Rahu in Ardra Nakshatra


The Sanskrit word ‘ARDRA’ means Moist, Watery. Water has the capacity to transform a hard rock into soft soil.

The soft can always transform the hard. Love can always transform a person – inside-out! Love has the capacity to bring great transformation within a person who once was as good as a hard rock.

The very first sign of your transformation is when your eyes become wet (ARDRA) – when the first drop of tear flows from your eyes – out of joy – out of self-realization!

Tears of joy are like the rain drops pierced by sunbeams!

It is said that TEARS are of two types – WARM TEAR DROPS & COLD TEAR DROPS.

When tears flow out of pain, agony, sufferings – the teardrops are warm.

And when tears flow out of joy – out of happiness – out of gratitude – out of love – the teardrops are cold!

ARDRA means WET – ARDRA is the TEAR DROP – the source and the reason for tears to flow is very subjective – but one thing is for sure – ARDRA NAKSHATRA born natives cry a lot – and ARDRA RAHU native don’t just cry – but burst into tears!

It is good to see tears flow through your eyes however they should be the tears of joy! The moment your eyes are filled with tears of joy – you have arrived, you are here & now, you have suddenly transformed from a hard rock into a beautiful flowing water…..

And that’s ARDRA – the ‘wet eyes’ – the person who has been through all the thick and thin moments of life, many struggles, many difficulties, many tragedies has transformed into a beautiful flowing water…..he is NO MORE A DRY ARID DESERT – he has transformed into a beautiful OASIS!

ARDRA is a beautiful Nakshatra – it is the ‘culmination point’ where the person has come to the stage of transformation – your eyes become wet only when you have to come a certain self-realization!

Tears start flowing from your eyes – only when a certain awareness has dawned in your being! Crying is NOT a sign of weakness but a sign that you have a heart which beats with love and compassion!

Master comes seeking the man, the woman who cry from the depth of their heart- your heart can move the heavens – your heart is the only source that can bring the Buddha before you! Only a man of heart can cry – only a woman of heart can cry – and their tears are real – and the real master always comes – when tears flows from your eyes and those tears have emerged from the depth of your heart! God loves a person who is NOT ashamed of his tears.

ARDRA is that teardrop – my fellows – ARDRA is that teardrop – it is NOT fake, it is REAL – the person born on ARDRA indeed goes through many upheavals – and then a day comes – when his sufferings lead him to the LIGHT OF CONSCIOUSNESS – and then the first drop of tear falls from his eyes – that first drop is ARDRA – the stage of self-realization – the culmination of knowledge, the culmination of events, the culmination of events! And for an evolved soul – ARDRA – is the culmination of SHIV SADHANA – culmination of deep penance – that is when the tears start flowing – that is when consciousness comes – that is when you become GODLY!

Always identify the authenticity of a person on the basis of whether he can cry – whether tears can flow through his eyes – because those TEARS signify the state of his being – those TEARS reflect that he is a man of heart – and a man of heart, a woman of heart is always heard in the KINGDOM OF GOD, in the DARBAR (Court) of the Divine Master!

Your INTELLECTUALISM, your SWEET TALK, your MONEY, your PROPERTIES and your PERFUMES will NOT bring the MASTER before you – NEVER. REAL PERFUME – REAL FRAGRANCE comes only through that person who is SELFLESS. Ironically we have majority of men and women who are using expensive perfumes but still the ‘SMELL of their SELFISHNESS’ remains and only the master can smell their selfishness – that is why there are some great saints who will just REJECT you the moment you are just 20 steps away from them! Because they can SMELL your SELFISHNESS and SELFISHNESS smells bad – very bad!

It is only the voice of your HEART – it is only the tears that flow from the depth of your heart – that will move the master – and the master will come in search of You and heal you, bring light to your being and will raise you to the higher altitudes of consciousness!

When the Master holds your hand – you should know that you are in safe hands and no matter how many storms come in your life – you are *still* going to be alright!

A man, a woman who lives with deep compassion, and unwavering faith in their MASTER – always overcome all the difficult moments of life – it is your TRUST that COUNTS and your PATIENCE!

ARDRA beings are faithful beings. ARDRA is the SHIVA NASKAHTRA! Lord SHIVA’s penance was culminated on the NAKSHATRA of ARDRA – and the JOY, the BLISS, the ultimate state of realization is expressed by SHIVA – through the tear drop that flows through HIS eyes!


And when RAHU is in ARDRA – they become invincible! Their enemies fear them because defeating a man or woman having RAHU in ARDRA is indeed very difficult – RAHU in ARDRA brings the RUDRA AVTAR within them in the forefront – right from childhood these natives are difficult to handle – they are like the wind, the storm, the fire!

