What qualities does Saturn Mars Conjunction signify?


“लोहा गरम हैं. मार दो हथौड़ा.” – a perfect phrase for Saturn Mars conjunction which literally means “The iron metal is hot – hit it with the hammer.”

The ‘message’ that this phrase imply is that the ‘TIMING’ is right to execute the ‘ACTION’.

Saturn is all about being patient. Saturn always waits and waits and waits until the TIMING is perfect to ACT. Action is Mars – the real execution – whether it is pulling the trigger of the revolver or engaging into the actual act of sex – the energy of Mars is necessary. Mars is connected to ACTION. People having weak Mars often face sexual impotency – for a happy marital life (Sexual life) Mars needs strength and even for entrepreneurship and industrious undertakings – you need the Martian outgoing outspoken dashing dynamic quality within you!

A positive SATURN MARS native executes his plan in the most organized manner! You can say that he or she is too good in executing large organizational activities! These natives are excellent at executing the plans. They believe in executing and not just planning strategies.

Many times people plan and communicate a lot of ideas and forget to implement those ideas. They assume that by communicating certain ideas or plans – they get executed. When in reality nothing happens until the take the efforts to get their ideas executed!

Since Saturn Mars natives are good at execution of ideas and plans – you see many C-LEVEL Executives with this conjunction who are highly equipped with the knowledge and the ‘Judgement’ (Saturn) when it comes to executing a certain plan or taking certain Action (Mars).

Strategy (Saturn) – Execution (Mars) – Saturn Mars conjunction is the perfect tatva (essence) that brings forth the quality of executing strategy effectively. He or she is a genius who ensures that the strategy and the execution of the strategy is simultaneous.

Basically these natives are highly dynamic organized action oriented individuals.

Generally men are attracted to a HOT Woman who has those appealing sexy looks (Venus Mars) – but a Saturn Mars woman is not just hot by appearance – she is also very hot (dynamic action-packed) when it comes to driving an organization or a business! Dealing with her is not as easy as dealing with a Venus Mars woman – because here – Saturn is in picture – here she will be very pragmatic in her dealings and if you try to cheat her – you are in trouble – BIG trouble! Because Saturn Mars woman are DOUBLE HOT – real HOT – they can give you nightmares – so be careful when you are dealing or relating with a SATURN MARS woman!

Have you seen the Oscar award winning movie – Salt? Reminds me of Salt (the dynamic action-packed lead character in the movie) – when the topic of Saturn Mars conjunction comes up. A shot from the movie Salt reflects the dynamic action-oriented tatva (essence) of Saturn Mars conjunction.

Saturn Mars native’s life never falls in a straight line – they go through many tragedies and ups and downs – betrayals and ‘games’ – so much so that you can say that their life is full of spice – MASALA LIFE!

Saturn Mars conjunction indeed takes the native through many upheavals – and there is absolutely no second thought to this fact!

If you like haughty women – women who are dynamic and action packed – then you will be not disappointed with a Saturn Mars conjunction woman! Because she comes with all those ‘special ingredients’ that puts her on the forefront – she is always leading the pack – you cannot expect a ‘lioness’ to sit home and live a normal routine life! She is born to lead – she is born to go through a life that is packed with many ‘adventures’!

ADVENTURE is what these natives like – a woman with this conjunction is ‘dashing’ and ‘dynamic’ – she is always on the move!

In the history of US Presidential Elections – it was only in 2016 that a woman dared to run for the Presidency – and her name was Hillary Clinton!

Can you imagine – how difficult and how much of efforts and how much of dynamism and courage is required to run for the most powerful political position in today’s world – US Presidential elections?

But Hillary Clinton decided to run for the race to White House. She is a Saturn Mars Conjunction native! Hillary Clinton has Saturn Mars conjunction in her 10th house (Cancer sign).

This is how a Saturn Mars conjunction woman is! “All we need is a fighting chance.”

You see – they are fighters – they will never give up – they have the courage and stamina to fight until they win or until they are defeated – but they will never give up in the middle of a war or an election or a fight! A man who marries Saturn Mars woman need to have a lot of patience and tolerance – because he has married a ‘woman on FIRE’ – and so only a matured man can understand and can provide the SPACE that a Saturn Mars conjunction woman needs – and she needs it badly – very badly!

