Rahu in Vishakha Nakshatra


Intensity is the word for Vishakha. Whether it is learning, whether it is love, whether it is sex, whether it is work, or whether it is meditation – the person having Rahu in Vishakha or Moon in Vishakha or Sun in Vishakha is very intense in whatsoever he or she does – and this is exactly what the master wants – Intensity.

What is intensity? How would you define intensity?

When all your desires, when all your passions become one flame, it is intensity. When there is only one desire left inside you and your total being supports that one, it is intensity.

The general public talks a lot about God and seeking God – but out of millions of people – only one becomes Buddha, only one becomes Mahavira, only one becomes Kabir! Why only a few in millions attain GOD REALIZATION – why only a few could experience the beyond – the unseen because not everybody has the INTENSITY that these fellows had!

Always remember – you will find millions of people coming and asking the most foolish question – “How to experience God?” – and these people will create and add many philosophical theories on how to experience God – beware of such people – my fellows because PHILOSOPHY AND THEORIES have absolutely nothing to do with GOD.

GOD is NOT a philosophical theory, it is an experience of intense passion.

Kabir is simply interested in your intensity. Who can be intense?

Only that man – only that woman who has dropped the head, the mind! Many people would come to Kabir and say “ I want to become your disciple.” Kabir would smile and say “If you want to become my disciple then first you have to cut off your head – only then can you become my disciple.”

The head (logic) cannot let you jump – and GOD can be experienced only when you are willing to take the RISK – when you are willing to JUMP into the unknown!

Only a man of heart – only a woman of heart can jump – and only such a man, such a woman can fall in love! And if you can fall in love – then someday you can also fall in love with GOD! That is how Meera Bai fell in love with Krishna – Lord Krishna! How to express the intense devotion of Meera bai, how to express the intense devotion of Arjuna, how to express the intense devotion of John, the Baptist – that is why I say that the greatest lovers on this planet have been intense – so much so that they have forgotten themselves totally – they have become the greatest lovers that the world had ever known!

Vishakha Nakshtra has such intensity. That is why Sri Guru loves Vishaka, that is why in Astrology – planet Jupiter rules over Vishakha – Vishakha is the abode of Jupiter, the abode of Buddha!

The intensity of Vishaka if gets the support of Ketu (detachment) then a great Yogi is born – a great soul is born who shows the path – the way to his followers – to those who are thirsty for GOD, for the ultimate TRUTH! Remember – Guru will never give you the TRUTH – instead HE will point you towards the TRUTH – which you have to attain by taking the necessary efforts.

You will be able to experience the truth only when you have intensity within you! VISHAKHA is the source of great INTENSITY and one who has RAHU in VISHAKHA is indeed a man, a woman of great intensity. They can go to any extent when it comes to LOVE – and only one who can RISK everything for LOVE – can also RISK everything for GOD – because GOD is LOVE and LOVE is REAL!

A Scorpion (Born in Moon or Sun Sign Scorpio (last 5 degrees of LIBRA or first 3 degrees of Scorpio) is a man of great intensity – if he loves a woman, he is prepared to SACRIFICE for her!

Always remember – EGO is happy when it is able to take something. Whereas LOVE is happy when it is able to give something.

Vishakha has a certain depth of understanding and it is this depth of understanding that enables the native to sacrifice for the larger interest of his LOVE – a man having RAHU in VISHAKHA is perfectly aware that LOVE blossoms when you have a certain depth of understanding.

Buddha says – To understand everything is to forgive everything!

Fellows born on Vishakha Nakshtra (Moon/Sun in Vishakha) are truly born lovers. And Rahu in Vishakha simply exaggerates this tendency of falling in love – multiple times in life! And so when you have the tendency of falling in love – then it is but natural that you may end up having multiple love affairs! And so Rahu in Vishakha Nakshtra fellows simply end up having multiple love affairs in life.

Sex is very important for a native having Rahu in Libra (Swati) nakshatra – however Rahu in Libra & Scorpio (VISHAKHA NAKSHATRA) – SEX after marriage is more desirable – basically having sex by maintaining certain ethics and morality is what natives having Rahu in VISHAKHA prefers considering the strong influence of Jupiter on Vishakha nakshatra. SAFE SEX using proper condoms is what these natives prefer – Rahu in Swati and Rahu in Vishakha – both love SEX – SEX is their favorite subject however the only difference is that RAHU in Swati will just rush to take you in the bed – while RAHU in VISHAKHA will first follow all precautions, ethics and then will love to sleep with you in the bed. Since Vishakha is intense by nature – even sex is too intense – as if the whole bed is on fire!

