What happens when Saturn and Ketu conjunction happens in the birth chart?


Intelligence is of the heart. Intellectualism is of the Mind (logic). Saturn compels you all to remain within the realms of logic – Ketu encourages you all to move beyond all the realms of logic!

KETU has the immense potential to help you move beyond the Mind. But when Ketu is with Saturn – it is like a Sanyasi (Monk) – is with a Politician!

Once it happened—a great mystic (Ketu) heard that one of his friends have become the Prime Minister of the country. They had played together when they were kids, they had spend time together in the same school, same college – it is just that one became a great mystic and the other became a Politician. And now the Politician had become the Prime Minister. So the great mystic thought that he should visit his old friend and congratulate him. And so the mystic embarked on his long journey—he had to travel through the mountains – he had to climb down the mountain—it was a very tiresome journey but just for the love of friendship—just because he loved his Politician friend – he kept walking…..through the mountains, the forests…..towards the Capital…..

Ketu is like this – once decided – he can jump into the unknown. He loves, but his love is DETACHED. That is how a great Yogi is – that is how this great mystic is….and so he kept walking…..and after many days he reached the Capital. In the capital city, a few people helped him reach the Prime Minister’s residence.

The Prime Minister was getting ready for a couple of meetings. It was election time. And so he had no time to spare! When the great mystic came, he recognized the mystic – he recognized that his old friend had come to meet him, to congratulate him….but a Politician is after all a Politician! The head is more, the logic is more, the calculations are more – and so he said to the great mystic:

“I am happy to see you after such a long time. But I have many appointments lined up – you know now that I have become the Prime Minister, my schedule has become more busier than it was. Why don’t you come with me, on my way, we can talk and remember our childhood days. I would love if you can come with me.”

The great mystic was such a simple man. With great powers, with great insights, with great understanding and yet he was such a humble man. A tree loaded with fruits is always bending – always humble! And so the great mystic looking into the eyes of his old friend said: “How can I come with you? You are the Prime Minister of this country. Look at me, I have come all the way from the Himalayas and you can see my clothes – they are all in dust, also torn at some places, it would not look good for me to accompany you.”

The Prime Minister – a seasoned Politician (Saturn) said: “You don’t worry, I have a very expensive overcoat. I have never used it, it was gifted to me by the Queen of England. I will give you the coat. You just put it on, it will cover your ragged clothes, the dust and everything.”

The coat was given to him.

The Prime Minister’s election campaign began. They went to the first house – They entered the house. The Prime Minister introduced his friend: “He is a great mystic. He lives in the mountains. Everything that he has is his own, except the coat — that is mine.”
The mystic could not believe it: “What kind of stupidity is this?”
Even the family was shocked, to insult the mystic in such a way.
Once they were out of the house, the mystic said, “It is better I do not accompany you. You insulted me. What was the need to say that it is your coat? They were not asking.”

The Prime Minister said, “I am sorry, forgive me. And if you don’t come with me to the next appointment, I will think you have not forgiven me.”

The mystic was a simple-heart man. He said, “Then it is okay, I am coming.”

Entering the second house, the prime minister introduced him: “He is a great mystic who lives in the mountains. Everything is his — even the coat is his!

The mystic could not believe that this man had any intelligence at all. Outside the house he simply refused: “I cannot go to your third appointment. This is too much.”

But the politician said, “I have said that the coat is yours!”

The mystic said, “It is unbelievable how unintelligent a man can be. Your assertion, emphasis, that the coat is mine, creates suspicion: there is something you are hiding. What is the need to mention the coat at all? I don’t see the point that in any introduction coats need to be introduced.”

And the Politician (Prime Minister) said, “Forgive me, but if you don’t come to the third appointment I will never forget that I have hurt you. Please, there is only one more appointment, and I will not say that the coat is yours or the coat is mine. Don’t be worried about it.”

The simple mystic, innocent, agreed to go with him. At the third house he introduced the mystic in the same way, “He is a great mystic from the mountains. All the clothes are his, but as far as the coat is concerned, it is better not to say anything!”

