Revolutionary Mars Transit: Unveiling the Impact of Moola on All Zodiac Signs in 2024


Moola Nakshatra is directly connected with the sexual energy that dwells at the Mooladhara Chakra located at the base of the spine. It is necessary to remember that the energy within is sexual by nature and it is through this sexual energy that you create a new life. A new life is born through the sexual energy – you are born through this sexual energy, I am born through this sexual energy. So energy is sexual by nature because a new life is born naturally only through the sexual energy whose purpose is to create. So understand the fact that Moola Nakshatra is directly connected with creativity. The word “Kundalini” is very much abused by people who has made “Kundalini awakening” a fulltime business. Their so called Kundalini awakening courses charge you anywhere from 500 to 2000 dollars to awaken your Kundalini which is rooted in the Mooladhara Chakra. If such kind of awakening happens then I guess all those rich wealth men and women can buy Kundalini awakening shots over the counter by paying thousands of dollars and then we will have so many walking Buddhas on this planet! But this is not how the real awakening happens. Anyways so coming back to our subject – Moola is therefore the most significant Nakshatra when it comes to spiritual awakening. Any planet falling in Moola Nakshatra gets energized and spiritualized and something beautiful emerges but it emerges the way a phinex bird rises from the ashes. A phoenix obtains new life by rising from the ashes of its predecessor. Similarly when a planet falls in Moola – first the matters of that plannet are completely burnt to ashes and then from those ashes a new beautiful thing is created. “Die O yogi – die, sweet is dying” says the great divine spiritual master of all masters – the one and the only Shri Gorakhnath! Because in this universe there is nothing sweeter than death. DIE THAT DEATH and die such a death GORAKH DIED AND SAW, die that way in which Gorakh attained enlightenment. In the same way you die and see. One death we are already familiar with: in which the body dies, but our ego and mind go on living. This same ego finds a new womb. This same ego, troubled by new desires, again starts off on the journey. Even before leaving behind one body, it is already eager for another. This death is not the real death. It is said that one day a man met Gorakhnath and the man said that he was thinking of committing suicide. Gorakhnath said: “Go and commit it, but I tell you, afterwards you will be very surprised.”

That man said: “What do you mean? I came to you so that you would tell me ‘Don’t do it!’ I went to other sadhus. They all cautioned me: ‘Brother, don’t do it, suicide is a great sin.’”

Gorakh said: “Are you mad? No one can commit suicide. No one can even die. Dying is not possible. I warn you, do it and you will be very surprised. After committing suicide you will discover, ‘What! The body is left behind, but I am exactly as I was!’… And if you want to commit real suicide, then stay with me. If you want to play nonsense games, then it’s up to you — jump from some mountain, put your neck in a noose. But if you want the real death, then stay by my side. I will give you the art which brings on the great death, then there will be no possibility of returning again.” But that great death seems to us to be nothing but great death, this is why he is calling it sweet.

DIE, O YOGI, DIE! DIE, SWEET IS DYING. These beautiful deep of word of Gorakhnath is what Moola is also saying – because Moola’s purpose is to burn your ego – burn your illusions so that you come face to face with the reality – the ultimate truth – God consciousness. The start of the year 2024 beginning with Mars in Moola simply signify that this year is going to be a great transformative year for many – especially those who are blessed. Always remember to receive blessings – you should be ready to live your life in total surrender. People are shallow – they don’t want any pain. Without pain – there can be no transformation. And without transformation – there can be no new life! That is why Jesus mention about the process of REBORN. To REBORN – first you have to die and this death is not of the body but this death is of your ego, your illusions, your assumptions. Thus, Moola Nakshatra is a powerful force of transformation. On December 28, 2023, Mars will enter the realm of Moola, presenting yet another opportunity for mankind to undergo transformative phases. Spiritual seekers, evolving souls, and meditative beings can look forward to this wonderful phase. Mars is sexual energy and Moola is the very root – Mooladhar of this sexual energy. And so the very first month of 2024 is going to be a highly creative phase for many. And it feels so good to know that the new year 2024 will commence on an extraordinarily imaginative and innovative note. From 28th December to 14th January – Mars will transit through the transforming powerhouse and highly creative Nakshatra – Moola. Now, let’s take a closer look at how this beginning of new year 2024 unfolds for each of the 12 zodiac signs.

For Aries men and women – Get ready for an extraordinary phase of life as the new year is bound to begin with big bang. It is a perfect sign that this new year is going to bring a good transformation in your personality. As well as it is also going to shock you with pleasant surprises and gifts. The alignment of Mars in Moola opens the door to abundant rewards, guiding you towards growth and maturity through valuable experiences. Embrace the adventure ahead, as your path is illuminated and the universe conspires to make this year unforgettable. Get ready to soar to new heights and embrace the bountiful blessings that await you.