RAHU in ARDRA native is more focused on the matters of communication, relation with siblings. The native also loves adventures. Change in environment is a must for RAHU in ARDRA natives. And so they keep traveling – short travels or long travels – to them LIFE is interesting as long as they keep moving, travelling, experiencing new places, new traditions, new cultures and new people!

PEOPLE – yes, these native want more people around them. And that makes them a social animal. They like to have many friends and even try their level best to stay ‘connected’ with all their family members!

Probably very few may remember who is your Uncle’s cousin’s cousin sister – but a RAHU in ARDRA will remember – they have excellent memory and moreover because they are fond of people – they always remember every face they meet – they have this special gift of remembering everybody – those who come in their life and also those who take an exit from their life – you can say that RAHU in ARDRA native is indeed a walking directory of contacts and connections! When it is ARDRA RAHU native – then you know that he or she is never going to forget your BIRTHDAY!

ARDRA RAHU person is very intense by nature. If he finds a woman without whom he cannot imagine his life – then gives up the one night stands!

RAHU ARDRA native are extremely INTENSE in their love relationships and also in the act of sex.

At times this intensity makes them POSESSIVE by nature and the moment possessiveness takes over – Love ceases to exist!

Love can NEVER posses. Love is giving freedom to the other. Love is an unconditional gift, it is NOT a bargain.

LOVE brings many miseries to your relationship because the LOVE that you know is based on PHYSICAL SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP. You have known only that kind of love which happens through ‘physical penetration’ – you haven’t known the LOVE that is beyond physical relationship – you haven’t yet experience the Buddha Love – which is so pure, divine, and UNCONDITIONAL!

As long as their PHYSICAL SEX (Oral sex or Complete sex) between you and your partner – the fights, the demands, the expectations – the fights will remain. It may be that now for a few days or months you are not having any physical sex with your partner but still the ‘penetration’ has happened in the past – it is like the ‘antenna’ – once it has caught the ‘signal’ – no matter what it always remains CONNECTED – ATTACHED and BUDDHA says the root of SUFFERING is ATTACHMENT!

That is why you all must know that LOVE exists in VARIOUS VERSIONS – from lowest version (Physical sex love) to complete non-physical selfless love!

RAHU in ARDRA man or woman is highly SEXUAL by nature. To them – LOVE is incomplete without SEX – without expectations being met – without having a proper deal – deal that says “IF I LOVE YOU” – then you also should LOVE ME!

In reality LOVE is not a deal – but people expect that if “I LOVE YOU” – then you also should LOVE ME!

People talk a lot about LOVE – couples compose many poems when they fall in LOVE – but ask – just ask – if one of the partner is UNABLE To provide sexual satisfaction – is unable to provide comfort – then will the other partner stay for long?

This is what the worldly LOVE is – at the lowest rung! Truth is HARD and I don’t care whether it disturbs you because the MIND never wants to know the TRUTH – though it always says “ I want to know the TRUTH”! That is how the nature of the MIND is – CUNNING.

To hear the TRUTH – you first have to be TRUTHFUL to your SELF. To hear the TRUTH – you first have to remain OPEN to CHANGE. And to hear the TRUTH – you first have to learn to ACCEPT your MISTAKE.

RAHU ARDRA person finds it very difficult to ACCEPT his or her MISTAKE!

And so they keep fighting, arguing with others – trying to show them how the whole world is wrong and they are right!

The best part that these natives play is the BLAME GAME! They just love to put BLAME on others and that is how they go on missing the opportunity to learn, evolve and mature in life.

Less evolved souls BLAME others – for them putting blame on others is the easiest escape route.

Evolved souls never BLAME others – they accept their mistake – and because they ACCEPT their mistake – they LEARN from their mistakes and that is how every phase of life they keep growing – because you all should understand that REAL GROWTH is not about how much money you earn or how many cars you drive – REAL GROWTH is simply based on how much you as a person has evolved – how much awareness you have brought to your being – how much you have succeeded in EXPANDING your CONSCIOUSNESS!

RAHU ARDRA earns good money and good status in society but FAILS MISERABLY in experiencing the REAL GROWTH – the growth within.

Like all other RAHU NAKSHATRAs – ARDRA NAKSHATRA brings a great deal of INTELLECTUALISM to the native. These men and women are very much in their HEADS – highly LOGICAL. Their BRAIN commands their HEART – and that indeed becomes the root of all their problems and miseries!

Always remember – and I share this specifically for my close followers – that INTELLECTUALISM is the reason of MISERIES and so don’t be INTELLECTUAL – instead BE INTELLIGENT.

