What happens when Ketu is in seventh house?


This is a good question. I liked it. And I also like Ketu. Only a man of awareness can like Ketu, can love Ketu. And this is of significance, but only to a meditative man, only to a man who is turning inwards!

Before we understand what is Ketu 7 – let us first understand the difference between a mad man and an awakened man. Unless you understand this – you cannot understand Ketu 7 – you would miss, simply miss the whole beauty of it.

Have you seen a mad man? A mad man looks at you – but his look is totally empty look. A madman looks at your face, but you can see he is not looking at you. He just looks through you as if you are a glass thing, transparent; you are just in the way, he is not looking at you. And you are transparent for him: he looks beyond you, through you. He looks without looking at you; the “at” is not present, he simply looks.

Have you ever seen a Yogi – a great Yogi? A Yogi also looks at you – but his look is totally empty look. He looks beyond you – as if your whole being is being scanned – but this time – it is a conscious look, it is a look of awareness, it is an observation with consciousness!

A mad man has jumped – beyond. A Yogi has also jumped – beyond. The only difference is the former has done it out of ignorance – the later has done it out of consciousness! The similarity is the courage to ‘Jump’! And only that man can experience God, who has the daring to ‘Jump’!

Now imagine – when a mad man is guided by the enlightened Yogi – how easy it would be transform a mad man into the Buddha, the enlightened! And that is what Meher Baba – the greatest divine master did.

Nobody has tried to see the great experiment that Meher Baba did.

Baba traveled all over the country to catch hold of all kinds of madmen, because they are just very close to God. Only one thing is needed: somebody is needed who can shake them back to their sanity. Then they can become great Masters. Just a little sanity will be needed; then their madness will have a method in it.

The madman, if in the hands of enlightened people, can achieve enlightenment faster than your so-called sane people.

In this century one man revived it again – his name was Meher Baba. He went all over India seeking and searching for mad people. In all the madhouses, anywhere that he heard there was a madman, he would go. He traveled all over India his whole life, searching for mad people.

His disciples asked him, “Why are you wasting your time with mad people when sane people are available to work upon, and they want your time?”

Meher Baba said, “You don’t understand. To bring a sane person out of his sanity is very difficult. But to bring out a madman is very easy because in a way he is already out, but from the back door. He has tasted something of the outside; we have only to show him the right door and say, “Please don’t go out from the wrong door, go from the right door. Being out is perfectly right, but choose the right door.”

And Meher Baba turned many mad people into enlightened people.

And great people also never expect any rewards, but this quote is just a way of the master to express the great work done by the divine master Meher Baba!

So one has to understand that a KETU 7 person is just like a mad man – as far as relationship/marriage is concerned! Just a change from ignorance to consciousness – and you see the same mad man transforming into a greatest ascetic – that the world had ever known!

You see – that is the whole beauty of KETU 7- just a shift from ignorance to consciousness – and you see a mad man who otherwise would jump into relationships/marriages without thinking – without putting his consciousness into action – without being bothered of consequences – is now SUDDENLY transforming into an ascetic – who no more is interested in sex, in relationships, in marriage – he has been there, done that – he have had so much of sexual relationships in the past life – that as soon as someone as divine as Meher Baba comes to his life – he is quick to drop everything and just start following HIM – the master – experiencing a total transformation – inside out!

Peter, the fisherman was such a man – for the first time – he meets Jesus Christ. And Jesus says to him “Look into my eyes, follow me and I will make you the fisher of men.” And Peter, the fisherman could sense something in this young man – His Aura, His voice, His glow – and Peter drops everything and starts following Jesus – no questions are asked, no doubts are raised – Peter simply starts following Jesus – and this illiterate fisherman goes on to become the greatest saint that the Christians had ever known – Peter, the fisherman becomes Saint Peter. Today, the city of Saint Petersburg which is Russia’s second-largest city after Moscow, is named after this illiterate fisherman – Peter!

KETU 7 – can either lead the native into many wrong relationships/marriage(s) – because he or she ‘Jumps’ out of ignorance and not consciousness. Peter, the fisherman jumps – but NOT out of ignorance, but out of consciousness – his understanding is so deep – he is such a beautiful man who listens to his heart – that he simply ‘Jumps’ in the unknown – but with consciousness and NOT ignorance.

