How important is the Chalit Chart in Vedic Astrology?


CHALIT is the very essence of Astrology. Without CHALIT chart the whole essence of Astrology is lost, it is simply lost. CHALIT IS CHANGE.

UNDERSTAND THIS. And I appeal to all my followers, readers and fellow travelers- understand this. There is a high chance that my answer will be collapsed by Quora- because Truth always faces condemnation.

CHALIT is the very backbone of Astrology. Because it not only shows the actual house in which your planet is placed BUT it also shows the MATURITY of results related to the house it is placed in the CHALIT.

Not every individual’s chart has planets in CHALIT mode. So Chalit planet is special. And one who has a Chalit planet is also special!

What does a CHALIT PLANET means? WHAT exactly it is trying to convey to you? Look at your birth chart – and I appeal to all my followers. Look closely – and wherever there is a mention of C before a given planet – that planet is a Chalit planet. That planet is the most powerful planet. Why? Because it is moving….because it is very very active…because it is trying to say something to you.

What is it trying to say?

Let me give you – your own introduction. The Chalit planet is trying to say to you “ I am here to move you , to shake you, to do all kind of things in your life that can bring a certain level of CONSCIOUSNESS within you IF you remain positive but IF you remain IGNORANT than I cannot help you, you are then on your own.”


But who wants to listen? People are so busy parroting the books of astrology that where is the time to self inquire?

But to you all – and I say it to all my genuine followers who have been relating deeply to my answers – to you all – I would encourage you all to NOT to rely on any books of Astrology, but to look within, turn inwards and observe what and how the CHALIT affects you and your life in its Totality.

I love CHALIT and you all also will love CHALIT only when you yourself will start self realizing the affects of CHALIT.

First thing – any Chalit planet whether it is going backward or forward is THE planet of your life.

Quora may ban me. Because a man who says something that goes against the learning, the books, the society – is always banned. Buddha was banned, Osho was banned. Jesus was crucified. So that is fine – the day you all don’t see me anymore on this forum – you all can visit my website.

The Western Astrologers are more intelligent than our people. Because they don’t follow blindly- they question – they doubt – they inquire within and so I respect the Western Astrologers and also the method of Western Astrology.

Understand the fact that KRISHNAMURTHY’s KP Astrology is totally based on Western Astrology Placidus system and NOT on Vedic Astrology Tropical system.

KRISHNAMURTHY became an exception in the history of modern Indian astrology because he questioned the Vedic astrology and He was widely criticized and condemned for it. It happens – it always happens that the TRUTH is always opposed though the TRUTH always wins in the end.

KRISHNAMURTHY questioned the so called Mangalik and all kinds of Yogas of Vedic astrology. An intelligent person always questions.

An intelligent man comes with his questions that are not of the HEAD but of his HEART – his questions does not arise from your so called Intellectualism – his questions arise from pure intelligence.

Intellectualism is of the MIND. Intelligence is of the HEART.

Intelligence is dangerous. Intelligence means you will start thinking on your own; you will start looking around on your own. You will not believe in the scriptures; you will believe only in your own experience.

So there are millions of Angles to Astrology. And every Angle is precious because every Angle is contributing to the vast and extensive growth of Astrology.

Somebody had asked ‘Astrology is perfect?’

And my answer is NO. Because perfection means death. Perfection means there is no further scope to GROW. And so I tell you all – that Astrology is NOT perfect. I am NOT perfect. This whole universe is NOT perfect and BECAUSE it is NOT perfect it is growing – had it been perfect it would be dead by now.

Astrology is growing, it is maturing. Millions of intelligent people across this vast human world are contributing to its Growth. How can you say it’s perfect? Had it been perfect than millions of people would have not contributed – hundreds of Seers and Sages would not have written so many holy scriptures on Astrology.

And still many are writing, contributing their own findings – their own experiences to this VAST ocean called ASTROLOGY.

And let me tell you all – that every intelligent individual- every follower of Astrology has been and will continue to contribute to the subject of Astrology and it is going to continue for ages to come! Because Astrology is progressive by nature – CHALIT.

