When Venus is in the 8th house what gemstone remedy is recommended?


It is a strange world. Man and woman sleep together and when the honeymoon is over they remember the astrologer! Then they rush to the astrologer and ask “ Should we marry? Is it going to last for good? Is it going to bring happiness?”

Now the poor astrologer is wondering what kind of world he is living in! Honeymoon is already over, and now the couple is doubting on whether to JUMP into this legal institution called marriage or not!

And because the questioner has asked about 8th Venus – this relating has happened. Otherwise it would have not.

And I appeal to all my followers especially those who are taking keen interest in understanding Astrology that TIMES are changing. The very MEANING of relationships is changing. The very definition of MARRIAGE is changing and so you all have to get your basics reevaluate before you reach to a certain observation.

Marriage has become a ‘Showcase’ – it is NO MORE a symbol of love rather it has become a matter of social status.

Yesterday a young man came – he said : ‘ I am young and I am looking for a girl to marry.’

I said “ Then what is the problem. Almost half of the population is of women – so you should find one for yourself.”

He said “ But I have one expectation…”

I said “ what?”

He looked at me and said “ She must be a virgin.”

I asked him “ From which world have you come? You are asking and expecting the IMPOSSIBLE.”

And my fellow readers and followers- this is the HARD TRUTH of today’s world. To expect something that is outdated is mere stupidity.

The word Virgin is no more found in today’s world. Neither the women and nor the men – they lose their virginity long before they get married. And I am talking in general what is happening around and it is not a myth but the REALITY of today’s Age that you all must Accept.

ACCEPTANCE is the key. My new Upcoming book is exactly on the subject of ACCEPTANCE.

8th Venus. 12th Venus. These are people who are REAL LOVERS. AND let me tell you all – small minds think about virginity – LIBERAL MINDS just dont care about such man made obligations- they are just happy to LOVE…to MELT within each other….LOVE KNOWS NO NO BOUNDARIES…IT IS SIMPLY HAPPY TO BE!

But the pundits will not understand- they will condemn the LOVERS – the Venus 12, the Venus 8 people – they will give long lectures on virginity….I remember one such story and it is interesting….

Once it happened- A High Priest was visiting a Church and all the Nuns were present. The High Priest was very strict about maintaining virginity. It was a different story if he himself had remained virgin. But when all nuns came and the room was packed…he stood up and said “All you Holy Nuns – if you all have maintained your virginity then please stand up.”

Nobody stood up except one nun with a small girl in her lap. The High Priest thanked God that at least one Nun has remained virgin.”

The High priest said to her “ So it is only you who is Virgin.”

The nun said “ No Father, it is not me but my small daughter who is just 1 yrs old. I am standing for her.”

Virginity is nothing but the PLAY OF THE MIND. Religions are compelling people to stay virgin. In reality virginity has nothing to do when it comes to LOVE!

VENUS 8. VENUS 12. They will understand what I am saying. They are wild lovers….they know no BOUNDARIES. Such men and women cannot live in a dominating society. They need FREEDOM. Absolute FREEDOM. LOVE blossoms only in a FREE SOCIETY.

Generally people with Venus in 8th or 12th do well in FREE SOCIETY. Foreign western countries are good for such free love birds!

AND so I don’t know why the questioner wants a remedy for VENUS 8! This is how Ignorance compels people to defame VENUS 8 OR VENUS 12 placements. When in reality it is a wonderful placement for SOULS that have evolved with time.

Having SEX with the person you LOVE is NOT a crime. Understand this and let me repeat again with emphasis on the word LOVE. When there is deep intense LOVE – sex happens without any sexuality in it! But when there is absolutely NO LOVE but just Lust then sexuality comes in picture and it is UGLY.

It is possible that my answer maybe collapsed because people feel uncomfortable to face the Truth. They want to know the truth but hardly are they willing to FACE the truth.

When you love you simply love! Then you must not ask silly questions like “ Are you virgin?”

Once a Venus 12 young man and he must be really silly because he had been through two Passionate relationships and now when he was in love with a new woman – he asked her “ Are you a virgin?”

And the Girl had Venus 8th – she looked into the eyes of the man and asked back “ Are you a virgin?”

So you see – people have crazy expectations when they themselves cannot met those expectations!

Life is a flow. Men meet women and many relationships happen out of love. Women meet men and the melting the merging happens out of love. It is natural. Understand the fact Women are NOT products. And neither are Men. Products have labels – used/unused. You can evaluate products – they are lifeless. BUT never ever do the silly mistake of evaluating PEOPLE the way you evaluate PRODUCTS.

People have emotions. They LOVE. They fall in love. They relate. They melt in each other and that is perfectly humane! Natural.

The idea of Virginity is the idea of a FAKE society. A hypocrite society. LOVE knows no virginity. When you truly love a woman or a man – you would never ask silly questions like “ Are you a virgin?”

When you love, you simply love!

Small minds – intellectualism leads you to such silly questions of virginity and in the process creates many hurdles for you and you never are able to experience love in true sense!

AND so I appeal to all my followers and readers and fellow travelers- when you love – let there be NO question of AGE DIFFERENCE- CASTE DIFFERENCE- SOCIAL STATUS DIFFERENCE.

Love is not for a coward- a man who keeps raising doubts after doubts. Love is for a courageous man – courageous heart that is willing to JUMP into the unknown!

