Ardra Nakshatra

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

It cannot be a coincidence that just now – the auspicious month of Shravan has begun and I am sharing before you – the many dimensions of this wonderful sharp and highly intellectual Nakshatra – the Nakshatra of Ardra. Tears are beautiful. Once when I was traveling through the Sahayadri mountains – I met a great Yogi and he said “When your teardrops are cold – you are crying out of joy and when your teardrops are warm – you are crying out of pain.” And this is so true – so true! Ardra means wet – this wetness is caused by tears. And when is it that tears start flowing through your eyes? Only when you cannot express your joy or when you cannot express your pain only then do tears flow through your eyes. Ardra is therefore a Nakshatra that takes you through a lot of melodrama in which you may cry out of joy as well as you may often cry out of pain – but life is never boring when it comes to Ardra!

A woman born on Ardra is like a wild storm – you cannot dominate her. In fact, women born on Ardra have been at the forefront of the woman empowerment movement. If you are planning to marry a woman born on Ardra – then you should first understand that she is going to require her space, her freedom, and her right to make a good career for herself, basically, Ardra-born female – of course with a good supporting chart is highly ambitious and career-oriented. Or even if they don’t work – still even as a housewife – they ensure that they are always at the forefront when it comes to making major family decisions.

And what to say about a man born on Ardra – he is highly intellectual, excellent in communication skills, and loves to live an adventurous life. Ardra native – men or women – like to have a constant change or some kind of stimulation in their work-life as well as love life.

Always remember – Relationship begins with communication. The more you chat with a person – the more you come closer to that person. And so it is said that a relationship begins over a cup of coffee. Many a time – through the course of chatting and talking – you feel that the person is perfect for you – but then later you realize that your observation was wrong. Ardra natives either get fooled in a relationship or they fool their partner in a relationship – depending on the placements of the chart – either you become a victim in a relationship or your partner becomes a victim in the relationship.

Ardra is full of spice – masala. This Nakshatra brings a lot of restlessness – the native cannot stay at one place for long – he or she continues to move on. And so it is somewhat dicy when it comes to dating a man or woman born on Ardra Nakshatra.

Being Polished is one significant trait of Ardra Nakshatra. The person himself likes to live in a polished manner as well as expects that his or her partner also lives a polished life. Crudeness and shabbiness are what these people dislike. They are very particular when it comes to maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. Travelling is what comes naturally to a man or woman born in Ardra. Constant movement is necessary when one is born in Ardra. To a man or woman born with Moon in Ardra – LIFE is interesting as long as they keep moving, traveling, and experiencing new places, new traditions, new cultures, and new people!

PEOPLE – yes, these native want more people around them. And that makes them a social animal. They like to have many friends and even try their level best to stay ‘connected’ with all their family members!

Probably very few may remember who is your Uncle’s cousin’s cousin’s sister – but a Moon in ARDRA will remember – they have an excellent memory and moreover because they are fond of people – they always remember every face they meet – they have this special gift of remembering everybody – those who come in their life and also those who take an exit from their life – you can say that MOON in ARDRA native is indeed a walking directory of contacts and connections! When it is ARDRA MOON native – then you know that he or she is never going to forget your BIRTHDAY!

ARDRA RAHU person is very intense by nature. If he finds a woman without whom he cannot imagine his life – then gives up the one-night stands!

ARDRA native are extremely INTENSE in their love relationships and also in the act of sex.

At times this intensity makes them POSESSIVE by nature and the moment possessiveness takes over – Love ceases to exist! Moon in ARDRA man or woman is highly SEXUAL by nature. To them – LOVE is incomplete without SEX – without expectations being met – without having a proper deal – deal that says “IF I LOVE YOU” – then you also should LOVE ME!

In reality LOVE is not a deal – but people expect that if “I LOVE YOU” – then you also should LOVE ME!

