Ketu Remedies & Lord Ganesha Connection

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

Lord Ganesha is the only God that has NO HUMAN HEAD.

Lord Ketu is the only entity in the whole gamut of astrology that has NO HUMAN HEAD.

The divine message that they share with us is to – TURN IN.

But the majority is always concerned with TURNING ON. (RAHU)

It is not a fact that Lord Ganesha’s human head was cut by Shiva. It is just a symbolic representation – a divine message that human beings should think less and feel more. That human beings should start moving beyond mind.

Thinking helps to solve problems/puzzles that are created by thinking – by the mind.

Whatever problems are created by the mind – you can solve it by using the same mind – the thinking pattern. Mind is mathematics – so you can solve mathematics by thinking because it is created by the Mind. The trees that you count – 1 2 3 – this is the mathematics of your mind – the trees has nothing to do with it. It is a creation of your mind – whatever is the creation of the mind can be solved by the mind – by thinking.

BUT – what is NOT of the mind – but of the HEART or of the NATURE – of the COSMOS- cannot be solved by the MIND – then you are trapped – then you all cannot find the answer – that is how the so called intellectuals then start struggling – they become impotent in solving the case – because they miss to realize that the problem is existential.

Love is also an existential problem. You cannot solve love problems by thinking – you may go on thinking and thinking and thinking but you will come back to where you had started – you will find yourself trapped in a circle that just never ends and still you go on thinking…..with no absolute solution!

Thinking won’t help in such situations. Only when you stop thinking – only when there is NO HEAD – NO MIND – that you can FEEL and it is only when you FEEL that you can find the way – the solution – the answer to your problem.

There are many such existential problems – DEATH. BIRTH. LOVE. These all are existential problems – they are beyond mind and when you try to solve them by using your Mind – you fail, you fail miserably because you miss to understand that these existential problems cannot be solved by thinking – but only when you stop thinking and start feeling – thinking won’t let you ‘vibrate’ with the existence – it is only when you start feeling that you can vibrate and it is only when you vibrate that you start coming close to the source of the problem.

When there is TOO MUCH OF THINKING (HEAD) – you are simply missing to identify the source of the problem.

When there is absolutely NO THINKING, NO MIND – TRUTH appears before you – you find the source of the problem and when the source is found – the solution comes on its own!

Meditation is the state of NO MIND. When there is absolutely NO THINKING – meditation happens. When there are ‘thoughts’ – it is a distraction and when there are NO THOUGHTS – it is Meditation.

Lord Ganesha is Meditation.
Lord Ketu is Meditation.

The idol of Lord Ganesha simply reflects HIS state of Meditation. There is absolutely NO HEAD,NO MIND – Ganesha is deeply engrossed WITHIN – what a beautiful representation is this – one of the greatest wonders with such a great message – that IF YOU REALLY WANT TO EXPERIENCE JOY, HAPPINESS, PEACE than – look at me, says Ganesha – I have NO HEAD – NO MIND – I am deeply engrossed within by TURNING INWARDS.

Mohan asked “ Then how come the Elephant face?”

The HEAD or FACE of Elephant is just a representation of HIS deep wisdom. Elephants are the wisest animals and so the ancient Seers and Sages – instilled the idol of Ganesha with an Elephant Face or Head – when in reality this deity has NO HEAD, NO MIND and that is what MAKES HIM one of the GREATEST LORDS – without taking the name of Lord Ganesha – NO SCRIPTURE begins – it only begins and completes when one says:

|| “ Shri Ganeshaya Namaha ||

One of the most striking similarity between Ketu and Ganesha – is the quality of BEING DETACHED!

How? asked Mohan.

I asked him “ What do you do after worshiping the idol of Lord Ganesha for 10 days during Ganesha festival?”

“I disperse the idol in a clean flowing water – river or sea.” said Mohan.

So you understand. And I appeal to all my close followers, fellow travelers and readers – understand the fact that the action of dispersing the idol in itself is a message – that you should live with DETACHMENT! For 10 days you worship the HIS idol – but in the end – what is he asking to do? To NOT to remain ATTACHED but to detach yourself and disperse (LET GO) HIS idol by dropping it in the flowing water!

Understand this and this is very significant – the whole message of the VISARJAN process (dispersing the Ganesha idol) is to help you realize the fact that LIFE SHOULD BE LIVED WITH DETACHMENT.