A politician is a politician. A Saturn is a Saturn. Saturn wants credit for every small thing! A mystic is a mystic. A Ketu is a Ketu. Ketu is simply not bothered for any credit – any name – any fame – it is just happy to BE – happy to offer his love – unconditionally! The mystic had come all the way – just to congratulate his friend who had become Prime Minister – the mystic was such a simple man – he had absolutely no idea that the man whom he loved – is not leaving even him – to get some credit – to do some politics – do show people how good he had been to him by offering the expensive coat! The great mystic was not disappointed but when he returned back – before leaving he said “ I had come out of love, but you made even this moment of our coming together – a ‘medium’ for your political gains! You kept on bragging on the coat that you offered me to all the people that we visited – what was the need? You have changed and nobody can now help you. You were talking of that one coat – let me tell you – that my Guru can create hundred of Prime Ministers in such coats – what to say about the coat then! I am going now , but you please become aware. Else you will be soon in trouble.”

And the great mystic left, never ever to come back in this ‘world of politicians’! He said “ I am happy in my own bliss, and the bliss within is so beautiful, so divine, so pure that nothing can stand before it – it is the ultimate joy of my being – the love of my Guru, my beloved Master!”

And so he never came back in this world – he was never seen again.

Ketu knows nothing of politics but love. Saturn knows nothing of love but politics. These are two opposite poles – the mystic is the North Pole, the politician is the South Pole – and they can never coexist – Buddha cannot live with Hitler – and Hitler cannot live with Buddha!

A Politician is not an intelligent person. He may be intellectual – but certainly not intelligent! A man of heart is intelligent – he can feel the love of his friend – he can be more receptive, more understanding – more willing to go out of his way. An intelligent man is deep in his heart – he can vibrate to the love – he can understand you – he can relate with you – he can feel love because he thinks less and feels more.

But a intellectual man is trapped in his head – in his logic – he cannot feel love – because he feels less and thinks more. A Politician is always in his head. Logic is his way – the only way. He knows only calculations – and ‘calculations’ has nothing to do with intelligence.

The idea of becoming a HERO is very different in a Politician’s dictionary. Adolf Hitler in his Autobiography writes: “If a Politician wants to be a great hero, a great historical figure, then the only way is to create a great war. Without war you don’t have heroes.”

And Adolf Hitler is saying the truth. Because if you all look back into the history of this human world – you will realize that all those Politicians who have fought wars – great wars have actually become HERO!

Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte, Nadir shah, Tamerlane, Genghis Khan, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill… And what have these people got, except that they lived at the time of a great war?

Politicians has no mercy. Saturn has no mercy. Saturn is a seasoned politician. Therefore Saturn is a great friend of Mercury – because Mercury gives strength to its power of judgement. Mercury brings abundance of ‘LOGIC’ and Saturn loves Logic! Mars is in total contrast – there is absolute no logic to Mars – just energy – pure energy. And so Saturn has a strong dislike towards Mars.

SATURN is highly material by nature. And so Saturn loves VENUS (Bhogi) and Saturn loves Mercury (Logic, Calculative, Pragmatic).

Saturn dislikes all that has NO LOGIC.

MARS has no logic. Just Pure Energy.

KETU has no logic. Just Pure Detachment.

GURU has no logic. Just Pure Righteousness.

SUN has no logic. Just Pure Consciousness.

MOON – Just Pure Emotional. And Saturn knows nothing of emotions!

Saturn has no emotions. Let this be very clear. Because emotions can become a hurdle when it comes to applying logic and making good decisions and judgments. And so Saturn is very practical and pragmatic. Considers only the facts and figures. That is why in companies- generally those who reach higher positions (authoritative) have a strong Saturn in their birth charts because without Saturn how can they effectively measure the performance of the company? And so generally successive leaders and top executives have a good Saturn placements in their birth charts. Generally you will not find Ketu or Rahu associated with their Saturn by any means.

The so called ‘EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE’ that now is being discussed in the boardrooms of executives across the Western countries – happens when SATURN comes in a positive aspect with JUPITER – than Jupiter’s intelligence drives SATURN in managing emotions intelligently.

That is why – I personally love the conjunction of SATURN + JUPITER. It brings a certain depth, a certain quality to the individual. It is a great combination especially for spiritual progress – if other placements are favorable.

There are only two planets who are ‘dealers’ – MERCURY and VENUS. Venus is a selfish planet. BHOGI by nature. MATERIAL by nature. These 2 planets bring the best out of Saturn – bringing the spirit of entrepreneurship and if other aspects support than success in business is guaranteed.