People talk a lot about LOVE – couples compose many poems when they fall in LOVE – but ask – just ask – if one of the partners is UNABLE To provide sexual satisfaction – is unable to provide comfort – then will the other partner stay for long?

This is what the worldly LOVE is – at the lowest rung! Truth is HARD and I don’t care whether it disturbs you because the MIND never wants to know the TRUTH – though it always says “ I want to know the TRUTH”! That is how the nature of the MIND is – CUNNING.

To hear the TRUTH – you first have to be TRUTHFUL to your SELF. To hear the TRUTH – you first have to remain OPEN to CHANGE. And to hear the TRUTH – you first have to learn to ACCEPT your MISTAKE.

ARDRA person finds it very difficult to ACCEPT his or her MISTAKE!

And so they keep fighting, arguing with others – trying to show them how the whole world is wrong and they are right!

The best part that these natives play is the BLAME GAME! They just love to put BLAME on others and that is how they go on missing the opportunity to learn, evolve and mature in life.

Less evolved souls BLAME others – for them putting blame on others is the easiest escape route.

Evolved souls never BLAME others – they accept their mistake – and because they ACCEPT their mistake – they LEARN from their mistakes and that is how every phase of life they keep growing – because you all should understand that REAL GROWTH is not about how much money you earn or how many cars you drive – REAL GROWTH is simply based on how much you as a person has evolved – how much awareness you have brought to your being – how much you have succeeded in EXPANDING your CONSCIOUSNESS! ARDRA native earns good money and good status in society but FAILS MISERABLY in experiencing the REAL GROWTH – the growth within. Like all other RAHU NAKSHATRAs – ARDRA NAKSHATRA brings a great deal of INTELLECTUALISM to the native. These men and women are very much in their HEADS – highly LOGICAL. Their BRAIN commands their HEART – and that indeed becomes the root of all their problems and miseries!

Always remember – and I share this specifically for my close followers – that INTELLECTUALISM is the reason of MISERIES and so don’t be INTELLECTUAL – instead BE INTELLIGENT. Once it happened – three men were brought before the JUDGE. And the first man said “ It is not my fault – I was walking and this guy….”

The Judge said “ Many times you have been in the court and I don’t want to waste time. You are fined 400 dollars. NEXT CASE PLEASE.”

The Next case was of the second man – looking at him the JUDGE said “ YOU – again! 800 dollars fine. NEXT CASE PLEASE.”

The next case was of the third man and he quickly stood up and said “ I am guilty of stealing food but my children were starving to death. I had no other option although I accept my mistake.”

The Judge said “ I like your honesty and because of it – I am giving you a break. Give this man 100 Dollars from police fund. Case dismissed. NEXT CASE”

The NEXT case was of a criminal – but look what he says – he stands up and says to the Judge “ Sir, I am not going to lie to you – my children were also starving and so I had loot the BANK.”

You see – this is how the MIND plays the GAME – the criminal quickly understands that by SHOWING OFF HOW HONEST HE IS – he too can slip out of the court. However the third man was HONEST but this MAN was ACTING of being HONEST – to feed your starving kids – why you would LOOT a whole BANK! But the criminal was just trying to ACT and gain some sympathy – and that is EXACTLY how the MIND is – and with RAHU in ARDRA – it just becomes more CUNNING – more TREACHEROUS.

Moon in ARDRA – can go either way: A total FAKE, HYPOCRITE or a very INTENSE REALISTIC person – depends on the placement of RAHU and the aspects it makes with other planets in the chart.

However, the MOON ARDRA native misses realizing the true purpose of human life. They are so much focused on the OUTSIDE (RAHUISH TRAIT) that the INSIDE is forgotten – ignored.

Because of being EXTROVERT and always FOCUSED on the OUTSIDE – they earn money in abundance – gain high status in society and yet they feel lost – totally lost. These natives therefore always believe or rather feel that their problem is caused by someone else – and that makes them more miserable than they already are!

