How to prevent negative thinking?

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

THOUGHTS SHAPE YOUR LIFE. ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS. THE QUALITY OF LIFE IS BASED ON THE QUALITY OF YOUR THOUGHTS. And so whenever any negative lustful thoughts come to your mind – remember to WATCH YOUR THOUGHTS – because that one wrong thought can lead you to many wrongs – eventually leading you to nowhere!

The whole journey of this human life is to FINE TUNE the THOUGHTS that you have been carrying along all your births and rebirths! Many times – I meet people who are taking efforts to raise the QUALITY OF THEIR THOUGHTS and many times I come across UTTERLY RUBBISH NEGATIVE USELESS men and women who only spend their whole life in HURTING OTHERS by their CHEAP THOUGHTS And CHEAP COMMENTS. Can’t Help – such men and women eventually end up in a NOWHERE world – they suffer a lot – and they go through many miseries. Many times people ask me “But such filthy men and women in spite of their LOW GRADE THOUGHTS – are doing well – they are having good bank balance – they are having all good luxuries – when will they start facing miseries in their life?”

You should always remember – that just like you – GOD is also waiting for these people to comes to their senses – GOD also wants them to PAY FOR WHAT THEY DID TO OTHERS – but do you remember the incident when LORD KRISHNA waited and waited and waited UNTIL SHISHU PAL abused him for 100 times – do you remember that incident – have you ever read about that incident – I urge all my dear followers who love me – who have been following me consistently – to please read about this incident – and you will find your answer! Until SHISHU PAL’s quota of SIN is not FULL (100 SINS) – Lord Krishna simply waits and waits and waits and SHISHU PAL goes on ABUSING KRISHNA – goes on COMMENTING ABUSIVELY – and Krishna waits! But the moment SHISHU PAL’s quote of SIN is FULL – Lord Krishna takes him to TASK!

That is how the benevolent master is – that is how Lord Saturn – that is why I LOVE SATURN – because SATURN also waits and waits and waits and when the TIME is right – HE STRIKES and HE STRIKES SO BADLY that the man or woman who have been abusing you – commenting badly on you – becomes handicapped – becomes miserable – falls in utter desperation!

And so those negative men and women who have been causing harm to you – by doing black magic – by commenting negatively – by trying to defame you – THOSE ALL BUNCH OF FELLOWS will definitely FACE the WRATH of SATURN – the WRATH of KRISHNA – the WRATH of GOD – but only when their TIME WILL CHANGE FOR BAD.

And who can know better about time and timing than an Astrologer! That is why Astrologer during the old days were not common beings – they were highly spiritual seers – who spend only 2 hours in doing consultation while the rest of their time was spend in meditations – in deep penance!

There was a young man – he must be like me. He was young and he was being troubled by a few women and men – and one day unable to bear the difficulties and pain and sufferings of life – he went to the master and the master was in his own bliss, his own peace – the master said “ What happened?”

The young man said “ When will these men and women will pay for what they have done to me?”

The master said “ You are an idiot. Why you think so much about your enemies? Why don’t you focus on your FRIEND. I am your Friend. Look at me – don’t you see a friend in me?”

The young man started crying – he touched the feet of the master and said “ Master I am touched – I am so sorry – I have got your message – it is always better to focus on our true friends than our enemies. But….”

“Still you have a ‘But’ ! “ said the benevolent master.

Then looking at the young man the master smiled and said “ Mohan – I know there is a woman and a man who is trying to kill you – who is trying to play all sorts of dirty games and spells on you – but remember my word – a TIME will come when they both will have to PAY for their deeds – you just wait – you just be patient – and now you just have this cup of hot tea.”

Mohan smiled – the word of the master brought a sudden relief to his being. He joined the master – and the master spontaneously asked “ MOHAN – ARE YOU HERE?”

And the call was so spontaneous that Mohan quickly responded “ Yes Master – I AM HERE.”

And that this whole message my fellows – that is the whole message – to BE HERE NOW!

When you are HERE & NOW – the ‘miracle’ has happened. To BE HERE NOW – to be in the moment is the real miracle! You just have to BE HERE NOW – ‘isness’ is the only word that you have to implement in your life.

When the master call out – “MOHAN ARE YOU HERE?”

