How is Saturn in Vishakha Nakshatra?



Even Saints cannot escape the karmic cycle what to say about a common man like me or you!

Karma is categorized into three parts.

The first part – SANCHIT. The word Sanchit means ‘TOTAL’ – all that is accumulated from all your past lives. Whenever I say ‘you’ or ‘your’ – let it be very clear that it is for all my followers including the questioner.

‘Total’ – SANCHIT KARMA – that is NOT what the Saturn in your birth chart represents.

The second part – Prarabdha (प्रारब्ध). How many years can you live in this human form? 50? 70? 80? 100? – every human birth has a certain limitation. And so you certainly cannot go through SANCHIT KARMA (Because it is the total of all your Karma – it is HUGE) so everything cannot be experienced in one human birth – only a part of the SANCHIT KARMA can be experienced – this part of SANCHIT KARMA is called Prarabhda (प्रारब्ध).

Prarabhda (प्रारब्ध) ‘Actual experience – actual results this life’ though just a part of the TOTAL (SANCHIT) – this part of your karmic cycle is represented by the placement of SATURN in your birth chart.

The third type – Kriyamaan. An on-going small part of the big part (Prarabhda) of the Total (Sanchit) – every day, week – that you continue to experience the small part of the Prarabhda.

Kriyamaan ‘Ongoing karmic dues’ – this is represented by the transiting SATURN. So when you say ‘MY Saturn is in the 12th house from my moon” – you are currently paying the dues of the 12th house – the 12th house responsibilities pile up – the 12th house loss comes over – the 12th house spiritual experiences also come over – so everything related to 12th and the 6th comes over. Saturn’s 7th aspect works more strongly.

So, see how beautiful is all this!

Saturn is a friend. HE is a friend to every man and every woman who is following the path of TRUTH – who is sincerely living his life with utmost faith and love in your heart. Even a strict Saturn melts down when He sees someone who is humble, someone who has absolutely killed the poison called EGO.

If you are too logical – too calculative than SATURN will judge you accordingly. Saturn will be also too logical, too calculative with you.

Once it happened, a poor man and his name was Lazarus, Lazarus lived on the streets of London. He was a homeless man. But a man of heart. One day he died – and on the same day – the richest merchant of the town also died.

After death, Lazarus went directly to Heaven. And the richest man of the town went directly to Hell.

Now the rich man was certainly annoyed, angry. Turning to God, he said “ God, there must have been some mistake – I should have been in Heaven and that poor man Lazarus should have been in here – in this HELL. And it so hot here, of course, you don’t have an air conditioner, the rich man became thirsty – he said: “Can I ask Lazarus to bring a glass of water for me?”

God said “ You just sit here quietly. Lazarus was thirsty many times, nearly dying at your door, and you never gave him anything. He was dying, hungry at your door and there was a feast every day, and many were invited, but he was always chased away from the door by your servants because guests were coming, powerful guests, politicians, diplomats, rich men, and a beggar standing there would look awkward. Your servants chased him away and he was hungry, and the people who were invited were not hungry. You never looked at Lazarus. Now it is impossible.’


Read these words. These words are significant. You will get only that what you have done to others.

When God said these words to that rich ignorant man – it is said that Lazarus was listening and Lazarus laughed.

He laughed because he could not believe that a Beggar like him is in Heaven and the richest man is in Hell.

And Lazarus will laugh at you also if you too behave like that ignorant rich man – because then you will be sent to Hell. And the same Lazarus will also laugh at you – and welcome you in the Heaven – if you show compassion, love, and understanding towards those who are in need, those who are not as fortunate as you.

It all depends on what kind of Lazarus you attract towards you – it all depends on what kind of Saturn you attract towards you!

It all depends on that one person called YOU. It all begins with YOU!

