What are the exceptions to the Mangalik Dosha?


How can the doctor give you medicine – when you are perfectly fine? But society is fake, society wants you to be as miserable as you can – so then the society pundits can loot you – then you come under their grip – and people are innocent – they are already fighting many battles of life – who has the courage to stand up and say – that this so-called – MANGLIK-DOSH – is a loot – a straightway abusive exploitation – who has the courage – if you say so – you will be condemned as a fool – but I don’t care – and so I am standing up and saying again and again to all my followers – don’t become a victim of this crap – there is no need to fear of Mangalik Dosha – it is not a ‘disease’ – it is not something that makes you ‘untouchable’!

Calling someone ‘Mangalik’ – sounds abusive. And if you are falling for this abuse – if you are not willing to come out of the darkness (ignorance) then you better ignore me and my answer. You can continue to live with the label of being Mangalik – that is your choice, can’t help!

In reality, there is nothing called as ‘Mangalik’ – it is, in fact, a very positive sign of a person have more energy of Mars. There are millions of people who are ‘Mangalik’ – and who are doing exceptionally well – in marriages – in relationships – in jobs – in businesses – in politics – in film/entertainment industry you name it – and there are millions of examples.

FEAR is sold fast – and so a fear is created – then you will come, then you will shell out good money – it has become a business – a business of Mangalik Fear!

Beliefs come out of FEAR! And this is significant – once a fear is created – a certain belief is born out of it! Truth is not born out of FEAR – God is not born out of FEAR – God can only be known out of Love! And people waste their whole life – by living in fear – they miss the truth, they miss God, they simply miss the whole beauty – the whole happiness and joy of life! They miss life. Life never begins.

Mangalik is just a signal that you have more energy, more power, more courage, more bravery, more individualism than the others! And so you see great commanders, great politicians, great actors, great writers, great talented men and women with this position and look – what the ignorant men of this world have made this wonderful placement into – they have made it a cause of ‘fear’ – just for few coins, they have sold MARS – they have sold FEAR – and I appeal to all my followers and the questioner to not to buy this FEAR – to understand the positive side of the story – remember every placement irrespective of what it is – has a positive and negative side to it!

Positive. Negative. Both are required to complete you.

Life is absolutely balanced between the positive and the negative. Now it is your choice which side you want to be – in heaven or in hell. They both are there, absolutely balanced. It is up to you to choose. The negative is not your imagination, neither the positive is your imagination. They both are there – absolutely balanced. It is up to you to choose.

Similarly, for all kind of planetary placements – it is up to you to choose!

Mars is the planet of energy – pure energy – and Mars doesn’t distinguish the energy that it bestows upon you – it is pure energy – now what and how your direct this energy is solely the choice of the individual! Why TOO MUCH OF MARS or Mangalik as they say – is a point of sensitivity is because now you have got immense energy – more than what the other ‘common’ folks get from Mars – with too much of mars – you are blessed with too much of sexual energy – too much of courage – too much of bravery – too much of aggressiveness – too much of daring – so you see – ‘Too Much’ is the only catch!

Learn to CURB the- TOO MUCH-ness and you will be okay – then there is an altogether different meaning to this placement – then failure becomes a success – then all that seems to be impossible becomes possible – then life is no more the same – then life is more of love and less of logic!

The marriage of a strong Martian has to be with a strong martian! And that is obvious – because when you have 2000cc of sexual power – you cannot be satisfied by someone who has just 8oocc of sexual power! A Maruti 800 won’t catch up with a BMW – to catch up with a BMW – you need a BMW only!

Using the word ‘Mangalik’ – is highly abusive – it works in India – but in the US or in any western country such an abusive word will not be tolerated – but our fellow Indians have been so much brainwashed by the religious pundits and certain astrologers that – they just don’t find anything wrong in being bullied or labeled as Mangalik – so here I am going to refer to a much victimized Mangalik individual as a strong Martian.

