How to ensure that my Saturn is happy?

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

It is very important that YOU are HAPPY – only then — then the fragrance of your HAPPINESS can spread to the farthest shores of this planet – only then can you bring HAPPINESS to every human being who comes in your contact – only then there is every possibility for you to enjoy this human life to the fullest.

It is important that first YOU are HAPPY. And when I say – YOU – it is not just for the questioner but for all my readers, followers and fellow travelers.

HAPPINESS should spring within you – there is absolutely NO NEED to take any efforts to make others happy – But who wants to listen?

The whole world is trying to do this – they all are trying to make others happy—trying to be happy, and this is all but ‘pretending’ – in reality nobody is happy!

Because happiness cannot be found on the outside – but people are seeking happiness on the outside—if somebody appreciates you – you become happy . If somebody gifts you – you become happy. If somebody treats you well—you become happy. You see – the WHOLE DEPENDENCY is on the OTHER person – on the OUTSIDE FACTORS – for you to remain happy—to be happy and that is the whole tragedy of this human life – that you always are bend on finding happiness through somebody—but never WITHIN!

The urge of the common man is to MAKE OTHERS HAPPY – so that they would get the necessary attention.

Why you want to make others happy? Be it God, Planet, Human being or animals – because you believe that making others happy – you will be happy!

That never happens – and if it happens – you are just fooling yourself – because then you are becoming dependent on others – for your happiness and that is indeed the most unfortunate thing to happen.

What happens when you try to make somebody happy?

You start CHANGING to make them comfortable. You start dropping your individuality to accommodate and appease them. God would never want this to happen. Saturn would never want this to happen. But human beings believe that by appeasing – by offering ‘bribes’ – you can appease the God, the Lord, the Cosmic Judge – Lord Saturn.

When your whole focus is on appeasing others – you start losing yourself – you start chasing RESPECTABILITY – and in this madness you start losing your INDIVIDUALITY.

Respectability is like a Glass piece. It is fragile. One mistake and your whole respectability can come crashing down – suddenly you may find yourself in the most undesired situation.

Individuality is REAL. You have been living your life – by being yourself. You have NEVER compromised to GAIN RESPECT – you have NEVER bothered to CHANGE yourself in order to APPEASE somebody or to make somebody happy. You just have been living your life – naturally – following your heart – following the intuitive voice within.

But the human world at large is doing the exact opposite – they are GIVING immense importance to PERSONALITY – to RESPECTABILITY – to all those rosy things that look perfect on the outside but have absolutely NO fragrance to it – NO liveliness to it – because it is all FAKE.

PERSONALITIES ARE FAKE. It is a MASK. The word PERSONA has come from the Greek word – persona. From persona comes the word ‘personality’ – it is the ‘face’ that you wear – it is NOT the real face.

Personality is NOT your real face – it is a mask that you wear and it is a mask that the society always wants you to ‘polish’ and ‘perfect’.

WHEN YOU ARE TRYING TO MAKE OTHERS HAPPY – you remain no more REAL – you remain no more AUTHENTIC – you remain no more TRUTHFUL – and SATURN ALWAYS wants truthful men and women!

Saturn loves all truthful men and women. And so – always remember – the only way to get BLESSINGS of LORD SATURN – is by BEING REAL – BEING TRUTHFUL – BEING YOURSELF ~~~

SATURN is like the JUDGE. The JUDGE of the SUPREME COURT. HE simply observes the FACTS – HE simply observes – WHAT YOU ARE FROM WITHIN – whether you are REAL or FAKE – whether you are BEING YOURSELF or you are CHASING OTHERS – TRYING TO MAKING OTHERS HAPPY – TRYING TO APPEASE OTHERS – TRYING TO BRIBE OTHERS – whatever you ARE FROM WITHIN – whatever ACTS (KARMA) you execute – SATURN simply executes HIS orders accordingly – in the COURT OF SATURN – JUSTICE IS NEVER DENIED – it maybe DELAYED – but it is NEVER DENIED.

