What is the remedy for growth in business, finding a suitable marriage partner and overall success in life?


Prosperity, success and happiness is directly connected with the state of your awareness.

When a businessman starts falling to ‘temptations’ – and those temptations can be on several types – other woman, sex, pleasures, too much selfishness, arrogance towards servants, ignorance towards one’s wife ( since wife is the REAL LAKSHMI – she is ALIVE – and IF she is a pious woman, a spiritual being then definitely she is the REAL LAKSHMI of your house – and all the stone idols of all Goddesses comes after her because God or Goddess is within human beings and not in idols.).

Whether it was Jesus, or Prophet Muhammed or Buddha – the divine master have always preached that God cannot be contained in an idol – God cannot be objectified and that is exactly what the Upanishads mention – the idol is simply to help the SADHAK – the SEEKER to turn inwards and attain ‘self-realization’- the idol is just a medium – a bridge.

“Mohammed preached that HE cannot be objectified; you cannot make any idol of Him. He was saying what the Upanishad is saying. But what have the Muslims done? They thought it was their duty to destroy idols, to destroy temples, to set them on fire. Because nothing can be objectified – and so they went on ‘destroying the object.” – Osho

This is how the mad world is! Muhammed wanted his followers to move beyond the object (idol) but instead of moving beyond the object – his fellow followers became obsessed with the object so much so that they went on destroying the idols – the real message – the beautiful divine message of Prophet Muhammed reached only a few – those who were turning inwards!

God is inwards – within you – and so when you HURT a pious WOMAN – you are directly hurting Goddess Lakshmi and that is how you suffer losses – because you forgot the fact that GOD or GODDESS is within humans and not in the idols.

And so a businessman who is utterly ignorant towards the pious women in his life ( wife, mother) is bound to face DARIDRATA ( POVERTY) in his life. His business will suffer and he will face many losses the moment he starts DISRESPECTING the women in his life.

It is a strange world. Men run around hundreds of temples of Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Durga and Goddess Satoshi Ma however they miss to realize the fact that hurting any good pious woman is hurting the Goddesses because in every PIOUS woman – the ANSH ( tatva, essence) of Goddess is present!

A businessman who respects the woman in his family – as well as respects and takes care of women outside his family – always is blessed by Goddess Lakshmi. Such a businessman always lives in Prosperity – to such a businessman the scriptures address as LAKSHMI KANT! LAKSHMI KANT means one who is married to a pious woman who herself is a Goddess. Wheresoever she puts her feet – that place transforms into an OASIS! Deserts become gardens, arid land starts producing fruits and vegetables, such a woman is indeed a great blessing – she indeed is the ANSH of Goddess Lakshmi!

In this human world – there are many such pious women – they are living Goddesses- pious and so full of heart – full of compassion- full of love!

Incidentally once accidentally I met one such pious woman. It happened so that I was traveling in a bus and it was getting dark. I was wondering where will I get accommodation because there seem to be no sign of any hotels.

Then a woman in the bus heard me inquiring about nearby accommodation. She came and said “ You get down at the next stop – from there one of my person will help your reach PARSHURAM MANDIR. It is in the forest area. And the temple also has a comfortable cottages for accommodation.

I thanked that lady from the bottom of my heart and got down at the next stop. After a while a young man came on his scooter and dropped me at the steps of PARSHURAM MANDIR.

What a beautiful experience it was – through the forest area – the fresh air, the cool breeze – I was recharged and I couldn’t wait anymore, quickly I removed my chappals, washed my hands and feet and stepped inside the magnanimous temple of Lord PARSHURAM. Incidentally that day was also my Birthday! And what a beautiful coincidence it was – must be the call of the Master- the divine because just an hour ago while seated in that bus – I wasn’t aware that I was destined for such a beautiful moment!

The idol of Lord Parshuram was so divine. During that time – my first book “ Gift of Consciousness “ had been published and I had a copy of the book in my bag. I requested the priest to keep my book at the feet of the Lord – Lord Parshuram and prayed that the book reach to those who are seeking the divine, the beyond. At that moment in that temple was one old man. And he was supervising the whole temple premise. I gave a copy of my book to him as well. He said “ Thank you. I will be free in few minutes than we can talk.”

We talked for almost 2 hours. The old man was deeply touched with the conversation that we had. The old man was once a high profile political figure and head of a prominent political party. He was a very successful businessman. Had many shops and also a school which he passionately ran for the well being of his villagers.

But one day everything changed, his life came to a turning point when his elder son left him for living an ascetic life. That came as a big shock to him and that was the moment when he started turning towards spirituality. When your elder son spontaneously leaves all the wealth and properties for attaining the higher purpose of life – the father obviously goes through a shock – a deep shock! It was this shock that laid the foundation of his TRANSFORMATION – the old man took to social service, he handed the blooming business to his younger son.

It always happens – the fire of suffering becomes the light of consciousness.