I keep receiving many emails and most of them have one common question “We have NOT done anything wrong to anybody and still why are we suffering, why are we jobless, why are we not getting a suitable bride or groom for marriage? Why we are still unmarried, why we are still not having any job? Why we are having no profits in our business? Why we are not having the sexual pleasures that others in our family have? ”

Many such questions come and they keep coming in lots – today the answer is being answered –

And the answer is understanding the type of KARMAS that I have mentioned above. This life – you may not have done anything wrong to anybody – and yet – it is your PRARABHDA KARMA (A small part of your TOTAL Sanchit) – so if you are doing good – if you claim to have lived this life with pure consciousness – by causing or hurting nobody – then these good Karma of yours is getting accumulated in your SANCHIT KARMA (the TOTAL).

The PRARABHDA – a part of the TOTAL (Natal Saturn) may not be good – but it does not mean that the future births are going to be as bad as this one is!

Because every birth – a new part a new Prarabhda KARAMA comes on your plate!

So now understand the fact that for this birth – we are observing 2 KARMAS – or in astrology term – 2 states of SATURN!



SANCHIT KARMA – is the TOTAL – and the charts that we cast is not TOTAL – it is for this birth – and therefore we call it BIRTH CHART.

So precisely for this birth – only two positions of Saturn become critical to our existence – NATAL SATURN and TRANSITING SATURN.

Quality. And Nature.

Understand this – and I appeal to all my followers – this is significant.

A girl looks beautiful. Very beautiful. Her eyes, her cheeks, her nose, her color complexion – everything is beautiful – so much so that you just can’t ignore her looks – you have to appreciate her beauty!

Now, this is the quality of her facial appearance. She *is* beautiful and there no second thought about it.

Now comes the next question – How is her nature? And many times nature goes for a toss! And by the time the boyfriend is aware of her nature – he is already caught! Trapped in her clutches and now there is no way out!

So similarly – the ZODIAC SIGN represents the QUALITY. While the NAKSHATRA represents the overall NATURE.

Now having both in good books is a matter of your PRARABHDA KARMA – a part of your TOTAL KARMA (SANCHIT)!

Whenever you have a beautiful girl that also has a good nature – you are a blessed man. Then your material life is a superhit movie!

Similarly when you have a QUALITY SIGN having a suitable NAKSHATRA for SATURN – then your birth chart rocks in true sense!

So understand the fact that SIGN and NAKSHATRA has to compliment the related PLANET – then be it Saturn or any other planet.

But now since we are talking about SATURN – it has to do more with the QUALITY & NATURE of your KARMA.

Let’s take the example of a hypocrite woman. And I see many of them almost every day! So let us take this example. Now a hypocrite woman wants to donate something so that she feels good and gets some ‘attention’ from society.

Now in the name of donation – she will buy some inferior quality grains, rice and donate it to an orphanage.

Now here the Nature of giving is recorded. But at the same time Quality of giving is also recorded.

So here Saturn will fall in an ordinary quality sign with a nakshatra that is positive by nature.

So what will happen than? Then this woman may progress but her progress will be limited to peanuts whereas a woman who truly donates with an open heart – quality food – she will progress in leaps and bounds because in her case the Sign also will be of good quality and also the Nakshatra of superior nature!

So many times people wonder that WHY I AM NOT GETTING PROMOTION when my teammate is getting – and he has not done a great job than I have done!

Doing a job is mechanical process – that is why I always say that when hiring a person – don’t just look at his skills because skills can be learned – what matters is the NATURE and QUALITY of the person that you are hiring for a certain job.

We all go shopping. But have we noticed which shopkeeper does well? Which shopkeeper attracts more customers? And moreover why a certain shop attracts more customers?

It has all to do with NATURE and QUALITY of the shopkeeper!

In Pune, if you go to the JM Road (Jungli Maharaj Road) – just opposite to Jungli Maharaj Mandir – there is a long line of shops and all of them are Mobile Shops! Almost all!

And yet only one shop has more customers than the rest of them. Incidentally, I had bought my first mobile from this shop and till date, I always have been buying from the same shop – because the owner is a very positive person – he smiles, he is proactive and moreover he CARES for each and every customer who visits his shop!

When you buy a product from a shop – you are directly relating to the owner of that shop! And this is a very deep subject.