And that is EXACTLY the divine message of Lord KETU – DETACHMENT!

Real success in life comes only through DETACHMENT – one who self-realizes this truth goes a long way….

India is the only country and Hindu is the only religion – a unique religion where people make the mud idol and then the same people disperse the mud idol! And it is a very deep message from the Hindu civilization that – NOTHING is permanent and nothing can be permanent, even your image of God!

To throw away the idol of Ganesha – to disperse the idol of Ganesha – a great courage is required – and this is deep, very deep. You have put everything that you had in your Father – to nurture Him, to comfort Him – for many days you have loved Him, worshiped Him and now you have to LET HIM GO – how difficult it is going to be….how much courage is required to let him go….and you don’t know next year if you would be there again to bring him back! But it has to be done – the message of Ganesha is simple – ‘LOVE ME – but Let that LOVE be detached!’

Detachment is being lovable – but without being possessive.

Detachment means not that you should not own bungalows and cars and beautiful things in life – YOU CAN HAVE ALL OF THEM – BUT you should not be attached to those things. Even if you have 10 bungalows and a dozen cars – still you SHOULD NOT GET ATTACHED to them. But unfortunately that is what happens! The things in your life possess you – you think you possess them but you becomes so attached to them that they start possessing you and then you are trapped – you are deeply trapped!

Look at the beautiful lotus flower – it is rooted in the water – but it is always found – above the water!

The real Yogi is like a lotus flower – HE is very much with us but not attached. His whole being is LOVE – if you come, he will offer you as much love as you can receive – and if you leave, he will not be disturbed – because HIS love is not dependent on the outside factor – he is no more falling in love – he has become LOVE – whoever comes to HIM – will be touched and blessed by the fragrance of his detached love.

The Master is contented man. He has absolutely NO expectations. HE asks for NOTHING. So then it becomes difficult to understand HIM – especially those who are always HUNGRY! Buddha calls those people HUNGRY who always want more and more and more – this MORE is RAHU. And NO MORE is KETU!

Lord Ganesha wants nothing – has HAS no expectations – HE is in his peace and so whenever anybody is suffering because of RAHU – I ask him or her to visit Lord Ganesha temple, to worship HIM, to read His Shlokas – His Stotras.

It is NOT that Ganesha and KETU are the same. Whenever I mention in my answers – and I have been mentioning many times – that when I say Ketu is Sri Ganesha – I mean when you worship GANESHA – the QUALITIES of KETU will start enhancing within your being. Then you will understand KETU – then you will RESONATE with HIS energy – then you will start TURNING INWARD!

And this is significant – this is very significant for you ALL to understand that the more you WORSHIP GANESHA – the more you would NURTURE the KETU QUALITIES within YOU and that will be a great blow to RAHU! That will be a great danger to RAHU – because NOW you are becoming intelligent – now you are TURNING INWARD – now you are becoming WISE – now you are NO MORE interested on the outside – now you are slowly steadily getting ROOTED WITHIN YOURSELF – and that is indeed a great transformation – a great transformation in the making.

The more you go deep within your being – the more you meditate by focusing on your breath – breath in – breath out – between these two actions the whole story of your life is scripted. AND the more your meditation improves the more you – yourself will be able to READ the SCRIPT of your life – then NO astrologer will be required and no Pundit – but then these men will be in trouble because then how will their business run! And that is exactly what this SOCIETY wants – the SOCIETY NEVER wants you to become WISE because then you will become INDEPENDENT – then you cannot be exploited – then the SOCIETY will be in trouble – whereas the SOCIETY always wants you to be in TROUBLE so that the ‘meter’ of money continues – uninterrupted!

A wise man is an ‘Individual’ – he is not behind personalities – he thrown away the ‘mask’ of personality and lives his life by being himself. A wise man is ALIVE – is AFIRE – he is COURAGEOUS – he would rather die than to be enslaved!

Lord Ganesha represents the wisdom of such a wise man. It is through LORD GANESHA – that you realize the beauty of KETU.

By and by – whatever DEITY you worship – certain QUALITIES of a planet or an entity such as KETU develops within you!

When you worship:

Lord GANESHA: KETU qualities develop within you.

Lord DATTATREYA: JUPITER qualities develop within you.