A good SATURN – a good MAN cannot do well in POLITICS – many times it happens – the leader is good – the man is good – intelligent – genius BUT still he struggles to get success in POLITICS!

Mohan asked “ Why? Why so?”

Because in POLITICS – Individuals don’t succeed. Because INDIVIDUALS (REAL BEINGS) are very straight – they will SAY as is – they will put the TRUTH forth – but people are NOT always comfortable to digest the TRUTH even though they want to know the TRUTH! In Politics – you need GREAT PERSONALITIES that appear APPEALING – even though you may be a great INDIVIDUAL – still you need a PERSONALITY to succeed in POLITICS – and who helps you to shape this PERSONALITY – this MASK?


Rahu is the perfect MASK – that every POLITICIAN needs – without the support of RAHU – you cannot succeed in POLITICS – you need a MASK – a great MASK – an appealing FACE – and that is what Abraham Lincoln was struggling with – when he was planning to fight the US Presidential elections…

Abraham Lincoln – a man with a clean shaved face and penetrating eyes – one of the greatest genius and intelligent man that the world had ever known – was on his way to fight the US Presidential Elections. But Abraham had a shortcoming. He was NOT at all a handsome man – he was also not an absolute WHITE man! His intelligence was GREAT – probably there must be no other man in the US who could level with his intelligence – he was a genius. But his personality was poor – just because of his face. In the context of the American standards – he was not a handsome man. And even though he had the confidence and all the qualities to WIN the Presidential Elections – he had to struggle with his appearance – that was one shortcoming – just one and he often wondered how to deal with it.

But something strange happened – it always happens with blessed souls…..

During the US Presidential election campaign – he had come to Westfield, New York and he was a great Orator – a large crowd was listening to his speech when a little girl noticed him, she was looking attentively at his face. This little girl became the angel of his life – she played a very significant role in helping him win the Presidential elections – if there is anybody who deserves the credit for Abraham Lincoln becoming the President of America – then it is the little girl….

When Abraham Lincoln was giving his speech – and what a speech it was – the little girl really liked his speech – his arguments. But what didn’t appear so appealing was HIS FACE. Women from their childhood days are always quick to notice the physical beauty or physical ugliness of a man – this little girl also noticed certain facial marks of Abraham Lincoln that were not looking great. After the speech – when Lincoln was available for a few minutes, the little girl goes to him and suggests that he should grow beard on his face – as that will give a much better look to his face and also will cover the spots on his face that are not so appealing.

Lincoln was a man of awareness. A man of awareness never lets in his Ego. He thinks over the suggestions shared. Lincoln didn’t ruled out her suggestion, in fact he gave a serious thought to it and started growing beard….and the beard gave him a totally NEW PERSONALITY – now you don’t see his pictures anywhere without beard – now you don’t see the ugliness (spots) anywhere on his face – now you find his face more appealing – and it is said that after that makeover – LINCOLN goes on to WIN the Presidential ELECTIONS – He Becomes the President of America. And Lincoln was such a beautiful person – a man of heart – that after winning and becoming the President – he remembers the little girl and her suggestion – and as a mark of gratitude – he writes a letter to the little girl – in his letter to that little girl – he writes:

“Your Suggestion Worked.”

A great man – an insightful man of great understanding – Abraham Lincoln.

And the little girl whose suggestion helped Lincoln win the elections- her name was Grace Greenwood Bedell.

After few months of becoming the President – Abraham Lincoln visits the same place where the little girl had suggested him to grow beard – and in that crowd when he talks about this little girl – suddenly a very old man comes walking – finding his way through the crowd – and along with him is the little girl – he comes and says to President Abraham Lincoln “ Mr. President -that gir – my daughter, her name is Grace….Grace Greenwood Bedell”

Listening to these words and finding the little girl standing before him – President Lincoln steps down and kisses the little girl – tears of gratitude rolling from his eyes – he says “Gracie…look look at my beard. I have been growing them for you.”