Early ejaculation is a major problem – because that leaves your bed partner sexually unsatisfied. When Rahu is in Vishakha – Jupiter should be strong – else sexual problems such as early ejaculation, less sexual energy, erection issues arise.

Always remember – when there is LOVE – there is NO SEXUALITY and when there is no love but only lust – then there is only sex and that is ugly. Love is born in sexuality but sexuality is not love. The lotus is born in the mud, but the lotus is not just mud. And if mud remains mud of course there are bound to be tears on the cheeks.

“Remember, you can make love to a woman without any love in your heart — then it is pure sexuality, animality; it is prostitution. You can make love to a woman with no idea of sex, then love is just a pure communication of two energies, a sharing, a dance, a celebration. No idea of sex in the mind and you can make love to a woman, and the woman can make love to you not thinking of sex at all. The whole point is where your mind is. If you are thinking of sex, if your mind is obsessed with sex, you simply want to use the woman, the woman simply wants to use you, it is ugly. It has no aesthetics in it, no poetry in it. There is nothing of the beyond in it — it is very muddy.” – Osho


It is necessary to remember that LOVE IS CREATIVE. SEX IS DESTRUCTIVE. When you have absolutely no love – but you are just hungry for sex – then any human body will do! And that is how you fall from grace – that is how you screw up your life by falling for sexual desires.

LOVE is beautiful. SEXUALITY is ugly. Sexuality means you think about woman, and woman and woman all the time – especially at night when you go to bed!

There was one priest. He lived in Toronto, Canada. He was a very faithful person, he would recite the holy scriptures, he would follow all the religious dogmas but he had a major problem – and that was his intense sexual hunger. And so he would often go to certain localities where women were available and then have sex with them. Now because of this – all his positive vibrations that he ‘earned’ by reciting the holy scriptures and spiritual practices was spoiled by the vibrations of those women with whom he would indulge in sexual intercourse. And those women were prostitutes – so you see this is how sexuality or intense sexual desires can actually spoil your spiritual growth if it is not aligned properly. Had this man married a woman – he would have saved the utter destruction of his spiritual growth – OR – had this man entered into a serious relationship – he would have saved himself from the utter negative vibrations of prostitutes with whom he was sleeping! Ironically this priest was aware of his foolishness – but SEXUALITY had engulfed him so much that he just had given up to his sexual desires – to his sexuality. Whenever he would get an intense sexual desire – he would just pick women to satisfy the ‘wants’ of his sexuality!

Always remember – SEXUAL INTERCOURSE – directly impacts your planets and stars because when you have sexual intercourse – amalgamation of two bodies takes places – it like the amalgamation of two galaxy of planets and that is why marriage matchmaking has so much importance because marriage gives you the legal visa to have sexual intercourse and if your partner is NOT compatible (meaning the vibrations mismatch with your vibrations) then your downfall begins immediately after you enter into sexual union.

Whenever RAHU is in LIBRA – irrespective of which NAKSHTRA Rahu is in – great interest in sexuality is always there – sex is always lurking in the mind. If Venus is afflicted – then one is driven towards sexuality and eventually sexuality and intense sexual desires becomes the cause of downfall. However IF Venus is well placed and in case of RAHU IN VISHAKHA – Jupiter is also well placed and Yogakaraka then the native having RAHU in VISHAKHA enjoys sexual pleasures to the fullest.

SEX is NOT bad. In fact – it is very wrong to imagine that if you are on the spiritual path then sex should be dropped – that is idiotic. Sex should not be dropped – but sex should arise out of love – deep love – intense love.

“Love can give a new soul to sex. Then the sex is transfigured, it becomes beautiful; it is no longer sex, it has something of the beyond in it. It has become a bridge.” – Osho


Rahu in LIBRA is indeed a great placement to understand – experience – and eventually overcome sexuality by emphasizing on LOVE – realizing the significance and beauty of LOVE.