MERCURY and VENUS – both are the only natural ‘friends’ of Saturn. A successful businessman always has a positive placement of MERCURY, VENUS AND SATURN! Once this ‘party’ of 3 favor you – you become a good ‘dealer’ – so one side of your life – ‘money’ and ‘pleasures’ is taken care of. What suffers is then the other side – the lack of peace within, bliss within, the missing of joy within – the missing of happiness – the inability of coming to the state of consciousness!

Understand the fact and I insist to all my followers, readers and fellow travelers – Saturn CANNOT LET GO. Revenge is impossible to deny. A Saturnian person is revengeful – he or she – cannot let go. They cannot forgive. They cannot understand. Only a man who CAN understand can forgive.

Saturn has no space for understanding – an eye for an eye – is the only answer that Saturn knows – and so WAR is impossible to avoid – WAR becomes the only answer. Revenge becomes the only answer – Punishment becomes the only answer. And so SATURN is feared.

But everything in the world can be transformed – GOD’s creation never goes waste IF it comes in contact with something/someone who can transform it to its benefit – someone who can uplift it to higher realms of consciousness!

And so now let us see who can transform Saturn’s qualities to attain the higher realms of consciousness!

That is Shri Guru. Jupiter. And the holy conjunction of SATURN + JUPITER.

Now –

Let us see who can transform Saturn’s qualities to attain a well-settled love relationship!

That is the ever-green romantic Venus. The sweet conjunction of SATURN + VENUS.

Let us see who can transform Saturn’s qualities to attain pragmatic higher business goals!

That is logical calculative Mercury. The calculative pragmatic conjunction of SATURN + MERCURY.

SATURN is fine tuned as long as it comes in conjunction with the above 3 planets.

The moment SATURN comes with MARS -Saturn loses its potential to give good results. Somewhere the KARMIC cycle of the native (past births) had NOT been that great. ENERGY is now slowed down. Sexual energy – sexual bliss – comes under the ‘control’ of Saturn. The free flow of energy – to fight, to voice out, to have a great sexual life (Mar’s energy is required in the actual ACT of SEX) is now damaged. On the other side – the pragmatism of SATURN is hampered by MARS. So both damage each others’s qualities – leading to havoc in the native’s life.

The moment SATURN comes with SUN – Consciousness is blocked. The native commits many mistakes because consciousness is missing, ignorance is more. Therefore his or her life is filled with more tragedies than otherwise. Many losses, many hardships – this happens because understand the fact – that this life is the outcome of previous life where the native had committed many acts out of ignorance – so now God is giving him or her a second chance – through the hardships, through the sufferings – if they can realize – if they can turn inward, if they can embark on the Journey beyond Mind, if they can meditate – than the next life comes with a better Saturn, a better Sun placement.

The moment SATURN comes with RAHU – A cursed life. Such a person is cursed. And the source or the reason for this curse – is DESIRES. Such a person has done certain sinful acts due to (absence of consciousness) in previous life – just to achieve certain desire – certain pleasure – certain goal. But while doing so – such a person has caused much pain to others – and those others have cursed him or her – this curse manifests in the form of SATURN + RAHU. With this combination the person feels lost – now desires are not fulfilled – and even if they fulfill – the ‘party’ does not long for last! And so such a soul remains unsatisfied – it is one of the most unholy combination. A very unfortunate state – it is better that I don’t say much – because TRUTH is HARD.

The moment SATURN comes with MOON – A highly political person. Cunning. Pragmatic. Moon is like water – whatever color you mix in the water – the water becomes of that color! Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb had this placement – Krittika Moon with Saturn in Taurus Sign. And history is witness to the fact that how much cunning, cruel and political – Aurangzeb was!

But it is not just this one placement that makes Aurangzeb a highly cunning and political person – but there is one more aspect to his chart and that is his Ascendant (Aquarius) Lord – Saturn is Retrograde.

And I have been mentioning again and again that the moment the Lagna (Ascendant) Lord is seen as Retrograde – the native by default is a crooked person – and here Aurangzeb is not only crooked but his Ascendant lord – Retrograde Saturn is also in conjunction with Moon (Retrograde Saturn + Moon) – so you all can imagine how terrible this man must have been!

Aurangzeb himself mentions that how sinful he has been throughout his life….

