Venus Mahadasha is bad for Pisces Ascendant person?


There is NO such thing as Bad or Good Venus or for matter NO planet is Bad. Every planet has a message — a mission to improve you — to awake you. If you remain positive then even a suffering can become a blessing in disguise! For Pisces Ascendant — Venus is NOT harmful. All you need is to RESPECT the WOMEN and if possible fast on Fridays and worship Goddess Lakshmi with Faith and Devotion.

Always remember — every person who comes in our life has a ROLE to play — and the ROLE may be whatever — it cannot affect you as long as you remain faithful, as long as you keep walking on the path of Love ❤️.

For Pisces Ascendant — Venus Mahadasha is a wonderful period of transformation. A great adventures await you. Interestingly many are not aware of the fact that the word ROMANCE is defined as Adventure in the English dictionary. This is the time when you can take Risks and only a man who can take Risk can attain that which others cannot!

Those who continue to live in COMFORT ZONES — never GROW in the true sense. Because Real Growth is the GROWTH WITHIN.

Once Buddha asked a very old man “ What is your Age?”

And the old man said “ I am four years old.”

The Emperor was seated at the feet of Buddha. He heard this answer and he was shocked. When the old man left — he asked Buddha “ What kind of answer was that? That man must be beyond 80 years and yet he said he was only 4 years old. Please help me understand O Master…”

Buddha said “ I asked him purposely. Because you have been asking all kind of stupid questions for last many hours so I thought why not give you the real thing.”

A real Master is a LION 🦁 and not a Cat! Who would dare to speak with an Emperor in such a way but the Master is Real and Real never Fears!

The Emperor touched the feet of then master and said “ Please explain…”

Buddha said “ The real Age is when you start turning inwards. When you start meditating. When your spiritual journey begins. When the old man said ‘ I am 4 years old’ — he meant that his spiritual journey has began just 4 years ago. NOW you tell me what is your Age?”

And the Emperor started crying. He had no answer because he had not yet started on his spiritual quest — his spiritual journey — he never had looked within!

And this is the whole essence of life my fellows. Instead of what the Puranas and Upanishads are saying — the master is more interested to know WHAT YOU ARE SAYING BASED ON YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE. YOUR OWN INSIGHTS. YOUR OWN SELF REALIZATION.

But this is a strange world — people will believe the Upanishads whose authenticity is a matter of question considering so many destructions caused by foreign invasions.

But if a spiritual master mentions something then shallow people will doubt — a living human being who has attained enlightenment is saying something and people will not believe. They will continue to believe in scriptures. This is not new — it has happened with every Messiah — be it Jesus, Buddha, Mahavira or Sai Baba!

You will fear Venus only if you are afraid of taking risks — of using this wonderful period of Venus Mahadasha in experiencing self transformation.

Just for my close followers — I want to reveal the fact that people will talk a lot about Spirituality — but if you ask them to JUMP first and think later — then out of 100 only 1 will step ahead and JUMP into the unknown — and it is only those who JUMP can experience the Beyond — the Godly — the Divine.

The Mahadasha of 8th house lord and 3rd house lord (Pisces Ascendant) is all about adventures, romance, risks and enjoying this wonderful journey called LIFE.

People are more interested about life after death. When in reality you should be living your life fullest before death.

It is only when you take Risks — it is only when you become Adventurous — it is only when you follow your ❤️ heart — that Transformation happens! 8th house and 8th house lord is all about transformation — inner transformation.

The real Juice is only to be found in the deep valleys of the 8th and 12th house! And it is through these deep valleys that great mountains ( persons) have evolved. Some of the finest human beings have had major planets in the 8th and 12th house!

But people are shallow. They fear the 8th and 12th just the way the forest animals fear the LION 🦁 and the 🐅 TIGER!

8TH and 12TH is where the greatest spiritual beings dwell — they cannot remain trapped in those typical goody goody four walls of safe houses in the chart — they are the Lions — they live FREE, they dance, they celebrate life — their roar is indeed the roar of Freedom!

Interestingly those who are Lions — who love FREEDOM are naturally drawn towards me because the Lion will come only to a Lion. Reminds me of a story…

There was a lion cub. And he got lost in the woods. A flock of sheep raised him. And he started moving around with the flock of sheep. One day a very old Lion was passing by and he saw that a young Lion was moving around with a flock of 🐑 sheep!!!

The old Lion roared and the sheep started running all over — the young Lion also started running, escaping!

You see — living with sheep the young Lion also started believing that he too is a sheep! This is how life is — when you are in company of sheep you forget your real identity — that you also are a 🦁 LION!

And so the old Lion caught the young Lion and took him to the cave. The young Lion continued to cry like a sheep! Then the old Lion took him to the river. In the that river water — the young Lion for the First Time — saw his Real Self — he also saw the reflection of the Old Lion in the river water and he realized that he *is* a LION. And then he Roared for the first time. The entire forest shivered — they realized that the LION has ARRIVED!

AND this is how God is — my fellows. This is how the Master is. This is how Buddha is. This is how Jesus is. This is how Mahavira is. They are like that OLD LION who help us all realize that we are NOT a sheep but a 🦁 LION!

A Lion never Fears the dangers and risks and adventures of life. Similarly I appeal to all my close followers and readers that do not fear the 8th and 12th. Remember — you are a 🦁 LION

Love to all my readers and followers. Stay blessed and focus on NOT what the scriptures say but what your experience says — what your Self says. For that is the real sign of Intelligence — divine intelligence.

Your own self experience, you own self inquiry is the greatest service you can render to this human world. The real journey of life begins only when you start asking yourself – that one significant question— “Who Am I?”

Meditate. Love and Let Go.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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