A narrow mind husband who typically wants to POSSESS and DOMINATE over his wife – will utterly fail because you cannot CONTROL a lioness (Saturn Mars conjunction woman) – to live a happy martial life with a woman who has Saturn Mars conjunction – you also need to be a LION!

To have a wife or girlfriend who has Saturn Mars conjunction – you need to have an open liberal strong heart – a weak feeble heart cannot sustain – cannot hold on to a woman having Saturn Mars conjunction!

Similar is the case with Men having Saturn Mars conjunction – the difference is the perception of the SOCIETY – because in the old times – WOMEN were completely dominated by the MEN and so women with MARS SATURN conjunction obviously was a great pain – a challenge for the society! Because they are rebels – action oriented women who want to VOICE OUT their thoughts and ideas which old time society would not tolerate and so Saturn MARS conjunction women became a subject of taboo because Men wanted to have full control – and a woman with this conjunction won’t let him DIRVE her – instead she would want to drive HIM! And so the friction and so the noise and so the fights and so the condemnation of Saturn Mars women was a normal practice during the OLD DAYS.

Many talented women during until recent – had been denied the right to showcase their talent and their aspirations – MEN have always repressed WOMEN – for centuries after centuries – in China, women were considered as SOUL-LESS! And so if the husband kills his wife – then the Chinese court would not punish him. Why would someone punish you if you throw out your ‘FURNITURE’? In ancient China – Women were considered no less than – ‘FURNITURE’ – use it and throw it – nobody will put you in the lock-up!

For centuries – MAN has always tried to DOMINATE over the WOMAN – and the reason is his own inferior complex – the reason is that he is perfectly aware that he cannot produce life.

In a society that was dominated by MEN – in a society where in developed countries like US – women were denied the rights to VOTE until the August of 1920, in such a male dominated society – the survival and blossoming of a woman having Saturn Mars conjunction was indeed very difficult! However with times changing and women getting more power – more space – more legal rights – the SATURN MARS conjunction women started getting the required ‘GROUND’ to make others listen to their voice and to their ambitions and their aspiration of attaining the higher positions in life.

Dynamic women warriors – adventurous men and women generally have MARS and SATURN in strong position.

Any woman having Saturn and Mars in prominent position – is not to be taken lightly – she has all the ingredients within her that can make her a great ‘Mover & Shaker’ – and the credit goes to the high voltage power of Saturn Mars conjunction!

Women with this conjunction are indeed high voltage strong women – who will not hesitate to give you a befitting reply.

To put this conjunction in plain words – Saturn Mars conjunction gives birth to a HAUGHTY DOMINATING and COURAGOUS woman who carves her path – and makes a great career! They are the women who says:

For a weak boyfriend or a weak husband – such a strong woman proves to be a great asset – especially during the times of crisis! So having a Saturn Mars conjunction woman is a ‘blessing in disguise’!

A strong women or a strong girlfriend is always good for you – provided you can understand them and provide them with SPACE that they need!

Venus Mars conjunction gives birth to a HOT sexy woman but Saturn Mars conjunction gives birth to a woman who is not just hot in appearance but also haughty and dominating by nature!

These women have an upper hand over any matter that relates to them. You can say – yes, they are bossy by nature – but that ‘high handedness’ gives them the much needed ‘power’ to break through the hurdles and challenges and make a way for themselves!

Any woman who has Saturn and Mars together or as ‘neighbors’ (Saturn in 1st and Mars in 2nd house) – is a haughty dynamic action packed woman.

Indira Gandhi had Saturn in Ascendant and Mars in her second house.

Saturn Mars conjunction in a woman’s chart is a ‘blessing in disguise’ for a father who was expecting a son but had a daughter! Because a Saturn Mars woman is equivalent or rather more than a son – she has comes with the potential to become the bread winner of the house! So if you have a daughter having Saturn Mars conjunction – then she is no more a daughter but a SON to your family!

Having a girlfriend with Saturn Mars conjunction is indeed a challenging situation – because you cannot cheat her and if you cheat her then you are finished – it is – the end for you. And so if you don’t like your girlfriend anymore – if you cannot understand her ambitions and aspirations – then you better leave her – but don’t ever dare to CHEAT a Saturn Mars conjunct girlfriend!