These natives therefore feel that they are the ‘victims’ when in reality the truth is that they remain IGNORANT – INSENSITIVE – and in their ILLUSIONS. These natives therefore are always found in the TIGHT GRIP OF THEIR MIND!

ARDRA Mother-in-law, or Daughter-in-Law – they are so much in the grip of their mind – that the poor husband has to face the daily quarrels between his wife and his mother! And imagine – if the husband is also RAHU ARDRA – then the whole house becomes a battlefield or rather a Jungle filled with ‘WILD ANIMALS’!

It is funny that people give long lectures on ‘BEING HUMAN’ but when they become angry – it is the ANIMAL WITHIN them that comes out and NOT the HUMAN BEING!

ARDRA NAKSHATRA rules the EYES. RAHU in ARDRA virtually makes the native – a BLIND MAN who thinks that he is carrying a LAMP in his hand…..

Reminds me of a story. There was a blind man – and he had come to meet his old friend – a wise man.

The wise man said to the Blind man – “It is getting dark and so I would like you to carry this lamp with you so that you reach your home safely.”

The Blind man laughed and said “I am a blind man – what difference it makes if there is a lamp with me or not – to me day or night is same – remember: I cannot see.”

The wise man said “ You cannot see but when you carry this lamp – other people will be able to see you and they will NOT bump into you in the dark. So take the lamp.”

The Blind man accepted the lamp and set on his way back home. He must have hardly taken a few hundred steps when a someone bumped into him. The blind man was surprised – and he started laughing – he said to himself “ Seems the logic of my wise friend was wrong – and I was right.”

The blind man asked the man who bumped into him “ Brother, can’t you see there is a lamp in my hand? Are you also blind?”

The man said “ I am not blind, but the lamp in your hands has gone out.”

This is the state – not only of ARDRA RAHU natives but the majority of human population! We think that we are holding a LAMP (AWARENESS) but the LAMP has extinguished long back and we are walking in the dark – thinking that we are AWARE – imagining that we are INTELLIGENT!

And that is how everybody is bumping into someone – because there is absolutely NO AWARENESS – NO CONSCIOUSNESS – the lamp is there but it is a dead lamp – with NO LIGHT!

It seems that though we have EYES – we remain BLIND – utterly BLIND. RAHU brings more IGNORANCE and ILLUSIONS and so the native ASSUMES that he/she is carrying a LAMP – but in reality, the LAMP has lit out and there is total darkness and it is this darkness that brings many miseries to their life – professionally they do well but on the personal front – they fail in relationships – they fail in experiencing the peace, the bliss, the joy within.

EYES problem often occurs since ARDRA rules EYES and MOON in ARDRA either impacts the EYES negatively or the native is obsessed with her beautiful eyes! MOON in ARDRA indeed gives a mesmerizing look to the eyes – passion, and intensity are seen through the EYES of these natives.

ARDRA MOON natives are in general SHIVA devotees. The RUDRA within them is pulled towards the MAHA RUDRA – Lord SHIVA – naturally.

ARDRA RAHU always is BUSY and loves to make others also BUSY! And there is an old saying that one who becomes BUSY – always earns good money! Because more work, more connections means more money!

It is GOOD to remain BUSY provided you are adding value to others life or your life! ARDRA MOON native is the perfect choice for getting your job done. Because he is a busy man. It is said that if you want to get something done then give it to a busy man. It is good to remain busy – but RAHU never STOPS! RAHU makes these natives OBSESSED of remaining busy. By chance if they lose their job or business goes down – then these fellows feel restless and many also commit suicide or take to drugs or alcohol because they are too focused on the outside – and the outside can never be controlled – you can never control the outside situations – the more you try to control situations, control people – the more you will feel frustrated.

Moon in Ardra connects you with certain pain. Certain suffering. A certain tragedy. And then the eyes become wet. That’s Ardra. And if you ask me – then this is the most purifying nakshatra of all nakshatras. Yes – it is ruled by RAHU. Yes – it is the most feared nakshatra. Yes – the world has defamed it – and yet I stand to my word – Ardra is indeed the most purifying nakshatra of all nakshatras!

