Effects of Mars Venus Conjunction

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

Venus and Mars coming together is a sign that LOVE and SEX are now entangled with each other! In simple words it means that the native cannot imagine love without SEX! And interestingly those who have this conjunction — they have a great sex appeal! They generally look very hot and sexy and their life is also spiced up with many love affairs or even a single love affair is so intense that they just cannot imagine a 💔 breakup and by destiny if they face a 💔 breakup then it really impacts them very badly — I have seen women and men remaining unmarried just because they cannot think of anybody else other than their lover who left them half-way!

5th house is the hub of love affairs and romantic experiences. And so when you have the HOT 🔥 SIZZLING CONJUNCTION OF VENUS AND MARS in the very HUB OF LOVE AFFAIRS (5th house) then the native is bound to fall in love multiple times in life or he may fall in love with just one woman but that will be so INTENSE that his whole life will be engulfed by just that ONE LOVE — ONE WOMAN!

The very first glimpse of 💕 LOVE happens through the eyes! LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT – is something that often happens with natives having Venus Mars conjunction!

Love is first seen through the eyes! That is why the saying goes that if you want to know whether the woman loves you — look into her eyes, for the eyes can NEVER deceive!

And so is the Love that showers from the eyes of the Master — but such a love is of higher altitudes, it is unconditional, it is Pure, it is Divine!

The greatest love stories are indeed the love stories that happened between a disciple and the master – the disciple moving towards the master – the master moving towards the disciple – it is so pure, so divine, that language is poor, it is beyond the power of words to express the love between a disciple and the master!

Reminds me of a great spiritual master – His Holiness Shridhar Swami. He was one of the greatest master — he lived in the small town of Alandi. Many people would come to him to seek solutions – and he was a man of many miracles, he healed many diseases and he also helped thousands in overcoming the black magic spells. He was a great Yogi – but what a great human being he was! And I had met him when he was 75 years old. Just 3 years of acquaintance and he was so fond of me. I could see that pure love in his eyes….he would fondly address me as TAMHANKAR. He was a man of miracles, a great spiritual master. One afternoon he was lying on his bed and I happened to visit him, he remained lying on his bed, I stepped ahead — he was a diabetic patient and so he had urinated in a glass bottle and the bottle was kept on a table near his bed. I looked at the bottle, it was filled with his urine. I said to him “ Baba, I will empty this bottle…”

At that moment the love that I saw in his eyes is beyond the power of expression. He could see that I have absolutely no problem in touching the bottle filled with his urine….he just nodded his head and said “ It’s ok. You don’t have to do this.”

The love between a disciple and the master cannot be expressed in words. Our bonding was very strong, in his Ashram — the name TAMHANKAR became so well known in his Ashram that if I missed to visit him for a few weeks then everyone would start asking where is Tamhankar?

The greatest honor that I had while being in His omnipresence was when he asked me to prepare his Horoscope!! I said “ Baba it is like Krishna asking Sudama to prepare his Horoscope! You are the greatest enlightened being I have ever met in person and so why you need horoscope?”

Baba was a very humorous person. I still remember his smiling face, often he would joke and often he would laugh at himself!

Look into my eyes – Baba said “ Tamhankar what’s wrong in making my horoscope. Make it.”

I made his horoscope. He was born on 1938, 18th November. He look at his horoscope and said — now predict something. I also want to know about my future.”

And he started laughing loudly. A true Saint is always humorous – he laughs, he smiles, he is in his own bliss!

Those who were present were surprised — one of them said to me “ This is the first time in his life that Baba has asked someone about Astrology. You are very fortunate.”

This is all – the Leela of the Master. The Master’s Love is simply inexpressible! And it is only through tears that you express the inexpressible!

That moment my eyes were filled with tears. I feel upon Baba’s feet and Baba gave a pat on my back. It was a blessing.

Baba left his mortal body in the August of 2020. But I often remember the many moments of sharing that we had together. He would share many stories with me in private, his devotees in the Ashram would often say — When Tamhankar comes Baba is very happy.

Through out his life – Baba performed many miracles, he was an expert in removing black magic spells and nobody had the guts to stand before his immense spiritual power and yet he lived a very simple life. He belonged to a very rich family of landlords but he left everything and spend over forty years in a simple room – he never had to do any SHOW OFF – no long beard and no saffron clothes and no big tilak and no advertisements – he lived in his own way – simple and sweet.

Always remember – the REAL never has to do any SHOW OFF.

Love has many levels. Always remember this and I say this to all my close followers and readers. Love exists from the lowest rung to the highest rung.

Venus Mars conjunction is a Hot Love. It is not the love of Buddha because Buddha’s Love is cold and not hot.

The general public have always known only one type of love and that is Hot Love! In fact even when they eat Dog – they want HOT DOG!

Yesterday Mohan’s friend came and said “ My girlfriend has lost interest in me…”

I asked “ Why what happened?”

He said “ She says “ You are No More 🔥 Hot.”

You see — this is how Love is expected to be. Hot. Very Hot.

