Do curses come true?

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

Everybody is cursed. Remember this – everybody!

When you start feeling that you are a cursed soul – you should remember the fact that NOBODY in this human world is free of CURSE!

Even Lord Krishna was CURSED by Gandhari – she cursed him “Your family – the YADAVs will never remain happy – they will fight – they will quarrel and they will separate – they will NEVER remain united as they are NOW!”

Great enlightened beings are always willing to PAY the COST for the betterment of the society! Krishna must have known the consequences of initiating the Mahabharata War – but he did not hesitate – because the larger interest of the society was of utmost importance and he was willing to pay the price – in the form of – the CURSE!

‘CAUSE’ – is what matters the most! It is the cause – the purpose that matters the most.

The PURPOSE of life is a life of PURPOSE.

Only a man of heart can truly live a life with a PURPOSE – and the PURPOSE is always aimed at the larger interest of the society.

There was a young man – he must be like me. He was walking on the street when he saw beautiful birds – and they looked so innocent. They were chirping – making all kind of sounds – may be that was their way of communicating – saying “Please help us – please help us – please set us free.”

The young man’s name was Bhola and he decided to set free the caged birds. Bhola was a man of heart – he responded to the call of the situation – he took a big stone in his hand – break open the lock and the birds instantly happily flew away!

The birds were very happy – while flying away they chirped in joy, in bliss – that was their way of blessing young Bhola! And Bhola was also very happy to see the birds fly – after all birds are meant to fly!

And so Bhola was happy, the Birds were happy – but the man who had caged the birds was certainly not happy – he was shocked to see the beautiful birds fly away – he CURSED Bhola “You will NEVER have a family – you will never have a house, you will never have any children.”

Bhola was Bhola (Innocent). He was not disturbed by the CURSE – he was simply happy to see the Birds fly – find their freedom – their RIGHTS to live their life with dignity and love!

And this is how it is – CURSE not necessarily has to come your way only when you DO SOMETHING WRONG – many times CURSE also may come your way when you do SOMETHING RIGHT – RIGHT CAUSE – which only an evolved soul can understand – RIGHT which is for the larger interest of society – which is based on VALUES, PRINCIPLES and IDEOLOGY to let other live their life with same dignity and freedom as you may want to!

And so in this human world their are millions of BHOLAs who have been CURSED – not because they did something wrong but because they did something RIGHT which the IGNORANT man or woman who cursed them – cannot realize – cannot understand! In life if you have got ENEMIES who CURSE you then DON’T worry – it simply means that you have stood up for a higher cause, a higher purpose!

Always remember – wicked men and wicked women CURSE others when their ‘fraud’ – their ‘wrong-doing’ is EXPOSED. And their CURSE doesn’t have much weightage – much significance in the KINGDOM OF GOD! A filthy dirty PIG’s curse won’t last for long – because GOD overlooks the CURSE given by such ignorant beings who themselves are rogues and instead GOD HELPS – SUPPORTS those fellows who are cursed for doing the RIGHT THING at the RIGHT MOMENT for RIGHT PURPOSE!

So never ever be afraid of DOING WHAT IS RIGHT. Always remember – there is a difference in doing things right and DOING THE RIGHT THING!

It is not that every time only RAVANA is CURSED. Many a times RAMA is also cursed, many a times KRISHNA is also cursed!

Because you all should understand that whenever you do something GOOD – whenever you STAND AGAINST the FAKE MEN and FAKE WOMEN – whenever you EXPOSE an EVIL PERSON – it is bound to happen that the EVIL PERSON may CURSE YOU!

So in this human world – NOBODY is SPARED – even the GOOD – even the GREATEST SAINTS and GODS have been CURSED! And so in reality – everybody is cursed in someway or the other!

If RAMA is not spared, if KRISHNA is not spared from CURSE – then what to say about you or me!

The evolved souls always look at every aspect of life from a POSITIVE PERSPECTIVE. And so if you throw stones on them – they will collect it and build something beautiful out of it!

But we all must realize the BEAUTY of RAMA – the BEAUTY of KRISHNA – they were GODS – LORDS and yet they never hesitated or not even tried to escape from the CURSE because to them the larger interest of the people – the higher CAUSE was more important – than the CURSE! Instead of resenting the CURSES – they simply respected the CURSE cast on them – for they were perfectly aware that the CURSE is also an instrument of their destiny – just the way THORNS are also a part of the ROSE!