A certain sorrow is needed. A certain ‘wake-up’ call is needed – only then will you wake up – only then you will become aware! And there is nothing as life-changing as the arrival of awareness!

This pain that comes through Ardra nakshatra – is not to make you sad, remember. That’s where people go on missing. This pain is just to make you more alert–because people become alert only when the arrow goes deep into their heart and wounds them.

The journey of the soul is through the track of all 27 nakshatras! So this life – you are born on Ardra’s track – the next life it is going to be Punarvasu! How? Why? Is this possible?

Everything is possible. If the soul maintains a progressive outlook – it is but obvious that he is going to progress – move ahead to the next nakshatra in line. If the soul is going to live this life in utter ignorance – in the next life he remains on the same station of Ardra – he has missed the ‘train’ – due to his or her own ignorance!

So this life is just a small part of the many lives to come – always remember this-this is of significance. Your nakshatra, your moon zodiac, your sun zodiac, your ascendant – these all are simply a representation of your ‘growth’ to date.

What is growth? What is real growth?

Bank balance, sexual pleasures, properties, cars? In the pursuit of achieving the material ‘growth’, the real thing, the real growth is missed. It is simply missed.

Growth has to be something that is going to last forever! What you are running after – is not the real growth – it is simply a demand for your unending desires – the desire of having lots of SEX, the desire of having lots of MONEY, the desire to have lots of FAME – these all are desires that would never end – you may sleep with many beautiful women and yet your desire for having more and more sex – will never end – because the nature of the desires is such that they simply never stop – they want more and more and more and this is RAHU. Greed. Lust. Ignorance. This ignorance is caused by RAHU – and the nakshatra it presides over – Ardra – Swati – Satabhisha.

What is Laxmi? People have weird ideas about Laxmi. And the most claimed one is that Laxmi means money. You are wrong. But to natives of Ardra – Swati – Satabhisha – the definition of Laxmi is in plain words – MONEY.

Laxmi means peace. And let me tell you – MONEY never brings peace! Brothers have chopped each other – to get properties and money – husband has caused pain to wife – just for this money – people cut each other’s throats just for this money – and you say money is Laxmi?

Money is not Laxmi. Peace is Laxmi. And peace blossoms only in that house – whose family members are not greedy, not lustful, not ignorant. Then the money that they earn – brings peace. And it is through this peace – that happiness and prosperity is experienced!

Ramakrishna Paramhansa – one of the greatest Yogi – would never keep any money with him. Money would make him very restless. And so one day – Swami Vivekananda – who was yet to become a disciple of Ramakrishna Paramhansa, decided to test Ramkrishna. In the beginning days, Swami Vivekananda would not accept Ramakrishna as his master. He tested Ramakrishna in various ways and asked him many critical questions. Ramakrishna also encouraged Swami Vivekananda and told him “Test me as the moneychangers test their coins. You must not believe me without testing me thoroughly.”

Swami Vivekananda learned that Ramakrishna considered “money” as a hindrance on the path of spirituality and could not tolerate the touch of silver coins (i.e. money). To test this, one day when Ramakrishna was not in his room, Swami Vivekananda put a silver coin under the mattress of his bed. Ramakrishna entered the room without knowing what Swami Vivekananda had done. Ramkrishna sat on his bed. But immediately he jumped up in pain and asked someone to check his bed. The bed was searched and the coin was found.

And Swami Vivekananda’s eyes were filled with tears. He bowed before his Guru – Ramakrishna Paramhansa and for a long time, he remained at the master’s lotus feet!

The beautiful relationship of a disciple and the master – between Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna Paramhansa – is so touching that words cannot suffice – language is really poor!

It was known that Swami Vivekananda did not accept or worship the goddess KALI, the goddess Ramakrishna used to worship.