Soon the old man left his blooming political career. And dedicated himself towards social service and spiritual life. It was during the conversation that I came to know that he was also the chief trustee of this magnanimous Lord Parshuram temple in Chiplun (Konkan).

The next morning I received his call and he said “You must come to my house for lunch.”

We had met just the last evening and yet this man was inviting me for lunch. I said “ It is Thursday. I eat only fruits on Thursdays.”

The old man seem not to let me go away without having lunch. He said “ No problem. In fact we just had some fresh fruits from our farm. Please come.”

I couldn’t say “No” – the old man was a gentleman and apparently also a blessed soul. I said “Fine.”

He said “ My driver will come to drop you at our home – don’t worry. Thanks.”

His driver came and dropped me at the old man’s home. It was there that I met the old man’s wife. She looked so pious – I touched her feet. Then along with that old couple- I had few fruits that they so lovingly served me. Before leaving – once again I bowed before both- touched their feet. I still could remember them…and the pious old woman.

Such beautiful incidents happened from out of the blue – 24 hours ago where was I? – in a bus – and then the sequence of these wonderful moments happened – and that too on my birthday. It was the call of the divine – the call of Lord Parshuram, the SIXTH AVATAR of LORD VISHNU.

The old man was a successful businessman and was also the chief trustee of Lord Parshuram temple. He was always respectful towards women. His wife was also a pious woman – in fact I could sense her divinity – her positivity that without thinking I touched her feet and she blessed me!

The whole point is about RESPECTING WOMAN, because SATURN 🙌 bless only those who are caring towards women. Now every woman is NOT a Goddess. But still even if a woman turns out as a WITCH still instead of hurting her – you can always IGNORE her.

Always remember Goddess LAKSHMI has a sister – and her name is ALAKSHMI. ALKASHMI means poverty, fights, noise, cheating basically all negative attributes of a WOMAN.

So in this human world – you have got two types of woman –


Lakshmi brings or represents prosperity because she is filled with many GUNAS ( good qualities).

Alakshmi takes away all your peace and your prosperity because she is filled with many Avagunas (bad qualities).

You see – the whole story of prosperity and poverty is based on the WOMAN that you associate with!

To find a pious woman who can become your wife – first you have to become pious!

Many men complain that “My wife is not good, she is not honest, she is…..” and so on and on and on – but the most important aspect that you all should understand is that you will ATTRACT exactly that woman who has similar level of ‘past karma’ and ‘qualities’ as you have! So if you want to ATTRACT a pious woman – a real good woman – then you have to first become good – you have to first work on purifying yourself!

A man will find his wife based on the level of his purity – his consciousness – his awareness.

A woman will find her husband based on the level of her purity – her consciousness – her awareness.

Many businessman after spending a couple of years in marriage get bored with their wives – they want some excitement and then they are drawn towards the “other woman”.

This “other woman” is a perfect representation of ALAKSHMI. The moment the man gets entangled with the ‘other woman’ (Alakshmi ) – his downfall begins! He starts failing in his business – everything starts turning against him – he has lost the whole momentum that he had build with so much dedication and hard work – by falling for the ‘other woman’!

The WIFE is therefore the most significant factor in a man’s life. She is the direct representation of Goddess Lakshmi. The whole success factor and prosperity is therefore based on how pious and God loving and understanding your wife is! And in turn how much pious and devoted you are – towards your wife.

Now many times it happens that the husband or wife is sleeping with other person. In such a scenario – tell me – how can Lakshmi stay in your house? Money is NOT Lakshmi – Lakshmi is the sum total of all the happiness, peace, joy and good qualities that comes along with money. Only then the money is WORTH IT! LAKSHMI therefore the GODDESS OF WEALTH – because wealth consists of your happiness, your good health, your willingness to live more and contribute more to this beautiful planet – our Mother Earth!

There are many couples who have millions in their bank accounts but have you seen how terrible their marriage life is? They are living under the same roof but not seeing each other’s face! Now tell me – is this a sign of Lakshmi or ALKASHMI?

It is sign of ALAKSHMI.

The whole essence of my answer is to help my readers realize the fact that LAKSHMI or Prosperity comes only when you live your life with awareness and by being righteous and following the Dharma – following the voice of your heart!

A good businessman is one who feeds the poor, donates money to NGOs, basically one who balances the ACT. If he is earning 1,000 then he will donate minimum 10% of his profit earning for a Good Cause.

BALANCING THE ACT is all what life is all about!

Horoscope always should be balanced – and it will appear as balanced only when you start balancing your ACT. Because horoscope is just a blueprint of your ACT (Karma).

That is why I always say that HOROSCOPE is DEAD – but YOU are ALIVE. And so it is up to YOU to change yourself – to allow change happen within you – and that is possible only when you start walking on the path of Buddha, the path of Krishna – the path of love and devotion – Bhakti Marg!

People ask for remedies. But beyond remedies there is something that can actually bring a great positive change within you and that is your ❤ heart!

