Secrets of Inner Life Transformations

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

MIND is the problem. Not YOU. YOU are NOT the MIND. When you sit – meditate – observe the MIND – witness – and focus on your breathing.

When you sit and close your eyes – what happens? Millions and million of THOUGHTS like bees start buzzing through your mind. This MIND is a traffic of THOUGHTS.

So then what is the solution?

ONE THOUGHT is the SOLUTION. Yes – one thought – that thought can be an affirmation, a mantra, Lord’s Holy Name.

Focus on that ONE THOUGHT to keep all other THOUGHTS at the bay.

The MIND is behind many things – at one moment it is here and the other moment it can go to the other part of the world. When you sit – let there be nobody around you. Close the room. Let there be total silence and total cleanliness in the room.

If you are a beginner – then use meditative soothing music to get started with meditation. The MIND can focus on the music – while YOU focus on that one thought – the Mantra! You can recite – Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare. Aum Namaha Shivaya. Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram. And many such beautiful soothing mantras that produce HEALING VIBRATIONS.

In the beginning it is very difficult, then slowly it is difficult then it is manageable – then it possible! You see – it is a PROCESS. Rome was not build in one night. Similarly your meditation will not fructify in one day. It will take time – but the most beautiful moment is when you EMBARK on your JOURNEY WITHIN – when you start meditating ‘religiously’ – with full devotion and patience!

Whether you are working in a company, whether you are running a company, whether you are a student, whether you are a housewife or whether you are a LOVER – meditation will help you to get more CLARITY about yourself, about the mission you are on – about the problems you are facing – moreover meditation will help you to calm down and attain peace of MIND.

Peace of MIND is something that your dollars and your rupees cannot buy. It is not available on the outside so how can you buy? You cannot. There are people having stocks of money and cars and airplanes – some of them whom I have met – but they are always found to be restless! NO PEACE OF MIND. They are eating on gold plated plates and yet no good night sleep! Like an OWL then remain AWAKE whole night – everything is there – all kind of pleasures – SEX, LUXURIES, FOOD – you name it and they have it in abundance and YET there is absolutely NO PEACE of MIND.

Money, Fame, Wealth cannot get you PEACE – they may get you PLEASURES but NOT PEACE.

Out of 1 million – 100 AWAKE, 10 Take the effort, 1 succeeds – to conquer the MIND – to conquer the SELF is million times difficult than to conquer the world on the outside.

It is said that Diogenes once said to Alexander the Great, “Have you ever thought about one thing? – meditate over it. You want to conquer the whole world, but are you aware that once you have conquered the whole world, then what? There is no other world. Then what will you do?”

It is said, just by Diogenes saying it, Alexander became very sad, and said, “Please don’t mention such sad things; let me conquer the whole world, then we will see. But don’t talk about such sad things to me; it make me feel very sad.”

He had not conquered the whole world yet, but the very idea that if you conquer the whole world, what are you going to do….there is no other world, and you will feel stuck. The mind will ask for more.

A rich man sees the futility of his riches for which he has worked day and night. And now whatsoever he has attained is absolutely useless, it fulfills nothing. You can have two apartments, three bungalows, and 12 super luxury cars but you are the same person, as empty as before. You can live in a palace, but how can you change your inner meaninglessness? You will be as meaningless in a palace as you are in a hut. In fact you will be more meaningless in a Palace because while you are in a hut you can still hope that one day when you have managed to get a Palace – everything will be okay. You can hope, a man in the hut can hope but a man who is in the palace has no hope, he has already reached there – the cul de sac point has arrived – he feels utter hopeless. And he cannot share his state with other (he may share it with an astrologer) but not with others! People will think that he worked hard for nothing!

It is good that Alexander, the Great was NOT able to conquer the whole world – else he too would have felt the same inner meaningless – because now the whole world was acquired – what else was there to conquer on the outside? And if he would have said after conquering the whole world – ” It was useless. I wasted my time and my life.” People would have thought he was stupid.

This is the state of all ‘ALEXANDERS’ that exist in today’s world. They have everything – they are flying in private jets but in the night they cannot sleep. In the day – the cannot live with joy – and top of that they CANNOT share their agonies and their frustrations – because what will people say?

Life always you option to choose – you can choose to become Alexander or you can choose to become Diogenes.

Those who are ruled by RAHU – those who have prominent RAHU positions in the horoscope (1 house, 2nd house, 4th house, 7th house, 10th house) – these men and women are always found to be restless – with absolute no peace of mind – unless there are other supporting aspects.

Those who are ruled by Sri KETU – are those who someday – sooner or later start following DIOGENES – they are beautiful beings – the moment they AWAKE from the sleep of many births and rebirths – they don’t look back – they are on the way towards the beyond!

Life indeed is divided in two categories – RAHU and KETU. Alexander and Diogenes. Black and White. Ignorance and Consciousness!

RAHUISH men and women also are attracted towards meditation but their GOAL is that of the RAVANA. Ravana was also a great TAPASVI – a great meditative being – he was RAHUISH – he attained many SIDDHIS – super natural powers – that was THE GOAL of HIS MEDITATION!

You see – RAHU always has an AGENDA – the DESIRE to ACQUIRE SOMETHING through which it can attain more FAME and more WEALTH and more CONTROL over others!

That is exactly what RAVANA did.