A beard of many months that had grown longer – touched the cheeks of that little girl – she smiled – her suggestion worked.

Today at the same place – Westfield, New York – a monument of this unique meeting between President Lincoln and Grace – the little girl, is instilled and this monument reminds us of the fact that at times – even simple small genuine suggestions – no matter from whom or from where it comes – it CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Only if you have the heart of Lincoln and the awareness and readiness to LISTEN.

But there is also another side to this story – and that is the darker side.

And the darker side is this – that the world never recognizes the INNER BEING – even a highly intelligent man like Abraham Lincoln had to CHANGE HIS APPEARANCE – because PEOPLE LOOK ON THE OUTSIDE – the world is interested to look at your APPEARANCE – the world does NOT look into your inner being. That little girl – Grace – must be something, must be a great observer – because at that tender age she could realize this fact – that itself makes her a genius – in her autobiography – she writes that after the meeting at Westfield, New York – she never gets to meet Lincoln again – and that is understandable considering Lincoln’s schedule and the many social challenges, civil wars and many difficult socio-political situations that he had to overcome during his tenure.

In Politics, in Cinema, in Society – to succeed you always need a PERSONALITY.

That is the fact of this Material World – you can’t help. I can’t help. Even Lincoln could not help! He had to let the beard grow….!

But in the SPIRITUAL WORLD – in real spiritual life, PERSONALITIES need to be dropped – totally dropped. Because here – in this world – the spiritual man – the Yogi is ABSOLUTELY NOT INTERESTED or BOTHERED to MAKE OTHER HAPPY! HE is simply HAPPY BEING HIMSELF – in his bliss, in his peace, in his joy by turning inwards – engrossing deeply WITHIN…he is no more meditating – he is Meditation.

Such a man, such a Yogi has dropped his personality – the ‘mask’ is thrown away – dropped. The whole process of being able to DROP THE PERSONALITY (MASK) and experience the REAL FREEDOM of living your life – by Being YOURSELF is Meditation.

A Real Man – a Real Woman – will never ever focus on making others happy – they are well aware of the fact that you CANNOT MAKE SATURN happy – that you cannot make any GOD or any PLANET happy. Such men of awareness – are consciously living their life – they KNOW that:

IF they RESPECT every WOMAN – the qualities of VENUS will naturally ENHANCE within their being. They will be blessed with a beautiful wife – a caring wife – a loving wife – a honest wife. A good marital life. A satisfying sexual union.

IF they RESPECT their MOTHER – the qualities of MOON will naturally ENHANCE within their being. They will receive more love, more caring, more nurturing from their mother and all motherly-figures that they may come in contact with.

IF they RESPECT their FATHER – the qualities of SUN will naturally ENHANCE within their being. Then if you are a woman – you will find a good husband – a good male friend – you will always get the required support from the MEN that you come across in your life.

IF they RESPECT and LIVE with RESPONSIBILITY – with AWARENESS – with TRUTHFULNESS – the qualities of SATURN will naturally ENHANCE

IF they RESPECT and CARE, and FEED animals, birds, ants – the qualities of KETU will naturally ENHANCE within their being – then they will get all the required support for their spiritual progress.

IF they RESPECT and CARE, FEED the downtrodden class people – the condemned people – the poor people – the highly exploited class of society who were called ‘untouchables’ by the so called intellectual class – if THEY SERVE these poor people selflessly – the qualities of RAHU will start tilting towards POSITIVISM – towards HIGHER QUALITY DESIRES – because one need to realize that DESIRES always remain – the question is whether the DESIRE is to have MORE SEXUAL PLEASURES, MORE MONEY, MORE POWER, MORE WEALTH, MORE STATUS – OR…..the desire has scaled up to higher altitudes and NOW the only DESIRE left is to MEDITATE – is to TURN INWARDS – is to LOOK WITHIN and SELF REALIZE how IDIOT I have been my whole life – is to laugh at your own foolishness and realize the RIGHT PATH forward!