Always remember – SEX never UNITES you with your partner. Never. People think that by having intense sex with your partner – you become ONE with your partner – but that is a myth – SEX never unites you – it never can.

Rahu in Libra sign (irrespective of whether Rahu is in Swati or Vishakha) should realize this fact – that SEX cannot unite you with your wife or girlfriend- sex cannot create a lasting relationship however LOVE can create a lasting relationship, a permanent bonding between YOU & your Partner.

So the very first message to all individuals having Rahu in Vishakha is – Focus on Love. And NOT on sex.

The very word sex comes from a root which means division. Love unites, sex divides. Sex is the root cause of division.

Rahu in Vishakha is excellent for those who are born on:

  • Taurus Ascendant
  • Gemini Ascendant
  • Virgo Ascendant
  • Libra Ascendant
  • Sagittarius Ascendant
  • Aquarius Ascendant

However it should be noted that Jupiter should be well placed in the chart – else even for these Ascendants – Rahu in Vishakha can give negative results instead of positive. Jupiter placed in first, fifth, ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth house is highly beneficial and then Rahu in Vishakha works well for the native – the native attains much wealth and pleasures of human life.

Great teachers, Gurus and healers are born on Vishakha Nakshtra – Seeta, the consort of Lord Rama was also born on Vishakha Nakshtra!

Only a man – only a woman who has certain intensity within – can experience the beyond, the Godly, the divine! And so it is natural that whenever you are born on Vishakha Nakshtra (Moon Sign Vishakha Nakshtra or Sun Sign Vishakha Nakshtra) – you are bound to experience the divine, the Godly at some stage of your life provided you are an evolved soul and taking the necessary efforts in realizing your Self!

8th house is the house of intensity, 8th house is where the real transformation happens, 8th house is where you attain a certain depth of understanding! And so Vishakha becomes a highly intense, transformative Nakshtra having a certain depth of understanding. 8th house is ruled by Scorpio in the Kaal Purush Kundali – and Vishaka Nakshtra spans from Libra 20 degree’ – to 3.20 degree in Scorpio! Vishakha starts at 20 degree in Libra – however it ends only after occupying the first 3 degrees of Scorpio sign! And that gives Vishakha the intelligence of Libra as well as the depth of Scorpio sign! Vishakha therefore provides the great potential of higher studies, research activities, and interest in occultism – and if the soul is evolved then one also attains spiritual enlightenment. Depending on the evolution and level of consciousness – either the native goes for the dark occult world of spirits and ghosts and black magic OR if the soul is evolved then you will find someone as great as spiritual being as the Buddha. Remember – Occultism and Spiritualism are two separate paths. The black magician walk on the path of occultism which way lower than the path on which the Buddha walks….

Rahu in Vishakha is like a powerful 4000 cc engine – however it is necessary to observe whether the DRIVER has the potential to drive this powerful engine (Rahu in Vishakha) efficiently and attain the destination (goal) of life.

Who is this DRIVER?

Jupiter. Guru. The Master.

Who is the Guru?

The SELF is the GURU – says Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi.

Who is the SELF?


And so it is only when you raise the level of your consciousness that this RAHU in VISHAKHA can actually help you attain the mission – the goal of your life!

There is a possibility – that many souls come in human form with higher level of consciousness – to such souls – RAHU in VISHAKHA becomes a wonderful medium to progress further in their spiritual growth.

Always remember – millions of people are born each minute with Rahu in Vishakha – so certain aspects always differ based on individual charts – as mentioned earlier – NOBODY is INFERIOR and NOBODY is SUPERIOR but NOBODY is EQUAL either! Every person is UNIQUE and Astrology is just one of the many sciences to study the uniqueness of each individual on this planet.

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE is one of the striking quality of Rahu in VISHAKHA nakshatra. And there is a reason for this. Vishakha dwells in AIRY sign LIBRA as well as it also dwells in the WATERY sign SCORPIO. WATERY SIGNS bring emotions to forefront. AIRY SIGNS bring intelligence to forefront. Combine both – and you get EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE!

VISHAKHA thus gets the BEST of both signs – LIBRA brings balance, intelligence and Scorpio brings intensity and emotions to forefront! Such a native is good at expressing himself.

Relationships means a LOT to natives having Rahu in Vishakha Nakshatra and generally if Jupiter and Venus is well placed then these fellows do well in maintaining their relationships by being emotionally intelligent.