This is a good conjunction for Military posts OR for women who aim to get enrolled in the Army. It is also a good position for natives who aim for IAS or equivalent high Government posts. Competition is what they like because they love to FIGHT BACK!

I find this conjunction more interesting in Women’s charts then men because – this conjunction brings the masculine side (fighting) of the woman in a very effective way! Many times the woman appears as manly – and that makes them feel more happy – because their ‘deep desire or wish’ is to stand EQUAL with MEN.

In conservative society – Saturn Mars women – therefore is said to be a threat to Man’s authority over his family or his life in general. Jayalalitha – the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu also had Saturn in her third house and Mars with Moon in her fourth house. Very dynamic, powerful individual who was also haughty by nature with a high hand.



And so Saturn Mars individuals are rebels – they stand against the INJUSTICE and HYPOCRICY of the society. They are very intense individuals who will call a spade a spade, not a gardening tool.

Martin Luther – was one such rebel! And through his rebellious activities he challenged the several teachings and practices of the Roman Catholic Church. The most beautiful revelation that Martin Luther shared was that salvation and eternal life are NOT earned by good deeds but are received only as the free gift of God’s grace through the believer’s faith in Jesus Christ as redeemer from sin. Martin Luther was legally challenged by the Pope and the Holy Roman Emperor – because he had written “Ninety-five Theses” of 1517 in which he had mentioned the wrong-doings of the Catholic Church and the Pope. He was tried in the court – he was asked if he is the Author of “Ninety-five Theses” – he said “Yes I am.” Then he was asked whether he still stands with the content of his book. TO which Martin Luther says “Unless I am convinced by the testimony of the Scriptures or by clear reason (for I do not trust either in the pope or in councils alone, since it is well known that they have often erred and contradicted themselves), I am bound by the Scriptures I have quoted and my conscience is captive to the Word of God. I cannot and will not recant anything, since it is neither safe nor right to go against conscience. May God help me. Amen.”

The court obviously held him guilty because he was talking against the scriptures – the conventional religious books and he was also talking against the Catholic Church and the Pope!

So the court declared that nobody should give food to Martin Luther and anybody is free to kill him since there will be no legal charges levied upon the killer!

But Martin Luther had good friends – and they helped him escape – he then finds shelter in at Wartburg Castle where he does the most rebellious act of those times – he TRANSLATES the HOLY BIBLE from LATIN to GERMAN! It reminds me of Saint Dyaneshwar who also did the most rebellious thing of those times – Saint Dyaneshwar translated the BHAGVAD GITA from SANSKRIT to MARATHI language which was the language of the commoners! During those times only the BRAHMINS had access to BHAGVAD GITA and the other could not have access or even they get access they cannot understand a single word because the BHAGVAD GITA was available only in SANSKRIT and only the upper caste native (BRAHMINS, KSHATRIYA) were well versed in SANSKRIT Language! And so the other caste men and women who were the MAJOR CHUNK of population – they were denied the privilege to know the great scripture of BHAGVAD GITA!

Similarly in medieval Europe – Bible was available only in Latin language which was the language of the upper class – but Martin Luther – the rebel priest and author – translated the Latin Bible to German Bible – making way for the commoners to have access to the Holy Bible – it was indeed one of the greatest and historic event – and as expected the Catholic Pope and the Catholic Church ferociously opposed Martin Luther – because making the Bible available in German language was a direct threat to their importance and their status!

A great man – and a great author – Martin Luther died at the age of 62 – and the last statements of HIS are indeed so beautiful that they should be written in GOLD!

These were the last words of Martin Luther who revolted against the hypocrisy of Catholic Church:

Can you imagine what it takes to REBEL against the MIGHTY CATHOLIC CHURCH and the POPE and to go against the ROMAN EMPIRE? But Martin Luther was indeed a blessed soul – he was an Augustinian monk who lived a monastic life – talked against the wrongs of the Catholic Church and the wrong doings of the Pope – he made the Holy Bible available to commoners by translating the Bible from Latin to German language – and moreover he made way for nuns to marry – he himself got married to Katharina von Bora, a former nun, and set a model for the practice of clerical marriage, allowing Protestant clergy to marry.

