How Ketu contributes to you spiritual growth?

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

KETU is ZERO. KETU is SHUNYA (शुन्य​) – Ketu is a Nobody. And yet Ketu can get you to Everbody.

And it is only when you ATTAIN – when you SELF REALIZE – when you are Enlightened that you can HEAL! And so I have been saying again and again – that at the ROOT of HEALING POWER – is the most benevolent KETU – one who has NO HEAD – and only one who has NO HEAD can JUMP – and only one who can JUMP – can ATTAIN – can experience the BEYOND.

Such men are very few. One in a million. People want to know many things – they talk a lot – so much of “knowledge’ they exhibit – and yet when it comes to taking the ‘JUMP’ – they start shaking – they start raising many doubts – and so ARJUNA is one in a million. ANANDA is one in a million. PETER is one in a million. They JUMPED – they simply jumped WITHOUT thinking – when you THINK – the MIND is in PLAY – the HEAD is in play – and the MIND won’t let you JUMP – ARJUNA, ANANDA, PETER – these were great souls who had overcome the monkey mind – and so when KRISHNA says to ARJUNA – “SHOOT – SHOOT at that old man – BHISHMA- follow your DHARMA”

ARJUNA simply shoots – he simply shoots his ARROW at that old man who loved him the most – whom he also loves the most – BHISHMA! But when the MASTER says “SHOOT” – ARJUNA simply SHOOTS – that is the stage of NO MIND – that is the most beautiful stage of KETU!

When Jesus meets Peter, the fisherman for the VERY FIRST TIME and says “ Peter – follow me – I will make you the fisher of men.”

Peter, the fisherman simply drops everything and starts following JESUS. He is not even aware of who JESUS is! He is an illiterate man – and yet he could SEE that this man is something else – that the words of this young man are so deep – his eyes, there is so much GRACE – that Peter simply could not even THINK – he simply ‘JUMPS’ into the unknown – and that is KETU – that is COURAGE – it is only through the State of NO MIND- KETU – you can become COURAGEOUS – Peter indeed was the most COURAGEOUS man and the same PETER, the fisherman goes on the become one of the 12 Apostles of Jesus and later is revered as Saint Peter in the Christian Faith!

Ananda – what an innocent man he was. Yes – he had some ignorance – but he simply was so much devoted to BUDDHA that he followed HIM for 40 years – like a shadow – he remained with BUDDHA – Ananda becomes the Shadow of Buddha – Ananda was also a PRINCE – he belonged to a ROYAL family – he was the elder cousin brother of Buddha – and yet he JUMPED – he left everything behind and came in search of his younger brother – whom the world had been addressing as the BUDDHA! And Ananda loved Buddha – but his love had become possessive. And the moment your LOVE becomes POSSESSIVE – KETU takes a backseat – and when KETU (DETACHMENT) takes a backseat – your spiritual progress – your enlightenment is blocked!

And that is what happened with ANANDA. He spend 40 years with BUDDHA and yet he could NOT attain.

And now when BUDDHA was dying – when BUDDHA was about leave his human body – Anand started crying – he could not control himself – he broke out with such a cry that Buddha noticed it and said “ Ananda why you cry?”

Ananda says “I am not crying because you are leaving – I am crying because once you are gone – there will nobody of your caliber for centuries to come and I am still not enlightened. Those who came after me – have been enlightened with your Grace – but I…..haven’t yet been enlightened….why?”

Buddha said “Ananda – when you met me for the first time, you laid 3 conditions – those conditions became a hurdle between you and your attainment.”

Ananda remembered those 3 conditions – those 3 conditions were to help him stay with Buddha and he stayed for 40 years – but no luck, enlightenment never happened to him. Ananda asked ” Now what?” Buddha said ” Now I have to die first – only then you will be enlightened – with my death – all your conditions that I had accepted will cease – you will then attain.”

And it is said that after Buddha died, Ananda attained enlightenment.

Conditions block you – when you love – let there be NO Conditions.