It is ONLY when you start looking within – turning inwards – meditating – that you SELF REALIZE that the WAY IS NOT OUTWARD – the WAY IS INWARD – then you no more ask questions or think about MAKING OTHERS HAPPY – because the GODS, the LORDS, the PLANETS cannot be APPEASED – cannot be BRIBED – cannot be made HAPPY – they are NOT OUTSIDE YOU – they are WITHIN YOU – and so as I mentioned in the very beginning of this answer – that IF YOU CAN MAKE YOURSELF HAPPY – then it is ENOUGH – the rest will take of itself – the future will take care of itself!

But who wants to listen?

Religion has become a BUSINESS. Temples have become the Mecca of Businesses. Pundits have become Businessmen. MONEY has become IMPORTANT – VALUES, TRUTH, ETHICS, MORALITY have been pushed at the backseat – and they are watching – they are watching very closely -they know when TIME will come – Volcanoes will erupt, Pandemics will come – everything will happen – because GOD will never want all of these SHOPS to continue – you are free to do you business OUTSIDE the TEMPLE – but you certainly will not be allowed to do BUSINESS inside the TEMPLE – everything has a TIME – when the TIME will come – these TEMPLE SHOPS will be closed – and nobody could stop this from happening – GOD STEPS IN – when IGNORANCE BECOMES TOO MUCH.

SATURN is one significant tool – ‘iron staff’ of GOD – that GOD hold this ‘iron staff’ in HIS hands. This ‘iron staff’ can be used to provide you SUPPORT or to give you a nice SHAKE UP. And GOD uses it to give a nice SHAKE UP – when there is injustice – when there is corruption – when there is discrimination on the NAME OF RELIGION, CASTE, and COLOR.

And those INDIVIDUALS – those LEADERS – those MEN of AWARENESS who are determined to FIGHT for the well being of the society – of those who have been denied justice – those who have been unfairly treated – are blessed by GOD – to such men and women – SATURN (the ‘iron staff’ of GOD) always SUPPORTS – always HELPS.


How significant are these three words – ‘I AM READY’


IF you are also READY – if each one of you is also READY to FIGHT AGAINST INJUSTICE, DISCRIMINATION, CORRUPTION – then ONLY then SATURN is WITH YOU. So the question is not about making Saturn happy – the real QUESTION is WHETHER each one of you is WILLING to WALK on the PATH OF JUSTICE, EQUALITY, BROTHERHOOD, HONESTY – if you are, then you don’t have to worry – you absolutely don’t have to bother about making SATURN happy – SATURN is WITH YOU – and will be with you as long as you continue your ‘journey’ with HIS values instilled in your HEART.

Values are of two types: one that is imposed upon you from the outside and the other is the VALUE that ARISES in your own being.

Imposed values make your life more miserable than otherwise. When you live your life by following VALUES THAT ARE IMPOSED ON YOU FROM THE OUTSIDE – you simply become ‘Artificial being’ – you miss the beauty of living by being yourself – by being NATURAL! Imposed Values try to differentiate you from animals – try to make you feel superior than animals – BUT IN REALITY – you fall below the level of animals – because at least animals are NATURAL – But you are NOT. Animals have no imposed values – they live naturally – they are better than those who live life with imposed values from the outside!

Values that ARISE within you are GREAT TRANSFORMING ENERGIES – that can simply bring out the BEST WITHIN YOU – can simply help you explore the full potential of your being.

SATURN recognizes such VALUES – VALUES that ARISE WITHIN YOU – through your OWN SELF REALIZATION and it is beautiful – it is simply beautiful – self realizing VALUES by turning inwards – is indeed a great transforming phase of life! Listening to your inner voice is indeed the beginning of real life – the spiritual life – the blissful life!

There are millions of people around you – around each one of you. And the majority of it is a SLAVE of their MIND. And the MIND is a Monkey. Now when you take other’s opinion about you – seriously, you are also becoming like them. Because they are following their mind and you are also letting your MIND do the dance – dance of thoughts – many many thoughts and in the whole process you start losing your SELF – the distance starts growing and a time comes in your life when you feel lost – totally lost!

