Soulmate of Ketu


Love happens only when you are out of the Mind. Always remember — the Mind cannot Love. The mind can LIKE someone but the Mind cannot Love. There are three mysteries – Love, Life, and Death and all these three are beyond the Mind. Ketu is also beyond the Mind. When Mind ends — Ketu begins. Mind is full of fear – whereas Ketu has absolutely no fear – because Ketu is mindless. And so as long as you are enslaved by your mind – you remain under fear – however, when you start moving beyond the mind – fear starts disappearing – because now you are moving towards Ketu. Ketu is the state of No-Mind. Being Buddha is being in a No-Mind state. Meditation is the state of no-mind and so Ketu becomes significant when it comes to meditation. Because it is only through the energy of Ketu that can you can succeed in your meditations. And so the Soulmate of Ketu also has to be someone who is deeply focused on doing meditations, someone who is set on his or her journey beyond the mind. Someone who is on the path of being a Buddha.

A soulmate is NOT just limited to a lover or partner. Any person who RESONATES with you and your sharing, your thoughts, your level of awareness is a Soulmate. So it may happen that someone in your family can be your Soulmate. It can be your Father, or your Mother or your Sister or your Brother or it can be just someone whom you never met in person but still you CONNECT with HIS or HER thoughts and share. Basically, SOULMATE is that person with whom you feel very comfortable, very relaxed, and with whom you open up completely as if you are not sharing with someone else but sharing with yourself! This is because when you connect with him or her – it is a heart-to-heart connection – there is no hesitation in sharing – in expressing yourself in totality.

If you ask Me – then the greatest SOULMATE is none other than the Guru — the benevolent master. When you CONNECT with the master — no words are needed — in Silence everything happens — everything is shared and transferred in blissful Silence. Real communication always happens in Silence, deep blissful silence. Through the silence of the Guru – the disciple is guided into his own heart, through the silence of the Guru – the disciple is able to find the source of his Ego. In the beginning, the disciple will become silent, and enter for a short in the same state in which his master permanently rests. In this state, he finally experiences his own true nature. In this silence, he starts to understand the truth. This is what is known as the Heart to Heart instruction.

On one occasion – Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi mentions a great spiritual Yogi who appears very young and is instructing HIS disciples in deep silence. Bhagavan writes:

“Who is the youthful guru beneath the banyan tree?

Very old are the pupils who seek him.

The handsome teacher’s speech is silence.

Cleared are all the pupils’ doubts.

Under the wonderful banyan tree shines the youthful

guru. Aged pupils come to him. Silence is this teacher’s

speech. Gone are the doubts in the pupils’ minds.”

This youthful guru that the Bhagavan mentions in his writing resembles Mahavatar Babaji since Mahavatar Babaji appears very young though HE is thousand years old!

The state of understanding everything without the need of uttering a single word – is the state of ONENESS – and when you experience such a ONENESS with any person – then that person becomes your SOUL MATE. That is why to become a good disciple – first, you have to become a good lover – because it is only in the state of deep love that you can connect without speaking, without uttering a single word. That is why it is said that the greatest lover has become the greatest disciples – the greatest masters!

The highest pinnacles of love happen only when you are able to move beyond your mind – and this ability comes only through the source and the blessings of Sri Ketu.

When it comes to KETU’s soulmate – there are only four planets that resonate with the depth of KETU. And those four planets are as follows:

  1. Jupiter – Since Jupiter is the GURU of KETU. Jupiter also rules Sagittarius and as you all know – MOOLA – the fieriest and highly spiritual Nakshatra dwells in the Jupiterian sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter represents DHARMA and Ketu is a staunch follower of DHARMA.
  2. Sun – Since Sun is hot by nature and also celibate by birth. Ketu loves celibacy. That is why the greatest spiritual masters have always been celibate from birth. Brahmacharya or Celibacy is very dear to Sun as well as to KETU. That is why LEO the sign of SUN contains Magha Nakshatra – the Nakshatra of KETU.
  3. Mars – Since Mars is too hot by nature but at the same time – Mars is also a great warrior. Ketu loves to master the art of fighting – such as swordsmanship, archery, and so on. All great warriors had a strong Ketu – because when you fight on the battlefield – you have to keep your mind aside – you have to fight by going beyond the mind and so Ketu becomes extremally important for military officers and commanders-in-chief. The very first Nakshatra of Ketu – Ashwini dwells in the Martian sign of Aries – so the connection between Mars and Ketu is very deep – in fact Mars and Ketu – both also come under the direct influence of Lord Kartikeya and Lord Ganesha and as we all know – both were brothers. They are the sons of Shiva – the supreme consciousness.