And so a REAL DISCIPLE – a REAL FOLLOWER when follows the MASTER – he would never remember the BLOWS of the Master – because there is NO HEAD – all that there is – is the HEART and the HEART can only FEEL – the HEART cannot HOLD on to anything – in true sense – the HEART is DETACHED by nature – what makes you ATTACHED is your MIND – and therefore the MIND is always against KETU – because it knows – that the energy of KETU can eliminate all the illusions that the MIND goes on creating.

It happened once, Hassan and a few Sufi Mystics were walking through the forest and they all met Rabiya – the Great Sufi Saint. Expressing their love for the master – Hassan says “None is sincere in his claims to the Love of God unless he patiently endure the blows of His Lord.” Rabiya smiles and says ” This smells egoism.” Sakik says ” None is sincere in his claim unless he give thanks for the blows of the Lord.” Rabiya again smiles and says ” This must be still bettered. Still some ego is there.” Malik says ” None is sincere in his claim unless he delight in the blows of his Lord.” Rabiya again smiled and said “Good but still needs to be improved. A very subtle ego is still hiding like a shadow.” Then they all said ” Rabiya – you yourself say – you guide us.” And Rabiya, one of the greatest Sufi Saint – she says ” None is sincere in his claim UNLESS he FORGETS the blows in beholding his lord.” How beautiful is this. They loved the master – but they could not FORGOT the blows – here Rabiya is saying – when love is total – the blows cannot be remembered. So where is the question of being delighted to receive the Master’s blows? or thankful or tolerating the blows – the Blows simply does not exist – a devoted disciple forgets the blows in beholding his compassionate Master!

The Master can pour himself into you – only WHEN you have NO MIND.Only when you have overcome the MIND – only when your MIND is merged into your HEART and there is NO MIND – but tremendous intelligence!

KETU therefore brings Intelligence – but this intelligence is of very deep very unique and very rebellious by nature! TRUTH has always been rebellious. JESUS was rebellious – he goes to the PAGAN TEMPLES and asks the people to stop DOING BUSINESS on the name of these PAGAN GOD IDOLS. Mohammed was rebellious – He too went against the BUSINESS OF RELIGION and the Corruption that was happening on the name of GOD and IDOLS – BUDDHA too was rebellious – he too went against the Corruption that was happening on the name of religion. INTELLIGENCE is always rebellious by nature – the SOCIETY cannot FACE the intelligent – the SOCIETY always is afraid of an intelligent Man or an intelligent Woman. The SOCIETY is always afraid of KETU – because KETU brings Intelligence and Intelligence can unmask the FAKE and bring forth the TRUTHS!

Intelligence is of the heart consciousness (also addressed as God consciousness in the West or Krishna Consciousness in the East) . NEVER confuse Intelligence with Intellectualism.

Intellectualism is of the HEAD – Mercury.

Intelligence is of the Consciousness – SUN. And the way towards CONSCIOUSNESS is paved by KETU! And therefore it is the SIGN of LEO – where KETU presides like an EMPEROR – by taking the lordship of the NAKSHATRA – MAGHA!

How beautiful is all this and how beautiful it can be – there is no limit – there never was! And so LEO the sign of SUN (Consciousness) has its FIRST NAKSHATRA as MAGHA ruled by Sri KETU! And therefore SUN feels HOME in the NAKSHATRA of MAGHA – SUN is extremely comfortable in the ROYAL ABODE of KETU (MAGHA Nakshatra)!

And therefore MAGHA is called the ROYAL ABODE – ROYALITY is closely associated with KETU – but the ROYALITY – the KING – the RAJ YOG that KETU brings is something beyond this material world – you become the KING of KINGS – but you roam NAKED – and yet you become KING of KINGS – you become a Diogenes – he had NOTHING and yet he had THAT – which Emperors and Kings never had – he was one of the greatest YOGI of the WEST – a great SAINT – now tell me – when you say ‘I am KING’ – there should be absolute FREEDOM – no worries – no tensions – no obstructions – no obsessions – no possessions – such a FREEDOM – neither ALEXANDER, the GREAT had and nor any EMPERORS who have been through this human world! SUCH A FREEDOM only JESUS had,MOHAMMED had, MAHAVIRA had, KRISHNA had, BUDDHA had – only a YOGI could experience TOTAL FREEDOM and only that man or woman who can experience TOTAL FREEDOM is the REAL KING – KETU enables you to reach the state of TOTAL FREEDOM – and therefore the NAKSHATRA OF MAGHA is addressed as the ROYAL ABODE – the REAL KING’s SEAT – because it is here where you become a great YOGI – or you get the CAPACITY to become a great YOGI.