Once it happened – three men were brought before the JUDGE. And the first man said “ It is not my fault – I was walking and this guy….”

The Judge said “ Many times you have been in the court and I don’t want to waste time. You are fined 400 dollars. NEXT CASE PLEASE.”

The Next case was of the second man – looking at him the JUDGE said “ YOU – again! 800 dollars fine. NEXT CASE PLEASE.”

The next case was of the third man and he quickly stood up and said “ I am guilty of stealing food but my children were starving to death. I had no other option although I accept my mistake.”

The Judge said “ I like your honesty and because of it – I am giving you a break. Give this man 100 Dollars from police fund. Case dismissed. NEXT CASE”

The NEXT case was of a criminal – but look what he says – he stands up and says to the Judge “ Sir, I am not going to lie to you – my children were also starving and so I had loot the BANK.”

You see – this is how the MIND plays the GAME – the criminal quickly understands that by SHOWING OFF HOW HONEST HE IS – he too can slip out of the court. However the third man was HONEST but this MAN was ACTING of being HONEST – to feed your starving kids – why you would LOOT a whole BANK! But the criminal was just trying to ACT and gain some sympathy – and that is EXACTLY how the MIND is – and with RAHU in ARDRA – it just becomes more CUNNING – more TREACHEROUS.

RAHU in ARDRA – can go either way: A total FAKE, HYPOCRITE or a very INTENSE REALISTIC person – depends on the placement of RAHU and the aspects it makes with other planets in the chart.

However the RAHU ARDRA native miss to realize the true purpose of human life. They are so much focused on the OUTSIDE (RAHUISH TRAIT) that the INSIDE is forgotten – ignored.

Because of being EXTROVERT and always FOCUSED on the OUTSIDE – they earn money in abundance – gain high status in society and yet they feel lost – totally lost. These natives therefore always believe or rather feel that their problem is caused by someone else – and that makes them more miserable then they already are!

These natives therefore feel that they are the ‘victims’ when in reality the truth is that they remain IGNORANT – INSENSITIVE – and in their ILLUSIONS. These natives therefore are always found in the TIGHT GRIP OF THEIR MIND!

RAHU ARDRA Mother-in-law, or Daughter-in-Law – they are so much in the grip of their mind – that the poor husband has to face the daily quarrels between his wife and his mother! And imagine – if the husband is also RAHU ARDRA – then the whole house becomes a battlefield or rather a Jungle filled with ‘WILD ANIMALS’!

It is funny that people give long lectures on ‘BEING HUMAN’ but when they become angry – it is the ANIMAL WITHIN them that comes out and NOT the HUMAN BEING!

ARDRA NAKSHATRA rules the EYES. RAHU in ARDRA virtually makes the native – a BLIND MAN who thinks that he is carrying a LAMP in his hand…..

Reminds me of a story. There was a blind man – and he had come to meet his old friend – a wise man.

The wise man said to the Blind man – “It is getting dark and so I would like you to carry this lamp with you so that you reach your home safely.”

The Blind man laughed and said “I am a blind man – what difference it makes if there is a lamp with me or not – to me day or night is same – remember: I cannot see.”

The wise man said “ You cannot see but when you carry this lamp – other people will be able to see you and they will NOT bump into you in the dark. So take the lamp.”

The Blind man accepted the lamp and set on his way back home. He must have hardly taken a few hundred steps when a someone bumped into him. The blind man was surprised – and he started laughing – he said to himself “ Seems the logic of my wise friend was wrong – and I was right.”

The blind man asked the man who bumped into him “ Brother, can’t you see there is a lamp in my hand? Are you also blind?”

The man said “ I am not blind, but the lamp in your hands has gone out.”

This is the state – not only of ARDRA RAHU natives but the majority of human population! We think that we are holding a LAMP (AWARENESS) but the LAMP has extinguished long back and we are walking in the dark – thinking that we are AWARE – imagining that we are INTELLIGENT!

And that is how everybody is bumping into someone – because there is absolutely NO AWARENESS – NO CONSCIOUSNESS – the lamp is there but it is a dead lamp – with NO LIGHT!

It seems that though we have EYES – we remain BLIND – utterly BLIND.

ARDRA RAHU brings more IGNORANCE and ILLUSIONS and so the native ASSUMES that he/she is carrying a LAMP – but in reality the LAMP has lit out and there is total darkness and it is this darkness that brings many miseries to their life – professionally they do well but on personal front – they fail in relationships – they fail in experiencing the peace, the bliss, the joy within.