For Taurus men and women – Get ready for an exhilarating start to 2024, as it sets the stage for a promising journey in love and relationships. The vibrant energy of this new year will ignite the passions of young individuals, leading to intense and blissful connections with like-minded partners. It’s also a perfect time to delve deeper into your spiritual practices. If you’re already meditating or chanting, this phase will gift you with profound insights and new spiritual experiences. Exciting adventures await as well, as the new year hints at the manifestation of your long-awaited travel plans. These journeys will not only take you to new places but also bring about a transformative shift within you. Brace yourself for a year filled with passion, captivating relationships, and an abundance of travel experiences. Get ready to create unforgettable memories and make 2024 a year to remember.

For Gemini men and women – Prepare yourself for an auspicious year filled with good fortune, as the movement of Mars into Moola signifies a period of prosperity, exciting opportunities, and unexpected changes in your life. You will be surrounded by supportive friends who will guide you and assist in your professional growth. For Gemini natives, this is an extremely promising beginning. Personally, I have always admired these lively, intelligent companions who will undoubtedly thrive in the year 2024. Some of you may even experience financial abundance through inheritance or ancestral properties. Additionally, many Gemini individuals will make valuable contributions to the field of technology through their innovative ideas and creative talents. Overall, this phase will bring transformation to your financial and career matters.

For Cancer men and women – Prepare yourself for a significant shift in your career. The year 2024 will bring about numerous transformations and sudden changes in your workplace. You will also experience fresh beginnings in your professional journey. While some of you may face job loss, this setback will ultimately pave the way for more rewarding opportunities. Additionally, relationships and love affairs will undergo a dynamic phase for many Cancer individuals. It may feel like a roller coaster ride, but in the end, you will be delighted to meet your soul mate and revel in the warmth of love and the thrill of passion. Just as the year begins with promise, the closing months of 2024 will also bring positivity and great prospects for both lovers and those focused on their careers. Artists, in particular, can anticipate an extraordinary year, as they surprise their audience with awe-inspiring performances. So, keep your hopes up as the year 2024 is ready to unveil delightful surprises, ensuring continuous smiles and happiness throughout.

For Leo men and women – Get ready for a year filled with excitement and creativity. 2024 is set to be the most captivating and romantic year for individuals born under the Leo sign. According to the English dictionary, romance is described as a kind of adventure. Love itself is an adventure – it happens spontaneously, without any clear reason. Love is always unpredictable, and in the new year of 2024, you will experience many spontaneous moments of love. Young lovers and hopeless romantics will discover new love connections. Love will be in the air, and it seems that you will be perfectly attuned to its frequency, allowing you to find happiness through new relationships. This year also presents a great opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills, making it favorable for aspiring students aiming for scholarships. Many Leo individuals may change their place of residence or purchase a new home, experiencing the joys of a fresh, new space. Overall, this is a year of flourishing relationships, property transactions, and higher education for all Leo natives. So, embrace your lion-like nature, and do not worry about others’ opinions. Walk with pride and grace, and everything will be alright.

For Virgo men and women – The upcoming year of 2024 appears to be a bustling and eventful time for individuals born under the Virgo sign. Expect multiple short trips, business dealings, and new project endeavors that will keep you occupied throughout the year. Despite the busy schedule, it is essential to make time for your family as the year progresses. Unfortunately, during this period, some of you may receive news of the untimely passing of loved ones. Such is the nature of life – unpredictable, as death can strike without warning. However, this year also holds the potential for a fresh start for those who have been struggling to achieve success in their business ventures. As for job seekers, the message is clear: if you are currently unemployed, you will soon find yourself busy with work. Alternatively, if you are seeking better job opportunities, you can anticipate landing a position at a new company with an upgraded role and increased responsibilities. Overall, the year appears promising from a work perspective. It is important to remember that work provides financial stability but prioritizing work alone can cause you to miss out on precious moments with your family. Strive to maintain a healthy work-life balance, and everything will be alright.

For Libra men and women – Libra natives can look forward to an exciting year ahead in 2024, with both their relationships and finances set to flourish. This year will bring about significant developments in your current relationship or marriage, as you gain newfound insights and understanding. It will be a time of growth and enlightenment, deepening the bond with your partner. On the financial front, the new year will present you with fresh opportunities to earn a good income. Whether it be through a new job, business venture, or investment, favorable circumstances will align to enhance your financial prospects. Overall, the outlook for 2024 is promising for Libra individuals in terms of both money and relationships. It is important to seize and enjoy these positive times while they last, appreciating the blessings that come your way.

