk barefoot, on the burning hot sand?

He followed the footprints, just in search of the man to whom these footprints belonged. He found the Buddha sitting under a tree. He was even more puzzled. The face was that of a chakravartin — the grace, the beauty, the power, the aura — but the man was a beggar, with a begging bowl!

The astrologer touched the feet of the Buddha and asked him, “Who are you, sir? You have puzzled me. You should be a chakravartin, a world ruler. What are you doing here, sitting under this tree? Either all my astrology books are wrong, or I am hallucinating and you are not really there.”

Buddha said, “Your books are absolutely right — but there is something which belongs to no category, not even to the category of a chakravartin. I am, but I am nobody in particular.”

The astrologer said, “You are puzzling me more. How can you be without being anybody in particular? You must be a god who has come to visit the earth — I can see it in your eyes!”

Buddha said, “I am not a god.”

The astrologer said, “Then you must be a Gandharva — a celestial musician.”

Buddha said, “No, I am not a Gandharva either.”

And the astrologer went on asking, “Then are you a king in disguise? Who are you? You can’t be an animal, you can’t be a tree, you can’t be a rock — who exactly are you?”

And the answer the Buddha gave is of immense importance to understand. He said, “I am just a Buddha — I am just awareness, and nothing else. I don’t belong to any category. Every category is an identification and I don’t have any identity.”

This is the state of enlightened beings – that they can change the ‘pattern’ of their ‘YOGAS’ – instead of becoming a conqueror of the world (chakravartin) – they uplift the YOGA in their horoscope and become the conqueror of the self.

This is how a Buddha is born, this is how Mahavira is born – NOT by conquering the world but by conquering one self.

Astrology cannot be 100% accurate else Gautama Buddha would have become a conqueror of the world – but by expanding HIS consciousness – He became the conqueror of the self – he became one of the greatest master that the world had ever known – probably for centuries to come, we may not have a person of the caliber of Buddha – Gautama Buddha.

History has been witness to the fact that one of the greatest SINNERS have become the greatest SAINTS!

How it all happened? Because it is obvious that these sinners would have had the most feared CONJUNCTIONS and the most feared bad placements of planets in their charts – maybe in the 8th house, maybe in the 6th house, maybe in the 12th house and yet a time came in their life – a moment came – the greatest moment – the REAL TURNING MOMENT – when they started TRANSFORMING into something so beautiful – so magnanimous – so divine that the world had ever known!

Saul – one of the greatest haters of Jesus and HIS followers (Christians) became one of the greatest lovers of Jesus – and to remember this moment of transformation – he changed his name from Saul to Paul – he became one of the greatest Saints in the Christian Faith – he was revered as Saint Paul!

Saul became Saint Paul. And it is this Saint Paul who build many Churches in the medieval Europe – a man who hated the Christians – who hated Jesus – started building Church – started loving Jesus – started transforming many men into enlightened beings.

Ratnakar was a thief. Not just a thief but also a murderer. He would kill people for money, for treasures – and then a day came – he was walking through the dense forest – and he was a body builder – he was very tall, having a masculine body – long hands – he looked like a warrior though he was just a thief – a looter. And so he was walking and suddenly he stumbled upon an old man – and the old man was something – there was a certain aura around him – a certain fragrance lingered around him – HIS smile – HIS peace – HIS bliss – Ratnakar – the man who was feared by millions was taken aback. People would start trembling when they would see Ratnakar standing before them – he was the DON whom the world feared but this old man – he seemed to be a different man – he was smiling and his smile was so enchanting that Ratnakar stopped for a moment – then he asked “ Who are you?”

The old man said “ I know who am I – but tell me – who are you?”

Ratnakar said “ You don’t know me – I am….”

The old man said “I know who you are – I know what you were in your last many births….”

And the old man told him everything about his last births – and his current birth and Ratnakar stood dumbfounded – he had no words – the greatest DON – Ratnakar bowed before the old man and said “ I am deeply touched by your insights and words – now take me under your wings. I don’t want to loot people – I don’t want to remain a DON – instead I want the TRUTH to DAWN upon me – please accept me as your disciple. From this moment I will give up my looting business – from this moment I will drop all my weapons – from this moment I will drop the very thought that ‘I am SOMEBODY’.”

The old man quickly stood up and gave a warm hug to Ratnakar. He was accepted. And then there was no looking back – RATNAKAR took to deep penance – intense penance – and his intensity was so much that one day TRUTH DAWN upon HIM and in the true sense he became the DON – but this time DON of oneself – and not of others! That was the moment when RATNAKAR slipped out of HIS mind – dropped HIS old skin and became SAINT VALMIKI – the man who scripted the greatest scripture – the “Valmiki RAMAYANA”.

A man who had the most feared conjunctions – the most dreadful placement of planets that initially made him a DON – a smuggler – a thief – one day became one of the greatest SAINT – SAINT VALMIKI – that is the beauty of that 1% – my fellows – that is the whole beauty of NOT BEING PERFECT- that is the beauty of being NATURAL!

