How are Shani Atmakaraka people?


There is one beautiful old Hindi song, it goes like this:

“oh re taal mile nadii ke jal me.

nadii mile saagar me.

saagar mile kaun se jal me.

koi jaane naa…”

The song lyric is insightful. It says — “the lake water merges with the river. The river water merges with the ocean water…however with whom does the ocean water merges nobody knows….”

Similar is the state of Atma (Soul). The true SWAROOP of Atma is as vast and deep as the OCEAN.

And just the way the source is the Ocean in which all the waters of this planet merge — similarly the source of the ATMAKARAK PLANET is in the NAKSHATRA in which it falls and further the NAKSHATRA LORD’s strength and placement!

So on the circumference — Atmakarak Planet has absolutely no power however it is the Nakshatra and it’s Lord that has all the control or rather the final say in the matters of life.

So whether your ATMAKARAK is SATURN OR JUPITER OR MARS OR VENUS OR MERCURY OR MOON OR SUN — it doesn’t matter much. What matters is the NAKSHATRA in which Saturn as Atmakarak falls in.

Even if your ATMAKARAK SUN is debilitated in LIBRA or ATMAKARAK MOON is debilitated in SCORPIO or VENUS ATMAKARAK IS debilitated in VIRGO or MERCURY ATMAKARAK is debilitated in PISCES — still that doesn’t mean that you have a weak Atmakarak simply because it is the Nakshatra in which your ATMAKARAK is placed that matters above all.

If Atmakarak Saturn is in Ketu’s Nakshatra — the native is likely to have strong inclination towards spirituality. If Atmakarak Sun is in Jupiter’s Nakshatra then the person is mostly found to be pious and religious by nature. A God Loving person.

So it is the Nakshatra — the seed in which your ATMAKARAK PLANET is placed is what matters and the state of its Lord and it’s placement.

Many times a disciple thinks that the master has given him all the secrets. Ananda also had the same feeling. Then one day when there was nobody around Buddha — Ananda asked “ Master have you shared everything with me or there is something left…”

Buddha smiled. Ananda was his elder cousin brother. But he became a disciple of Buddha. He had always been more like an elder brother — the subtle ego that ‘ ’I am the elder brother of Buddha’ always remained — until Buddha died. Looking at Ananda — Buddha said “ Do you see this leaf in my hand and do you see the millions of leaves in the forest?”

Ananda said “ Yes I see that you have just one leaf in your hand while there are so many leaves in this forest.”

Buddha said “ I have shared only this one leaf with you — whereas there are millions of ‘leaf’ to be shared”

Ananda fell at Buddha’s feet. He started crying….he was a very emotional man, sensitive. He said “ Master — for centuries to come there will nobody of your caliber. I am truly blessed to be in your omnipresence.”

Astrology is just that one leaf in Buddha’s hand. Whereas beyond Astrology – there are millions and millions of ‘leaves’ (secrets) that are yet to be shared – but only with those who have a certain depth of understanding!

The MASTER is the OCEAN of WISDOM. And this is the whole essence of all. You think that the Master has shared all the ‘leaves’ (secrets) of the forest while only a few are kept as secret. The reality is – just a few ‘leaves’ are shared with you – whereas there are millions and millions of secrets (leaves) of the whole forest (universe) that is still to be shared – only when YOU are Ready.

On a very practical ground – ATMAKARAKA is all about the WILLPOWER!

In Hindi there is a beautiful word – ATMABAL (आत्मबल) – meaning SELF-POWER!

SOUL is SELF. And the SELF is the GURU – says one of the greatest divine master and whom I love the most – BHAGAVAN RAMANA MAHARSHI!

Who is the SELF – It is your CONSCIOUSNESS.
Who is GOD – It is the ultimate universal CONSCIOUSNESS.
WHo is GURU – It is the CONSCIOUSNESS that has become ONE with the universal CONSCIOUSNESS *GOD*!

GURU. GOD. SELF – are ONE! So beautiful, so deep and so enlightening.

And so ATMAKARAKA simply signify your SELF-POWER. There are many men and women who have fallen in deep miseries of life and yet because of their SELF-POWER (ATMABAL) they were able to RISE and to much greater heights!

There are people who make fun of those who in the PAST – were drunkards, running behind sex – but now have transformed into something so beautiful. The most popular saying is “ After doing everything under the sky – now he has remembered GOD.”

The irony is that – yes after doing everything under the sky – this man has remembered GOD but what about those who haven’t but are just happy in criticizing him – offending him – ridiculing him – what about these men and women – they REMAIN WHERE THEY ARE – whereas such a man who has remembered GOD – who has decided to transform within – who is taking efforts to overcome his weakness – such a man someday becomes SAINT PAUL – someday becomes SAINT VALMIKI – these men were the most materialistic men – most dreadful men and yet a time came in their life when they became great SAINTS – so great that the world have ever known!

That is why I always say – that only that man and that woman can rise and touch the sky who have done everything under the sky – and SELF-REALIZED the futility of all – such a man – such a woman can and does progress on the spiritual path – because they have three most beautiful qualities within them – INTENSITY & UNWAVERING FAITH & PATIENCE.

Millions and millions of people are living around this VAST HUMAN WORLD – all they need is the SELF-POWER – but the matter of fact is that 90% of this human population lacks the SELF-POWER – they need someone to help them realize their SELF-POWER. This SELF-POWER is what ATMAKARAKA is all about.