Only a man of heart – only a woman of heart – only those who are following their heart can someday attain Govind – Krishna – God consciousness!

If I tell you to do a certain remedy than you will do it but it will be exactly the way a ROBOT executes a certain action.

I don’t want my readers and followers to become ROBOTS – I would love to see them become HUMAN – more and more HUMANE. And then the miracle starts happening- then the desert starts transforming into a beautiful Oasis – then the dance, the song, the music!

The answer to all those who have lost their way and going through losses and miseries is in one line – “Fall in Love” – GOD LOVE.

Krishna Das – a disciple of Neem Karoli Baba was transformed inside out when he met the divine master Neem Karoli Baba. Krishna Das was not his real name – his real name was Jeffrey Kagel. He is an American vocalist known for his performances of Hindu devotional music known as kirtan (chanting the names of God). He has released seventeen albums since 1996. He performed at the 2013 Grammy Awards, where his album Live Ananda (2012) was nominated for the 2013 Grammy Award for Best New Age Album. He’s been described by the New York Times as “the chant master of American yoga”.

This is how real transformations happen – and there are many such real life examples – the whole power of possibility is in the BHAKTI YOG.

Many great BHAKTS have been around us – one of them was Meera Bai!

It is said that during those days – a woman was NOT allowed in the temple of Krishna. They could worship only from the outside. The priest had not seen a woman for thirty years – he never used to go outside and inside the temple no woman was allowed. When he heard about Meera, he was worried because she would certainly come to the greatest temple of Krishna. He had put two guards at the gate: “Prevent that woman if she comes dancing here.”

But when Meera came dancing those guards completely forgot their purpose, why they were standing there. The dance was so beautiful and Meera was so beautiful, so radiant that without anybody noticing she entered the door, dancing.

The priest was in the middle of his worship. The plate that he was holding in his hand, a golden plate full of rose flowers…seeing Meera dancing and entering into the temple, the plate fell from his hands. He was very angry and he said to Meera, “It is against the rules of this temple – no woman can enter here!”

And you will be surprised to know the answer that Meera, which stands out in the whole history of the mystics with an aliveness. She said ” My God! I used to think that only Krishna was the man and everybody else is a woman, a lover of Krishna. Today I have found two men. You are also a man!”

And the way she spoke to the priest, the priest trembled.

Meera said ” The thing has to be decided here now: either you have to declare yourself a man or you have to declare yourself also a woman.”

Under the impact of Meera that poor priest had to accept. He said “I am also a woman.”

Meera said “Then now onward the rule is changed. Only woman can enter this temple. Those who think they are male, cannot enter.”

BHAKTI – DEVOTION has the power to change your life – to change the RULES – to change yourself inside out!

But who wants to listen? The majority have become ROBOTS. If a priest tells them to feed a bird – only then will they feed! Because it is a remedy! You see that is how this shallow human world is!

But amongst these shallow population there are few men and women of ❤ heart! They are a dance, they are a song, they are a music, a beautiful painting. They will feed many birds and dogs and cats and humans but out of love – out of compassion and not because it is a remedy.

I am in search of such men and women – the master is always in search of such beautiful hearts and they are always in minority!

My answer to you and through your question to all my followers and readers is very simple –

“ Don’t seek remedies. Seek your heart. Listen to the voice of your heart. Don’t do anything because it is a remedy – do it because your heart feels the pain, the suffering, the starvation that your fellow human beings are going through. Do out of love and not as a compulsion. Be more human and less robotic.”

The only remedy to all your miseries and difficulties is embarking on the path of devotion – the path of love. The more you are devoted to GOD – the more you can be patient. Sai Baba therefore emphasis on two words – SHRADDHA (FAITH) and SABBURI (PATIENCE). When you have both – FAITH and PATIENCE and purity of thoughts – ideas start coming towards you and that is how great businessmen are born!

You can receive good business ideas from the universe when your ‘antenna’ is positioned well – when your antenna is clean and pure!

Meditation – chanting the holy mantra or reading the holy scriptures is an effective tool that help you get the necessary ‘bath’ every day – so that your antenna remains clean and can receive the ‘signals’ from the beyond!

Nikola Tesla – one of the greatest scientist that the world had ever known and probably the only one after Einstein who believed in GOD – in the supreme non-physical world!

Everything is possible – business can get back to normal, unmarried woman can find suitable grooms, jobless men can find a job – but only when they start turning inwards – when they start focusing within – when they switch to meditations – to chanting the holy mantra – the holy name of GOD. And that indeed is the greatest remedy – but only if you have a certain depth of understanding!

Always remember – you have to walk yourself – the master may show you the way – but ultimately as the Buddha says – you have to work out your own salvation – all by being yourself – all by being alone!

The master is NOT the giver of TRUTH – the master is the pointer towards the TRUTH – ultimately it is YOU – who have to take efforts – turn inwards and realize the fact that it is only through your HEART – that you can touch the SKY – you can make the impossible – possible!

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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