A natural man – a natural woman always is appealing – they may sound imperfect – they may have certain ‘thorns’ (imperfections) but they have the fragrance of a real rose – whereas those typical perfectionist are a pain in neck – because they sound so artificial – so perfect – so boring.

Astrology is NOT boring because it is NOT perfect – because it is NOT 100% accurate – out of 100% – GOD has spared 1% for us – so that with the depth of our devotion – with the depth of our love – with the depth of our unwavering faith – we can achieve the impossible!

And that is the whole beauty of ‘Possibility’ – never underestimate the power of possibility!

To all my fellow followers on Quora, to all my readers on my Quora Space and to all my website visitors – I appeal and I insist to each one of you “Believe in the power of possibility” because the Astrologer may be 99% true but God has spared 1% for you – this 1% is the ‘space of all possibilities’ and it is here that you can turn around the tables – you can change the course of your destiny only when you start changing yourself – and to change yourself – you have to allow change to happen within you – you have to surrender yourself at the feet of the master – the Guru – only then you can make the impossible – possible – only then you can become Arjuna and only then you can ‘see’ for the first time – the first glimpse of GOD within you – within your heart. Then there is no looking back – then there is no resentment – then there is no complain – then you may be bleeding from the outside but smile will continue to remain on your face – then no matter how difficult life is – you always will have a grateful heart and one who remain grateful – one whose heart is filled with gratitude – one who is always thankful – one day becomes a Buddha – becomes Godly – becomes the most favorite child – the chosen one!

Jesus choose only 12 apostles (disciples), Sai Baba choose only one, Buddha choose only a few who truly attained the heights of enlightenment – Boddhidharma was one of them. He was the only man after centuries who could match the height of Gautama Buddha and he was contrast to Gautama Buddha – Gautama Buddha was soft in his interactions while Boddhidharma was very harsh in his interactions – but he was so close to Gautama Buddha – he had attained the state of Buddhahood and he was a man of many miracles. There was NOBODY who could match Boddhidharma’s powers, HIS wisdom, HIS strength – Bodhidharma was indeed the ‘PEAK’ – the ‘Epitome’ – the height of the heights!

Bodhidharma indeed is one of the greatest divine master – after Gautama Buddha.

The enlightened master choose their disciple – they appear before you only when you are truly ready. Readiness is based on your depth of surrender – when you reach to the stage of TOTAL SURRENDER – only then the master appears – the ‘light of consciousness’ appears before you!

Ironically many so called spiritual seekers are more interested in coming closer to the master than to understand the essence of the master’s sharing! Truth is hard. It always is. Once it happened – a few disciples of Buddha were jealous of Ananda – it happens – it always happens – even in monasteries and in so called Ashrams – there is this ugly smell of ‘politics’! Truth is hard.

And so they all went to Buddha and said “ Master – how come Ananda is found to be always happy – and he has arrived in this monastery after us.”

Buddha smiled. The master can always understand that which is not spoken and so Buddha smiled and said “ Ananda is a man of heart – a grateful heart. No matter what happens to him – he is always grateful to God. Usually people are thankful to God – only when they get something good in return – but Ananda is a different man – even when he is hurt – even when he is bleeding – even when he fails multiple time still he will always be thankful to God – it is this sense of gratitude that keeps him happy – and it is this sense of gratitude that someday will transform him into a Buddha!”

Always remember – it is not happiness that brings Gratitude. It is GRATITUDE that brings happiness. A woman having a grateful heart – a man having a grateful heart is always found to be happy – they are the real flowers – because it is only a flower that continues to blossom even when the weather outside is harsh! A flower always continues to blossom – it never complains – it is beautiful – it is a flower!

Be like a flower – Be always grateful – value all that you have in your life and be kind whenever possible – it is always possible.

All the negative placements of planets and negative conjunctions can be transformed into positive – remember a KNIFE becomes GODLY when it is put to use for a GOOD CAUSE! Similarly when you start turning inwards – when you start bringing change within you – when you start expanding your consciousness by meditating, by chanting the name of the Lord – slowly slowly all your negative placement of planets start working for a GOOD CAUSE – and then you no more remain just a DON – rather TRUTH DAWNS upon you and then there is no looking back – the sky is clear and you are ready to fly.

Start meditating every day – start chanting the holy mantra – in my new upcoming book releasing worldwide this July 2021 – for the larger interest of my readers – I am going to share certain remedies along with specific mantras that can help you overcome the negative and experience the positive – the Godly – the divine.

Love to all my readers, followers and fellow travelers. Stay blessed. And remember – you are NOT alone – God is with you, Love is with you.

Although there are many paths to reach God – the most beautiful path is the path of Love & Devotion – the Bhakti Marg – the path on which Buddha walked, the path on which Jesus walked, Mahavira walked, Baba Nanak walked and someday – you may also walk – there is always a possibility – believe in the power of possibility.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru. 🙏🙏

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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