A strong Martian is outspoken, courageous, bold – he or she is a TIGER – and so when it comes to a relationship, a partnership, a marriage – a good match has to be there – someone who is also outspoken, someone who is also courageous, bold, large-hearted – open to ideas – now in this world – how many are true with such great qualities? And so often getting a suitable match for marriage – becomes a challenging task! Now which astrologer is going to tell you this – who wants to lose a good lucrative business of selling fear of Mars?

But I am doing it – just for the sake of my followers – just so that anybody who follows me – does not get trapped in lies and fears – I want all my followers to live a fearless life – a life that is not burdened by fear but is flying with courage, with faith, with patience!

Just a touch of guidance, a touch of love, a touch of understanding – and a cruel Saul becomes Saint Paul – an illiterate thief Ratnakar – becomes Saint Valmiki – an ignorant warrior – Arjuna becomes the greatest warrior the world had ever known! So don’t condemn anybody – only a man who has shallow understanding would condemn others – a man of awareness, a meditative man would never condemn but rather be as compassionate as possible – that is how Jesus is, that is how Krishna is, that is how Buddha is!

A strong martian is very sexy, very attractive, very bold, very outspoken and very compassionate also! To find a match for such a unique individual is not going to be an easy task – and so either marriage are delayed or marriages fail when the ‘match’ is missed!

A strong martian (or as they use the abusive word – Mangalik) – is a unique individual – and so I appeal to all my followers to look within and if you are a ‘Strong Martian’ – then realize your unique individuality – you are born not by accident – there is a reason for your existence, understand, realize that reason. Each person comes into this world with a specific destiny–he has something to fulfill, some message has to be delivered, some work has to be completed.

A strong martian has immense energy – there is a reason for his or her existence – some work has to be finished – some questions left unanswered in the last life has to be answered – so there is much going on, the energy is overflowing – weak people, ignorant people who can’t take it – start criticizing, start condemning such beautiful strong Martians – who wants to know the truth – and truth has no agenda! Buddha has no agenda, Krishna has no agenda, Jesus has no agenda – truth is flowing – the river is flowing – whosoever comes is welcomed – and the truth is only a few come, only few could really understand – Jesus had only 12 Apostles, Krishna had only one Arjuna, Buddha had only one Sariputra – truth has always fewer followers – and yet it is truth that prevails, it is the truth that remains! One who speaks the truth is condemned – is crucified.

I appeal to all my followers – do not fear, do not feel low, do not allow others to bully you – stand up and understand the truth – and the truth is – that you don’t become an alien just because you have a strong martian energy – just because you are more courageous, just because you are outspoken, just because you have the daring to face challenges, just because you have the guts to go against the society and stand up to the truth – no my dear Martians – you are not aliens, you are not to be sidelined or condemned but to be appreciated for your wonderful qualities that have made this world a more beautiful place, a more safe place to live!

There is no answer to your question because in my ‘dictionary’ – such questions don’t exist and it should not exist in your dictionary also. Your question – itself is a proof that you have been thinking a lot negative about the wonderful martian qualities – and I don’t blame you for this because that is what the society wants you to be – a fearful man!

And that’s my whole purpose for being on this forum and that is to help you and all those who are following me – to understand to realize the truth. Whatsoever the society has done to you has to be undone. Your consciousness has to be leaned, emptied so that you can become like a pure mirror reflecting reality!

Remember – we are in this beautiful world – not to condemn others – but to love others and the first step to love others starts with yourself!

And so the only answer that can truly address your question is just in two words – “Love Yourself”.

Let love be the answer to all your questions and love is born out of understanding – deep understanding! True love is born out of understanding says the Buddha!

If you can grow in love, you will grow in awareness and if you grow in awareness – you will grow in love! Love blossoms through understanding. And understanding comes through deep meditation. Meditate and also help others meditate – the answer to all miseries is within you – turn inwards and meditate.

Jai Ganesha! Jai Guru!

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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