Lord VISHNU: JUPITER qualities develop within you.

Lord KRISHNA: JUPITER and MERCURY qualities develop within you.

Lord SHIVA: SUN MOON KETU qualities develop within you.


Lord MHASOBA (a well known deity of Maharashtra) – MARS QUALITIES



RAHU Qualities are developed when you worship TANTRIK GODS – or GODS that rule the UNDERWORLD – meaning the PATAL LOK. Generally the Reptile Snake Gods represent the qualities of RAHU. Some Tantrik Goddess or Goddess of Tantra also represent RAHU qualities.

So every DIETY is in a way – a BRIDGE between YOU and the concerned PLANET energy.

While if you ask me – then to me the GREATEST BRIDGE is the MASTER – the GURU! Through the benevolent master – you experience GOD. And Sant Kabir beautifully mentions the significance of the GURU through his divine words and those words should be inscribed in GOLD:

Beautiful. Kabir goes deep into our heart – one of the greatest saint that the world had ever know! I humbly prostrate before His Holiness – Sant Kabir.

All the divine saints would not have become saints – had it not been the grace of Lord Ganesha and the matured state of KETU within them!

WITHOUT KETU – there is absolutely no enlightenment. KETU therefore is one of the greatest ‘tool’ of the benevolent GURU – because KETU is DETACHMENT and unless you start becoming DETACHED there is absolutely no way for you to PROGRESS in the true sense!

You have asked a very beautiful question – and it has many dimensions to it. The last dimension is of Mecury!

One has to understand that Mercury is your INTELLECT.

But Intellect is a very poor substitute for Intelligence!

So when you come in contact with Lord Ganesha – when you start worshiping HIM with pure heart, unwavering faith and devotion – the INTELLECT within you starts TUNING with your HEART and when INTELLECT tunes with your HEART – INTELLIGENCE is born – Intelligence therefore is of the HEART and NOT of the HEAD.

Intellect is of the MIND. Everyday I receive all kinds of emails, hundreds of emails from ‘intellectual’ men and women – and all they do is that they write long emails asking about this house and that house and that yoga and this yoga. But one in a million comes and asks ONLY that which can help him realize the real thing! And because he or she knows what is the REAL thing – that they can ask some real good questions – the rest are yet to realize what is the REAL THING and so the question they ask are also not real – just a lot of noise, and nothing else!

Mercury therefore is disliked by the master – Jupiter! Because the master is all for the heart – and mercury is all in the HEAD! Through the HEAD you can travel from A to Z – but beyond Z the doors closed – there is no further going, you are trapped – you are utterly trapped in your intellectualism.

This intellectualism is TRANSFORMED into intelligence only when you worship Lord Ganesha – the more your SEVA (service) towards HIM grows – the more the ‘PLASTIC ROSE’ starts transforming into a ‘REAL ROSE’!

And REAL ROSE is beautiful -yes it has many imperfections and yet it is BEAUTIFUL because now it has a certain FRAGRANCE to it , a certain LIFE to it!

A REAL MAN, A REAL WOMAN – I like them, in fact I love them. But let me tell you they are in minority – in fact one in a million. In this KALI YUG, men and woman also disguise themselves as REAL – when they are just FAKING it – so one has to be really cautious before opening the doors of your heart.

Such fake men and women – then come up with the idea of non-attachment – but that is again an escape route – they are AFRAID that if they get into a relationship then they may get attached and then the pain.

Non-attachment is NOT detachment.

Non-attachment is a makeup from those fake men and fake women who are afraid of getting attached and so they keep running away from any relationships.

Detachment – a detached man or woman is NOT AFRAID of getting attached. The ‘Inner Engineering’ is so strongly developed through meditations that nobody can move him or disturb him – such a man is a man of awareness, he lives, laughs with you but he is absolutely detached – if you take him to your Palace – he will come, if you ask him to stay beneath a tree – he will stay – for him PALACE or TREE doesn’t make a difference – he may sleep on the Royal Bed and he is also happy to sleep on the hard ground – for him there is NO attachment – he can come anytime and he can also leave anytime – nobody can bond him – he remains detached but with abundance of LOVE in HIS heart.

There is a very deep connection between detachment and intelligence! An intellectual man can never live a detached life. He may live a non-attached life – but for him living a detached life is next to impossible!