Venus Mars conjunction is capable of producing such HOT LOVE.

One day Mohan asked me “ What is Hot Love?”

I said “ Hot Love means PASSIONATE LOVE.”

BUT the problem with passionate love or hot love is that it loses interest very fast!

Mohan asked “ Why so?”

Because the attraction is more towards physical pleasures. Once you have explored every part of the body then exploring the same body again and again seems boring. And then one loses interest because how long can you chew the same stick?

Sexual or physical attraction cannot last forever. You simply see some beautiful face, you see some beautiful body and you think, “My God, I am in love!” This love is not going to last, because after two days, seeing the same face for twenty-four hours a day, you will get bored. The same body… you have explored the whole topography; now there is nothing to explore. Exploring the same geography again and again, you feel like an idiot. That is how relationships formed out of physical attraction fall apart! Venus Mars conjunction drives you crazy – as you simply get attracted physically towards the opposite sex and the opposite sex also gets attracted towards your because of your immense physical beauty!

The other aspect of Venus Mars conjunction is emotional vulnerability. Emotions ( Venus) becomes often intense and wild ( Mars) leading to a highly emotional love story that either converts into a legal union ( marriage) or a serious relationship which is NO LESS than a marriage!

💔 Break-up is a very common trait of this conjunction. Because both — the male and female are so intense in their love relationship, there is so much emotion involved that even a slightest mistake of misunderstanding each other can lead to a heart breaking love story.

90% of the men and women having Venus Mars conjunction are found to be sexy and very attractive. A Venus Mars conjunction woman find it difficult to prevent attraction from men. I knew one woman and she had Mars Venus conjunction in Aries sign! And she looked very sensual and attractive. Wherever she went — she could sense the unwanted attraction and attention from men. Finally she decided to have a low profile. So she would not do any makeup, no hair styling — nothing. She started moving in simple dress and yet STILL she could see men attracted towards Her!

You see — Mars Venus conjunction brings great power of attraction. The native attracts the attention of opposite sex.

Once a woman asked me “ It seems I am not able to attract attention of men towards me. How to attract attention of men?”

I said “ You are attractive. The fact is that you look beautiful and there are many men who may find themselves pulled towards you but nobody will tell you on the face — because men are afraid of what you may think if they compliment you!”

And that is true. Many times we want to appreciate the beauty but in today’s world you never know what fuss one may make out of this appreciation!

Reminds me of my youthful days when I was 25. I was flying from Mumbai to San Fransisco and in my flight — the passenger next to me was a very beautiful young woman in her mid twenties. I was young and that was my very first flight outside India. The flight had a stop at Heathrow Airport — while changing the flight — I saw her again, she was standing and reading a magazine…I thought to step ahead and just compliment her by saying “ You truly look like a goddess!” But then I changed my mind because who knows— she may have taken it wrongly and may not have liked me appreciating her beauty!

It is a different story that a time came in my life when I was no more attracted towards the physical beauty because when you experience something that is beyond — something that is of higher altitudes — then you no more remain trapped in the physical beauty because physical beauty is temporary — spiritual beauty is immortal!

But as far as this material world is concerned — it is indeed a fact that people notice your physical beauty but rarely will anybody dare to speak up his mind openly because in this Kali-Yug AGE — you never know what meaning one will derive even though your intention is very pure and you simply want to admire the beauty that God has so lovingly bestowed on him or her!

Venus Mars conjunction works wonders for natives born on:

VIRGO ASCENDANT – the beauty of VIRGO Ascendant is that these fellows are blessed with a YOUTHFUL APPERANCE. I know many men and women born on VIRGO ASCENDANT and most of them don’t look their age! A 52 years old woman (Virgo Ascendant) will look almost ten years younger and on top of that if she has this SEXY conjunction of Venus and Mars – then she will give a tough competition to even those girls who are just 18! Virgo is very much youthful in appearance and generally these fellows are not bulky or fat – they maintain good shape, they focus on dieting a lot!

GEMINI ASCENDANT – Gemini is a next-door girl or next-door boy ascendant sign. Meaning these are very accommodating, easy-to-go individuals – and generally these fellows love to PARTY! The sign GEMINI is basically very sexy – in fact highly sexual – in Hindi or Marathi – the name for this sign is MITHUN – but the real pronunciation is MAITHUN – which means ‘Intercourse’ – and so Venus Mars conjunction for this Ascendant gives birth to a highly sexy person – many well known actors and actresses are born with this setup – Gemini Ascendant and Venus Mars conjunction! This deadly combination makes these fellows very attractive and appealing – if you fall for a woman having this setup in her birth chart than I will not blame you – you just cannot control yourself when you are in company with such a HOT GAL!

LIBRA ASCENDANT – Highly diplomatic and social by nature – Libra Ascendant men and women are also highly intellectual and take great interest in philosophy, romance, thriller books and movies. Venus Mars conjunction not only make these fellows highly appealing but along with physical beauty – they also have intellectuality which makes a great combination to attract a suitable mate!