It was to bring MOHAN in the HERE & NOW moment! And the call is so spontaneous that MOHAN also responds spontaneously – “Yes Master – I AM HERE ”!

When you have no job – you are thinking of FUTURE – “When will I have job” – and so you simply go on missing the LIFE which is flowing NOW! Always remember LIFE is flowing NOW – Life is not in the past and not in the future – life is NOW and if you miss NOW then you go on missing life!

And what happens when you get a job – you start thinking now when will I get a promotion – no when will I buy a new home – or a new car – or a new bike – you see the MIND is constantly in the PAST or the FUTURE – the meeting between the MIND and the FUTURE never happens – and when it happens – MEDITATION happens!

You see – Meditation happens only when you are able to bring your MIND in the NOW moment – when you get hold of your monkey mind and compel it to focus on your breathing – on this NOW moment – only then meditation happens – only then your real journey within begins!

A man is worried because he is living in poverty. But the same man starts worrying when he becomes rich – because now the whole cupboard is full of CASH – now how to protect it – where to invest – what more to expand – you see the MIND is always worrying because the nature of the MIND is to worry!

A woman was not getting a marriage proposal – she thought after getting married she will find happiness – but that is never the story! Because even if you get married still you will not be happy – still you will continue to crave – continue to complain because HAPPINESS is NOT Something that is based on WHAT YOU HAVE ON THE OUTSIDE – happiness is simply based on what you have WITHIN!

There are men and there are women – who are craving for SEX – they think that after having SEX – they can find happiness. The reality is that there are million and millions out there who have had a lot of sexual pleasures and still if you ask them “Are you happy?” – they answer “Not yet”!

But people have their own ideas and fancies and ideally they should not be stopped because until they experience themselves – they cannot realize the TRUTH!

And that is why this HUMAN LIFE is! To let you experience all that you had wished for – and after going through those experiences if you WAKE UP than that is your GOOD FATE – else the ‘Chakki Pissing’ – the unending cycle of birth and rebirth continues!

People are always crying and whining. And it has absolutely NOTHING do with their SITUATION – remember this. Because irrespective whether they are living in a hut or in a palace – the continue to cry – they continue to live in misery – in ignorance!

There was a man – he must be like me. He lost everything – everything was taken away from him – and yet he was always found in his own bliss – in his own peace. He wandered around the narrow lanes of his village – and people would simply ignore him – they would condemn him – they had started believing that this man is inauspicious for us! You see – this is how this FAKE society is – a successful man has many FATHERS while an unsuccessful man has NONE!

And so the villagers treated him very badly – the man took to alcohol. It happens – many times people succumb to the pressure of the society and they take shelter in that bottle of wine! And so this man also found his new home in that bottle of alcohol. He became a drunkard – he was such a nice man – but now he was dragged into alcoholism! Time went by and soon he became a drunkard – the villager who forced him into alcoholism – now started abusing him for his too much drinking! This is how people are – very very fake – first they will HARM you and then when you start bleeding – they will desert you.

Our man – the young man was also deserted by the villagers and yet he was in his own world – drinking, and dancing and singing and one day – the sky thundered – storm came and the whole village was flooded with water – and the rains continued for 5 consecutive days – heavy rainfall – and children and women started dying – the cattle – the farmland – the crops – everything was devastated – the villagers gathered for prayers – but their prayers were not answered by God – instead much more flooding and more heavy rains started falling – the crying of the children – the moaning of the women – the young man couldn’t bear – looking up in the sky – he said to God “ GOD – if you STOP the RAINS – I will STOP drinking alcohol. That is my promise.”

God smiled. And that moment – that very moment the RAINS STOPPED. The whole village was SAVED – the villagers felt relieved – they thanked the young man – they realized that their prayers were not heard – but the prayers of the young man was heard and was answered by GOD – they all said “You live with us – we will take care of you – we will help you rebuild your life….”

The young man’s eyes were filled with tears – looking at those ignorant villagers – he said “ Now I cannot wait here – now the call has come – now my real journey has began – if with just one word – one promise – God has answered my prayers then imagine how much can he DO for me – how much he can do through ME – and so not only I am leaving drinking but I am also leaving this village forever – I am now set on the greatest journey of my life – the journey within – the journey WITH God!”