Such an intellectual man goes on living his life by believing that – SHE is MY WIFE. SHE is MY DAUGHTER. THAT is MY Bungalow. THAT is MY CAR. THAT IS MY DESK. THAT IS MY COMPANY. THAT IS MY…..MY and MY and MY and this MY never gets him out of the CAGE. He himself prepares a nice CAGE around him and then starts feeling suffocated and then comes and asks “ Why my life is so miserable?”

Now what to tell him. And first of all is he going to ever understand a single word that I may share with him?

People are running all over the world in search of the Master – in search of a Guide – the question is – even by luck you found one – how is it going to help you – if YOU are yet NOT READY to understand his words, his language?

Therefore I say – read, read some of my books and then come to me – then there is a possibility that you may relate to what I saying to you – you may understand what I am trying to tell you. I already have ENOUGH – so by buying my books you are not going to make me rich. But by reading my books you can certainly become rich – WITHIN.

And a man who is becoming RICH from WITHIN is a man of worth. It is worth helping such a man – because the THIRST in him is now for that – which is beyond – the divine – the unseen….

The real blessing is when you start turning inward. Lord Ganesha is the most significant deity whose message for all HIS devotees is to turn inwards. Through HIS appearance – the message is loud and clear – HE is saying – ‘look I have NO head, No mind – I am deeply engrossed within…..and so why can’t you do so?”

Through the ritual of immersing HIS idol on the tenth day of Ganesha festival – the Sages are simply conveying the message that DO NOT GET ATTACHED TO EVEN THE IDOL GOD – TIME comes and YOU HAVE TO LET GO – YOU HAVE TO IMMERSE by becoming DETACHED!

KETU’s message is also the same. Live a detached life. You are married – then do not become POSSESSIVE. The moment you become possessive – love ceases to exist! Love feels suffocated when there is NO FREEDOM! Why you become POSSESSIVE? Because of your fear of losing! When I say – you – it is for all readers and followers. You fear of losing and so you want to possess. In this madness, you go on missing love – the more you become possessive the more you are moving away from love – then your wife starts feeling suffocated – the children, the mother, the father – everybody feel suffocated when somebody tries to POSSESS them – love ends and what remains is POSSESSION – what is the point in living such a life?

When you LOVE – you simply LOVE. When you love – let there be no doubt – let there be no fear of losing – REMEMBER that is the message of KETU – that is what DETACHMENT is – you love – you simply love!

An innocent man goes on loving – people may cheat him, he may be cheated by his lover – he may be cheated by his wife – but his INNOCENCE remains. Those who cheated him – those lovers and partners who left him must be utterly ‘POOR’ – but he remains RICH and his RICHNESS is in his INNOCENCE – he may go on experiencing cheaters but HIS innocence always remains and it is this INNOCENCE that eventually moves him to the HIGHER ALTITUDES – then one day the benevolent master comes and says “ You idiot – do you still want to remain in this mud – or now you want to come with me?”

The heart of an innocent man, women is like butter. Then the man starts crying then he goes in deep meditations – then he starts self-realizing that what an idiot he has been his whole life – running behind fake gold,fake beauties, fake world – then a great transformation starts happening – then the qualities of KETU start developing – then he starts TURNING INWARD….then he starts realizing the many treasures of the higher altitudes – then there is no looking back – the sky (consciousness) is clear and he is ready to fly!

It happens, it always happens that a man who is transforming is CRITICIZED by those ‘plastic’ men and women who don’t know themselves!

Once it happened – a young man and he was changing for good. He was taking efforts to rise above the Mind. He was meditating. He was coming closer to the realms of consciousness…..but the society won’t let him GROW so easily! You see – that is how this fake society is – then some so called intellectuals and moralists started saying “ Look…look at him….all his life he was such a womanizer and was such a drunkard and look look now how he is acting out as a virtuous man – as a prayerful man…..”

You see – those who have been ‘acting out’ their whole life by wearing ‘masks’ – will only find the other also as ‘acting out’ – whatever is within you is what you will see on the outside!

They all were making fun of him – talking about his shady pasts – they forgot the fact that every SAINT has a PAST and every SINNER has a FUTURE!