This can change – only if you STOP paying attention to those who are still to know themselves.

Nobody can tell you – WHO YOU ARE – WHAT YOU ARE – as accurately – as you yourself Can! So STOP looking outside for KNOWING WHO YOU ARE – STOP looking outside to get your INTRODUCTION – you have to INTRODUCE yourself – and that is possible only when you START TURNING INWARDS!

Many of you may be wondering – that this man is again and again and again is saying the same thing – Meditate. But that is what all the scriptures and all the divine masters have been repeating AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN……

Mohan asked one day – “Why so? Why again and again the same MESSAGE is shared – why?”

And the answer is that by reading again and again and again – some day – at some moment – that WORD of GOD – that MESSAGE of GOD will penetrate into your being – into your HEART and then the miracle will start happening – then the transformation – then the HEART will start vibrating – then at some point the eyes will become wet – and the day the tears of joy – the tears of self realization will start flowing……life will also start flowing on the right direction – then there will be a song to it – then there will be a dance – then life will no more be a misery – problems may continue to exist – miseries may continue to engulf your life – but NOTHING can DISTURB you – NOTHING can move you – you remain UNMOVED – you remain ENGROSSED in HIS holy Name – in deep meditation – then even though you are walking in the busiest market – your meditation remains – your peace remains – your joy remains – it is all WITHIN and that which is WITHIN – cannot be taken away from you – nobody should and nobody can.

The first kind of imposed value is just a hypocrisy. It is a strategy to make you believe that you have transcended the animals; but in fact you have even fallen below the animals. The animals are at least natural; you are NOT even natural. Your values distort your nature, distort your simplicity, distort your innocence – but they give you a false notion that you are a MAN. The second type of values are the authentic values. But for them you have to avoid any kind of imposition from the outside, you have to allow your own inner being – you have to let the VOICE WITHIN YOU speak – and that is possible only WHEN YOU LEARN TO QUIET the MIND.

Someone is becoming somebody to MAKE OTHERS HAPPY – and that is the most unfortunate thing to happen with human life. It is sad that a person of Abraham Lincoln’s caliber also had to change – had to grow beard – had to modify his appearance to make others happy – to make himself appealing when in reality he had all the ‘ingredients’ within – but still he had to change his appearance because the WORLD does NOT look into your inner being.

When you ask about making other happy – you always have to COMPROMISE.

And when you COMPROMISE – you start losing on your INDIVIDUALITY.

In the futile effort to keep someone happy – Individuality is lost, and when there is no Individuality to your existence – life becomes miserable.

In offices, in families, in schools, in colleges – in every platform of your life – you all are trying to MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY. You feel that by making the OTHER PERSON – happy – you will become happy.

Trying to keep somebody happy – is making yourself vulnerable to that which is on the OUTSIDE. And the OUTSIDE is always changing – remember this. And I say this to all my readers, followers and fellow travelers- the factors on the Outside are always changing. If you all become a SLAVE to the OUTSIDE factors (people, situations, planets) – you will never find the happiness that you seek.

How long can you keep someone HAPPY?

And the moment you CANNOT – you start feeling miserable. So your happiness becomes totally dependent on the outside factors and that is how you go on missing life….you make yourself miserable.

I can understand the questioners mindset. It is not his fault- it is the fault of this fake society that goes on emphasizing that you have to make somebody happy – only then can you receive rewards in return.

Such a mindset is the mindset of a dealer. It is a deal – I make you happy, you make me happy.

But Buddha won’t relate to this mechanism. He simply won’t understand why you are taking so much effort to make him happy – that is absolutely not required.

The love of the master is always unconditional. Whether you make him happy or you make him unhappy – HIS love never changes a bit. You simply cannot make him happy and you cannot make him unhappy BECAUSE His happiness is not based on your actions or thoughts – His happiness is within – there is absolutely no dependency on the outside – whether you hurt him or love him – he remains engrossed WITHIN – there is no without.