Before his death, Aurangzeb wrote his last letters to his sons. And in one letter he writes:

“Old age is arrived: weakness subdues me, and strength has forsaken all my members. I came a stranger into this world, and a stranger I depart. I know nothing of myself, what I am, and for what I am destined. The instant which passed in power, hath left only sorrow behind it. I have not been the guardian and protector of the empire. My valuable time has been passed vainly.”

Whole life this man spends in killing millions of innocent people, destroying many temples, killing his own brothers – imprisoning his own father – so much of strength he uses – just to acquire POWER – and look what this man who rules the whole Indian Subcontinent as Emperor Aurangzeb for over 20 years – writes before his death:

//The instant which passed in power, hath left only sorrow behind it. My valuable time has been passed vainly.//

This is how it is. Ignorance leads us to many sinful ACTS (Karma) and then you come back to pay for all those ACTS of ignorance (SIN) that you had committed.

Who knows where would be Aurangzeb now – maybe still paying for his millions of sins. And who knows where we all be going? Because just like Aurangzeb – we too commit many acts of ignorance (SIN) – though they may not be as pronounced as AURANGZEB – but we have to be careful – else it would not take much time for us to get lost on the path of AURANGZEB when we are supposed to follow the path of great Kings like Chatrapatti Shivaji, Maharana Pratap!

It is said that when Akbar came to know of the death of his opponent – Maharana Pratap – he bowed and said “ Rana – you have won, and I haven’t.”

Such was the valor of the great Rajput King – Maharana Pratap.

Aurangzeb is a good example of SATURN+MOON conjunction.

Saturn is not happy with MOON – Saturn ensures that MOON comes in its total control – and so all qualities of SATURN (good/bad) penetrate into the MOON (MIND) and the person becomes SATURN. Such a person is too cold blooded – even if angry – does not express openly.

The other side of this placement is that REPRESSION is seen more than EXPRESSION. And so many times – if other aspects are not supportive – then people with this Saturn combination often commit suicide – are prone to committing suicide.

REPRESSION is something that goes on killing you. You want to have ‘experiences’ – sex, love, joy, bliss, peace – you want all kind of experiences but when you REPRESS your desires, your feelings – you don’t move ahead – and unless you move ahead – SELF-LEARNING is not possible! And when there is absolutely no SELF-LEARNING – how can you progress in true sense? How can you grow in the real sense?

And so REPRESSION blocks your growth – never REPRESS your feelings, if you LOVE someone – step ahead and EXPRESS. Expression is LIFE. Repression is Suicide!

A person who is eating Non-Veg for many years – at some point may realize that he must slow down – and shift his gears to vegetarian food.

A person who have had plenty of sexual experiences and pleasures – at some point may realize that he should stop monkeying around – enough is enough – now it is time to experience something that is far beautiful, far blissful than SEX.

A person who have bee running behind money and accumulating his whole life – comes to the realization that enough is enough – now it is time to do something for the nation – for others – for those who are still struggling to earn!

So you see – it is only when you EXPERIENCE – that you can UNDERSTAND – and it is only when you understand that you can REALIZE! And so in my life – I respect every man and every woman who have been through all kind of experiences – because such a man – such a woman CAN move on to the next level – the spiritual level – and only such men and women can become YOGI and YOGINI in the true sense. I may be condemned by certain pundits, certain intellectual folks – but who cares – TRUTH never cares for what is going to happen – TRUTH is simply happy to share what *is* – and what is – *is*! Truth remains while the rest sooner or later gets dissolved with time.

The whole purpose of meditation is to help you to remain in the *is* – there should be no ‘was’ and no ‘will’ – just ‘is’ – because life is in this moment – and only a man who lives moment to moment is a man of awareness! Isness is his way of life – Isness is my way of life and Isness should be the way of your life!

SATURN is all about being REAL. Understand this – and I appeal to all my followers, readers and fellow travelers. SATURN is Being REAL. And Life *is* flowing now – NOW is the REAL MOMENT! Whenever SATURN comes in trine (triangle) aspect with SUN – it is a beautiful development. The ‘Consciousness’ (SUN) now helps you to BE HERE NOW – in the REAL MOMENT (SATURN).

Whenever spiritual planets come in contact with SATURN – SATURN transforms to an altogether different level – now the same material SATURN helps the native to progress in his or her spiritual journey.