Yogi PARAMHANSA YOGANANADA had LEO Ascendant with MAGHA Nakshatra rising (KETU). And what a great Yogi he was – what a beautiful Autobiography he wrote – that it moved the hearts of millions across the globe – my salute to His Holiness Paramhansa Yogananda.

SUN feels home in the NAKSHATRA of KETU – MAGHA.

CONSCIOUSNESS feels home in the ABODE of KETU.

The Sign of LEO therefore is NOT in its entirety BENEFICIAL for the SUN. The SUN feels home – the SUN has all the abilities to expand your consciousness – ONLY as long as it is placed in the MAGHA Nakshatra of the SUN SIGN.

The moment SUN moves to PURVA PHALGUNI – it starts becoming uncomfortable – and therefore I meet many who wonder that why SUN in-spite of being in LEO sign – does NOT favor in its totality. PURVA PHALGUNI is VENUS Nakshatra and SUN energy is in contrast to VENUS. SUN wants to UPLIFT you – and VENUS wants you to remain ATTACHED to material PLEASURES – how can this MARRIAGE work?

And so SUN in LEO works beautifully – helping you to grow spiritually – as long as it is in the NAKSHATRA of MAGHA. Interestingly many ROYAL FIGURES are also born on MAGHA – LEO ASCENDANT – when KETU connects material planets – ROYALITY comes – when KETU connects with spiritual planets – SPIRITUALITY of HIGHEST NATURE comes – in both cases – you remains in the ABODE OF KETU – MAGHA – the ROYAL ABODE – that’s why the ancient seers have HIGH REGARDS for MAGHA – the nakshatra of KETU.


It is good to be a Nobody. Because LOVE happens only when you are in true sense a NOBODY! If you remain “I am somebody” (EGO)- Love is not possible. God is not possible. So it necessary to self realize the significance of being a nobody – the significance of NOTHINGNESS, the significance of EMPTINESS. And only that man and woman can understand this significance – who is meditating, who is coming closer and closer to the Self – the consciousness.

Such a man, such a woman can relate to KETU – can listen to what it is saying, can follow its directions.

The label on the DOOR says – To open the door – PULL. But you are Pushing and Pushing and Pushing – how will the door open? WHEN JOB is lost – you continue to hit the same spot again and again – WHEN LIFE wants you to explore other opportunities. All your life you have been PUSHING the DOOR – because you know only one way – you have never tried to explore the other way – the way to PULL open the DOOR.

And this is deep and this is something every individual should meditate upon- and this happens only when you have the support of Ketu. Only then you can turn inward – only then you can EXPLORE the many possibilities of OPENING the DOOR.

GOD has been knocking on your DOOR – many times – but what stops you from opening the door is your belief – you believe that there is only one way to open the door – it is your belief that comes in between your EXPERIENCE – and the IRONY of this human world is that people go by BELIEF and NOT by Experiences!

Whenever KETU is in a specific Planet’s nakshatra- Ketu brings NOTHINGNESS to the matters of that planet. Through this NOTHINGNESS- Ketu wants you to PULL the Door and walk out – experience the ultimate FREEDOM from those matters that are ruled by that planet. DETACHED.

One day Mohan came and said “ Addittya, how come I never had a chance to meet my mother.When I was 4, she left me – and then I just know that somewhere she is ALIVE – but neither she contacted me and nor I – so how do you see this happening. Please help me with your insights on this strange happening of my life – the absence – total absence of my MOTHER in my life?

I said “ Mohan – nowadays you have started to think a lot – that is not good. Thoughts become hurdles to your progress in meditation. So beware.”