EYES problem often occurs since ARDRA rules EYES and RAHU in ARDRA either impacts the EYES negatively or the native is obsessed with her beautiful eyes! RAHU in ARDRA indeed gives a mesmerizing look to the eyes – passion, intensity is seen through the EYES of these natives.

ARDRA RAHU natives are in general SHIVA devotees. The RUDRA within them is pulled towards the MAHA RUDRA – Lord SHIVA – naturally.

RAHU in ARDRA is very much interested in advertising – and announcements. These men and women do exceptionally well in the field of marketing, advertising agencies. They also do well as creative copywriters – designers who always come up with crazy ideas – that become a HIT and they receive much appreciation for their out of the box creative ideas.

RAHU is EXALTED in ARDRA NAKSHATRA – and so here RAHU is totally empowered to provide the results to the native in totality! ARDRA falls between 6.40 degree to 20 degree in Gemini – and this indeed is the PEAK POINT of RAHU – it is simply a sign that the DESIRE is EXALTED – meaning the native through many births and rebirth have managed to remain focused on a specific desire. If a soul remains focused on attaining his desire of becoming the HEAD of the STATE to HELP PEOPLE & SOCIETY to prosper- in other words – A KING, or a PRIME MINISTER than someday – after going through many births and rebirth cycle attains his desire – becomes the Prime Minister.

Our FIRST PRIME MINISTER – Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had RAHU in ARDRA – placed in the 12th of his Cancer Ascendant chart.

RAHU in ARDRA is primarily driven by the placement and condition of Mercury and RAHU in the birth chart.

Incidentally when RAHU is exalted – KETU is also exalted in the birth chart. In charts of evolved souls – it is a great sign of many great accomplishments in the past birth/s as well as in current birth.

As mentioned earlier – this RAHU ARDRA is excellent position for material prosperity and growth. Though on spiritual front – the person remains utterly poor.

A fast packed busy routine – with many dealings to be signed, many deals to be made, many people to be contacted – many conversations to happen – many meetings – board meetings/personal meetings – this is how the life of a RAHU ARDRA native is – always busy – busy-ness is what they like because the MIND is never turned inwards – the MIND is always focused on the outside – and that brings GOSSIPS as well! Because who is saying what about me – and who thinks what about me is always lurking in their mind – and so too many gossips and intrigues and plots and politics is how the ARDRA RAHU native is always attached to!

ARDRA RAHU always is BUSY and loves to make others also BUSY! And there is an old saying that one who becomes BUSY – always earns good money! Because more work, more connections means more money!

It is GOOD to remain BUSY provided you are adding value to others life or your life!

RAHU ARDRA – is good at keeping themselves busy round the clock.

ARDRA RAHU native is the perfect choice for getting your job done. Because he is a busy man.

It is good to remain busy – but RAHU never STOPS! RAHU makes these natives OBSESSED of remaining busy. By chance if they lose their job or business goes down – then these fellows feel restless and many also commit suicide or take to drugs or alcohol because they are too focused on the outside – and the outside can never be controlled – you can never control the outside situations – the more you try to control situations, control people – the more you will feel frustrated.

The takeaway for RAHU in ARDRA people is:

  1. Do not try to control others
  2. Do not become so busy that you forgot to enjoy the little moments of your life
  3. Spend some time with your SELF – start turning inwards

Meditate every day. Chant the name of the Lord – you may have earned good money – but now it is time to earn peace, joy, and bliss and that is possible only when you start meditating!

Meditate. To start your ‘bike’ – you have to keep kicking multiple times – until the golden moment comes – when the ‘bike’ starts and then it never stops – you enjoy the ride – you experience the many wonderful moments as your spiritual journey progresses! Meditation is just like that – in the beginning you will have to keep trying very hard – then slowly slowly – the meditation will kickstart and then there is no turning back – the road is clear and you are ready for the ‘ride’!

Nelson Mandela mentions the same essence to his wife – Winnie Mandela who was locked up in the in Kroonstad Prison jail. In his letter, Mandel writes to his wife Winnie Mandela-

“At least, if for nothing else, the prison cell gives you the opportunity to look daily into your entire conduct, to overcome the bad and develop whatever is good in you. Regular meditation, say about 15 minutes a day before you turn in, can be very fruitful in this regard.” – Nelson Mandela

However the last words that Nelson Mandela writes to his wife are so beautiful that they should be written in GOLD.

“Never forget that a saint is a sinner who keeps on trying.” – Nelson Mandela, letter to Winnie Mandela , 2/1/75.” – Nelson Mandela

The money, the status, the properties and all the struggles that you undertake goes down the drain – if you never spend time with that one person – YOU.

Turn inwards. Start meditating.

Aum Shivoham. Jai Shankara.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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