You all are also progressive. THIS WHOLE UNIVERSE IS PROGRESSIVE BY NATURE. CHALIT is in the very essence of this Universe. CHALIT is very much rooted in our blood. You all are progressing and this progression is shown by your CHALIT chart. AND progression has its roots in the process of CHANGE.

Except CHANGE everything else changes. Change is constant. The very essence of the word CHALIT is CHANGE! The word CHALIT means Progressing. I deny to call it Progressed. Because life is flowing…life cannot be static…so how can your chart or your planets and stars be static?

Understand the fact that life is always changing. It is always moving on – whether for Good or for self improvement – but life never stops. CHALIT simply is a symbolic representation of human life – the actual results – the actual flow of energies!

Life should FLOW. And LIFE flows – that is the nature of life. CHALIT is in fact a beautiful symbolic representation of a flowing life – it is a beautiful way of reminding us that CHANGE is the essence of human life – and you can progress only if you remain open to CHANGE.

Now let us understand through an example of how CHALIT has the final say!

One friend lives in Chennai. His birth chart has Ketu and Moon in the 7th house.

One friend lives in Mumbai. Her birth chart has Ketu and Moon in the 7th house.

The Chennai friend got married. And he is still married happily!

The Mumbai friend got married. But she got divorced within 2 years of her marriage!

But the story does not end here. It only ends when you make a note of the fact that both were born on the same day at the same place with just 5 minutes difference in their birth time.

What happened?

The Chennai friend Moon Ketu in 7th house shows up in the Ascendant chart. But in his Chalit Chart Ketu moves on to the 8th. This man enjoys a pleasurable sexual life with his marriage partner.

The Mumbai friend Moon Ketu in 7th house remains as it is in the Chalit Chart. Marriage brings no sexual satisfaction- absence of sex, her husband falls for other woman – and divorce triggers.

Progression simply is the way of life! Chalit is simply the essence of astrology!

But who wants to listen? It is interesting that Western Astrology is criticized by Indian pundits. But it is also a fact that the much hyped KP Astrology recognizes the Placidus system of Western Astrology. In fact KP birth chart is totally based on Placidus methodology of Western Astrology! Chalit is close to Placidus. By and by I have come to the point of realization that Western Astrology is precious in many ways. But we have been so busy in trying to prove our system of astrology as the only superior system that we simply missed to realize the immense value of Western astrology method!

When it comes to CHALIT house placement of a specific planet – changes. But that DOES NOT change the way of looking at the chart in its totality. If your Ascendant lord is in the 3rd house. It remains in 3rd house. If Seema is from India. Then she remains an Indian citizen. Now in the Chalit Chart – if Seema is moving from 3rd house to 4th house – then it shows progression- Seema is progressing…moving from India to the US. She is bringing the qualities of 3rd house to the 4th house. With time, she will settle down in the US (fourth house).

Chalit is a very deep subject. I personally love Chalit, mainly because of my extensive experience of dealing with specific charts.

So whenever you read house lordship – which house lord is in which house – always refer to your Ascendant chart or Rashi Chart. If Sun is in your 3rd house in the Ascendant Chart – read the Sun in 3rd house results – even though Sun is seen in 4th house in your CHALIT CHART.

You all will find this revelation – surprising – but surprises is what comes when you come face to face with TRUTH! I am just sharing the TRUTH that I came across while going through my own self experiences.

Remember- Seema is from India (3rd house). If you see her in the US (4th house in CHALIT) while reading the Chalit than do NOT mistaken her as a US citizen! She is Indian…though she is on her way to become a US citizen.

BECOMING.HAPPENING. FLOWERING. – You see CHALIT is all about – ‘-ing’.

Understand the significance of the letters -ing.

Lahiri Mahasaya – the great spiritual master always used to say – “बनत बनत बन जाए” – meaning – step by step – you continue to PROGRESS – CHALIT.