And so I encourage each one of you – especially to my readers and followers that NEVER HESITATE – NEVER FEAR CURSE if the INTENTION is POSITIVE – if the PURPOSE is HIGHER – if you are setting free those innocent ‘birds’ who are caged – and suffocating….then it is WORTH it!

The enlightened being always attracts both – those who LOVE him and those who HATE him! But one thing is certain – that nobody can ignore him – you will either LOVE him or you will HATE him. And those who LOVE will shower their BLESSINGS and those who HATE will cast their CURSE. The enlightened being, the meditative being remains indifferent – neither can you appease him nor can you disturb him – he has gone beyond the mind – he has tasted something that is beyond this human world! He is just like that lotus flower – rooted beneath the water but always found above the water – simply witnessing the many ups and downs of life by being DETACHED.

Once it happened – there was a man and his name was Krishna. His parents named him Krishna. Now understand the fact that a child is born without a name. In reality a child is born nameless. But it is the parents who give him a name, it is the society who gives him a name – the name has not come from inside the child, it has been given from outside by the society. And so this man also was given a name – Krishna! Now he will remain his whole life by carrying the name that has been given to him – KRISHNA! Now he will fight for this name. AND if someone curses the name, he will fight! And this what YOU ALL DO – you become your NAME!

Once it happened, there was a great Saint and his name was Ramanuj. Some people cursed him and Saint Ramanuj came back laughing – all the way back to his monastery he was laughing, a loud belly laugh. His followers were very angry – because they came to know about the curse – they said ” Why are you laughing when we are boiling with anger. How can those people curse you?”

Ramanuj again started laughing – the laughter of the master is always so blissful that many times those who are in HIS omni presence forget their questions and problems! The followers also started wondering – but then one of his closest disciple stepped ahead and said “At least explain this…”

Ramanuj somehow stopped laughing and looking into the eyes of his disciple – said ” If someone had cursed me, I would have answered. Those people were cursing Ramanuj. What is my relationship with Ramanuj? I might have had this name, I might have had another name, or a third name. Someone curses Ramanuj, Rama, Krishna, Govinda, what have I got to do with it? When there were cursing Ramanuj, I was also enjoying myself inside: I was saying ” Ramanuj – see what curses are being thrown at you; are you having fun? If you become Ramanuj you are bound to be cursed. They gave you the name, which they are cursing.” But I was outside all of it. The name is from them, the curse is also theirs. They were only playing with themselves.”

The words of Saint Ramanuj are of great significance. He says “If you become Ramanuj- only then you are bound to be cursed.”

How deep is this message! 99% of this human world simply lives by becoming what the society has made them believe – their name becomes their identity! And the moment you BECOME the name – you become receptive to the CURSE. Saint Ramanuj is saying “Ramanuj is a name given to me by the society – I am not the NAME – I am the SELF and the SELF has no name – it is the society that gives you the name and the curse is also from the same society!

CURSE affects you only when you start living your life by BECOMING ‘Ramanuj’ – CURSE cannot effect you the moment you self-realize that ‘RAMANUJ’ is not YOU – that is NOT your identity – for many births and rebirths you have had many such names which has absolutely nothing to do with your SELF – it had been given to you by the society – a NAME is a LABEL – and LABELS are on the OUTSIDE and not INSIDE!

If you BECOME the LABEL then the CURSE will be applicable to you. If you remain DETACHED from the LABEL (your name) then the question of CURSE simply doesn’t arise because you are no more RAMANUJ – that is just a name you have got this birth!

Always remember – you are BONDED the moment you become your NAME. You should realize that you have been through many births and rebirths – and every cycle of birth – you may have had different NAMES – so the NAME that you hold so tightly to your chest – “I am ANIL” – “I am Sangita” – “I am Rakesh” is your utter IGNORANCE – and it is this IGNORANCE that makes you a VICTIM of CURSE because you BECOME Rakesh, you BECOME ANIL, you BECOME Sangita – in short you become your NAME!

A man who is on the path of SELF-REALIZATION rarely is affected by any CURSE simply because he has dropped everything – and that includes his name as well! You may recognize him by his NAME – but that is your perception – whereas he has already moved beyond the NAME – we all are born nameless and we all should move towards the same state – NAMELESS!

The CONSCIOUSNESS within you is NAMELESS. Consciousness has no religion, no caste, no color. God is the ultimate fragrance of your consciousness. And GOD is NAMELESS!

And it is a JOKE that people fight and KILL each other over which name to call the NAMELESS!

Society is like a MAD HOUSE. The society gives you name and the curses too. The society praises you and condemns too. It is this same society that shows respect and insults you. The society loves to play double game. And common man gets deeply trapped in this double game.

