Various types of black magic spells


In the earlier blogs on black magic – you all learned about the first three type of black magic which prominently practiced across the world by black magicians. Now let us find the remaining types of black magic that is performed by seasoned witch or warlock.

4. Career, Profession – The black magic cast is specifically targeted to cause harm to your CAREER, PROFESIONALY GROWTH in general. The black magician specifically ensures that the negative energies that he casts upon you – start distracting you from your goals, your mission, your work. That is how slowly slowly your performance starts declining – whether you are a cricketer, an actor, an officer or a regular skilled worker – this black magic spell directly impacts your ability to perform well. People around you start doubting your ability to perform a certain task. You also start wondering that how come suddenly your performance is going down – however before you realize where you are heading to – the black magician completely destroys your career – it is only when you go through many setbacks on job, career that you start realizing that there is something unseen – that is impacting your career – but this realization can come only if there is some awareness to your being! Else there are millions of men and women who simply become victims of negative energies (black magic) and continue to suffer on their career path.

5. Marriage – Many time a certain woman, or man is unable to get married. This is one special kind of black magic spell that is cast just to ensure that the targeted person does NOT get married. A special black magic ritual is performed by the black magician by offering boiled eggs, rooster, blood of rooster and many such items used in Tantra – to empower the ghosts/souls so that they continue to create many hurdles and the targeted person remains unmarried. Many times another kind of black magic is performed through which the ‘MIND’ of the targeted person is taken in control and the black magician continuously hammers the victim’s mind so that he or she continue to REFUSE to get married. The black magician basically targets the WILLINGNESS of the victim – he ensures that the victim is NOT WILLING to get married.

6. DARIDRATA – POVERTY – This black magic spell is specifically to ensure that the targeted person becomes poor or remains poor. The magician sends many PRETATMA (ghosts) on the victim – so that the victim continues to make wrong decisions, wrong choices and in turn remains poor. Such a targeted person is found to be lazy, not willing to do any job, no willing to learn anything – he simply wastes his life by doing nothing or worse – continues to spend money on SEX, ALCOHOL, TOBACCO. This is the most worst type of black magic – it takes a lot of efforts to remove such black magic spell.

7. EMOTIONAL ROMANTIC DILLEMA – This black magic spell is very interesting to know. Often we see certain man or certain woman totally lost in somebody’s love! In Hindi this is called MOHABBAT. There is a difference between the word MOHABBAT and ISHQ. ISHQ is higher form of LOVE – which is unconditional. ISHQ is spiritual love – MOHABBAT is not spiritual love. These men and women who seemed to have fallen in love – is an ordinary love called MOHABBAT. The black magician sends certain souls of dead men and women who died or committed suicide because they were cheated in love – MOHABBAT! Such souls become PRETATMA (ghosts). The black magician catch these type of souls and then sends them to targeted victim. Soon the targeted victim starts feeling romantic, poetic – lustful – sexual – and slowly slowly the perfect romantic mindset is created within the targeted victim. Once the mindset is filled with all kind of such romantic thoughts then it is easy for the black magician to play his next move – making the targeted person fall in love with someone! And this is how the targeted person is diverted from his career goals, his self growth – his progress because once you fall in love and become an AASHIQ – nothing goes into your head but just the love interest – the woman/man you have fallen for. Such black magic spells were often cast during the Mughal Era – the Mughals would use black magicians to cast spells on their enemy kings and ensure that they take to alcohol, romance, sex – so that once they are diverted to the pleasures of body – the Mughal can attack and defeat them – thereby acquiring their kingdom or making them vessels. In modern times – people use this type of black magic to block their enemies from progressing in their life – their business.

Enough for today.

Soon I will share more……on the heinous acts of black magic.

<<To be continued>>

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

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