To attain something that is far beautiful – far blissful – one has to let go – drop certain aspects of his or her life! And so when SATURN comes in contact with SHRI KETU – two things can happen:

  1. Either you remain confused – that leads to material loss
  2. Either you rise above the material world – and experience the spiritual bliss within

Now the first possibility is seen when the other Kundli apsects are such that the native is pure material (BHOGI) by nature. In such a case – the first possibility is prominently seen – there is no success – no stability – no peace – no prosperity.

The second possibility is seen when the other Kundli aspects signify a spiritual inclination – that the native is originally a YOGI – and spiritual by nature. Then there is a song to it – a dance – than such a combination brings an altogether different level of spiritual experiences.

In general the first possibility is seen because the majority is BHOGI by nature. And so this SATURN KETU conjunction becomes a challenging position for many people. Here KETU nullifies many of SATURN’s positive qualities. Specifically this is definately NOT a good position for authority figures – and the fact is that with this kind of placement – rarely does an individual becomes a authority figure or a top executive!

To become a top level executive – the C-class executive – it is necessary that SATURN is NOT with Ketu!

A Political leader, a Government Executive or a Top Executive (SATURN) of a private company will find it difficult to make decisions if there is always a SANYASI (KETU) sitting on his head!

Nehru and many other political leaders were finding it very difficult to tackle the political issues with Pakistan – just because there was always the Mahatama Gandhi (Ketu) sitting on their Head! It was only after the Mahatama left this world that Nehru and his government (Saturn) could make some hard decisions.

SATURN wants POWER. REAL POWER. And KETU is absolutely disinterested in POWER POSITIONS. Tell me – and I insisit to all of you – tell me – how can this ‘marriage’ work? One has no interest in POWER. And the other is very much interested in POWER.

And so whenever SATURN KETU come together the desire for POWER is less.

And whenever SATURN RAHU come together the desire for POWER is more.

See how beautiful the art of astrology can be! Astrology is not alien – it is very much within us – it is a play of qualities, of energies, of vibrations, of nature, of relating!

Whenever there is ‘relating’ – there is a ‘spark’ – the very base of FRIENDSHIP is relating! Arjuna could relate with Krishna. Peter could relate with Jesus. Ananda could relate with Buddha.

Relating is beautiful than Relationships. When you are relating -you are simply relating – there are no expectations – but in relationships – there are expectations!

When in relationships – expectations come and these expectations lead you to the road of many miseries! Because you expect something – you are dependent – you become dependent – there is no independence – you are locked in a relationship. Relationships closes the door to Freedom. And Love ceases to exist the moment there is no freedom!

Relationships cannot give you absolute freedom. Relating can!

When it comes to RELATING – where is the question of dependency? You are simply relating – resonating and that is beautiful.

When ‘Relating’ happens between two individuals, between two planets – then there is a song to it – music, melody and love is all over!

This kind of ‘Relating’ does not happen between SATURN and KETU. They are two polarities – one is Hitler and the other is Buddha! And so comes the complacency.

Complacency means a feeling of contentment or self-satisfaction, often combined with a lack of awareness of pending trouble or controversy. This unawareness comes because of KETU. KETU creates many clouds of confusion in your mind – and so then what ‘APPEARS’ seems to be the REAL – but in reality it is not.

In short the realism of SATURN is damaged by the association of KETU.

Whenever KETU comes in contact with a planet – it brings distortion – and so what is real – is never realized!

KETU – SATURN = No realism. Distortion of reality.

KETU – MOON = No emotional intelligence. Distortion of emotions. Emotionally unstable.

KETU – SUN = Unfortunate conjunction. Consciousness is distorted. Person is or spends his life in more ignorance than consciousness.

KETU – Jupiter = A good conjunction for spiritual progress – Here Guru channelizes KETU’s distortion – nature of detachment to the native’s progress.

KETU-VENUS = Damages the prospects of sexual/marriage prospects. Person suffers through relationships. KETU’s energy is against Venus who is BHOGI – pleasure seeking.

KETU-Mercury = Logic is less – hampers the logical ability of the native. But if the native is on spiritual path – this can be a blessing in disguise – because in God’s kingdom – logic has no place – LOVE has! And where there is NO LOGIC – LOVE is! So this can be a boon or a curse – depends on which path the native has been from past birth and rebirths.