Spirituality is simply to help you realize that you have to stop dancing on the tunes of the society – because the society is false. The other is false and the ‘I’ (EGO) is also false.

Once a young man asked ” So then how to get rid of the other? The society?”

And the master said ” The day the “I” (EGO) is dropped – the ‘other’ is also dropped.

For an enlightened being – there are NO OTHERS.

When you are no longer – YOU, you are no longer the OTHER, and only then joy can flow towards you.

The essence of the matter is you have first LOSE yourself only then you can find joy – happiness, and bliss.

The very idea that causing unhappiness to others is violence and giving happiness to others is non violence is futile. Makes no sense!

People often are found complaining that they don’t receive back the happiness that they offer others! You may be giving happiness but what reaches other is unhappiness. Others offer happiness to you but what reaches you is unhappiness. You may love a woman, give her every kind of happiness but only unhappiness will reach her. Every other person is complaining that “I am not happy – and I have never received any happiness in my life.”

Which husband has given happiness to his wife? And which wife has given joy to her husband? Probably nobody knows better than the Astrologer because every day he talks with many husbands and many wives and they all say “I have never received the happiness that I gave others!”

The whole essence of happiness is NOT to try to give happiness but to first find happiness within you. If you are happy then happiness will flow towards the others – but if you try to give happiness – it will NEVER reach – it never has reached!

There was a great mystic and his name was Hassan. And Hassan was tied on iron stand and people were throwing stones at him. It always happens, TRUTH is ferociously attacked, condemned and ridiculed. And the same was happening with Hassan.

Hassan was such a beautiful person. He remained silent – he was watching the sky – the flying birds – the dancing flowers – the moving clouds – and people were throwing stones – hurting him – his legs, his hands – they all were bleeding and yet Hassan was deeply engrossed within – smiling and looking up in the skies.

Amidst the crowd – there was another Sufi Saint – a young Sufi and his name was Junaid. And his heart was in deep pain, his eyes were filled with tears – he could not see the bleeding body of Hassan – he could not stand the fact that people were throwing stones at him – he knew that Hassan was innocent – and this is not how was to be treated.

But Junaid could not speak – the crowd was large and many men were around him – standing and throwing stones – very sharp stones at Hassan. Junaid was really caught up in a difficult situation. Because he was just standing while the others were throwing stone at Hassan. If he don’t throw stone then people may think that he is supporting Hassan and the same people may also stone him to death!

So then Junaid decided to throw something on Hassan – and he threw a flower at him. The flower hit Hassan’s body and Hassan looked at Junaid. Up till now Hassan had been laughing though his body was bleeding – but the moment Junaid hit him with a flower – Hassan started weeping profusely….

Junaid was taken aback. He was moved – he said to Hassan “ I threw a flower and you are crying. You had withstood so many stones that these people are throwing at you….”

Hassan said “ But you threw a flower and hit me! Hitting causes sorrow. If someone throws stones, it is clear. But a flower? You are hitting me and hiding at the same time. You also want to hit me and you don’t want to admit it. The wound went deep, Junaid. They are ignorant, they can be forgiven -but you hit me too!

Junaid said “But I have only thrown a flower!”

Hassan said “ Throw anything and the wound is inflicted!”

Whether you throw a flower or a stone – doesn’t matter because the action is of THROWING.

You will throw something only when there is some other person present. Otherwise at whom will you throw?

CURSE and its affect remains as long as there is the sense of DUALISM – the moment you enter the state of NON-DUALISM – (Advait) – then there is NO OTHER – ONENESS – so where is the question of cursing and receiving curse? The curse may work on your physical body but that doesn’t matter to an enlightened being because he no more identifies himself by his physical body.

As long as you are living your life by saying “I am the body” – CURSE will continue to affect you.

The moment you slip out of the mind and self-realize that “I AM NOT THE BODY” – the affects of CURSE start evaporating – because CURSE works on PHYSICAL BODY and the moment you reject the BODY and MIND with ‘I am NOT that’ – suddenly the whole quality of your life starts changing!

Someday you all should read the book “I AM NOT THE BODY” by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj – one of the greatest divine master of recent times!

Self-identifications are always misleading. To find yourself – you have to first move away from these self-identifications – and start turning inwards.

Always remember instead of focusing on your enemy – and the CURSE that they cast upon YOU – you should always FOCUS on your FRIENDS!