So I have revealed the three soulmates of KETU – JUPITER, SUN, and MARS. However, who is the fourth soulmate of KETU?

And the answer is URANUS. Yes – my fellows – URANUS is the most intelligent, genius planet in our galaxy – and what CONNECTS Uranus with KETU is the ability to think beyond the mind – the ability to think out of the box. Crazy ideas come from Uranus and it is these crazy ideas that have given birth to a superpower country like America. America or the US is very much influenced by the power of URANUS. All modern technology and innovations have found their way through the land of America. Uranus rules all of these modern innovations and discoveries.

Sudden events, strange events, strange ideas, and deep thoughts and intensity is what the 8th house represents and Scorpio rules the 8th house. This Scorpio is home of Ketu and Uranus closely resonates with the matters of the 8th house and Scorpio sign. That is why Uranus is very powerful in the sign of Scorpio. If you observe closely – then you will find the facts that from 1980 to 1988 – the time when Uranus was transiting Scorpio was a time of great technological advancement and gave us new inventions like the personal computer, the artificial heart, DNA fingerprinting, and the Space Shuttle among many other things.

Genius, unconventional and unpredictable. These three words define the true essence of Uranus – the planet that I love the most. And Ketu is also a genius, but unconventional and unpredictable by nature.

The major difference between Rahu and Ketu is that Rahu traps you in the Mind while Ketu sets you free from the Mind. Uranus also operates in a crazy way that cannot be expressed within the four walls of the mind. And so this nature of operating beyond the mind – makes Uranus a soulmate of Ketu. If a person has Uranus and Ketu – together in his or her birth chart then it is a sign that the person is bound to go through many strange events that are beyond the imagination of the mind. This conjunction of Uranus and Ketu also brings certain unique talent in the native. The native can create something unique – something that would delight the whole world. Mark Zuckerberg – the man who founded Facebook has this conjunction – conjunction of Uranus and Ketu. And we all know that Facebook revolutionized the whole world. Such is the power of URANUS and KETU – because both are soulmates and when you have both together – then you have got a double-engine wheel that can get you a long way in your career.

The gemstone of Uranus is Alexandrite and the gemstone of Ketu is Alexandrite Cat’s eye. This is the higher version of the normal cat’s eyes that you get in the market. Both – Alexandrite and Alexandrite Cat’s eye are extremely rare to find gemstones and also very expensive. I will be making a detailed video on Alexandrite since this subject is very deep and extensive.

If you are KETUISH – then it is very natural for you to get attracted or pulled towards those who have more energy of Jupiter, Sun, Mars, or Uranus in their birth chart. But first, you have to find out if you are KETUISH.

How to find out if you are KETUISH?

When your Moon or Sun is in conjunction with Ketu or when you are born with Moon in Magha, Moola, or Ashwini Nakshatra then you are indeed a strong KETUISH person. And if that is the case then you will definitely find your soulmate who is KETUISH or has prominent Jupiter, Mars, Sun, or Uranus in his or her birth chart.

So how to find out the prominence of Jupiter, Mars, Sun, or Uranus in a person’s chart who can become your soulmate?

The answer is simple – the person should be born in the Nakshatra of Jupiter, Mars, Sun as well as all these three Nakshatra are placed in the Kendra house. Similarly, if Uranus is also placed in the Kendra or is in conjunction with Moon – then such a person can become your soulmate.