And the young man left the village – the villagers never came to know where he went – but they always remembered him as the MAN who saved their village.

Life changes – change is constant – except change everything else changes – always remember this.

NOTHING LASTS FOREVER – neither the good time nor the bad times. Even the stars that are thought to be FIXED STARS – even they move – what to say about you or me!

And so if you are in misery and those who have caused you harm are enjoying their life then you don’t have to think much – because change is constant – those who you think are happy – have you ever gone to their bedroom to see if they are really happy? There are men and women who ‘appear’ as happy but in their bedrooms – when there is nobody around them – they cry – they feel restless – they feel totally lost – in deep miseries – suffocated – blocked!

So don’t go on appearances – appearances can misled you – shallow men and women fall for appearances – the wise – the meditative is always focused on what is WITHIN! And only a man who knows himself – who has realized his own self – can ‘SEE’ what is within others – he can quickly see the real YOU – you cannot take him for a ride – you cannot trap him – you cannot fool him.

People fall for FAKE baba or FAKE men and women – because they themselves have never WATCHED their thoughts – they themselves have not being REAL.

TRUTH is HARD – it hurts and I am not here to entertain – I am here only for those few who can listen to the TRUTH – the rest can excuse.

And so unless you become REAL – you cannot find the REAL.

99% people never want to know the REAL – they appear as if they want to know the TRUTH but the reality is that they CANNOT face the TRUTH!

To face the TRUTH – you have to be truthful to yourself – a man who is truthful to himself never fears anybody.

But my experience has shown me that people cannot digest the TRUTH. TRUTH can appear RUDE – because your monkey mind is not willing to FACE the TRUTH – as *it is*!

But the majority is filled with shallow people – they come to seek the truth – but they don’t have the capacity – the heart to absorb the truth – and so I only share the truth when I see that the person can digest the truth.

People want those ‘goody goody – soft entertaining’ masters – who can make them feel good! And that is how people don’t change because the ‘old thoughts and illusions’ – can not help you change – you will remain where you are – you will change – you will transform – you will rise only when you meet the real master.

A real master simply helps you to UNLEARN all that you have learned your whole life!

Jesus also asks Nicodemus, the great scholar to first unlearn – drop all his learning and scholarships and his notions – because unless there is SPACE within you – how the REAL penetrate within your being?

But not everybody can understand this not everybody is a Nicodemus, not everybody is Ananda, not everybody is Arjuna!

Once it happened – there was a young man – his name was Rahim. And Rahim became a great saint – a saint of many miracles – one of the greatest Sufi saint that the world had ever known! And when Sufi Saint Rahim was on his deathbed – a close disciple asked “ Master – you have never told us about your Master – your Guru – now that you are dying – now that we will never be able to see you again – and we will never meet someone of your caliber – would you like to share about your master?”

Rahim’s eyes became wet. His eyes were filled with tears – he said “ I met my master after a very long journey – but the master didn’t look at me. There were few people around him – they must be his disciples – I touched his feet but the master ignored me. But I was not willing to go away so soon. I started serving in my own way. I would sweep the floors, clean the walls – also I started cooking in the small kitchen that the monastery had. Days passed and weeks passed by – but the master never looked at me – many would come to seek his blessings and he would talk with all of them but he never talked with me – not even a single word. But I continued – I continued with my love and my devotion towards him – and then one day – one day while I was sweeping the floor – he looked at me – just one look of HIS and my whole being moved – as if there was some celebration happening in my whole being – that one look of his – was enough for me to carry on for the next many months. And after 10 months – again on a beautiful evening – he looked at me and smiled – that smile was so blissful – there was a certain signal for me – but I couldn’t understand – I was naïve. I continued to serve – and again it happened – after 9 months – it happened – the moment came and it came in the most unexpected way – I was sleeping beneath a tree – and the master came – yes – HE came towards me – called me by my name – he said “Rahim – Beta Rahim wake up – it is TIME.” – I woke up and before me the master was standing – I felt as if it was a dream – but then I realized that the master was truly standing before me – I got up – the master touched on my forehead – just a soft touch and said “ Rahim – you have now become a full moon – it is time for you to leave – go ahead and spread the message – message of love. My blessing is with you. I am with you.”