It is your GOOD FRIEND that guides you to raise your level of consciousness. Because you cannot solve the problem from the same level of consciousness – you got to expand your consciousness!

In our ancient scriptures we address our Lord in the following words:

|| त्वमेव माता च पिता त्वमेव। त्वमेव बन्धुश्च सखा त्वमेव।। (Tvamev Maata Ch Pita Tvamev, Tvamev Bandhushch Sakha Tvamev)

Sakha means FRIEND!

When you meditate on your GOOD FRIEND’s name – then tell me – can any curse affect you?

That is how I always encourage to FOCUS on your GOOD FRIEND (Sakha – सखा) to safeguard yourself and your family from the ‘games’ that your enemy plays from BEHIND THE CURTAINS!


GOD is YOUR GOOD FRIEND and you should FOCUS on chanting the name of GOD with deep love and devotion. To chant the holy name and dance in ecstasy is so easy and sublime that one can achieve all the benefits of spiritual life simply by chanting everyday – morning and evening.

Hanuman is GREAT because of HIS unwavering FAITH – DEVOTION – LOVE towards HIS LORD – RAMA!

By far this is the most beautiful picture of Hanuman deeply engrossed in chanting the name of the Lord – “Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram”.

“Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram” is indeed one of the most soothing Mantra that you all can recite – if you are seeking peace of mind and prosperity in your life!

Always remember the man or the woman who gives CURSE – loses their ‘PUNYA’ (Reservoir of Good Karma) – because it is spend in casting the CURSE. Just the way when you want to HARM someone – your body spends energy (vitamins) similarly on Astral level – your soul loses the ‘PUNYA’ that was gained in many births and rebirths!

That is why EVOLVED SOULS – enlightened beings – the divine masters generally DON’T CURSE because they are so highly conscious that they would rather spend their energy for some CONSTRUCTIVE purpose than DESTRUCTIVE!

Remind me of Saint Eknath Maharaj of Paithan (Maharashtra).

Saint Eknath Maharaj was indeed one of the greatest Saint and the most unique aspect is that HE was VERY RICH MAN! Probably he was the only SAINT who had so much of wealth and yet he was also one of the greatest saints. It is a MYTH that to attain spiritual heights you have to live like a poor – that is not required – because real SPIRITUALISM needs NO APEEARANCES and STYLE – real spiritualism is something that blossoms within you and not without!

Saint Eknath was one of the wealthiest man in Paithan but people came to him not because he was rich but because he was also a highly divine enlightened being who had renounced the thought of ‘I’ – once you renounce the thought of ‘I’ – then any other renunciation is NOT needed! But people RENOUNCE their wealth – women and go to the Himalayas and then they say “I HAVE RENOUNCE” everything! The real Yogi will simply laugh on such men and women – because they could clearly see that even though they have left everything still they haven’t been able to drop the ‘I’ – the subtle ego still remains – deeply within their being!

But Eknath Maharaj was a very different kind of person – he was just as ordinary as you and me and yet he was VERY SPECIAL to GOD because he had surrendered himself totally to GOD – and with GOD’s blessings he performed many miracles – healed many men and women. One day he was on walking through the forest – and it was very hot afternoon. He went to a nearby river to drink some water – but there was a man standing between him and the river. He hated Eknath Maharaj – you all should understand that HATERS are everywhere – they existed then and they exist now also!

And so this man spits on Eknath Maharaj. Eknath Maharaj simply walks to the river and cleans his hand on which the man has spit. The man again spits – Eknath goes back to the river and cleans his hand. The man is still not done – he again spits and Eknath again goes back to the river and cleans his hand. The man again spits and this goes on and on and on – after spitting for 22 times – the man finally falls on the ground – he says to Eknath Maharaj “ What are you made of? I have been spiting at you for 22 times and you didn’t react – you said not even a single word – you are really something – I should have realized your holiness – I AM SORRY. You can punish me….”

And the man started crying – his cry was so loud that a few people gathered around. Eknath Maharaj raised him up – hugged him and said “ Once you realize your mistake then there is no need of any punishment. You are a good person but wronged by the society. You should now come back home with me.”

It is said that this man became one of the greatest lover and disciple of Saint Eknath Maharaj – the day when Maharaj left this human world – he was the one who cried the most!

Can you imagine – the wonderful transformation! Any common soul – common man or common woman would have simply CURSED the man who spits on them – but evolved beings – saintly souls like Eknath Maharaj – would NEVER CURSE because they believe in the PATH OF LOVE and not in the path of hatred!

With LOVE – you can go anywhere – the whole universe is available to you.