Whenever the young man would walk to the temple – they would gossip between themselves “ Look look how is being saintly – taking Lord’s name…”

But they were unaware that Kabir was walking around. And Saint Kabir heard them gossiping – he looked at them and said “ He has got up from his SLEEP – but what about you all?”


At least he has got up from HIS ‘SLEEP’ – it doesn’t matter what he had been doing while he was SLEEPING – what matters is that HE HAS GOT UP FROM HIS SLEEP – he is no more ASLEEP.

But those who are gossiping – those who are JUDGING him – are still living a plastic life – they themselves are fast asleep – how can they realize the beauty of a person who has AWAKENED from his sleep?

A person who awakened – has self-realized the futility of SEX, of MONEY, of WEALTH, of POWER, of STATUS – he had enough of it – and because he had it – he has come to the point of awakening where he has realized that all of this – is NOT THE ANSWER.

This realization has to be EARNED through your own experiences and awareness.

That is why it is necessary that one goes through the experiences of sex, experiences of power, experiences of status building, experiences of love, experiences of relationships – all these stages enrich him and help him to come to the SELF-REALIZATION that – it’s NOT the ANSWER.

Monks and priests, celibates and nuns – who suppress their sexuality – their greed – their lust – their attractions to power, status and money – simply end up in disastrous situations!

3 priests were travelling – and they had to get their tickets at the Airport. One was a young priest – the other two were elder men. They told the young priest to go and get the tickets from the ticket counter. The priest goes – stands in a queue. After a while his turn comes to collect the tickets but he is totally taken aback, his hand start shaking, he goes weak on his knees because the lady sitting at the ticket counter is extremely sexy – her whole attire is so attractive that he can’t get his eyes off from her – she says “Sir, tell me what you want?”

And the priest quickly responds – a slip of tongue – “ YOU”!

Then knowing that he has committed a SIN – he runs back to the elderly priests!

So you see – what happens when you go on suppressing your sexual needs? Suppression is NOT the answer. You have to EXPERIENCE sex – only then can you realize that it is ENOUGH. Only then can you realize that it cannot last for longer – someday the body is going to give up – someday the bed is no more going to shake – because by then you would have started shaking….

Sex makes a man fool. But unless he becomes a fool – he cannot realize the beauty of being wise! Unless you experience darkness – you cannot appreciate the sunlight – the sunrise!

In the West – sex has become a boring thing – too much of it has been done and experienced – now they don’t find it interesting. You see – when you have it beyond limit – it goes on making your life a hell.

SEX is your bondage. It keeps you unconscious. It does not allow you to see what you are doing. You are possessed by it. SEX possess you – and you remain ignorant – this ignorance than goes on making your life a hell – more hell and more and more hell.

But one should go through THIS HELL – THIS PLEASURES OF SEX – only then can you WAKE UP – that too if that much awareness is there – that much consciousness is there – that much blessings are there – in store for you!

People come and ask “ Is there a place called – hell?”

The master laughs – a loud belly laugh and says “ Are you crazy? You are living in HELL and asking if there is a place called Hell?”

IGNORANCE is your HELL. The more one gets driven by SEX, by MONEY, by POWER, by FAME, by WEALTH, by STATUS – he gets deeply into the clutches of IGNORANCE (RAHU).

And KETU is the KEY that gets you all out of this HELL (IGNORANCE). WHY KETU?

KETU is the source the energy that help you to TURN IN. Whole life you have been engaged in TURNING ON – the whole essence of your life have been to TURN ON – now KETU is helping you to TURN IN – Lord Ganesha is showing through HIS appearance – that I AM TURNED IN – I AM MEDITATION – you can also do it – you can also make something out of your human life that you can carry forward after you DIE – after this human body is DEAD.

The question is – how many are willing to listen? How many are willing to TURN INWARD? how many are willing to RISE ABOVE SEX – only a man who can rise above SEX can experience the beyond – to rise above the sex – first he has to go through the experiences of sex – and so you will find many men who were married – had children – but later rose to greatest heights of spiritualism – because they SELF_REALIZED the futility of SEX by EXPERIENCING IT – they realized that there is something much beautiful – much lasting – much higher than SEX – their EVOLUTION to the HIGHER ALTITUDES has been through their journey from SEX to SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS!

RAHU is highly sexual. Ketu is highly asexual. Ketu is disinterested in SEX – he had it ENOUGH in the PAST – now he is interested to TURN INWARD – to look within – to meditate!

