25th March 2024 – Post-Lunar Eclipse Insights and Precautions


Moon signify Mind. And we all are minds. When you communicate with each other – it is your mind that communicates. When you laugh, when you cry, when you are angry, when you are jealous, when you are lustful, when you are sexual – it is the mind. The mind rules over you and as well as the whole human world. And so the very first point to note is that Mind signify the general public. If you are a social figure or public figure or if you have to deal with lots of people – then the post lunar eclipse impact can led you to some sudden challenges and troubles. So you need to beware and keep yourself mentally prepared.

When you seek fame – when you want to become famous – it is necessary that your Moon has a certain contact with the 7th house, 7th house lord, 3rd house, 3rd house lord or 11th house, 11th house lord. This is because 3rd, 7th and 11th house are directly connected with communication, partnership and networking. Additionaly since these houses are also connected with intellecualism, skill and talent – they become crucial when it comes to attaining fame or popularity.

Moon signify home, mother and all kind of conveyances such as car, or bike. And so the Lunar Eclipse can impact the overall domestic environment as well as can also cause certain mental stress to your mother. Some may even experience troubles in their car or bike.

Psychological issues, mental anxiety, depression or frustration is commen after the Lunar Eclipse occurs since the Eclipse afflicted moon leads to such mental issues. If you already have challenging moon conjunction or placement in your chart then you may become more sensitive and more reactive after the Lunar Eclipse event.

Psychological issues are triggered due to emotional upheavels. I remember a young man’s case. He was in love with a woman – and their relationship lasted for three years and then one fine day she left him. And the man till date is on pills. He went through such a difficult emotional setback that it led him to many psycological issues. Emotions come under the domain of Moon. And so after this Lunar Eclipse of 25th March – it is likely that some of you may go through certain difficult emotional sagas.

Moon signify change and fluctuations in life. And so this lunar ecllipse will definetly bring a certain change in your life. This change could be in your overall mindset and can lead to a change in your perspective towards certain matters of your life. As well as this change can also mark a significant relocation or change of residence for many of you. So after this Lunar eclipse – you should remain open to the idea of change – remember life is constant change – one who remains open to change – grows in life.

Around 70% of human body contains water in the form of blood. And Moon rules over the water. That is why you see high tide and low tide based on the phases of the moon. And so after this Lunar Eclipse of 25th March – some of you may face some health issues related to blood and lympatic system. Check your Blood pressure regularly incase you are a BP patient. Digestion is affected and some may fall sick due to cold and fever.

The Moon governs short-distance travel, especially travel related to leisure, relaxation, and exploration of new places.My suggestion is that do not travel after the Lunar Eclipse is over. Wait until 5th April and then you can plan a good vacation with your family. It is always good to go on vacation when the planetary aspects are more positive and favorable.

The Moon represents feminine energy, and so take good care of females in your family. As the post lunar eclipse impact can cause some difficulties to woman in your family.

So the whole intention of this sharing was to alert you about matters that can be impacted after the Lunar Eclipse event is over on 25th March. The best remedy is to chant the Ganesha Mantra every morning and evening – Aum Gam Ganapataye Namaha so that you are able to keep your mind in good shape and thereby protect yourself from any mental troubles. A balanced mind is your best shield against life’s storms.

As I have mentioned in my previous two podcasts on Lunar Eclipse – that if you are making efforts towards your spiritual growth then this lunar eclipse cannot cause harm however if there is absolutely no spirtual touch in your life then it is but natural that you will suffer mentally and you may also face many miseries post lunar eclipse event.

So it all depends on you. The only person who can truly change you is YOU. When you YOU come to the point of surrender – you start changing for good. You may not be able to surrender totally but with one step at a time slowly slowly you will become capable of living your life in surrender. As Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi says – partial surrender is also good to start with. Because with time you evolve and then you are able to surrender in totality. It is a long journey but remember every long journey starts with a small step.

Moon signify mind. And the Mind is always in search of a Goal. Mind is Goal oriented. And unless and until you drop all your goals – you cannot attain the beyond – you cannot attain the ultimate truth – the divine truth. And to help you all understand the significance of this message – I will share with you all an ancient story.

A man was very much interested in self-knowledge, in self-realization. His whole search had been to find a master who could teach him meditation. He went from one master to another, but nothing was happening. Years went by, he was tired, exhausted. Then someone told him, “If you really want to find a master you will have to go to the Himalayas. He lives in some unknown parts of the Himalayas; you will have to search for him. One thing is certain, he is there. Nobody knows exactly where, because whenever somebody comes to know of him he moves from that place and goes even deeper into the Himalayan ranges.”

The man was getting old, but he gathered courage. For two years he had to work to earn money for the journey, then he made the journey. It is an old story. He had to ride on camels and horses and then go on foot, and then he reached the Himalayas. People said, “Yes, we have heard about the old man, very ancient he is, one cannot say how old — maybe three hundred years old, or even five hundred years old; nobody knows. He lives somewhere, but the location cannot be given to you. Nobody is aware of where exactly you will find him, but he is there. If you search hard you are bound to find him.”

The man searched and searched and searched. For two years he was roaming in the Himalayas — tired, exhausted, dead exhausted, living only on wild fruits, leaves and grass. He had lost much weight. But he was intent that he had to find this man; even if it took his life, it would be worth it. And can you imagine? One day he saw a small hut, a grass hut. He was so tired that he was not even able to walk, so he crawled. He reached the hut. There was no door; he looked in, there was nobody inside. And not only was there nobody inside, but there was every sign that for years there had been nobody inside.

You can think what would have happened to that man. He fell on the ground. Out of sheer tiredness he said, “I give up.” He was lying there under the sun in the cool breeze of the Himalayas, and for the first time he started feeling so blissful, he had never tasted such bliss! Suddenly he started feeling full of light. Suddenly all thoughts disappeared, suddenly he was transported — and for no reason at all, because he had not done anything.

And then he became aware that somebody was leaning over him. He opened his eyes. A very ancient man was there. And the old man, smiling, said, “So you have come. Have you something to ask me?”

And the man said, “No.”

And the old man laughed, a great belly laugh which was echoed by the valleys. And he said, “So now you know what meditation is?”

And the man said, “Yes.”

What had happened? That assertion which came from his deepest core of being — “I give up” — in that very giving up, all goal-oriented mind efforts and endeavors disappeared. “I give up.” In that very moment he was no more the same person. And bliss showered on him. He was silent, he was a nobody, and he touched the ultimate stratum of non-being. Then he knew what meditation is. Meditation is a non-goal-oriented state of mind.

Remember – you can enter the abode of God only when you have dropped all the goals and agendas. This man – the moment he dropped his goal of seeking the master – the moment he says “I give up” – the moment he says “He has no question to ask” – he has arrived. He is back to his home. To his root – source consciousness.

The whole journey of life is to come back home – to our roots – to our source consciosuness. Next month in May – my new book titled “come back home” is coming and I will be very happy to share with you the contents of this wonderful book – once it is published.

Remember – Ketu is Great because Ketu has absolutely no agenda, no goals – totally headless and that’s what Sant Kabir loves – Sant Kabir says “If you want to become my disciple first you have to cut your head.” Meaning first you have to drop all your logic and intellectualism – only then my doors are open for you – only then God is reachable – only then love is possible.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.




Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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