When you buy a brand – you are directly relating to the energy of that brand.

But people don’t understand this. They just go to any shop and buy – buying and selling – is not robotic – it has a very deep relation a very deep relating to it!

Always visit a shop that attracts more customers – because it simply means that the shop has more positivism to it.

Always buy a brand that does well in the market. It simply means that the energy of that brand is too positive and by buying that brand you can also experience the positivity of that brand!

One has to be conscious of buying a brand product – and also from where to buy – because of the shopkeeper or the shop from where you buy matters above all!

In the old days – many of you may have heard that our old grandfather would always say that if you are buying a certain product then buy from a specific shopkeeper. But then we would wonder – Why only that shopkeeper when there are so many others who are selling the same product on the same street!

But old people have experiences that we don’t have! And so many times when they tell us something – it is for our benefit!

That is why BRAND matters. And I absolutely no hesitation to admit that – yes – one has to be BRAND CONSCIOUS – because BRANDS have a legacy and legacy have a certain QUALITY and NATURE to its existence!


Now Saturn in Libra Sign – Good. Saturn in Vishaka Nakshatra – Good.

But the questioner has a very different placement – SATURN in SCORPIO – Below Average. And Saturn in Vishaka of Scorpio Sign – Average.

So here the QUALITY And NATURE comes down to an average SATURN.

Here the Quality suffers, nature also is mediocre – because Saturn is in Jupiter’s Nakshatra. And again Saturn is in the 12th house so that again makes Saturn (Prarabhda KARMA) more challenging than otherwise!

But just through Saturn placement – you can get a feel of the KARMA – but how is it going to be executed and in what fashion – is only known through the other planetary placements.

The planets are not your friends. And I say it to all my followers and readers. Understand this – as long as the planets remain – the cycle of birth and rebirth continues!

A great Yogi from the Himalayas to whom I had met a few years ago had said: “ Now there is nobody in my birth chart but only me – the ‘self’”!

The planets are simply the significator of your PRARABHDHA KARMA. So as long as the planets remain active – the Karmic cycle of birth and rebirth – happiness and sadness continue…

When the great Yogi said – there are no planets in his birth chart – he meant that now he has risen above all his planets that are nothing but your Karma!

How does that happen?

Through meditation.

What is the way?

The way is inward.

What should I do?

Turn inwards.

I would encourage you all to focus less on questions such as what planets placed in which nakshatra and in which house AND focus more on how you can OVERCOME the PRARABHDA KARMA – by being more understanding and more meditative. Self-inquiry is the greatest quality that you can develop within yourself – the moment you start self -inquiring….you are on a new path – the path of real progress, path of real growth!

The more you turn inwards and self inquire the more you would be able to stand against all the odds and challenges of your life!

Remember – and I say to all my followers – there are all kind of people – people who ‘appear’ (Rahu) in many forms – it is your – totally your observation that can lead you to the truth – to the reality of the person.

Shallow people ‘SEE’ through the Mind. So whatever glitters, whatever looks beautiful upfront – attracts them instantly – they quickly fall for it!

And since the majority is shallow – we have many miserable victims/people around this world!

But I would love to see you all becoming more and more meditative – not falling for the ‘appearances’ but getting to the bottom of the truth! And this is possible when first you get to know yourself!

First, you have to know your own ‘introduction’ – the real one! Only then you can have the potential to know the real person – the real face of the person that you relate with!

So everything has to begin from YOU.

Many people come to me – they want to connect with me on LinkedIn. Just a few days ago – one such invitation to connect came. The man writes “ I love your philosophy of life and so I want to connect with you.”

Now I generally don’t accept – but I thought let’s give him a chance.

After a few days, he became uncomfortable – because TRUTH always makes you uncomfortable. He turned out to be a man of LOGIC and I am totally against logic. When logic ends – Love begins!