For Scorpio men and women – In 2024, Scorpio individuals are set to undergo a remarkable transformation in their physical appearance. This presents a perfect opportunity to embark on a complete makeover and work towards getting your body back in shape. If you have been contemplating making positive changes in your appearance, this is the year to take action. Alongside physical transformations, significant changes in the workplace are also on the horizon for Scorpios. These changes, though they may initially be unsettling, will ultimately prove beneficial for your career progression. Moreover, those hoping for a substantial increase in salary can look forward to positive news. This year will not disappoint, as you will receive the desired raise that you have been working towards. By the end of 2024, I foresee you wearing a smile on your face. Remember, when you smile, you radiate beauty. Don’t forget to share a photo of your beaming smile with me.

For Sagittarius men and women – The year 2024 is forecasted to bring both highs and lows in love and relationships for Sagittarius natives. It will be a turbulent ride, requiring increased vigilance and adaptability. Students, in particular, must put in extra effort to achieve good grades in their examinations. The road ahead will not be easy, demanding dedication and perseverance. However, if you have long-standing travel plans, this year will provide ample opportunities for you to explore foreign lands. Building business connections with individuals from different countries and cultures will prove advantageous. For those on a spiritual journey or practicing meditation, the new year of 2024 holds significant promise. Many Sagittarius individuals will encounter positive spiritual experiences and growth. The combined astrological influence of the new year and Mars in Mool transit suggests a challenging start. However, by the end of 2024, the efforts invested will bear rewarding outcomes. Embrace the journey ahead with an open mind and heart, navigating the bumps along the way towards a fulfilling destination.

For Capricorn men and women – In 2024, Capricorn natives have reason to rejoice as this year will bring a time of celebration and joy. After enduring hardships and struggles, you will finally witness the arrival of brighter days. The new year holds promising prospects for favorable returns on your investments, ensuring a financially rewarding period. If you have been considering buying a new home, now is the ideal time to take action. Don’t hesitate; go ahead and secure your dream apartment without delay. Additionally, the influence of Mars transit in Moola will provide Capricorns with a head start in exploring new business avenues. It’s a perfect year for growth, with the potential to replace or expand existing business verticals. Businessmen and entrepreneurs will find themselves in an advantageous position, so do not shy away from taking calculated risks. Remember, growth often comes hand in hand with risks. Embrace the opportunities that lie ahead and seize the chances for personal and professional advancement.

For Aquarius men and women – Aquarius natives can expect a thrilling and energizing start to the year with the Mars transit in Moola. This astrological influence signifies a period of high ambition and dynamic energy. Business ventures will flourish, and you will find opportunities to expand into new domains, bringing growth and success. It is also a promising time for professionals, as 2024 presents a perfect opportunity for massive career growth. If you have been contemplating a job switch, now is the time to take that leap of faith. The favorable cosmic energies indicate a positive outcome and a beneficial year for you and your family. Embrace the potential that lies ahead and move forward with confidence, knowing that the time is ripe for your personal and professional aspirations to come to fruition.

For Pisces men and women – Pisces natives are set to face a challenging year due to the alignment of Rahu with your natal moon in Pisces. This cosmic conjunction indicates a period of obstacles and hurdles. However, there is a silver lining as the Mars transit in Moola brings a much-needed boost to your professional career. You can expect positive developments and advancements in your work sphere. It is important to brace yourself for sudden changes in the workplace that may initially disappoint you. However, these transformations will ultimately prove beneficial for your career growth and progress. It is crucial to stay motivated and carefully manage your expenses during this fluctuating financial period. While your finances may experience highs and lows, you will manage to meet your financial obligations. In this challenging time, it is essential to nurture strong relationships with your family. They can be a source of support and a helping hand when you need it the most. Maintain a low profile, focus on your work performance, and cultivate a positive mindset. Remember, what you focus on tends to grow. Stay happy, stay blessed, and navigate this year with resilience and determination.

Overall the transit of Mars in Moola signify that the year 2024 is going to be a highly transformative year for many – you are going to see a lot happening – many changes and many transformations happening through war, elections, revolution and agitations all around the world. Definetely – the year 2024 is going to be a disruptive year. Always remember – the greatest innovations often come from disruptive thinking. Disruptive leadership is a perfect sign of Moola – it is only through disruptive leadership that something good is build. So embrace the disruptiveness – it may seem uncomfortable but real success and real growth is never found in comfort zones – it is only found when you step out of your comfort zone – or when you are pushed out of your comfort zone! That’s what Moola does – and that’s why Moola means a lot to wise men who are perfectly aware that unless the thorn goes deep into your heart – you will not awaken. And the sole purpose of Moola and life is to awaken you so that you stop being an idiot and become aware of yourself and your actions.

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Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru. 

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