KETU 7 man or women suffer in legalized relationship to which the human world calls ‘marriage’! However as long as the relationship is not legalized, they remain happy as a couple – or as lovers.

KETU 7 are submissive to their partner/s. Simply because they are not much bothered of the intentions of the ‘other’ person – namely husband or lover. So if other aspects are not good then such a person also becomes a victim in relationships or marriage(s). In contrast a much highly evolved soul – simply drops the idea of marriage or even sexual relationships and heads towards the beyond – he simply accepts asceticism – not by chance but by choice! And so you see many Sadhus, Sanyasi or even great Yogis with Ketu 7 – provided other aspects also support their asceticism!

One has to see – one has to examine whether the chart is inclined towards extrovert mind (RAHU) or introvert mind (KETU). If the inclination is more towards RAHU – then KETU 7 leads the individual to many miseries – and that is obvious! Whenever you follow RAHU – KETU makes sure that your life becomes more miserable – in fact the native does become miserable. So it depends on whether you are RAHU-ish or KETU-ish!

Sexual satisfaction is not derived in totality through KETU 7 – because KETU – at the very high moment of sexual union – gives up and so the partner of KETU 7 – often is denied the sexual pleasure. Erection lasts for short time – and so sex often becomes a fairy tale that is only imagined but never practiced in reality! If it is a woman – then interest in sex less, and so the husband is often denied sexual satisfaction. And so – many times separation or extra-marital affairs happen. So KETU 7 creates many marriage problems for souls who are not much evolved. A KETU 7 should never marry a RAHU 7. The honeymoon simply flops – Rahu wants more sex and Ketu is not interested in having more sex – so the combination of RAHU 7 and KETU 7 is disastrous – unless other aspects rush to help!

However KETU 7 is not the only deciding factor – since the sub-lord or the lordship of KETU 7 also are the most influencing energies – D9 chart and moreover the Chalit Chart is also of great significance before you come to the final conclusion.

The only positive sign for KETU 7 is when KETU is in Pisces – here Ketu feels relaxed – safe and secured – it is its home sign and so here KETU is bit soft than otherwise. But still as they say – you may apply as much salt to Karela ( Bitter -Gourd ) – still the taste remains bitter.

But the question is not what happens with KETU 7 – the real question is WHY KETU 7!

Existence wants KETU 7 individual to payback for the many sexual relationships he or she had in the past life. Now the existence is simply denying the sexual happiness to the native – it is simply stating that “You had enough in the past – now pay attention to your ‘self’ – focus on your self- growth.”

But ignorant men don’t get it and so they continue to stand in the queue of that window – where the ‘tickets’ have exhausted. There is no ticket left and yet these ignorant beings stand in the queue – even though the window is closed – they keep standing – expecting that someday the window will open and they would get the ticket to a happy satisfying sexual union or marriage!

The conscious man simply is never found at the window stand – he is perfectly aware – he is no more interested for any ‘ticket’ – he is on his way to the greatest ticket of the universe – the ‘ticket’ of meditation!

The man who desires is an escapist. Now, it is very strange that a man who meditates is thought to be an escapist. That is utter nonsense. Only the man who meditates is NOT an escapist – everybody else is.

KETU 7 – is a ‘blessing in disguise’ – but only for a man who meditates, only for a man who is living with consciousness, only for a man who understands the true essence of what love is!

Then KETU 7 brings a totally new dimension to your life – then KETU 7 is no more a problem but a source that leads you to many wonderful spiritual experiences – then KETU 7 is no more a weakness – but the greatest strength that the man of this world had ever known! Only an evolved soul with KETU 7 can truly understand the essence of love – and that makes this placement – a placement of celebration – celebration of the divine, of the unseen, of the… beyond!

KETU is a LET-GO. And Meditation is also a LET-GO! And a KETU 7 finds it easy to LET-GO all those relationships/marriage(s) – and simply surrender to the existence and it is only when you are able to live in total surrender to the existence – to God – that a beautiful life awaits you – the ‘key’ is to ‘Let-Go’!

When you Let-Go – you create space for something….better! Learn to Let-Go.

For KETU 7 – the answer to all your miseries related to marriage, relationships, past relationship grudges – is in just two words – Let Go.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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