And so one day Ramakrishna asked him— “Why do you come here if you do not accept Kali, my Mother?”

And Swami Vivekanand’s eyes became wet, looking into the eyes of the master – he replied “Simply because I come to see you. I come to you because I love you.”

RAHU cannot understand this love. RAHU cannot rejoice in this love. For the simple reason – RAHU is interested in MONEY – and Laxmi is not MONEY. Money is money – it brings along too many miseries – but the same money when is earned through good means, when is earned and spent for good purposes – when is earned and spent to help someone – then the same money becomes LAXMI – you know why? Because it brings along a certain peace, a certain satisfaction, a certain bliss to your ‘self’!

Money is NOT Laxmi. But MONEY can be transformed into LAXMI – when you do good to others through that money. When your money is used for positive, constructive KARMA – then the MONEY you have is transformed into LAXMI. Then this LAXMI brings peace and prosperity to you and your dear ones. It is all connected – it always is!

The divine Saint Neem Karoli Baba – whom the much famed Apple Founder Steve Jobs had come to meet says – “Money should be used to HELP others.”

Then such money stays, then such money has a certain fragrance to it – then such money never fails you-you are always found in peace, in bliss!

RAHU-ish men or women – are simply running behind money. And they also make a lot of money. But that is money – only money – NOT LAXMI! So don’t confuse yourself – Money is one thing. And LAXMI is another!

Only that man can be blessed with LAXMI – who is NOT Greedy for money. Who is found to be satisfied with whatever he is earning, Who is not asking for a BRIBE?

A great Saint had once said that to a Government officer – the money you receive on the 1st of every month (salary) is your LAXMI. And the thing that you receive from 2nd to 31st of the month (Bribe) is MONEY!

And so always remember – MONEY is LAXMI only when it comes through the positive source and is also spent for positive purpose – only then your MONEY is LAXMI – else it is just a paper currency that can serve you with all sorts of pleasures – but not happiness, you can get as much sex as you want – but not love! Love and happiness cannot be bought in the market – they can only be realized within!

It is true that RAHU-ish people are money makers – but they remain only money-makers. They become just money. You can call them ‘Paisewala’ – but not ‘Rich’ (Shrimant)!

All 3 nakshatras of RAHU are money-making machines – they just make you a machine that makes money – nothing beyond that. And so those who are considering MONEY as their life goal – Ardra, Swati, Satabhisha – come as handy. But beyond money – there is not much to celebrate. Love is missing. Happiness is missing. Health is missing – and so then you see these men in misery. But still – in the very beginning of this answer – I had said that these are purifying nakshatras – why? Because when you fall in misery – either you take the gun in your hand and start shooting others – OR – you become more and more insightful, understanding, and mature! So you see – on what way does the chart inclines – is based on the placement of Jupiter. The stronger the Jupiter – the more these people are purified through many sufferings.

Is suffering really necessary? Yes and No. If you had not suffered as you have, there would be no depth to you as a human being, no humility, no compassion. Suffering cracks open the shell of ego and then comes a point when it has served its purpose. Suffering is necessary until you realize it is unnecessary.

Suffering has a noble purpose. The evolution of consciousness and the burning up of the EGO. Now you see – why I said – Ardra is a purifying nakshatra? It takes you through many Ups and Downs – Pains and sufferings until you come to your senses – until you become aware of your ‘self’ – until a day comes when you start turning inwards!

And that is exactly what men and women whose Moon is in Rahu’s Nakshatra (Ardra, Swati, Satbhisha) should do – it is very difficult for them – because whole life they have been an extrovert – the focus has always been on the OUTWARD – but experience takes them through many difficult lessons of life – that if taken positively (Depending on Jupiter’s placement) – in the last phase of life – (after 42) – they start becoming more and more meditative – but only if other positive aspects support.