Mohan said “ But this has been troubling me for many days and months and so your answer will help me to understand and to move on.”

Sometimes you have to answer – Mohan was a close follower – with a strong focus on meditation. Not answering him would have blocked his progress in meditation and so I said “ Mohan, look at your birth chart – open it.”

Mohan opened his birth chart and I said “ Look where your MOON is.”

Mohan said “Moon is in the SIXTH house. But I have many friends who have MOON in the sixth and still they have Mother – there is no absence of Mother in their lives.”

I smiled and said “ Look further…KETU is in which Nakshatra?”

Mohan said “ ROHINI.”

I asked “ Who is the lord of ROHINI Nakshatra?”

Mohan said “ MOON”

I said “ Moon rules the matters related to MOTHER. KETU in MOON’s Nakshatra – is bringing SHUNYATA (EMPTINESS) in the matters of MOTHER.

Further your MOON is also in conjunction with KETU – so again the EMPTINESS related to MOTHER – becomes severe. So in the dictionary of your life – the word MOTHER is absent and will remain absent. So now LET GO – do not get stuck in the matters of MOTHER because KETU wants to liberate you – it is the way of KETU telling you – that MOVE ON – just the way when the doctor pricks the ‘baby’ inside the womb of a pregnant woman – COMES OUT – LIBERATED – FREED – similarly KETU in this life want you to MOVE ON – and NOT get attached to the matter related to MOTHER. Now get on with your life and focus on your MEDITATION.

KETU is MEDITATION. And MEDITATION is a LET GO. Understand this – and I specifically appeal to all my close followers and readers – this is very deep.

KETU is Meditation. And Meditation is a LET GO – you will come to the state of SHUNYA – EMPTINESS only when you are able to LET GO – and KETU – the energy of KETU is precisely helping you to LET GO – Mohan was able to LET GO of his attachment with his MOTHER – but not everybody is like MOHAN – they come with questions – but they are NOT willing to or able to FACE the TRUTH – listen to what KETU has to say – to what LIFE has to say!

Understand the FACT – that the ABSENCE that KETU brings – the SHUNYATA (EMPTINESS) that KETU brings is simply to AWAKE you and help you to MOVE ON – it is a clear signal – that you better remain DETACHED from the matters that are connected with KETU – BECAUSE KETU – the MASTER knows that unless you become DETACHED from these matters – you will NOT evolve – you will NOT mature – you will NOT GROW in the true sense!

When KETU is in a positive nakshatra- it simply empowers KETU – and that is a progressive sign for the native. Ketu LOVES Jupiter – he understands that the Master can channelize him in the most effective way. In fact KETU is made for JUPITER – the Master. Ketu is just the way HANUMAN is – always devoted to the Master. Always!

And so when KETU is in VISHAKA NAKSHATRA which is ruled by JUPITER – KETU feels home. Feels comfortable. Had it been any other planet Nakshatra – Ketu would have simply moved its bulldozer on those planet’s and the matters they bring along. But in Vishaka Nakshatra – KETU gets a certain depth – if Jupiter is well placed than this placement can help in spiritual progress of the native.

Always realize the fact that YOU (and when I say YOU – it is meant for not just the questioner but to all my followers and readers) – always realize the fact that YOU can connect with the MASTER – only when there is NO HEAD (KETU)!

You have to ask yourself – what you are? A student or a disciple?

The relation of a Student with the Teacher is of the HEAD.

The relation of a DISCIPLE with the MASTER is of the HEART!

The Disciple can melt into the Master – only when there is NO MIND. Only when he or she has reached the state of NO MIND.

In the state of NO MIND – TRUTH descends like a light unto you. Then the Master appears – then the communication between you and the Master happens – and it all happens in SILENCE – deep Silence.

MIND makes a lot of noise. That is one reason that I stay away from the crowd. A few selective people only I choose – because they are taking efforts to move beyond mind – through meditation.

A talkative person is a headache. This ‘talk’ has led to so many miseries.

Mohan asked “ How?”

I said “ How does a relationship began?”

And Mohan said “ Talk – through talking.”