The very appearance of Lord Ganesha is of meditation – there is NO MIND, NO HEAD – but there is immense TRUST – immense FAITH in oneself – deeply engrossed WITHIN….

TRUST is very important. In fact LOVE is impossible without TRUST. Relationships break – when TRUST starts evaporating – first TRUST evaporates – then LOVE evaporates – the basis is always TRUST.

TRUST can get you everywhere – but first TRUST has to be there.

Once a young man came and said ” People worship Buddha – but Buddha is not alive …..”

The master smiled and said ” No Master Ever Dies For Those Who Can Trust.” Your Trust matters! But the reality of this human world is – people cannot trust those who are living – so how can they trust those who are dead! Your TRUST can change your perception towards life. Then even if the master is dead – you can connect. Then even if the master has dropped his physical body – you can connect. The key is – TRUST. When you trust Buddha – then no matter even if there is distance of centuries between you and HIM – still you can connect. Distance doesn’t matter – when TRUST happens – time and space doesn’t matter – you stay ‘connected’….

You can appreciate the qualities of Lord Ketu only when you self-realize the significance of Lord Ganesha! It is all connected – linked-in!

MOON dislikes KETU – the MIND is always against KETU – because it is the power and strength of Sri KETU that destroys the MIND – and it is only when there is NO MIND – that meditation can happen – that the TRUTH can be revealed.

It is only when the MIND is QUIET that the SOUL can speak! The SELF can be realized.

But how to Quiet the MIND? Yesterday my family doctor asked me the same question – How to Quiet the MIND? And the answer is simple and it has been given to the whole mankind – again and again and again through many divine men and women – the answer is in one word – NAAM.

And Sant Kabir reveals the answer in the most beautiful way…..

A whole book of over 300 pages “ NO MIND” is what I have written just to help those who are willing to be helped! And in that book – I have again and again mentioned that unless you move beyond MIND – there is no coming to the TRUTH – and the way to move beyond MIND is through CHANTING THE NAME OF THE LORD – there is absolutely no other miraculous key to your transformation than the chanting the Lord’s holy name!

But who wants to listen? Shallow people and the their shallowness is so much that they will run behind everything – do everything – churn out thousands of rupees to a magician – to a tantrik – but will never listen to the most simple and most effective means that the benevolent masters have so compassionately shared with mankind – chanting the Lord’s holy name!

“To chant the holy name and dance in ecstasy is so easy and sublime that one can achieve all the benefits of spiritual life simply by following this process”. – Srimad Bhagavatam

People want everything ‘ready-made’ – but one must understand that HAPPINESS is NOT ready-made – it comes only through your OWN actions.

The joy of meeting the TRUTH – the GURU – the MASTER is beyond the expression of words. Language is really poor – but Sant Kabir reveals it in the most beautiful way…..

There is absolutely no better way than to realize the depth and beauty of the GURU through the ‘eyes’ of KETU! Ketu has absolutely NO HEAD – no intellectualism – HE is like Peter, the fisherman who starts following Jesus without thinking – without bringing any doubts any intellectualism in between! Jesus says “ Follow ME – I will make you the fisher of Men” And Peter is like our KETU – a man of heart with NO HEAD – he simply ‘jumps’ into the unknown – he is so much moved by the presence of Jesus – HIS aura, HIS bliss – HIS Peace – that even though he is meeting Jesus for the very first time in his life – still without giving any second thought he starts following Jesus and then the rest is history!

Arjuna is like our KETU – Krishna tells him “ SHOOT – shoot your arrow on that old man….”

That old man is Arjuna’s great grandfather – BHISHMA. Whole life he has loved that old man and that old man has loved him immensely – and now the master is telling him to shoot and kill that old man…..

How difficult it would have been for a common man – for a man who is ATTACHED – for a man who is yet sleeping – but ARJUNA is an awakened man – without wasting a second – he shoots and the old man is dead. BHISHMA is dead – at the point itself the victory is guaranteed – not because BHISHMA was dead – but BECAUSE ARJUNA PROVED HIS ABILITY TO LISTEN TO THE WORDS OF THE MASTER – WITHOUT BRINGING THE MIND IN BETWEEN – without BRINGING the so called intellectualism in between – HE just followed Krishna’s word and the rest is history.