A beautiful picture of Sri Lahiri Mahasay – the greatest spiritual master of modern India. I humbly prostate before His Holiness.

Yesterday Mohan came. Mohan has been a close follower of mine. Almost from a decade when I was staying in the US. Mohan asked a very interesting question- Mohan asked “How to find what results we get from the Chalit Chart?”

Mohan has always been like this. A simple man who always asks basic questions.

I like people who ask basic questions. Such people are pure souls, they are NOT intellectuals – they are filled with pure intelligence! I am happy when I meet such people – though they are one in a million!

Listening to Mohan’s question I smiled and said “ Mohan, do this. Whenever you want to see what your Chalit Sun in 4th house does – first read – Sun in the 4th house results. And then you call me.”

Mohan read about the results of 4th house Sun. His Natal Ascendant chart had Sun in 3rd. He called me. I said to him – you have 3rd house Sun qualities within you. And these qualities will progress and help you to EXPERIENCE the results of Sun in 4th.

Sun in 4th makes you a local hero. A local popular figure. Any CHALIT planet is very powerful because it has MATURED TO GIVE RESULTS. So your Sun is powerful and a time will come in your life when you will be KNOWN figure in your locality.

Mohan through his innovative Technology adventures became a known figure in Sillicon Valley. But it took a while. Recognition came to him only after he crossed the age of 40.

CHALIT PLANET gives results – but late in life. It is bound to give you results because that is what is meant for!

So progression or Chalit is simply a representation of the house that is going to materialize or manifest the results of your past karma- at a given time/phase in your life. Now people say – during DASHA of that CHALIT planet – you get the results and so on – but there is NO such hard and fast rule. The bottom line is YOU ARE GOING TO GET RESULTS OF THE CHALIT PLANET at some stage of your life.

In CHALIT CHART either the planet goes forward. Or it goes backwards. Forward shows positive progression. Backwards shows negative progression. Either ways it is a progression – even if you fail it is a progression- even if you are rejected – it is a progression- even if you lose – it is a progression!

Nobody would dare to tell you this – Quora may collapse my answer or even ban me. But I am telling you – every pain, every suffering, every setback is a blessing in disguise and so I say to you all – that every failure and every setback in your life is also a sign of Progression – Chalit.

Always remember that it is only when you go through the fire of suffering that you experience the light of consciousness!

It is the FIRE OF SUFFERING that brings forth the GOLD of GODLINESS.

SO now when you open and see your CHALIT CHART – and lets say if your 7th house Venus is going in the 6th house in CHALIT CHART – do not get depressed – yes there is high possibility that marriage can become challenging – but this challenge is NOT to cause you pain but to make you aware of the higher Truths that otherwise you would have never known! So you see – every negative can be transformed into positive – that is what the Saints have been doing that is what the divine Master has been doing and that is what each one of you should be doing – only then you all can become great Astrologers – and I would love you all becoming great Astrologers only when you realize that this whole UNIVERSE is all for POSITIVE – for LOVE – for the GOOD.

And so become Astrologer – in fact I think every person in this world should become an Astrologer – BUT not a bookish astrologer – but someone who is trying to find the answers through his own experiences – his own spiritual practice – his own understanding.

But who wants to listen? People are busy in debating who has read how many books of astrology and in this so called fights of intellectualism I am least interested.

There are all kinds of Astrology in this vast human world. Tibet.Nepal. Russia. China. Mexico. Every country and every learned society has developed its own interpretation of Astrology – of planets – of stars!

But our MIND cannot contain the WHOLE. Do you all know what is this WHOLE?

Albert Einstein mentions about this WHOLE in his own beautiful way.

Whether you are going through many difficulties, whether you are jobless, whether you are homeless, whether you are ridiculed by others as USELESS – let me tell you all – NOBODY in this world is USELESS. Everybody is here because there is a certain PURPOSE to his or her existence.

Something is happening through each one of you! Someone is getting some support – some help- some caring – some love through YOU! So you see – even a old grandmother or a old mother in law is NOT useless – through her mere PRESENCE – many things are happening that you are NOT yet aware of!