Ardra – make the person more talkative and more techie by nature. For innovations, strange ideas that make money, and unique business ideas that are lucrative – Ardra is a suitable nakshatra.

Swati – makes the person sexier. Usually, women with Swati Nakshatra are really very sexy. They are great in the art of love-making. They are highly sensual – erotic and very romantic by nature. Generally, a husband having a Swati nakshatra wife is a happy man. Swati men and women love to read romantic novels. Overall these folks are blessed with good sexual pleasures and luxurious life.

Satabhisha – Women of this nakshatra are too blunt and straightforward. Don’t expect a ‘bhabiji’ type woman – these women are highly brilliant, and intellectual and can catch you red-handed if you try to fake anything. Usually, you would see women of this Nakshatra standing at the forefront when it comes to fighting for ‘Women empowerment! They have a good friend circle and their networking abilities are great. If you ever want to hire a woman or man of this Nakshatra for any job – go ahead – they will not disappoint you. Aquarius woman is not easy to handle – they are too advanced in their outlook towards life and only that man should marry an Aquarius woman – who can give her own ‘SPACE’ – then the marriage can last for years to come!

Let this be very clear – that there is no such thing as LUCKY or UNLUCKY in life or in astrology. There is nothing like a LOSER. Nobody is a loser – because nobody is here by accident! Each person comes into this world with a specific destiny. They have something to fulfill, some message has to be delivered, and some work has to be completed.

Many great scientists and saints are born on Ardra Nakshatra – it is a nakshatra that worships Lord Shiva. The energy of this Nakshatra is the energy of Lord Shiva. And so I would appeal to all my readers and followers – if your birth nakshatra is ARDRA – you have been a great devotee of Lord Shiva from many past lives. This life – you may have forgotten – but I am reminding you to go back to your source – from where you have come – Lord Shiva! Visit HIS temple – and FAST in HIS name – every Monday!

Aum Namaha Shivaya.

Ardra is the moment when Lord Shiva completed his many many years of penance and opened his eyes – and a tear drop fell on this planet – this teardrop is the height of meditation – a great Yogi is born – a great Tapaswi is born – celebration has to be there, music, song, dance – and you are saying Ardra is unlucky! If proper guidance is provided (through other planetary aspects) then this Ardra can reach to the height of spiritual ecstacy – such is the power of this Nakshatra – the same RAHU (passion/desire) when channelized towards something superb, something of higher altitudes – it can create magic!

On the base level – is PHYSICAL SEX (Body). It is purely physical. On the mid-level – is MIND. It is purely on mental state. And on the higher level – is the SOUL.

Every individual is born with a certain level of consciousness. The lower the level of consciousness – the more ‘Physical’ he or she is. The higher the level of consciousness – the less physical and MORE spiritual he or she is. Then their love is purely selfless – then there is a certain fragrance to such a love – love that comes from the state of the SOUL and not the MIND, not the BODY.

Communion between two BODIES is SEX.

Communion between two MINDS is LOVE.

Communion between two SOULS is SAMADHI.

The higher purpose of a meditative soul is to reach the stage where the communion is between the Souls — Soulmates.

Swati is the height of intelligence – only if it is meditative by nature. Airy signs can either be INTELLECTUAL or INTELLIGENT. There is a difference. Intellect is of the MIND. Intelligence is of the HEART. Now on a base level – less evolved soul – this SWATI will make him or her – an intellectual person. But to an evolved soul – the same Swati nakshatra brings an abundance of intelligence – how? Because- to an evolved meditative soul – he or she has aligned the MIND with the HEART and so now the HEART instructs and the MIND follows – and so now the same ‘intellectual person’ sounds a truly intelligent person!