Let me tell you all – KETU is gracious to all those individuals who are set on their spiritual journey! And the same KETU can play havoc for those individual who are simply clinging to the material pleasures – sex, money, wealth, properties, power.

And that is why the energy of Shri KETU is totally against the energy of RAHU.

RAHU wants SEX. KETU is not interested in SEX. RAHU wants POWER. KETU is disinterested in having POWER. RAHU is highly political. KETU is such a simply being – just like the great mystic who comes all the way to congratulate his Politician friend.

Every person’s birth chart is either under the realms of RAHU. Or under the influence of Shri KETU. Depends on what ‘path’ the soul has embarked upon for many lives after lives.

Yesterday somebody was mentioning about the cruelty of the Mughal Emperors – but even among these cruel Mughal Emperors – there was one man who was very unique – different from the rest of his predecessors and successors – and his name was Jalaludin Akbar.

By and by – it occurs to me that from the Mughal Sultante – if there was any Emperor who was truly worth of respect than that was Emperor Akbar!

Although a Muslim – Emperor Akbar was the only Emperor who went out of his way – dropped his own religion and established a new religion – Din-I-ilahi – a religion that had the best teachings and values of all three religions – Hindu, Muslim and Christianity.

There is one beautiful incident – and it is related to the city of Fatehpur Sikhri. Akbar had a dream of building a beautiful new city and he spend millions to build Fatehpur Sikhri. A grand city was build and then one of the largest gate of the world was build at the entrance of Fatehpur Sikhri.

And the Gate was named : Bulland Darwaza. (Gate of Magnificence)

When the door was build, Akbar asked his wise men to come up with a sentence – a beautiful meaningful insightful sentence – that can be engraved on this magnificent door that stands on a bridge.

The wise men of Mughal Emperor Akbar searched and searched in all the scriptures, in all the literature of the world, and finally they found a sentence in the Holy Bible! As if the sentence was said specially to be engraved on the gate of the capital of Fatehpur Sikri. And the wonderful insightful sentence that you all will see – even today – on the largest gate of the world – Buland Darwaza – is:

Isa (Jesus) son of Mary said: “The world is a bridge, pass over it, but build no houses upon it. He who hopes for a day, may hope for eternity; but the world endures but an hour. Spend it in prayer for the rest is unseen.”

How deep is this sentence. How deep. I am speechless, I am simply speechless.

And someone like Akbar can only do this – He was a Muslim – but he did not care – he simply loved the sayings of Jesus and he choose it for one of his greatest creations – the city of Fatehpur Sikri! It may not sound good to those who are Hard liner Hindus – but the fact is – that even though I am also a Hindu – I have absolutely no hesitation to mention the greatness of Emperor Akbar – in the whole lineage of Mughal Sultanate – it is only Akbar who still is remembered by people of all religions – simply because a time came in his life when he went beyond his own religion – against all the Muslim hard liners of His times and embraced the religion of humanity – the religion of LOVE – Din-I-Ilahi!

Read the sentence that Akbar choose from the Holy Bible to engrave on the Gate Bulland Darwaza – read it again – and you will realize the beauty of it – the whole message is in one line –

“It (Life) is only a bridge. Remember, don’t make your house on it, it is a place to pass on!”

Nothing is forever – life is also not forever – CHANGE is constant. Except CHANGE everything else changes. The world endures but an hour – Life is moment to moment – and only a man who lives moment to moment is a man of awareness! He never plans, because what is there to plan – planning means you are thinking of future – you are not here – when the master is trying to tell you again and again to – BE HERE NOW.

A young man once asked – “Why it seems difficult to be in the moment – to be here now?”

And the master said “Because you are too much into your MIND. The whole purpose of meditation is to help you overcome your MIND – it is only when you overcome the MIND – that the Journey Beyond begins!

Meditation starts flowering only when you start moving beyond MIND. And so to help you all understand the futility of MIND, today on my birthday I introduce the worldwide publication of my new book – NO MIND – the Journey Beyond

I am certain that those who have been meditating, who have been relating to my answers and posts – will certainly benefit from the insights of this new book. This book is indeed a milestone for me and sharing it on my birthday – with all of you – gives me more joy and bliss.