You may have the wisdom – you may have realized the TRUTH – but to BRING IT FORTH to the masses – you need to have the COURAGE – to speak against the WRONG DOINGS of the society – you NEED to have the GUTS – you need to have the dynamism – the dashing attitude – which SATURN MARS CONJUNCTION bring along!

Martin Luther had SATURN MARS Conjunction in Libra sign.

Saturn Mars conjunction native are always on the EDGE of the SWORD! Meaning they many times fall into situations where there is no option than to FIGHT BACK!

Remind me of a story – there was a young man and he fell in love with a woman who was married to a great warrior! LOVE knows NO LOGIC – LOVE HAPPENS! Love happened between the two and then one day the great warrior returned back home and was angry to find his wife with her lover!

The warrior was not a common man – he had certain ethics – so even though he wanted to KILL the lover of his wife – still he said to the lover – “ Come and fight with me and then whosoever remains alive will marry and make love to this woman.”

The lover was terrified. He did not even know how to hold a sword — he was a poor farmer, he had never been trained in swordsmanship. He said, “Sir, although you are being nice, and respecting even a poor farmer like me and giving him an opportunity, still I need some time to prepare. I don’t know anything about swordsmanship. At least give me a few minutes so that I can go to the greatest master — who lives nearby in a monastery, a Zen monk — to have some clue.”

The warrior was boiling with anger but looking at the lover of his wife – he said “ You can go and take one day or one week or one month or one year – but I want you to comeback well-prepared – I will be waiting to fight and kill you.. now go….”

The lover of his wife – went to another great warrior – a ZEN master. The Zen master said, “Even years of training will not help you. Your lover’s husband is just second to me in the whole country — you cannot hope to compete with him. My suggestion is: this is the right moment to fight.”

The lover was confused. He said “ What are you saying – I don’t know anything about swordsmanship and I have had never fought with anyone on a battlefield – how am I suppose to win? How come you say that this is the right moment to fight back”

The Zen master smiled and said “Yes, because you have one thing certain — your death. Now more than that you cannot lose. Your master has many things to lose: his wife, his prestige, his respectability as a warrior; he is a great landlord… all his money — his mind cannot be total while he is fighting. But you can be total. You have to be total — just a moment of unawareness and you are gone; you have to be totally alert. This is the right moment; don’t bother about any discipline — you simply take the sword and go.”

The lover took the sword and came back. Standing outside the warrior’s house he said to his lover’s husband – “ Sir – come outside your house.”

The great warrior came outside his house and was shocked to see the lover of his wife – he asked “Have you learned how to fight using the sword?”

The lover said “There is no need of learning anything. I am ready – lets fight.”

The warrior was confused – he could not understand from where does this man has gained so much of confidence! Before the fight begins – it was a custom to bow to each other – and so according to the custom – the warrior bowed before the lover of his wife and the lover bowed before the husband of his lover. It was an old Japanese custom that even with the enemy, you have to respect his dignity, his humanity, his divinity.

And then the fight begin. The lover started hitting the warrior – and he had never touched a sword his whole life! And yet he started hitting the warrior – a great intense passion was burning within his being. The warrior was at a loss, because where any expert would have hit, the lover would not hit because he had no idea; he would hit somewhere where no expert would have ever hit. And he was fighting with such totality that the warrior started moving backwards, and as the warrior started moving backwards, the servant gathered more courage. He was moving his sword without knowing why — to what purpose, or where he was hitting. And since it has been decided that his death is certain, now there is nothing to worry about — all worries belong to life. Soon he cornered the warrior. The warrior could not move further – he was caught because there was a wall behind him that stopped him from moving backwards and so he could not move backwards anymore. He was so afraid of death, for the first time in his life, and he said, “Wait! You can have my wife, you can have my properties; I am renouncing the world, I am becoming a monk.”

The lover got the wife of the warrior – two lovers came together – the wife of the warrior was also surprised because she had never seen her lover fight with a sword! She asked how did you manage?