Rahim’s eyes were filled with tears – speechless – he touched the feet of the master with his heart filled with gratitude – the master raised him up and gave him a hug and said “ You have left no word for me to express – you have been truly a gem – a rarest of rare gem. I bless you.”

The disciples of Rahim were moved – they said “ After that what happened?”

Rahim who was now on deathbed said “After that last meeting – I set out on my journey – I travelled to many places – I never met my master – but there was not a single breath of mine in which his name – his remembrance was not present – even now as I share with you the story of my life – HIS name remains in my heart – my breath – – my blood – my veins…..”

Such masters are rare and such disciples are rare! Only three times the master had looked at Rahim – only three times! The first time – HE just looked at Rahim – the second time – HE smiled at Rahim and the last time – HE just touched on Rahim’s forehead! Nothing much is required – no intellectualism and no questions and no frills and fancies – only ONE thing is required and that is a BEAUTIFUL FAITHFUL HEART that is willing to be patient – that has a certain depth of understanding!

Understanding is not taught in any colleges or universities – it comes through your own efforts – your own willingness to jump within and discover your true self.

At the very center of your being – at the very root of your existence is YOUR THOUGHT.


The reading of the holy scriptures of your faith, the reading of the Shloka and Stotra and Sutras – the meditations – the chanting – the pooja – the affirmations – ALL OF THESE – is simply to help you raise the quality of your THOUGHT! Because it is only when the quality of your though is good – that you will look good – you will be good and you will also do GOOD! The more you focus on reciting the scriptures of God – chanting the name of God – the more you introduce GOD in your life – the more you can upgrade the quality of your THOUGHTS!

To become special – all you need is to bring GOD in your life – focus on GOD and focus on HIS name – because that is how you can control your thoughts – channelize your thoughts to the proper channel – and once you are set on the ‘path’ – the thoughts start upgrading to superior quality – you become more understanding, more peaceful and more joyous – moreover you start living your life with total ACCEPTANCE and in a LET GO!

People are running all over this world – millions of remedies and thousands of rupees are spend on many stones and magics and what not – but not a single minute is spend to LOOK WITHIN. Not a single minute is spend in OBSERVING YOUR THOUGHT – these kind of people think that by doing some remedy they will get what they seek – and even if they get it – what is the use? If the THOUGHT quality is poor then no matter whether you get a Mercedes or you get 12 bungalows – how is that going to help you to GROW in the true sense?

But the irony is that people don’t even know what is real growth! They think growth is only limited to what mobile brand you use and what car brand you drive and how much of bank balance you have!

Real Growth is the GROWTH WITHIN. How much as an individual you have matured – you have become wise is what real growth is all about – real growth has NOTHING to do with your outer brands and luxuries – real growth has to do with what you are from WITHIN!

And so THOUGHT is very important – in fact the quality of THOUGHT is what goes on shaping your DESTINY! THOUGHT is what decides the quality of your DESTINY!

Watch your thoughts. Your thoughts come from your mind. Your mind is a traffic of thoughts. Millions of thoughts and more thoughts. Unless you purify the mind – unless you take the control of your mind – there is absolutely NO CHANCE of you progressing in the true sense – if you really want to upgrade the quality of your life – then there s NO SUBSCRIPTION fee – but only one effort that you have to take every day – and that is ‘Meditating every day.’!

Meditate – and even though there are many negative NEECH horrible people around you – still remember the fact that even BUDDHA had to go through these kind of DIRTY people – they all tried to cause much trouble much harm to HIM – but he remained silent. Truth is always silent. Jesus was also asked by the Roman Prefect before he was crucified. The Roman Prefect asked Jesus “What is the TRUTH? Tell me?”

Jesus remain silent. It was a Buddhist silence. Truth can be shared only with that person who has the ability to understand!

Jesus remained silent. Buddha remained silent. Silence is the language of the master! The master is the silence between your two words!

And so come – come you all. Close your eyes and meditate. Focus on your breathing – be in a LET GO – be totally relaxed – and always remember when you meditate – you are NOT alone – God is with you – Master is with you – all you need to do is to let there be a Let Go – a total surrender!

It is a long journey – maybe many more births and rebirths – but that is not the question – the real question is whether you are set on the right path – the path of devotion and love, the path of living your life in total surrender!

Leaving you all with this one last video::

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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