You all can avail a copy of this beautiful book through this link: https://www.amazon.in/dp/9389530512

It is said that man goes on planning and planning and planning and yet you never know what is going to happen the next moment!

Two years ago – on the same day, I was travelling through the countryside, on the way accidentally met an old man, we talked, had a good bonding, and then when it was time to say ‘Goodbye’ – he introduced himself as an ex-Congressman. The next day, he calls me – invited me to his house for a lunch, I tried to turn down his invitation – but when there is genuine love – how far I can go on rejecting! And so I went, what a beautiful family – then while having lunch, he says “ I was the head of Congress party for this whole district of Maharashtra – but then I could not stay for long – I got disinterested in all this Politics and then I just quit – and now I am no more a Politician. I just do what I can do for the poor, the needy – that keeps me happy.”

I said to him “ Saintly men and women cannot stay in Politics for long. Lokmanya Tilak in his Kesari newspaper had specifically mentioned in his own style the truth – and it was in simple words: “ POLITICS is NOT the job for SAINTS.” So you see – why you cannot stay for long in Politics.”

He hugged me, his heart moved, his eyes became wet – he insisted me to stay for a day or two, but I said – “Sir, My road is long, and I cannot wait…my journey continues…”

I left, but the gentleman still left a message for me on my Whatsapp. It was in just two words – “Thank you.”

Whole life can become a bliss of garden – even if the only prayer you say is ‘Thank You’!

It is not Happiness that brings Gratitude. It is GRATITUDE that brings happiness in our life! A man or a woman with a grateful heart is always a blessed person. Such a grateful person goes a long way – then no matter how life is – no matter how difficult life – such a person is always THANKFUL to God – because he realizes the fact that LIFE in itself is the greatest blessing!

It happened, that a young man was very upset. Nothing was happening in his life. And so he went to his master.

He said ” Master – nothing is happening in my life – you always say – celebrate life – but what is there to celebrate?”

The master laughed – a loud belly laugh and said “Mohan, come here, come closer….” And the master put his hand tightly on Mohan’s face – Mohan could not breath…..he struggled….. The master removed his hand….and Mohan took a deep breath……he felt better, his eyes twinkled as if life was back and Mohan smiled.

The master looked into Mohan’s eyes and said “Now you realize – every moment is a celebration – be grateful to God that you are alive – life is precious – and one who realizes this – *celebrates life* – no matter what!

Value LIFE – because LIFE is the greatest journey you will be ever on!

Our whole life is a gift of GOD. Let us celebrate, let us be THANKFUL, let us be grateful for all that we have – no matter how much! Then there is a certain fragrance to your life – then there is a song to it, a dance, a music!

So come, come you all – sit with your closed eyes, and meditate on the Holy Lord’s name – just the name of the Lord can take you all to many places – because the strength is in your FAITH – the beauty is in your FAITH, the possibility is in your FAITH!

Be thankful and keep walking with FAITH in your heart.

Today on my birthday – I thank each one of you – I know many of you are trying to reach me – but time is less, I am becoming old and life is short! And so through this answer I express my thanks and love to each one of you who have been emailing me – your love is reaching me, and your prayers are going to be answered soon – not because of me – but simply because of the beautiful heart that you all carry with you!

When you become more and more meditative – your heart becomes a portable paradise.

Let us continue to meditate – everyday minimum 20 minutes, morning and evening – without bothering what planet is doing to you – without bothering which house is what planet – without bothering about anything in this world – let there be 100% focus within your being – breath – breath in and breath out while you focus on the Lord’s name – the whole story of human life is between two actions – breath in and breath out – and one who has realized this – has realized the whole essence of this human life!

My blessing and love to you all. Life is short and active years of life are even shorter – so wake up and let the journey beyond Mind – began.

Love is possible, love can be experienced only when you all start moving beyond Mind. Only then there is a song to your life – only then there is a certain fragrance to your being – the whole purpose of this human life is to embark on the Journey beyond MIND – and the goal is LOVE.

Love has no reason. Love is unreasonable – and yet Love has all the answers to all your questions.

Let love become the ultimate path of your spiritual journey. And that is the only blessing and prayer that I can offer on my birthday – for you all.


Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
Find solutions and remedies and know your future prospect. Consult renowned internationally acclaimed Vedic Astrologer – Acharya Addittya Tamhankar.
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