When you are tuned with your heart – you are no more just intellectual – you have become intelligent! But how to tune with your heart? Meditate. The only way to get in tune with yourself – is through meditation. Turn inwards. look within – spend some quality time with yourself – and then no matter what nakshatra you belong to – after all – the supreme energy is of the benevolent compassionate LORD – your master! The energy is the same – the sun is the same, the moon is the same – what is not the same – is the receiving capabilities – every individual receives the energy based on his or her ‘antenna’ – my purpose is to help you all to ‘fine-tune’ your antenna – and then there is no question of what is luck and unluck – then whatever comes – is HIS gift, is HIS blessings and then can anything ever go wrong in our life?

Come, don’t get lost in these small minds that divide the stars in lucky and unlucky – these all are shallow minds – and you have to come to the ‘No-Mind’ stage – where there is no mind – but only the heart – and the heart knows the way, the heart can help you find the way – the heart should become the answer to all your questions.

Get out of your head and Get into your heart. Think less and Feel more.

There is no hard rule – but shallow people have made rules out of ignorance – with the utter ignorance they have tried to fit ‘life’ into a certain rule – that is not possible, life is so large – that nobody can trap it, stop it, block it – life is a flow – it is a ‘river’ – it never really judges to what comes in between – life just continues to flow….

Human beings are prone to judging and judging is ugly.

Even Jesus says “Who am I to Judge – the matter is between you and God.” – So why do we judge?

There is no rule that can distinguish what is right and what is wrong – it is all situational. The same knife when used to save your life – becomes a messiah – and the same knife when cuts your finger – becomes a criminal!

So my dear followers – do not get trapped in judging what is lucky and unlucky or what is wrong and what is right – for the real truth is only to be found beyond the fields of wrongdoing and right doing.

Rules are the outcome of your MIND. And YOU are NOT the Mind.

“The nature of the mind is to wander. YOU are NOT the Mind.” says Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi

Moon in Ardra native can do exceptionally well in media, technology, and research fields. Since this is a highly intellectual placement – if Mercury and Rahu are well placed then the person can do well in a career connected to intellectual fields. Always remember – Astrology is simply the mirror of your whole being and YOUR WHOLE BEING is formed by the support of all your qualities and skills – similarly results of the birth chart are based on COLLECTIVE SUPPORT of all planets and stars. However, the idea of elaborating on a specific placement is just to let you have a feel of it – just the way when you cook – you need to know that red chili powder is spicy – however how this red chili powder will manifest is based on the kind of combinations you do while cooking a certain recipe!

The takeaway for Moon in ARDRA people is:

  1. Do not try to control others
  2. Do not become so busy that you forgot to enjoy the little moments of your life
  3. Spend some time with your SELF – start turning inwards

Meditate every day. Chant the name of the Lord – you may have earned good money – but now it is time to earn peace, joy, and bliss and that is possible only when you start meditating!

Meditate. To start your ‘bike’ – you have to keep kicking multiple times – until the golden moment comes – when the ‘bike’ starts and then it never stops – you enjoy the ride – you experience the many wonderful moments as your spiritual journey progresses! Meditation is just like that – in the beginning you will have to keep trying very hard – then slowly slowly – the meditation will kickstart and then there is no turning back – the road is clear and you are ready for the ‘ride’!

Nelson Mandela mentions the same essence to his wife – Winnie Mandela who was locked up in the in Kroonstad Prison jail. In his letter, Mandel writes to his wife Winnie Mandela-

“At least, if for nothing else, the prison cell gives you the opportunity to look daily into your entire conduct, to overcome the bad and develop whatever is good in you. Regular meditation, say about 15 minutes a day before you turn in, can be very fruitful in this regard.” – Nelson Mandela

However the last words that Nelson Mandela writes to his wife are so beautiful that they should be written in GOLD.

“Never forget that a saint is a sinner who keeps on trying.” – Nelson Mandela, letter to Winnie Mandela , 2/1/75.” – Nelson Mandela

The money, the status, the properties and all the struggles that you undertake goes down the drain – if you never spend time with that one person – YOU.

Turn inwards. Start meditating.

Aum Namaha Shivaya. Aum Namaha Shivaya. Aum Namaha Shivaya.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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