“That is right – first the man and the woman start ‘talking’ – then they talk more and more – over the phone – in person – and then this talking slowly starts transforming into the first step towards a bonding – a relationship!”

So ‘Talking’ is the first step – and this talking is all of the MIND and the MIND is monkey. The MIND goes on and on and on – and you start feeling that this woman is something – or – this man is something – the MIND is cunning – it knows how to attract through talking – you never know what lies beneath the talking – what is the REAL AGENDA!

And so a common man falls in love through the medium of TALKING – COMMUNICATING. But a YOGI will never fall in love – because a YOGI has least interest in TALKING and moreover he also can easily understand what is hidden agenda behind your talking – your communicating.

KETU dislikes Talking. Rahu likes Talking. A man ruled by RAHU talks a lot – let me tell you all that TALKING or COMMUNICATING can bring fortunes to your material life – and there is absolutely NO DOUBT about this. BUT the more you get inclined towards talking and talking – the more you go on losing your SELF – the more you move away from your SELF. So in the eyes of the world – you become RICH – but within you become poorer and more poorer.

With folded hands – I therefore insist everybody who want to contact me – that do NOT spend your time and my time in TALKING – just email me and if I can respond I will – because the whole purpose of my sharing with you all – is to help you all MOVE towards your SELF – to MOVE you all towards SILENCE.

KETU rejoices in SILENCE. The YOGI rejoices in SILENCE. The whole journey of this human life is to move towards SILENCE – and that SILENCE has to be a BLISSFUL Silence – a meditative silence.

Those who cannot understand the TRUTH – will ask you “ Tell me the TRUTH?”

But how can you tell the TRUTH – when the one who is asking is still at the base level – is still an ignorant fellow! Jesus also remained silent – when he was asked at the very last moment when he was put on the CROSS – the Roman Prefect had asked “ What is the TRUTH?”

And Jesus remained silent. He just looked into the Prefect’s eyes – and pure SILENCE. It was Buddhist Silence – because TRUTH can be shared – can be given only if there is a certain depth of UNDERSTANDING!

KETU can help you all – to bring a certain depth of understanding because KETU can TURN you INWARDS and only that man and that woman can have a certain depth – who is turning inwards – who is meditating – who is coming closer to the SELF – the Consciousness!

People are running and running and seeking a MASTER – a real MASTER – my question to them is – Are you ready to become a true disciple?

People want to see KRISHNA – the question is ARE YOU READY TO BE ARJUNA?

Only when you have become a true disciple that you can SEE the Master – Feel his love – Feel his Grace.

The word DISCIPLE is very beautiful – it means one who is ‘Ready to learn’. Discipline means creating a Space for learning. Disciple means one who is Ready to Learn. But when can you learn? Only when you drop all your EGO, your PREJUDICES, your NOTIONS and IDEAS only when YOU BECOME TOTALLY EMPTY – SHUNYA – that you can become a true disciple!

This state of being SHUNYA – EMPTY is what KETU brings – only IF you are able to resonate with its energy – can you develp – grow – in the true sense.

The ‘cup’ is useful ONLY because it is EMPTY! Form is EMPTINESS, EMPTINESS is FORM states one of the most revered Buddhist Texts.

As long as you are PACKED with all the KNOWLEDGE that you have collected all along your life – how can the REAL – the TRUTH penetrate into your being – you are already packed – Housefull.

And so unless there is EMPTINESS – you cannot grow inside out – you may go on repeating the words of Buddha but you will not become a Buddha – to become a Buddha – you have to first become EMPTY – a NOBODY – rejoice in NOTHINGNESS.

KETU when related to Jupiter is always beneficial for spiritual growth – the question is whether you are ready?

And so come, come you all – and realize the fact that this is the only moment – the PAST is NO more – and the FUTURE is not yet – this moment – NOW is the only moment and time is running – you have to decide which way you have to move on with your journey – RAHU or KETU?

What you choose is what you become. You are always free to choose but you are never free from the consequences of the Choice that you make!

So choose wisely – when you look around and you see people who have got exactly what they have wished for – you may get carried away by thinking that they are the ones who are LUCKY – but let me tell you all they are NOT the lucky ones – the lucky ones are those who DO what they are meant to do – who come with a mission – a purpose and work towards making that mission a success, a celebration.