But who wants to listen? People send many emails to me asking questions about their life – I wonder what to tell them – because from one thousand only one can listen – only one can relate – only one can understand!

A certain level of understanding has to be there – ONLY then the TRUTHS can be given.

For now you all have to just understand the basic of CHALIT – that is NOT to confuse yourself with the house placements with CHALIT. If your MOON is in the SIXTH house – it means you are a person with doubtful nature. You are secretive. You also think a lot about your enemies. BUT at the same time – if there is a positive aspect to such a MOON in SIXTH – than let me tell you there is no other person in this world who is as SERVING as you! MOON in SIXTH (positive) can make a person immensely devoted to SERVE others. I have seen many HEALERS with this position. And if Jupiter joins in – then what to say – sugar in milk!

But NOW if this SIXTH moon goes in SEVENTH house in CHALIT then don’t ever think that this moon will give you results of SEVENTH HOUSE MOON from nature perspective – or MIND perspective. But evantually as the person grows – crosses the age of maturity – slowly the effects of MOON in 7th will start manifesting! See this is how CHALIT is – Progressing – BECOMING – FLOWERING!

I have two planets in my own chart in CHALIT state! And certainly life has progressed from one end to the other end – and I am thankful to all those who loved me in this journey of my life and also who hated me. Because the love I received helped me to walk through the fire of suffering and the fire of suffering that was so ‘lovingly’ showered upon me by those who hated me – helped me to turn inwards and meditate!

So come, come you all and meditate. Life is full of suffering – in fact life is suffering! But the ignorant never realizes this fact while the wise sooner or later realizes this fact.

But before I end this answer and I don’t know if this answer will remain for long because Quora is always waiting to collapse my answer – but before I end this answer I want to tell you all – especially those who are going through certain sufferings of life – that suffering is there but it is NOT within you – it is on the OUTSIDE – on the circumference and unless you realize this – you cannot feel relieved of the suffering that is in your life.

When you self realize – when you learn to be a WITNESS of all that is happening in and around your life – you remain untouched – unmoved – unaffected!

The key is to learn to WITNESS.

But then you all will question how to WITNESS – how to reach to that stage?

And the answer is – through DETACHMENT. You can reach to the stage of WITNESSING but only when you slowly and steadily start DETACHING yourself from all those people, things to whom you all have been CLINGING to!

Buddha says – You only lose what you cling to!

Jesus says – Only a man who is willing to lose everything can attain!

And Buddha never went to Oxford. And neither did Jesus. And yet I can tell that the mathematics that they share with us – is not only true but beyond the understanding of a common man! And yet it is beautiful and it is the ultimate TRUTH!

It always happens – when you do something good – you are ferociously opposed and condemned – that is the way of this human world – Saints were not shown mercy – what to say about you and me!

Enough for today. It is getting late. And it is time to meditate. You all – also spend some quality time with yourself. And what can be the best way of spending quality time than to spend it by turning inwards and meditating on Lord’s holy name!

This single thought – should be the thought of your Lord – His holy name. Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare!

Then your meditation will happen. Then you all will start finding the answers to all your questions and then I can leave this forum – because then you all will no more need my answers – you all would be set on the most wonderful journey of your life – the Journey Beyond MIND!

In life there are only 3 mysteries – Life, Death and Love.

And all these 3 can be experienced – only when you move beyond the monkey mind.

And that brings my new book to you all – NO MIND. Whenever you all feel low – read NO MIND – so that you all realize the ultimate Truth – that the nature of MIND is to worry – but YOU are NOT the MIND.

You are the Self. Turn inward and realize your ‘self’

The joy of turning inwards and experiencing your self is beyond the power of expression – for that you have to experience it your ‘self’!


Focus on the name of the Lord. And slowly steadily start moving beyond the monkey MIND. Remember – the joy, the bliss, the peace – all of this that you have been longing for – is only found when you move beyond the mind.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

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