Basically – in nutshell – a person having the energies of Jupiter, Sun, Mars, and Uranus or either of these four can resonate with you and can become your soulmate.

As mentioned earlier soulmate is not just limited to being a lover. Any person – seen or unseen can become your soulmate – because the whole play is of the synergy between you and him or her.

When it comes specifically to finding a soulmate with whom you want to engage in a love relationship then always remember – the real soulmate always makes you feel comfortable, relaxed, and calm.

The very essence of Soulmate is in sync with the essence of Ketu. Ketu, therefore, is directly connected at the SOUL LEVEL. If KETU is your ATMAKARAKA then you are a person of a certain depth. Ketu as Atmakaraka is also a sign that you are KETUISH by nature. It is always good to have ATMAKARAKA that falls in the category of KETU’s soulmates – such as KETU himself, or Jupiter or Sun or Mars or Uranus provided your birth chart has a certain depth of quality to it – provided you are an evolved or evolving soul.

Astrology is spiritual in essence. That is why from ancient times – Astrology was taught only to selective individuals who have a certain quality of understanding, who have purity of heart, and who basically are meditative by nature. Astrology was not limited only to Brahmins or Kshatriyas – it was taught to all those who have the purity of heart and depth of understanding. Sage Valmiki who scripted the Holy Ramayana was not a Brahmin and still, he was well versed in Astrology. Sage Vyasa who scripted the Mahabharata was also born to a fisherwomen Satyavati. His father – Sage Parashara was a Brahmin but his mother was a fisherwoman. So the point is that during the old ancient times – Astrology was not taught based on caste but based on your merits and your potential.

In this universe – there have always been two groups – SURA and ASURA. Positive Good People and Negative Offending People. And so the positive good heart fellow connects with another positive good heart fellow while the negative offending fellow continues to connect with another negative offending fellow. So in both groups – each one finds his or her soulmate. Duryodhana was the Soulmate of Karna while Arjuna was the Soulmate of Krishna. Karna always walked on the path of ADHARMA – he tried to learn the art of archery from Sage Parshuram by appearing as a Brahmin when in reality he was NOT a Brahmin. And Parshuram had taken a vow that he would teach only to Brahmins because of his resentment towards the arrogant Kshatriyas. And so when Sage Parshuram learned that Karna had cheated him – he cursed Karna and that curse became the primary reason of his defeat in the Mahabharata war and it also became significant since the defeat of Karna led to the victory of the Pandavas.

So positive and negative – all kind of people find their soulmates – many times you may wonder why negative exists in this world? But the answer to your question is simple – to maintain a BALANCE – the negative is also essential along with the positive. It is necessary to remember that to generate electricity – you need both – negative and positive poles – similarly to run this universe – both continue to exist – the positive as well as the negative.

Based on your level of maturity and depending on how evolved your soul is – you will choose your soulmate. If you are the utterly negative and cheap fellow who comments to hurt others and who continues to cause much harm to every person you come across then you will attract exactly similar kind of person and if you are positive and an evolving soul then you will CONNECT with similar kind of positive good heart persons. It also happens that many times these NEGATIVE fellows try to APPEAR as positive and these are typical RAHUISH fellows because RAHU loves to disguise himself as GOOD – but if you are an evolved soul then you will quickly identify this kind of fake negative person and stay away from them.

I continue to keep my filters intact so that I entertain only those few whom I identify as good heart fellows – because this human world is a mixture of SALT and SUGAR and as the divine master says – one has to be very cautious in selecting the Sugar while ignoring the SALT meaning the negative fake offending people.

Enough for now – love to all my close followers – your love is reaching to me and the more you continue to connect with my sharing the more I can say – that you are definitely on the right path – the buddha path – the path that ultimately takes you towards the eternal garden of bliss.

Meditate every day and remember to ignore the negative people and focus on the Goodheart positive people in your life. Although there are many negative people in this world still the majority consists of positive people – we have to live for these positive people – we have to be with these positive people. So do not give up – because this human world is indeed a beautiful place to be.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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