An Army officer fights to save his country – he may lose his life – but he has done what he was meant to do. Such men and women who work for others – whose sole purpose is to DO what they are meant to – are the LUCKY ones and not those who get exactly what they want.

But not everybody can understand this – the majority has become slave of their MIND and the MIND ensures that you never get to the bottom of the TRUTH.

KETU helps you to overcome this Monkey Mind. Through KETU you can detach yourself -and the moment DETACHMENT starts coming over you – you can start experiencing the happiness – the love – the peace you have been seeking all your life.

The key is DETACHMENT. The way is through WITNESSING.

Witnessing is the way. Remain a witness while you do a certain action. Do it without getting attached – if you are feeding someone – feed but by being detached. If you are helping someone – healing someone – do it – but remain a witness – just the way a MILITARY DOCTOR on a battleground does.

What he does? He simply heals the wounded soldiers – one by one. He is NOT attached – he is simply devoted to his ART OF HEALING – he heals one soldier and moves on to the next – and then next and next and next – that’s all! There is absolutely no attachment – whatever he does – he does out of care, out of love – but that love is NOT attached – it moves on to the NEXT – and that’s KETU – KETU heals and HE can HEAL because there is absolute NO ATTACHMENT to what he does. There is absolute NO AGENDA to what he does – there is absolute NO expectations to what he does – he simply does what he is meant to do – and such a man is lucky man – such a man is truly a blessed man says the divine saint Neem Karoli Baba.

KETU is Emptiness. Shunya. Only when you become a Shunya can you WITNESS. Only when you start LETTING GO – can you Meditate. And only when you meditate that you can come to your own realizations – you can heal yourself – and only when you can heal yourself that you can HEAL others! The whole spiritual journey begins from KETU – for the way towards the TRUTH – is within and KETU is the only energy in this whole universe that can encourage you – empower you to look within and begin on the most wonderful journey of your life – the Journey Within.

The only journey is the JOURNEY WITHIN – and my fellows this is exactly what KETU’s message is – those who can relate to this divine message – can EVOLVE during KETU’s dasha, transits and those who cannot – will simply continue to live a miserable life.

Every Kundli is either inclined towards KETU (LET GO) or RAHU (ATTACHED/CLINGING/HOLDING). And so first comes RAHU KETU and then begins the whole story of planets – that is how critical are these two ENDS – one is HITLER (RAHU) and the other is BUDDHA (KETU) and they are two polarities that can never meet – you cannot say that “ I am a philosopher and I am spiritual” – You are either a PHILOSOPHER (RAHU) or you are pure SPIRITUAL (KETU)!

Philosopher is like a blind man. He simply goes on and on and on – apply a hell of a LOGIC – he may try to figure out how KRISHNA looks – but he has never experienced the divinity of Krishna. He may repeat the words of BUDDHA but he has NEVER EXPERIENCED the divinity the essence of BUDDHA. You see – a philosopher is all logic WITH ABSOLUTE NO REAL EXPERIENCE.

But a Spiritual person and what a beauty he is. He is so simple, so straight and he speaks so less – he is not lost in his PAST and he is NOT worried or thinking about his FUTURE – because he is absolutely aware that PAST is NO MORE and FUTURE is NOT YET – he is perfectly aware that LIFE is flowing NOW – in this PRESENT moment – and so he lives moment to moment – he has absolute NO interest in applying any logic or calculations – he is simply happy to – BE HERE NOW – Meditation happens only when you are able to BE HERE NOW – when your MIND is in your control and is concentrating on this NOW MOMENT. Such a man EXPERIENCES the TRUTH – and so whatever he shares is through HIS OWN EXPERIENCES – he is NOT imagining – he has actually experienced and so a SPIRITUALIST is NOT a philosopher. And a PHILOSOPHER is NOT a spiritualist.

TRUTH is hard – it may hurt – it may lead to collapsing this answer but as long as it remains – it can benefit a few.