Vishakha brings a certain ART – the native has attained expertise in certain art – be it dancing, cooking, singing, or playing music!

Reminds of Sri Ravi Shankar – the great sitarist, lyricist, dancer and international ambassador of classical Indian music.

Ravi Shankar had Rahu in Vishakha nakshatra. Rahu was placed in the 8th house with Mars in his horoscope. Rahu is in Libra (Vishakha) and Venus is exalted in Pisces and placed in the Ascendant. On top of that – Jupiter is also exalted and placed in Cancer – in the 5th house! So as mentioned in the very beginning of this sharing – when Jupiter (Vishakha ruled by Jupiter) and Venus (Libra ruled by Venus) – then this RAHU in VISHAKHA is empowered and gets all the necessary ‘vitamins’ to perform well for the individual’s growth. 8th house is directly connected with FAME – and so Pandit Ravi Shankar becomes one of the most famous sitarist that the world had ever known!

In December 1974, Panditji was invited to perform in the White House. Rahu in 8th house – especially in Vishakha Nakshatra can bring abundance of wealth and fame – when Jupiter and Venus are well placed and supporting in the birth chart.

Vishakha Rahu has immense power to produce high priests, religious beings – since Vishakha brings the direct connection of Jupiter – Sri Guru! Reminds me of Pope St. John Paul II.

St. John Paul II reigned as Pope of the Catholic Church and sovereign of Vatican City for 26 years and six months (October 1978–April 2005). He had Rahu in Vishakha Nakshatra. As mentioned in the very beginning of this sharing – Rahu simply exaggerates the power of Jupiter however Jupiter should be well placed in the birth chart. Vishakha can either make you staunch religious or a spiritual being.

St. John Paul was the religious head of the Catholic Church which is revered by millions of Catholic Christians around the globe. St. John Paul (Pope) had Rahu in Vishakha – placed in Ascendant. A planet or Rahu/Ketu in Ascendant is always more powerful. They can either make or break your life – always remember this.

Overall it is necessary to remember that Rahu is NOT a planet – it is simply your DESIRE. The quality of your desire defines the future course of your destiny. The quality of your desire is evaluated based on the Lord of the Sign and the Nakshatra Lord in which your RAHU is placed. As mentioned several times in many of my shadings and podcasts – ASTROLOGY is NOT one dimensional because LIFE is NOT one dimensional. Life is multidimensional.

This is the realization – that I am not a drop in the ocean, I am a whole ocean in a drop! In our scriptures the ancient Seers therefore mention – AHAM BRAMHASMI – meaning I AM THE UNIVERSE. ALL THAT IS ON THE OUTSIDE – the STARS, the PLANETS – they are within me and this is so deep – only an evolved soul could relate – could resonate with this!

Sing, dance, celebrate life and live life intensely – that is the message of Rahu in Vishakha Nakshatra. Kabir says – God is not attained by your theories and techniques – God is attained only when you have INTENSE THIRST for attaining HIM – the beyond, the divine!

Ordinary people go on moving in circle – they think they are moving – but they continue to move in circle – just the way a bull continues to move in circle when tied for extracting oil from seed crops.

Growth means NOT moving in circle. Growth means something new is happening every day, every moment. And when does that happen?

When you start living intensely – and that is exactly what VISHAKHA is all about – my fellows. Rahu in Vishakha simply exaggerates this intensity – now depending on the quality of the horoscope, quality of Jupiter, Venus in your birth chart – this exaggerated intensity will trigger – it can either make you a DON or a SAINT. There is no middle ground – you are either a HITLER or a BUDDHA – EXTREMES is the very nature of VISHAKHA – you are either on the road or on the top of the world – VISHAKHA knows no mediocrity.

Of all the 27 Nakshatras – Vishakha is my favorite. I love the intensity – the depth – the madness that this nakshatra brings! Remember – a certain madness is needed to experience the beyond – the marvelous, the truth.

A person needs a little madness – else he would never dare to be FREE!

This madness – comes from VISHAKHA – the intense star – the magical star – the genius star – I love you VISHAKHA – and I humbly prostrate before YOU – the messenger of the DIVINE – the GODLY NAKSHATRA – VISHAKHA.

ONE who kneels before the GODLY – can stand before anyone!