Courage is the LOVE AFFAIR with the UNKNOWN.

Only a man who has courage can LOVE. And Venus 8 is one dimension that provides you with courage to walk on the dangerous PATH OF LOVE!

So VENUS 8 is NOT A DISEASE OR A SETBACK and so when there is absolutely no disease no SETBACK then why would the ‘doctor ‘ prescribe any remedy?

But as mentioned in the very beginning of this answer – it is a strange world. Money has to be earned and without FEAR how will you or anybody churn out money! And so FEAR is instilled- 6th.8th.12th. How much of FEAR is instilled by the means of these 3 houses! FEAR sells faster than FAITH. ADDITTYA TAMHANKAR will be banned because he is emphasizing on FAITH. ON THE TRUTH. ON THE BEAUTY OF LOVE AND DEVOTION. BUT FEAR MAKERS will not be touched because FEAR SELLS FASTER THAN FAITH!

BUT I am all for LOVE. I AM All For all those innocent lovers with VENUS 8TH AND VENUS 12TH – The world may condemn me but how would that change the TRUTH!

And the Truth is simple – Venus 8th is a beautiful placement. Venus 12 is also a beautiful placement. Osho had Venus 8th. And he openly shared the fact that “ I am not a celibate”

TRUTHFUL MEN OR WOMEN always say the facts on face. Because their heart is pure. They don’t live in fantasies and hypocrisies- they understand life more deeply than the others!

Venus 8 is also a great spiritual placement. Sexuality and Spirituality goes hand in hand. Don’t be surprised- because the deeper you can go in sexuality the greater you can rise in spirituality. Ofcourse the sexuality has to be come out of true love and then there is no sex in it but just pure love, pure melting in each other! But this is a very deep statement, a deep subject – don’t just jump on my words – self realize the meaning that lies beneath those words.

A certain intensity has to be there. A certain depth. When your act of sex is intense – then the moment you start moving from being BHOGI(pleasure seeking) to becoming a YOGI – the same intensity the same depth helps you to rise to the higher altitudes!

And so every great YOGI was once a great intense lover – a passionate lover with deep intense sexuality.

Tulsidas. Tulsidas loved his wife a lot. He was a passionate husband. A deep lover. And he had not yet started on his spiritual journey. He was just like any other common man who loved his wife immensely. But one day Tulsidas had to drop his wife at her parents house. Tulsidas could not stay alone for long. After just two nights – he went back to his wife and said “ I want you back. You have stayed for two nights with your parents. Now pack your bags and come back with me.”

Tulsidas’s wife was not a common soul. She looked into the eyes of her husband and said “ Tulsi – if this tremendous passion and love that you have for me – if this same love and passion is directed towards God than imagine how greatly your life can be transformed.”

Those words – yes, those words went so deeply into the heart of Tulisdas that he went back to his home and from that day he never looked back – his deep passion and love was directed towards the higher purpose of life – towards SELF REALIZATION. And then history is witness to the wonderful spiritual transformation of Tulisdas – who went on to become the greatest saint that the world had ever know – Saint Tulsidas. I humbly prostate before his holiness.

The Hanuman Chalisa written by Saint Tulisdas is the most sweetest Holy scriptures and the most effective remedy on all the miseries of life.

NEEM KAROLI BABA – The Baba to whom Steve Jobs of Apple had come all the way from the US to meet and Mark Zuckerberg had mentioned in his interview with PM Modi – such a great Saint and Hanuman Avatar- His holiness Neem Karoli Baba mentions:


A real picture of His Holiness Neem Karoli Baba.

And so instead of running behind astrologers and black magicians and what not – to all – especially to all my genuine followers and readers- I insist that focus on simple things – the most simple remedies have the greatest solutions that can work wonders in your life!

But who wants to listen? People just want to talk over the phone. People just want to meet me. I tell you and through this answer to all my readers- that is NOT required. Just a response via email. Just my answers on my website or on this forum is enough for a follower or a fellow traveler who is wise enough and who is truly a meditating being!

Avatar Meher Baba for over 20 years never spoke. He had a secretary who would share his divine message. If somebody would come to meet Meher Baba – the Baba would simply write – B L E S S I N G S. And that was all! And yet many of his followers benefited through his written messages!

Talking is required for a soul that is yet to evolve. Evolved souls rejoice in Silence. They get the message and through those messages they continue to evolve.

I would love to see you all evolve in this way. Through deep silence.

“Real communication happens in SILENCE.” – Osho

Let there be more and more Silence in your life and I say it to all my followers. BUT that Silence has to be a BLISSFUL SILENCE. A MEDITATIVE SILENCE.

If you all can understand my sharing than the need to talk with me will never arise! And that is the beauty of all – that is the sign of real progress. Else there are many parrots – but I would love to see you all become Eagles and not just talking parrots.

So come you all – let us overcome all these plays of the monkey MIND that goes on creating illusions about 8th Venus. Or 12th Venus. Every placement is a good placement or becomes a good placement the moment you start turning inwards…the moment you start meditating…the moment you start asking yourself the most important question – WHO AM I?

And the day you all will find the answer – you will never ever fear of any placements whatsoever- then in the true sense the sky (consciousness) is clear and you are ready to fly and experience for the very first time in your life – the real taste of FREEDOM.

Venus 8 is all for love and love blossoms only when there is absolutely NO Possessiveness but absolute FREEDOM.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

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