The LOVE of the LORD is beyond the power of expression. You simply cannot make the LORD happy and you simply cannot make the LORD unhappy – the divine LORD – the divine energies are way beyond the trivial state of happy and unhappy – language is really poor – words cannot suffice.

But people don’t get it. They ‘see’ God just the way they ‘see’ their boss or senior executive. They think that just the way they make their boss happy – they can make the LORD also happy – that never happens – LORD is LORD – HE is beyond the state of happiness and unhappiness – but human MIND cannot contain this TRUTH – it is possible that this answer may be banned, collapsed or even deleted but Truth has to be shared – someone out there can relate to it – someone out there can understand and benefit from it – and there is always someone out there – always.

By and by – it has to be self -realized that the first step towards happiness – is to make yourself happy. God comes only to a happy soul, Love comes only to a happy soul.

How to be more happy? What is the source of happiness?


One word – just one word – Authenticity! The more you are AUTHENTIC – REAL – YOURSELF – the more you have all the possibilities to experience happiness.

This Authenticity is the ESSENCE of your BEING to which we address as the SOUL – ATMA!

A spiritual man is authentic. A man who is on his way towards the BEYOND is authentic. He may not be liked by the society but rarely is he bothered about the LIKES and DISLIKES – he is simply engrossed within – he is simply happy to be!

To such an authentic man – BLISS is what matters and NOT happiness.

The more you become authentic – you move beyond the state of happiness – you start experiencing BLISS. In the state of BLISS – you move beyond the state of happiness and unhappiness – that is the state of Buddha – the authentic Yogi – that is the state of every divine Saint – they have moved beyond happiness and unhappiness and now what is left is BLISS – eternal bliss!

The way to move beyond happiness and unhappiness is the way of the Buddhas!

Bliss is possible only through – meditation – turning inwards, and find your way back ‘home’.

In the end – at the very end of your life, my life, and every person who is reading this answer – what is it that you really can retain and take with you after this human life is over?


And if one is unable to take this with him or her – then let me tell you and to all my followers, readers and fellow travelers – there is nobody as POOR as the person who cannot carry forward with him – the BLISS, the PEACE, the JOY! Such a man – no matter how much he has earned in his life – is the most unfortunate man – the most poor man than otherwise!

Always remember – the last moment of DEATH is very important. People always are interested to know the BIRTH CHART – but nobody is willing to focus on the DEATH CHART! Just like your BIRTH CHART is developed based on the planetary placements of that day and time – similarly DEATH CHART is also developed based on the day, time and place of your death! But the DEATH CHART is not seen by human beings – it is seen by the astral bodies who govern the whole cosmic cycle of birth and rebirth!

The very last moment of your life is extremely significant. The divine Saint Neem Karoli Baba mentions this in the most beautiful way – as always:

The BIRTH MOMENT decides the course of your journey in this birth. The DEATH MOMENT decides your journey beyond this birth. And so DEATH CHART is also as significant as the BIRTH CHART!

People have many fancy ideas about DEATH – as if after DEATH there is somebody waiting to welcome you – heavens and so on. It is all but a Myth – an illusion. In reality life is simple – death is also simple – this whole universe is simple – simplicity has it all!

The journey after DEATH – simply begins from the point where you LEFT this human body!

The evolution – the transformation – the maturity that you have gained – the level of consciousness that you have attained at the very last moment of your life – IS WHAT YOU CONTINUE WITH AFTER DEATH.

LIFE is therefore in continuation – whatever you are now is the continuation of what you have been so far and whatever you will be is again going to be continued from here-within!

The picture never ends – the story never ends – the cycle of birth and rebirths continues – taking many physical forms – the Universe is therefore Ancient and so are we all – Ancients!

The whole perspective should change – from focusing outward to turning inward. From making others happy – to finding your happiness within!