With HATE – you will end up nowhere – this HATRED will only make your life more and more miserable!

You all have to decide what way you want to choose – because what you choose is what you become!

You have to decide if you want to focus on the CURSE or you want to focus on the BLESSINGS you have.

And always remember before you conclude that you are CURSED – ask yourself the following questions:

“Am I getting my two times meal a day?”

“Am I able to walk, talk and live a normal healthy life in spite of having a few chronic diseases?”

“Am I able to share love and love myself?

“Am I able to express my GRATITUDE towards everyone and everything that has enabled me to keep going in spite of having many difficult moments in my life?”

If your answer to the above questions is YES – then you are more than BLESSED man or BLESSED woman!

But people are shallow – they keep whining – they keep complaining – because their EXPECTATIONS are too high! They are never CONTENT with what they have – GRATITUDE comes only to a man who says THANK YOU to GOD in spite of going through many difficulties because he is perfectly aware that he is ALIVE because GOD wants him to remain ALIVE – because there is still some purpose to his existence and moreover because he has given the control of his life to GOD – he understand the fact that GOD can do more with his life than he can!

Such a man – such a woman is chosen by GOD – such a man and such a woman finds their master sooner or later – because YOUR READINESS is found in your SURRENDER – your sense of GRATITUDE!

ACCEPTANCE is the key to your success – in material as well as spiritual world! Someday you all must read my book “BEAUTY OF ACCEPTANCE” – to realize the significance of Acceptance and how it can change your life!

Once it happened – Buddha was sitting beneath a tree when a disciple came and asked “Master – how is it that Ananda is found to be happy all the time? What is so special about Ananda?”

Ananda was one of the closest disciple of Buddha. And Buddha smiled and said “ Ananda is always grateful. No matter what happens – even if he is in deep trouble – even if he has no shelter above his head – even if he is starving to death – he will always be grateful to GOD – he will always come to me and smile and say “God Love Me and that is why HE is testing me and I am happy to give the test with a grateful heart” – that is what makes Ananda – special – he is ordinary but he lives in total surrender to GOD and that makes him special.”

Just be ordinary but bring GOD into your life – live in total surrender by being grateful for whatsoever you have – and then you too will become special – that is the way the real way to be special in GOD’s kingdom!

But who wants to listen?

People are simply whining – as if GOD is entitled to give them what they want! As if GOD is obliged to give them what they wish!

This human world is filled more with shallow people – it is not that they don’t worship GOD – they worship GOD – they will visit the temples and shrines but NOT out of LOVE – but out of FEAR!

We have majority GOD FEARING men and women when we should have more GOD LOVING men and women!

Don’t fear GOD. Instead Love GOD. Don’t fear CURSE. Instead have FAITH in the blessing that GOD showers on you! Buddha wants God Lovers and not God fearing beings.

GOD never gets angry on you if you miss to visit HIS temple or shrine – because GOD is not found only in the temple or shrine – GOD is all around you – WITHIN you! GOD is the ultimate fragrance of your consciousness. GOD is consciousness. The WEST address it as GOD CONSCIOUSNESS or CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS and we address as KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS – the name differs the essence remains the same – CONSCIOUSNESS!

Focus on expanding your consciousness – by meditating and chanting the holy name of your Lord.

Remember – GOODNESS always prevails over the Evil.

BE GOOD – BE GRATEFUL – and always remember – NOTHING LASTS FOREVER – life is a flux – a constant change – except change everything else changes – and so never let EGO get into your HEAD when you are going through good times – and never be ashamed and depressed when you are going through tough times – because everything is momentary except LOVE – LOVE is eternal – as long as LOVE remains within your heart – you are ALIVE – you are BEAUTIFUL and you are HERE & NOW!

It is only when you are in LOVE that you can BE HERE NOW.

Meditation is to help you BE HERE NOW. Because the MIND is either in the PAST or in the FUTURE – it is through your own efforts – your meditations that you can bring this monkey mind in the NOW moment – the PRESENT moment!

And only that man and woman looks full of life – smiling – cheerful – happy – one who is able to BE HERE NOW!

Just BE HERE – with your master – because life is flowing NOW – if you miss NOW – you miss LIFE and that is how you go on missing life.

The most easiest way to BE HERE NOW is to learn to live your life with ACCEPTANCE – because it is only when you ACCEPT that you can MOVE ON and it is only when you MOVE ON that you can truly progress in your life!

The secret to your healing is only to be found in ACCEPTANCE!

Stay blessed.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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