Taurus Ascendant – Taurus is a sign that is more interested in the outer appearance and so they themselves take immense efforts in enhancing their beauty – they exercise, take brisk walks – because physical appearance means a lot to them. These are fellows who are more interest in action – if they love you then they would want to express it by kissing you on the lips! Designs, fashion, beautiful surroundings, perfect ambience is all that matters a lot to them and Venus Mars conjunction makes them just more appealing and attractive – a woman having Taurus Ascendant and Venus Mars conjunction is just too hot to handle – only someone who resonates with her – can actually win her heart! These fellows are very romantic by heart – bubbling, chatting, joyous by nature. Having a Taurus Ascendant woman as a girlfriend or a wife is indeed a great blessing – because they can make your world – a much beautiful world!

Ideally for Mercury and Venus ruled Ascendants – Mars Venus conjunction works wonders, however there is one more Ascendant that often becomes a great place for Venus Mars conjunction and that is the Ascendant – ARIES.

Aries Ascendant – These are bossy people – they like to dominate and they are simply brilliant when it comes to adventures and sports. They are courageous beings and they will not waste a minute to express their feelings especially if they are in love with you! They will simply express their heart out – saying “I LOVE YOU” is not difficult for these fellows – they are Martians – they like to keep it STRAIGHT. SHORT and SWEET is their motto and then whether it is LOVE or HATE – they are quick to express themselves! And when it comes to SEX – then too they are very quick – they like to get in action and they know what you want when it comes to satisfying your sexual desires!

Venus Mars conjunction makes these Aries Ascendant fellows emotionally intense and unfortunately they experience many breakups – until one day they finally settle with the love of their life!

For other 7 Ascendants – Venus Mars conjunction needs certain remedies, otherwise this conjunction can simply drive them crazy in the matters of love relationships or if the chart is too bad then also they may get dragged into multiple sexual relationships!

Always remember – and I specifically say this to my close followers – that don’t ask what happens when Venus Mars come together, instead ask yourself – WHY they have come together in your birth chart!

This – WHY – can move you inwards. This – WHY – can motivate you to embark on the greatest journey – the Journey Within.

Remember – there are many millionaires who die like a beggar -they have everything but they dies with utter disappointment – in a miserable mind state and then there are a few – very few who die like an EMPEROR – in their own bliss.

You have to decide – which way you want to move – for those who have died like an Emperor – have lived like the BUDDHA! So decide – which path you want to walk?

The path of an ignorant being. OR

The path of Buddha.

Your destiny and your future births are purely based on the path you choose – choose wisely.

To live like Buddha – you need to learn to WATCH – to WITNESS.

Just Watch – Just WITNESS – don’t indulge in any act – just watch, just witness – and you will be able to do so only when you become more and more DETACHED.

See how it is all inter-linked – WITNESSING is POSSIBLE only through the state of DETACHMENT!

Detachment means – you can live with your parents, with your family, you can owe dozens of cars and bungalows – BUT – you will not get attached to any of these – you will remain detached.

Mohan asked “How to get to the state of detachment?”

I hugged Mohan and said “ Nobody has asked this question – hundred of people come to me – but nobody has asked this beautiful question. Since you have asked – I will answer.”

Attachment is of the MIND – remember this. And to reach to the state of detachment – you have to focus on overcoming this MIND. And to do so – the only UPAY – the only SOLUTION – the only REMEDY is chanting the holy Mantra, my dear.

It is through chanting that you slowly slowly move beyond the mind – then you can start experiencing the state of detachment. It all begins with NAAM – that is why Baba Nanak has emphasized on the NAAM – that is why Sant Kabir has stressed on chanting – that is why Saint Tulsidas and many enlightened beings have encouraged us to focus on chanting!

But who wants to listen?

Those few who have listen – who have started chanting the name of the Lord have progressed much faster in life – materially as well as spiritually! Because the power of chanting is immense but only blessed souls can realize this power – can appreciate this power!

Life is simple – my fellows. It is your MIND that complicates Life. And to control and overcome this monkey MIND – the only way is to chant – only through chanting can you pacify the restless mind.

Venus Mars comes together because – for many past births you have been too focused on sexuality – on physical beauty – on physical appearances – but this birth you can work on overcoming these traits of your many past repeats – by starting chanting regularly – with consistency and devotion.

There is much more to share but for now – enough. My sharing is only for those blessed souls – who follow ME, who CONNECT with ME, and who carry a pure heart. To such souls – my doors are always open – but only for these selective souls who understand the language of heart.

Your heart is beautiful – your heart knows the way – what comes between is the MIND.

Mind is the most difficult prison – a meditative being’s focus should be in breaking this prison by focusing more and more on our heart – until one day the heart opens up and you start experiencing the beyond – the unseen – the divine!

Love to all my followers and readers. Stay blessed and remember to meditate every day. Chant the holy mantra and focus on your breathing – remember – it is only through consistent efforts that you can attain self-growth.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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