All that you seek – is within you. So come – come you all and meditate. No matter how much noise is on the outside – how much of FEAR of DEATH and DISEASES is on the outside – always remember the STORM will cool down only when it is DONE with its purpose. For time and ages – many diseases and many wars have happened – and it has ended only when it has TAKEN all those for which it had come! Nobody can stop the NATURAL DISASTERS – they come in time and they also go when it is time.

Never blame SATURN – for any disasters – because then you will have to blame Krishna too for not stopping the Mahabharata War! Nobody can stop the coming of the storm – when the time has come – neither could Krishna and nor could Saturn. Just like the birth and death of human beings – the world goes through destruction and construction – it is an ongoing process that goes on and on and on – there is no stopping – it keeps moving like a WHEEL!

Nothing therefore is forever – neither the good times nor the bad times. NOTHING LASTS FOREVER – happiness and unhappiness are two ends – and the life of human beings continue to revolve through these two ends – there is no man – no woman who has never been unhappy and there is no man and no woman who has always been happy! As much as there is happiness in one’s life – equal is also unhappiness in one’s life!

Balance is necessary – and it manifests only when you find balance within.

This balance – comes when you meditate – when you spend some quality time with yourself – when you realize that Enough is Enough – now *is* the TIME to look within and make the most out of these life that is left – and nobody know how much of life is left! DEATH never comes with an appointment – it simply strikes at the most unknown – unexpected moment! And so instead of spending energy in making others happy – start spending your energy in making yourself happy – and the way to do it is by turning inwards!

Turn inward. That is the message – the only message that if you can relate, you can transcend – you can experience joy – happiness, bliss in your life.

Once you are happy – once you are joyous – the thought of making others happy never arise. Then the glow of your happiness, the shine of your joy starts spreading all over those who come in your contact. Just the way when the pebble is dropped in the pond – the first ripple of joy appears and then it goes on spreading and creating multiple ripples of joy – spreading it to the farthest shores!

When you are happy – you can spread happiness. The focus should be – YOU. When YOU are total in whatsoever you do – you attain success! Saturn or God – or the benevolent divine master – nobody can make them happy and nobody can make them unhappy – they shower their blessing on you – only when you start turning inwards – when you start focusing within – when you start helping others – when you start transforming into a HUMAN BEING!

By physical form we all are human beings – but we should ask ourselves again and again – that whether we are truly human beings?

Anger cannot be controlled. Sexual urge cannot be controlled. Greed cannot be controlled. Bad habits cannot be controlled. Still the progress to human being has not happened in its totality – still this world and the ‘animal’ of two legs is far away from being human!

The whole essence of meditation is to help you all become human beings. To help you all overcome Anger – overcome sexual desires – overcome lust for power and money – the whole essence is to bring you to the FINEST STAGE OF HUMANITY – then the real life begins – then the real journey with GOD begins – then there is a certain depth to your existence.

Only a fine human being can evolve into a fine Yogi!

The journey is long – it has to begin at some stage of life – and once it begins – it should not stop, it should not halt – it should continue till the journey itself becomes the destination!

And when the journey becomes the destination – when you no more are bothered to REACH ANYWHERE but simply REJOICE in your journey WITH GOD – then – then the whole universe is available to you – then there is no looking back – and the ‘journey’ continues…..once you find joy ~ love ~ peace in the journey of your life – then the journey itself becomes the destination – and you are back ‘home’ – back to the source within!

Love yourself. Then you can love others. Then you can find love in your life – and then the need to make others happy won’t arise – once you are ‘home’ – you have arrived and once you have arrived – once you have started living with consciousness – then the future takes care of itself – then like a beautiful ‘river’ – life keeps flowing……you meet the right men and women who resonate with you – leading to a wonderful communion that goes on enriching your life with wisdom and spreading your fragrance to the farthest shores of this planet! It all happens on its own – you just have to focus on the key – and the key is to turn inward and meditate.


Jai Shri Ganesha! Jai Guru.

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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