The very action of prostration – brings get miraculous power – because when you prostrate before GOD – you surrender and one who surrenders to GOD – is taken care of!

But who wants to listen?

And so the miseries continues…..

But those who have listened – those who have surrendered at the feet of the Master – the Guru – the Godly – those men and women will always emerge VICTORIOUS – because victory comes not by your intellect and logic – victory comes when your heart beats in the name of GOD – when you start chanting the holy name of GOD!

Start chanting the name of the Lord. The more you chant with devotion and love – the more you will be able to overcome the monkey mind. Everything is science – but who wants to listen?

My sharing is for my few followers and readers – the rest can ignore. After all Truth is not for all – because to realize the truth – you need to have a certain depth of understanding – only then the truths can be given.

Remember to meditate every day – the sign of your spiritual progress is based on how less you entertain your thoughts and how more you spend time in silence – blissful silence.

This concentrating on a single thought that the Bhagavan mentions is the name of the Lord – the holy mantra!

When you chant – concentrate on the holy mantra. Aum Namaha Shivaya.

Nobody can help you attain GOD except for your intense thirst for LORD!

One day it happened – the whole village was waiting for the arrival of Buddha. And after a while – Buddha arrived. The villagers thought that now the master will speak – but Buddha remained silent. They all wondered why the master is silent – for whom he is waiting?

And when someone asked – Buddha said “I am waiting for that little girl whom I met while I was on the way…and she said “I am also coming to hear your discourse. I will start my discourse when she arrives…”

That is how the heart of a true master is. Once promised – he remains true to his word. After a while the little girl arrived and she said “You kept your promise. I am so touched….please begin with your discourse – I can’t wait to hear your divine voice, your insightful words…..”

And Buddha started with HIS discourse – and such was HIS voice, such were HIS words that the whole village was engrossed for 60 minutes – they all were moved. After the discourse they all bowed before Buddha – expressed their gratitude and went back to their home. But the little girl remained seated. She said – “Master I cannot leave you – I want to be with you.”

Buddha said “ I am always with you. I am always with those who are thirsty for my love, my words, my sharing. You don’t have to come with me – I am with you.”

The girl still wasn’t ready. Then Buddha raised her – and said “ I am getting old and the road is long – you may not see my in physical form but I will be always around you. I came to this village for YOU. Your prayers, your longing made me come here – don’t worry, you will be my messenger, you will grow and you will spread the light of consciousness to the farthest shores of this planet.”

With these words – the benevolent master left – Buddha left – and the girl was in tears – but those tears were tears of joy – she realized that she has been blessed with the gift – the gift of consciousness!

That night Ananda asked Buddha “How do you decide your journeys?”

And Buddha said “ I never plan nor I ever decide my journeys – my legs simply start moving towards those who are thirsty for my words, my love, my sharings….”

And this is how the compassionate divine master is – neither your status, nor your wealth will move him towards you – if at all anything that will make him move towards you – then that is your LOVE, your unwavering FAITH – your INTENSITY.

VISHAKHA is the second name for INTENSITY – one who is blessed by VISHAKHA – always is intense in whatsoever he does – and evantually it is this intensity that leads him towards the beyond, the divine, the Godly!

It is only through intensity that one arrives. When all your desires, when all your passions become one flame, it is intensity.

Blessed are those who are born on Vishakha – for they have the intensity within – the seed exists – whether it will sprout and grow into a beautiful tree is based on what choices you make in life – how consciously you live your life. It is your choice – each moment the choice has to be faced; each moment you are on the crossroads.

The road you choose becomes instrumental in shaping your destiny – in shaping the seed within you!

And you will make the right choice only when you raise the level of your awareness, your consciousness!

So it all comes down to that one miraculous golden word – CONSCIOUSNESS. Some day you all should read my first published book “Gift of Consciousness”.

The West calls it Christ Consciousness, the East calls it Krishna Consciousness, the Far East calls it Buddha Consciousness – the names change based on faiths – what remains constant is CONSCIOUSNESS – GOD CONSCIOUSNESS!

Vishakha being connected with Sri Guru – has the potential to help you raise the level of your consciousness – all you need is the willingness to dive within – the willingness – the thirst and the intensity to experience GOD.

Focus on raising the level of your consciousness. Meditate every day.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

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