You all have to decide your way – if you all ask me than I would say – live your life as an ordinary man or woman. Just be ordinary but let there be so much of Godliness – divinity – worship – selfless service to your being – to your life that you become special – a truly special CHILD OF GOD!

RAHU has dragged you all into the many lustful temptations, greed, low desires, ambitions – you all have gone through this – many must be going through this – and many may be in the waiting list to go through all of this – this RAHU showers plenty of money – just to make you ‘blind’ (ignorant) – then you start doing many mistakes – many foolish decisions – and then when you are tithly caught in RAHU’s grip – which is your ownpast karmic creation – you start feeling utterly miserable – all the doors appear to be closed and there seem to be NO WAY OUT!

But KETU is on the other end – you miss to notice the Master – you miss to realize that while you were totally DRUNK in the abundance of money,power and fame – on the exact other end – a very old man was observing – waiting to see when you will WAKE UP – and the day you WAKE UP – you start moving towards HIS ABODE – then you are truly changing – then you are truly transforming – then there is a song to your life – then the bud starts transforming into a beautiful flower!

That old man – KETU always waits – to see when you WAKE UP. At times he makes someone as common as me – as his medium to WAKE UP some of you – the process continues – like me – the old man has many such mediums – out of million – one may WAKE UP and even that is a great development. There are souls who seek liberation and there are souls who are more interested to SERVE HIM by being HIS Servant – God’s Servant.

I am one of HIS servant. Some of you also maybe His servant. Always remember – A faithful servant never retires. You can retire from your career but you can NEVER retire from the service of GOD!

Always remember – there is absolutely no reason to FEAR anybody or anything as long as you are walking on the PATH OF TRUTH . The beauty is NOT in advancing spiritually – the real beauty is to LOSE YOURSELF IN HIS LOVE – in HIS DEVOTION – in HIS SERVICE.

The best way to find peace, to find bliss, and to experience abundance of Joy – is by losing yourself in the service of others! KETU exactly wants this – that you have to let go all of your ‘ME- ness’ – the ‘I” should fade away.

The Holy Bible emphasis on the fact that unless ‘I’ (the EGO) becomes less – the way out is impossible. The way out is possible only when “I’ becomes lesser and HE (GOD) becomes Greater.

Krishna says to Arjuna – ‘You surrender to ME and I will take care of you.”

Arjuna surrenders. Only a man who is turning inwards can surrender – only a man who is detached can surrender – only a man who is selfless can surrender – only a man who has overcome the monkey mind can surrender – only a man who has become love can surrender – Arjuna surrenders – the question that you all should ask yourself is that – WHY CANNOT YOU SURRENDER?

KETU is all about Letting Go – Ketu is all about SURRENDERING – KETU is all about living your LIFE in TOTAL SURRENDER.

SURRENDER is the most miraculous word. All religions and the scriptures written under this sky simply encourages you to live your life in TOTAL SURRENDER.

After surrendering yourself to existence – to God – there is nothing left to be done. You find your peace, your find your joy and then life starts transforming into a garden of bliss….this is how it happens…..this is the way of its happening.

And so come you all – let us meditate – many lives have gone-by – one more human life has come our way – and so it is for you all to decide what to do with this precious human life – spend it by focusing on the outside OR value it by turning inward and evolving to the higher realms of consciousness.

Finally it all comes down to CONSCIOUSNESS.

KETU is beautiful – KETU is immensely precious – because KETU can make you turn inward and it is only when you start turning inwards that you can come closer to your consciousness!

Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi – the divine Yogi says “ When we turn the mind inwards – God manifests as the inner consciousness.”

To all my followers, readers and fellow travelers – I appeal – everyday morning and evening – spend some quality time with yourself – turn inwards and meditate – meditate and meditate. Just REMEMBER your inner space and go back again and again – your peace is WITHIN you, your happiness is WITHIN you – all you need is to turn the mind’s concentration inward – and meditate.

A time should come in your life when you don’t have to meditate anymore – you become meditation! And that is the maturity state of Ketu – that is the real beginning – the ending is always the beginning!

The ‘journey’ never ends, it never can.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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