So now this man cannot digest my sharing – the logic in his blood won’t let him! And so then the disconnection and then the blocking and so I always insist that don’t rush to connect with me – because soon you will be shocked – soon you will start feeling uncomfortable with my sharings – because to relate to me – first you have to get out of your head and get into your heart – and not everybody can do it – this man was finding it very difficult – I let him go – bu disconnecting and blocking him forever!

A woman is far superior to a man. By nature, the woman has more love than a man. The man may say “I think I love you” to a woman. But a woman functions from the heart – she cannot say “I think I love you.” It has never been heard in the history of mankind that a woman saying something like this. A woman simply says “I love you.” There is absolutely no role of the head – no place for thinking – the heart needs no help from the head. The heart is enough to share the purest feeling – feeling of being in love!

Saturn has a role to play when it comes to love! A person with good placement of Saturn – generally is found to be a man or a woman of ethics. As long as she or he is in a relationship; they remain totally committed to their relationship. Generally, a good Venus brings along a long term relationship – and a good Saturn brings along a long term marriage!

Wherever there is legality involved – Saturn has a role to play. Wherever there is society involved – acceptance from the society is involved – Saturn has a role to play!

So relationships can go well as long as Venus is good. The 5th house lord is transiting well. And everything is hunky-dory. The moment Venus is shadowed by Rahu – and fifth house lord is trapped in some negative planetary influence – be it transit or Antara Dasha – the relationship starts getting cracks – Venus is like a bird – now it is here and now it is gone! And so relationships are generally short-lived. The moment a relationship transforms into a marriage – Saturn jumps in. Now the whole scenario has changed. Now the sense of ‘RESPONSIBILITY’ has come in – now the woman you had affair with – is no more just a girlfriend – now she is your wife – now you cannot just message her “I am leaving you” – if you do so – SATURN the legal master will bang on your head! Earlier it was just her – you had to answer only her – but now with marriage – there is the whole army of family that you would have to answer – so you see – Saturn makes things sticky. You cannot just get up and say “ I am leaving you” – the next moment you will be surrounded by society and the family! – Society – Saturn.

So when it comes to love relationship – Venus is your master. When it comes to sustaining your marriage – Saturn is your master!

Many times it happens and it happens almost across the world – that the boyfriend loves you but cannot marry you! Or the girlfriend loves you but cannot marry you.

This is not her problem – it is your problem. Your SATURN (Prarabhda Karma) is not supportive of something as durable and as sociable as MARRIAGE!

There was one girl. She was in deep love. And she had a beautiful relationship. They were almost mad in love. But when it came to the question of marriage – the same old story of fights between the two families – the opposition – the ‘war’ – but finally they got married!

But exactly after 1 year they also got divorced!

The girl had her natal Saturn with RAHU (Prarabhda Karma). And the boy had transiting SATURN with RAHU (KRIYAMAN KARMA)

So Saturn plays a very important role in marriage.

And Venus plays a very important role in love relationships.

Being romantic and having a strong sexual ‘drive’ are two different things.

Venus in watery signs makes you romantic. But Venus in Fire signs scales up your sexual drive!

Venus in Earth signs likes to have practical sexual experiences than to fantasize sexual desires. They simply want it – right now!

So Signs plays as much a role as the Nakshatra plays. They are inter dependable.

One beautiful thing that happens with Saturn – especially when it comes to signs is something that you all should remember. Whenever Saturn is in a sign that vibrates positively to its energy – SATURN does NOT delay or deny rather SATURN brings RESPONSIBILITY to the matter of the house in which it is placed!

This woman has Saturn in 5th house. And within one year of her marriage, she became the mother of a sweet boy!

But the story does not end here.

Exactly after six months – she also got divorced! So she became a single mom!

Single mom brings a lot of responsibility -, especially of the child! And where was her Saturn placed – 5th house! Saturn – Responsibility!

But the story does not end here.

The main point is yet to be revealed – and the point is that her Saturn was in Libra! A sign that is perfectly positive to Saturn – so then here Saturn has NOT DELAYED THE CHILDBIRTH – here Saturn has given a male child and on top of that – put more responsibility of the child on her shoulders by making her a single mom!