The lover said “ I had NO OPTION – my death was certain – and so fought the battle as if it was the last battle of my life – as if death is certain if I miss one move – and that brought so much totality in me – so much courage within me – that I just fought with TOTALITY – and I am now happy that you and me – we both will be living our life together for the rest of our life.”

The lover must be a SATURN MARS conjunction specimen! Because he had NO OPTION – he was CHALLENGED by SITUATION – and this is how natives of SATURN MARS are always challenged by SITUATIONS! And then it is these special situations that BRING THE BEST OUT OF YOU!

Suddenness and the courage to face unexpected sudden situations is a part and parcel of Saturn Mars conjunction. The native absorbs shocks of life – this conjunction bestows the native with good ‘shock absorbers’ – because after going through many shocks – the native develops a good potential to absorb shocks in life.

Saturn Mars conjunctions works well for native having Aries Ascendant, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio Ascendant, Capricorn and Aquarius Ascendant. The most suitable Ascendant for this conjunction is Libra Ascendant.

After the death of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb – the Marathas rose to power. And the success of the Marathas is much attributed to the intelligent statesmanship of the PESHWAS!

Peshwa means Prime Minister. The Maratha Empire after the death of Shahu Maharaj – was driven by the Peshwa. The Peshwa were Brahmins from Konkan (Konkanastha Brahmins) who were also well versed in the battle warfare and swordsmanship. The very first Peshwa – Balaji Vishwanath Bhat was a Saturn Mars conjunction native. He had Saturn Mars Conjunction in his Ascendant – Leo Sign!

The story of Balaji Vishwanath Bhat is very engaging and consists of many upheavals. He started as clerk in Chatrapatti Shivaji Maharaj’s administration. He lived and witnessed the political era that was full of blood and fight while serving under Chatrapatti Shivaji Maharaj and Chatrapatti Sambhaji Maharaj. His post remained the same – at most he was promoted to senior clerk post but not beyond that.

However during the reign of Chatrapatti Shahu Maharaj – (Son of Sambhaji Mharaj) – he played an instrumental role in helping Shahu Maharaj gain control over territories that were under Queen Tara Bai (Daughter in law of Chatrapatti Shivaji Maharaj). This unique contribution evantually helped him to attain the highest position of Peshwa (Prime Minister) under Shahu Maharaj.

Peshwa Bajiro was the son of Peshwa Balaji Vishwanath Bhat.

A common clerk rise to the position of Prime Minister – Saturn Mars is such a struggle story – that brings many ups and downs, struggles, fights and generally brings BHAGYODAYA (FORTUNE) at late years of life (Saturn- delays).

A beautiful painting of Balaji Vishwanath Bhat – the founding father of the Peshwa dynasty.

It is said that the Britishers gained control of India – only when the Peshwas surrendered in 1818 and the great royal grand palace having many tall towers – Shaniwar Vada – (Saturday Palace) fell in the hands of the British!

A beautiful picture of the remaining of the great palace of the Peshwa and once the power center of Indian Politics – Shaniwar Wada

Shaniwar Wada is the pride of Pune city – because it is from here that the real power was exercised and decisions were made that impacted the majority of Indian territories including Delhi.

The Peshwas ruled from Shaniwar Wada in the years starting from 1732 to 1818.

Approximately for 80 years – this royal palace remained the epicenter of POWER, LUXURY and WEALTH.

Always remember – a certain CONJUNCTION (QUALITY) Tatava – repeats within the FAMILY! So if you have SATURN MARS conjunction then either your mother or father or grandmother or grandfather may have the same SATURN MARS conjunction!

In the dynasty of Mughals or in the dynasty of PESHWAs also we see certain conjunctions repeating itself and that is natural because the way our blood has the DNA of our parents – similarly our being also takes certain qualities (CONJUNCTIONS) from our parents! That is how FAMILIES are formed – based on the similarities of conjunctions (qualities) and placements.

In the dynasty of Peshwas – After Balaji Vishwanath Bhat – his younger son – CHIMAJI BALLAL also known as Appa had Saturn Mars conjunction. CHIMAJI was the younger brother of the much famed Peshwa BAJIRO of Bajirao Mastani.