And Ram…..Ram was such a beautiful person – HE also did intense penance in the forests but HE had absolutely NO AGENDA – he meditated out of LOVE – out of his DEVOTION – RAMA was indeed the most beautiful man who once walked on this planet!

In the Himalayan region there are many Sadhus and Babas meditating – but each has a different GOAL – and then there are those RAREST OF RARE GEMS – YOGIS whose GOAL is LOVE – ABSOLUTE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

With what intention – you meditate is as important as how deeply you meditate!

There are millions of Sadhus and men within our society who have attained SIDDHIS and they have simply become slave of the SIDDHIS (the supernatural powers).

And then there are a few – very few – within us, within the Himalayan mountain caves, who have always focused on the LOVE of the LORD and ignored all the SIDDHIS and the powers because these powers can become a great HURDLE between the SADHAK (Meditative being) and the Holy Father (Lord).

It is said that Akkalkot Swami ( I address HIM as the the great grand father – the greatest star of wisdom) – once said to Bidkar Maharaj “ Don’t get trapped and fascinated by the SIDDHIS that you have – else you will never find the LORD – you will remain where you are – playing with the SIDDHIS.”

A beautiful picture of Akkalkot Swami Samarth – I prostrate before His Holiness.

Bidkar Maharaj’s life story is truly inspiring. Bidkar Maharaj was once a great wealthy merchant of ATTAR (Perfume scents). And he was so rich that he had almost everything that a man could desire for. All pleasures were at his feet. Beautiful women, beautiful maids, luxury conveyances – you name it and he had it. Then one day he met the Master – Akkalkot Swami Samarth. And Swami was not a cat but a LION. His words were very sharp and yet those divine words had the immense strength to transform.

Bidkar realized the futility of all his riches and slowly he started to cut down on his indulgence towards the pleasures of life. Transformation is slow process – always remember this.

One day Swami blessed Bidkar. Swami initiated him as his disciple and from that day there was no turning back. Bidkar continued to excel in his meditations – but his business of perfume continued.

One afternoon Swami said to Bidkar “ Bidkar – stop your perfume business. No more selling perfume. Stop it.”

Bidkar was not a common disciple. He immediately stopped his business of perfume which was the only source of his income!

You see – many men and women come and talk a lot and give long lectures on devotion and commitment to the master – but when it comes to actual ACTION – actual EXECUTION – the moment to WALK THE TALK – how many succeed? ONE in a MILLION!

Bidkar was that ONE in a MILLION. And it is this Bidkar who later went on to become one of the greatest divine master – Bidkar Maharaj who performed many miracles and guided many men and women. Today Bidkar Maharaj Samadhi Mandir is in the heart of Pune city. I often visit HIS shrine – it reminds of a great disciple who TRULY lived his life in TOTAL SURRENDER – to HIS master, Akkalkot Swami Samarth.

Akkalkot Swami Samarth’s beautiful picture and below is HIS disciple Bidkar Maharaj’s picture.

Bidkar Maharaj’s real picture. HIS shrine is near Omkareshwar Mandir, in the heart of Pune City.

Life can transform. But people are not willing to JUMP within. People want remedies – they don’t want to listen to the real remedy – ‘Meditation’. People want rituals – they are not willing to listen to simple solution – ‘FEEDING the POOR – FEEDING the ANIMALS’. And then they when they cannot understand me – they say they cannot connect to my sharing!

Always remember life is simple and solutions are also simple. You are running all over the temples and you don’t know your family deity – then who is at fault. Many simple solutions can solve your problems – but since you are DRIVEN by your MIND – you want something FANCY – something COMPLICATED – and then you smile – you feel that you have got something SOLID REMEDY to resolve your problems!

In reality – Simple has it. Simple man. Simple woman. They are the ones whom GOD love – they are the ones whom I love – they are the ones whom the master loves.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” says Einstein – one of the greatest scientist whom I love.

A simple man can meditate beautifully. A simple woman can progress in her meditations much faster than those who are still trapped in their HEAD. Because MEDITATION is also a very SIMPLE process!

Sitting silently. Just sit silently in a closed room or a secluded place beneath a tree. AND RELAX.

Relaxing your whole body is the first step towards meditation – always remember this. Unless and until you RELAX – there is absolutely no chance of meditation happening – you ought to RELAX in totality.

When you relax – you let the existence vibrate with you and then the miracle happens – then the mind takes the backseat and the SELF becomes the driving force – and then you find the answer to your questions. The ‘key’ is to RELAX.

RELAX and meditate in the beauty of deep silence.

Let LOVE be the goal – when you meditate with love and devotion – the HELP comes, your VOICE is heard – you are no more without ‘shelter’ – you are COVERED.

Love to you all – I am really amazed to see so many of you following me – I am certain there must be something special WITHIN you – else you would not have been with me on this beautiful ‘journey’ with God. You only appreciate that which is also WITHIN you – I am certain that those who are following me – will one day experience the beyond, the divine and then life will no more the same – then there will be a dance, a song, a beautiful poem, a beautiful painting.

Life – no matter how difficult seems to be, you can make it easy, you can transform it into a beautiful poem – only if you are willing to TURN INWARD.

You become ‘spiritual’ in the true sense – only when you start turning inwards – the real journey is the journey WITHIN.

Turn inwards, and meditate every morning and every evening – 1 hour minimum.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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