So Saturn is not your enemy – Saturn is a planet that can bring great awareness to you – enabling you to transform and evolve into a much-matured person! A stronger person!

So you see – SATURN does cause a certain pain – but this pain is not to hurt you but rather to awaken you to your real potential. Saturn wants you to know – that you can do more – you can rise above all.

It is only when a certain pain comes in your life – when you get a certain shake-up a certain shock that you wake up – then you start evolving then a certain level of consciousness comes to your life – so all the pain and all the difficulties of this PRARABHDA KARMA (NATAL SATURN) is simply to help you evolve into a much better human being – a much-evolved soul!

Why meditation?

Because when you are being hurt by your own PRARABDHA KARMA (natal Saturn) and also sometimes along with natal Saturn – the transiting Saturn (KRIYAMAAN KARMA) – then chances are that you may go into depression. And that is natural. You may also become self-destructive. To help you from falling into these miseries of life – the only way for you is to sit down and spend some quality time with yourself by being more and more meditative.

Worrying is of the MIND. So you have to first control the monkey mind. And the only way to control the MIND is through deep meditation – by focusing on only one thought – one name – the name of the Holy Lord.

Meditation happens only when there are no thoughts but only one thought – one name – the name of the Holy Lord that you concentrate on – then the mind will slowly come in your control.

When you are troubled and feel lost – just close the door of your room – sit down, close your eyes and meditate. Use an incense stick and lit a ‘diya’ to add more positivity to your environment!

This human life will continue to bring many good and bad experiences to you – but as your meditation will become more and better – the outward circumstances will no more impact your inward peace!

And so to all – I insist that you spend a minimum 20 minutes in deep meditation – every morning before 7 AM.

Many of you are writing emails to me about getting more deeper into meditation and some tips to expedite your meditative process – and so here is the answer – listen to some deep meditative music on youtube to start with your meditation. There is wonderful meditation music available for free on youtube – use it to your benefit – at least for the beginners, it is a good launching pad!

The core essence of meditation is to stop all your thoughts and focus on your breathing as you deeply concentrate on your Lord’s holy name.

Along with meditation – comes your act of random kindness! You have to balance your life – by being meditative and also by being helpful.

BALANCE. That’s what SATURN LIKES. And that’s why SATURN is most comfortable and exalted in a SIGN OF BALANCE – Libra.

Many men and women get confused when it comes to spiritualism. They think they have to leave everything – sexual life, good food, good car, children and everything and just focus on spiritual practice. THAT IS TOTALLY WRONG.

If you are married – enjoy your sexual life – do not make your wife or husband suffer because you have suddenly turned up to spiritualism! Make love to your wife or husband. Play with your children. Do your job with utmost efficiency and dedication. And while you do all of these – also spend a minimum 20 minutes in deep meditation — prayers. If possible stretch the time as per your convenience! That is called BALANCE – and that is how by balancing your life – you keep moving a step ahead in your spiritual journey – and NOT by renunciation and escaping to the Himalayas!

A beautiful sharing of the divine master – His Holiness Mahavatar Babaji!

Saturn simply wants you to go through your karmic balance and dues – by being courageous and truthful. Once a great Yogi had said that just the way a calf recognizes its mother from a thousand cows – similarly your KARMA comes all the way following you – no matter where you are – no matter what you do!

So focus on controlling your mind. STILL- the monkey mind – to a mind that is still the whole universe is available!

A mind that is fast is SICK. A Mind that is slow is SOUND. A mind that is still is DIVINE – says the divine master Meher Baba!

Do not worry about the future – do not bother about the past – because life is neither in the past nor in the future – LIFE IS NOW – in the PRESENT moment – if you are able to BE HERE NOW – you are able to live your life.

Meditation happens only when you are able to BE HERE NOW! When you are able to bring your MIND in the Present moment – and to do so – breath in, breath out and simply make an effort to BE HERE NOW.

NOW is the moment. Life is flowing in this NOW moment. Your goal should be to BE HERE NOW – and that’s the real beginning…….of your spiritual journey.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

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