Interestingly in the succeeding Peshwas – Madhavrao Peshwa, Raghunathrao Peshwa (Raghoba) and the last Peshwa – Bajirao II – the connection between Saturn and Mars is prominently seen – all of them had Saturn Mars opposition – which is more aggressive than Saturn Mars conjunction!

Opposition is always aggressive then Conjunction! Opposition is an open fight between two qualities (planets) and conjunction is the amalgamation of two qualities (planets)!

However one cannot conclude that all conjunctions are good and all oppositions are bad – it all depends on the play of energies – nakshatras and ascendant angles (Dharma, Kama, Artha, Moksha)!


Depending on the Ascendant sign – the results of Saturn Mars conjunctions vary from best to worst!

This is a conjunction that works well for those souls who are born to change the world through their dynamism and courage.

Even a man who is born on streets can rise to high position with this unique conjunction of Saturn Mars! Because only a man who NEVER GIVE UP – only a man who continues with his efforts – succeeds in the end!

It is said Thomas Edison failed several times – then all his colleagues left him – abandoned him – even his closest assistant left him because he thought that Edison was wasting his time in inventing a bulb. But Edison though left alone – continued with his efforts – and one night – at 2 AM it happened – Edison was in his living room and the first BULB on this planet lit up – and Edison was so happy – after so many years of labor and persistence – the BULB was finally switched on – and the light was so bright that the whole room was full of light. Edison’s wife was fast asleep in the bedroom. She heard some noise and so she woke up and came walking to the living room. She was still not fully awake – she looked at the Bulb and said to Edison “ Switch off that bulb – it is throwing so much light.”

Edison said “ What are you talking? It took ten years for me to switch on this bulb and you are saying switch off the bulb. Sprinkle some water on your eyes and come to see the miracle of this century, darling. I did it – my invention has succeeded. The world has got its first bulb!”

Efforts – never giving up attitude – fight back – being a warrior – all of these reflects the qualities of Saturn Mars conjunction.

Lastly the message for all women having Saturn Mars conjunction is that don’t try to copy MEN – don’t try to be MANLY – if you really want to make your mark as a WOMAN than just Be Yourself – be natural – a natural person always is more appealing.

And the message to all Saturn Mars men is to curb your dominating nature and to nurture the sensitive side of your being – try to be more loving towards women, more understanding towards the women in your life.

With this first understanding – you can then get well connected with the women in your life!

Saturn Mars indeed is a very hot conjunction that brings intense passion, valor, bravery, rebellious nature and the ‘guts’ to call spade as spade. But along with this masculine manly qualities – LOVE is also essential to nurture you and to bring you to a full circle! The circle of life becomes full only when there is LOVE in your being – in your life. The darkness of the night is illuminated only when the Moon becomes Full! Similarly the darkness of your life illuminates only when you let LOVE happen. Saturn Mars brings a great deal of EGO – and as long as you are caught up in your EGO – you cannot let LOVE happen! Love happens only when you put aside your EGO – when you stop moving around as if you are ‘SOMEBODY’ – and when you start living your life by being a NOBODY!

Love is missing in the life of Saturn Mars native – because you remain ‘Somebody’ – the moment you start becoming a NOBODY – love will start welling up in your life – then there will a song, a dance, then life will be no more an arid desert land but an oasis! Then everything around you will be the same but you will be no more the same – then life will have a purpose to live! With love you start becoming alive – always remember – LOVE IS ALWAYS IN THE AIR – but it is only when you CONNECT with LOVE that you start feeling that LOVE IS IN THE AIR! In reality – LOVE – is always around us – within us – all we need is to break the ice of EGO – so that the pure fresh nectar of love starts flowing…..transforming our lives into beautiful oasis!

A man who does not run towards the road of Love – ends walking a road where no one lives!

Love can take you anywhere and everywhere and so wherever you are and whatever you do – Be in Love.

To Love is to experience God! Because God is Love, and Love is Real.

Love brings balance in your life. Money is necessary, success is necessary but above all – LOVE IS FAR MORE NECESSARY – and this is something that Saturn Mars native should always remember.

Eventually as you all move on with this wonderful journey called life – you will start self-realizing that LOVE HEALS everything and LOVE is all that there is!

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

>>>Next Conjunction of the series – Saturn Venus Conjunction.

Stay blessed. And stay tuned.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

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