But people are shallow – so then they start giving many flavors and illusions and stories to this ATMAKARAKA planet – the MONKEY MIND is always in love with creating as many fancies and illusions around a given topic!

While the TRUTH is something else. The TRUTH is simple. In fact the most beautiful things in life are SIMPLE. Love is SIMPLE. HEART is SIMPLE. GOD is SIMPLE.

There is beauty in SIMPLICITY. It is said that Jesus was simple. Very simple. The Roman put Him in prison. Even today if you all visit Jerusalem – you will find the prison in which Jesus was kept along with other prisoners! Today that prison has become a sacred place! Imagine what the prisoners who were kept with Jesus – would ever have had imagined that this simple man whom the people call Isa (Jesus) and the place where he was imprisoner would become so sacred and divine for almost half the population of today’s human world!

But Jesus was simple – when Pontus Pilate asked him “What is the TRUTH” – Jesus didn’t answer. He remained SILENT. It was the Buddhist SILENCE.

Truth need to be shared with only those who can understand – who are willing to understand.

Astrology is also simple – but people are many and they find great ‘stimulation’ in making things complicated. The more you are driven by your mind – the more you would find great amusement in complicating the matters of your life.

Yesterday – someone said “My father is making my life hell.” I said “Then leave him – let him live his life and you live yours.”

But do you think he will listen – He will not because people are attached – and it is this attachment that eventually goes on making your life a HELL – a sea of MISERY.

The root of suffering is ATTACHMENT.

People continue to live in FAILED MARRIAGE – because they are afraid of the SOCIETY – what will the society say? And so for false PRIDE – they continue to live in a miserable life – a failed life!

Emotions are good – but they should be purified. And as long as you live in this human world – you need to show emotional intelligence.

Whether it is your FATHER or MOTHER or WIFE or HUSBAND – if living separately can bring peace to you and them – then don’t hesitate to step out in the wild and live your life.

The whole message to all my followers and readers is simple – don’t be an EMOTIONAL FOOL. Instead be EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENT person.

But people are shallow – they remain attached to their old friend – the misery!

In life many times you have to make some HARD DECISIONS – and if you can’t make those decisions then you remain stuck in the many miseries of your life.

In reality – there is no such thing as my SHANI is ATMAKARAKA or my SUN is ATMAKARAKA etc. But Astrology has become a great money churning business – some entertainment need to be there – and there can be no actors as great as the 9 planets in Astrology! So people make many stories around ATMAKARAKA – as long as there are takers – who cares about TRUTH!

But since you have asked – it is necessary to remember that it is not the ATMAKARAKA planet that matters – it is the NAKSHATRA in which the ATMAKARAKA is placed is what matters. It is basically just to ‘’measure’’ the SELF-POWER of the native – how strong he or she is from within – how much depth of understanding he or she has – how much intensity he or she has – so it has more to do with the STRENGTH – in fact Jaimini Sutras are primarily based on finding the CHARACTER and STRENGTH of each KARAKA – it doesn’t matter what planet is KARAKA – what matter is – the state, the strength of that KARAKA – then whether it is ATMAKARAKA or DARAKARAKA or other KARAKAs that are mentioned in the Jaimini Sutras.

Astrology is a very deep subject and in the ancient days it was practiced only by the Brahmins. And these were pious Brahmins who were deeply engrossed on the spiritual path. Astrology was just a small part of their vast knowledge and wisdom. Now don’t be quick to judge my sentence – because when I say BRAHMIN – it has nothing to do with CASTE – it has more to do with the STATE OF BEING. Because during the old ancient days – a person was addressed as BRAHMIN based on his in born QUALITIES and NOT based on the family in which he is born! During the ancient days – it was the GURU (the master) who would decide whether the young boy who has come to Him for learning – is a BRAHMIN, KSHATRIYA, VAISHYA or SHUDRA – totally based on HIS SELF-QUALITIES – GUNA! And all the four VARNAs were equally treated with love and humanity.

But then time flew by – and then there was nobody of the caliber of such great GURUs and then slowly the society started deciding the VARNA or CASTE based on the family in which the native is born!

TRUTH is hard. Many may not like. But then have I ever shared anything for LIKES? Never. Because likes is also of the mind – that is why people are quick to say “I like you” – but hesitate to say “I love you”! Because LOVE is DANGEROUS. 😊

Only a man who has loved – only a woman who has loved – can someday also fall in love with GOD! And then there is no looking back – the road is clear and you are ready to walk….

Love to all my readers and followers – stay blessed and remember – to enhance the quality of your ATMA (Soul) and ATMA-KARAKA (Soul-Self-signifying planet) — the only way is to start meditating, start chanting the name of the lord. Doesn’t matter whose name you chant – as long as you chant with love, with faith, with devotion!

Yoga Sana is for your physical wellbeing. Chanting is for your soul’s well-being. Through chanting you can bring the monkey mind under control. Instead of thinking too much about what my ATMAKARAKA planet means – how beautiful it will be if you all start focusing on strengthening your ATMA (Soul)!

But who wants to listen? Those few who have listened have started experiencing that which others haven’t – Bliss!

Enough for today. Meditate everyday and when you meditate – focus on the chanting – focus on bringing the monkey mind to the NOW moment – the PRESENT moment. Your meditation succeeds the moment you are able to BE HERE NOW – and that is whole beauty – my fellows – that is the whole beauty – to BE HERE NOW.

Love to all. Stay blessed.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

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