That is KETU – listening to the WORDS of the MASTER and letting those WORDS penetrate into your being – and then a day comes when those words – those golden words start transforming you inside out – that is the day of your life – that is the REAL TURNING POINT!

But who wants to LISTEN? People have many fantasies of having a turning point and those are so shallow – so material that the less said the better.

Sant Kabir says – that when you LISTEN to the words of the master – DO NOT AGREE and DO NOT DISAGREE – just LISTEN because when you get into AGREEING AND DISAGREEING – you bring the MIND in between and the MIND is a monkey – it won’t let the words of the master penetrate into your being – because it is very much aware that if those words get into your being – its existence will be in danger – and so the MIND obstructs you – you remain with the master – but no change – no transformation is seen within you – because you have never LISTENED in reality – you have just been lost into the madness of agreeing and disagreeing.

Many times it has happened – that those who were CLOSE have never realized and those who have been at far distances – have realized! It is therefore not necessary to be with the Master – it is necessary to LISTEN and ACT by following the words of the Master.

Judas always remained close to Jesus. Like a shadow he would be Jesus – but it is Judas who sold Jesus to the Romans for a few silver coins! Being CLOSE is useless if you CANNOT RELATE to the MASTER’s words – HIS message – HIS LOVE!

And when Judas came to know that the Romans have nailed – crucified Jesus – he could not control himself – he started crying – a few moments of IGNORANCE had made JUDAS a man of betrayal! Unable to control himself – he HANGS himself – commits suicide!

Being close is not important – resonating with words of the master without bringing you intellectualism in between is important – and that comes when you start turning inwards – the way of KETU is turning inwards because it is only when start turning inwards that you can RELATE with Jesus – than you will no more remain a Judas – you will become JOHN who loved JESUS – the love between John and Jesus is beyond the power of words – the disciple moving towards the master – the master moving towards the disciple – ONENESS -how to express such a pure love – language is really poor.

Only a man who is turning inward – who is chanting the name of the Lord can realize – can identify with the awakened – the enlightened being. He can ‘see’ such an enlightened being – he can find the whole universe in HIM.

Lord Ganesha is the bridge that helps you to gain the strength of Lord Ketu and it is through Lord Ketu that you can transform the Intellectualism (Mercury) into intelligence – and so you have come up with a real good question – it is all inter-connected, it is all LinkedIn.

When intelligence comes – you stop seeking God in temples – you stop doing all the unwanted rituals and ceremonies and all those poojas and havans.

Then you realize that GOD is not on the outside – HE is not in the TEMPLE – TEMPLES are build just to ENCOURAGE the common man towards RIGHTEOUSNESS – towards having more FAITH in GOD – it is a MOTIVATIONAL SPOT but it certainly NOT GOD’s HOME!

God’s home is in your heart. Is in every human being’s heart. God dwells within and not without.

If you are going on pilgrimage to meet GOD – to experience GOD than you have got the wrong address – the right address goes through your heart – the dwelling of GOD is within you.

KETU and LORD Ganesha simply are encouraging you to LOOK WITHIN and SELF-REALIZE the GOD that is within you – and let me tell you and to all my readers and followers that there is absolutely NOTHING as GREAT than to experience the state of your own self-realization.

Ketu is meditation. Ganesha is meditation and the whole essence of meditation is to bring you to the PRESENT MOMENT. The whole essence is to help you realize that GOD is NOT in the heaven. GOD is in the PRESENT moment – when you are able to BE HERE NOW – you have Entered the Temple – the joy – the bliss – the peace – the dance has begin…..

Then life is no more the same – everything around you is the same but you are no more the same – then there is a song to it, a poem, a dance – and it all comes when you turn inward – when you become more and more DETACHED!

Ketu is detachment. Ganesha is detachment. Their message is simple – DETACH YOURSELF. And if you miss to listen to their message – then you miss, you simply miss this life – and this is how you all go on missing – you remain on the surface – flaunting your intellectualism (mercury) – and in this futile process you miss – you simply miss to self-realize that ‘intellectualism’ is very poor substitute to INTELLIGENCE.

Be Intelligent and NOT intellectual.

And the way towards intelligence goes through your HEART and NOT the HEAD.

Get out of your HEAD and get into your HEART – that is the message of KETU, that is the whole essence of Lord Ganesha!


Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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