Rahu in Ashlesha Nakshatra


Clinging is the nature of Ashlesha Nakshatra. Ashlesha is also called as the “Clinging star.”

And Buddha says – “You only lose what you cling to.”

Reminds me of a Buddhist story – the story of a Buddhist nun.

This Buddhist nun had a beautiful golden statue of Buddha. And she used to to carry the Buddha wherever she would go. Buddhist monks and nuns have to go on moving for eight months in the year, except the four months of rain. So from one temple, from one monastery to another….

She was staying in one of the temples of China — she had gone to travel to Chinese temples and monasteries and that temple has ten thousand statues of Buddha. It is a unique temple in the whole world. Ten thousand statues… almost the whole mountain has been cut into statues and made into a temple; perhaps it has taken centuries to build it. She was staying there.

And this had been her constant worry: Every morning when she worships her golden Buddha, she puts flowers, sweets, burns incense — but you cannot depend upon the wind, upon the breeze. The fragrance arising out of the burning incense may not reach the golden Buddha’s nose, it may move in any direction.

In that temple there were ten thousand other Buddhas, and the fragrance was going to other Buddhas’ noses. And this was intolerable; this was too much. She was feeling very hurt, that her own poor Buddha is not getting any incense, and all these vagabonds…”And my Buddha is golden and they are just stones. And after all my Buddha is MY Buddha.”

This is how the mind functions: it is so possessive, it cannot even see that they are all statues of the same man. Which nose is getting the incense does not matter — it is reaching the Buddha. But “MY Buddha” — the old possessive mind continues.

So she devised a small method: she brought a bamboo, a hollow bamboo, and cut it into a small piece. She will burn the incense, and put the bamboo on top of it. One side will take the incense smoke in, and the other side she will put on the nose of her golden Buddha — almost like making him smoke! But that created a problem: her Buddha’s nose became black. That disturbed her even more.

She asked the high priest of the temple, “What should I do? My poor Buddha’s nose has become black.”

He said, “But how did it happen?”

She said, “I feel very embarrassed to say, it is my own doing.” And then she explained the whole thing.

The priest laughed.

He said, “All these are Buddhas here. One Buddha, ten thousand Buddhas — to whom it reaches does not matter. You should not be so miserly, so possessive. Buddha cannot be yours and cannot be mine. The nose of the Buddha has become black because of your possessiveness.”

RAHU in ASHLESHA bring intense POSESSIVENESS which in turn goes on fueling the clinging nature and then a day comes when the person loses what she clings to!

Ashlesha is considered as not so good Nakshatra by the ancient seers – simply because – the nature of clinging attracts more miseries in life than otherwise.!

Ashlesha is primary a feminine Nakshatra – since the default nature of women is also of ‘clinging’ – if you closely observe then in most cases around the world – it is the ‘boyfriend’ or ‘husband’ who dumps his ‘girlfriend’ or ‘wife’. Usually the female partner is not willing to LET GO so easily – because WOMAN is primarily ruled by MOON and the nature of MOON is of ‘clinging’. RAHU in ASHLESHA – primarily falls in the sign of CANCER – which is ruled by MOON! Generally it is observed that it is the MAN – who dumps his girlfriend or wife. Woman usually is not inclined in letting go – the subtle nature of every woman on this planet is of clinging – remaining attached. A woman gets attached more than a man!

It is necessary for RAHU in ASHLESHA woman or man to realize the fact that LOVE has absolutely nothing to do with ATTACHMENT.

The primary message to all natives having RAHU in ASHLESHA is – to live your life by being detached.

Real LOVE happens only through DETACHMENT. Attachments simply destroy all the possibilities of lasting love!

People are shallow – they think that ‘being attached’ is being in love – that is utterly wrong idea of love. Love blossoms and love lasts only when you remain detached – doubts and possessiveness arise through ATTACHMENTS – peace and bliss is born out of DETACHMENT. Understand the difference, savor the difference.

Ashlesha RAHU natives should remember that the moment LOVE becomes ATTACHMENT – you have missed LOVE because LOVE blossoms and stays only when there is FREEDOM – absolute FREEDOM.

Love should NEVER become attachment.

Those who seek relationship – are NOT true lovers – because LOVE is a matter of your inner nature – and not of relationship.

ASHLESHA being an emotional fool Nakshatra – often confuses LOVE with ATTACHMENT and in turn goes through much agonies and sufferings which are primarily – on mental level and not physical.

Buddha says “The root of SUFFERING is ATTACHMENT.” The nature of RAHU is a highly obsessive, possessive by nature and on top of that – he is now in the sign of MOON – who just loves to CLING – to remain ATTACHED!

Advice to ASHLESHA nakshatra born natives and natives having RAHU in ASHLESHA is:

“Don’t be an emotional fool because people are always ready to take advantage of your emotions.”

Emotions can be misleading. Emotions can fool you into believing things that in the true sense are untrue.

Emotions are of the MIND (Moon). The high and low tides of the ocean are impacted by the phases of Moon – and so does it impacts the ‘emotions’ of human beings. That is how – on a NO MOON day – you feel LOW and on a FULL MOON day – you feel HIGH. The menstruation period of women is also largely impacted by the phases of the MOON. Human body blood consists of 90% of water – and since MOON impacts the water bodies within the human body – the menstruation bleeding is primarily impacted by the phases of MOON as well as by the state of EMOTIONS that the woman is going through! Because EMOTIONS are of the MIND and the MIND is ruled by the MOON!

That is why – on spiritual path – the very first step is to purify the EMOTIONS – and to purify the EMOTIONS – first the MIND has to be purified.

How will you purify the MIND? That must be your next question.

And the answer is simple – by chanting the name of the Lord, by chanting a certain Mantra, by meditating every day, by reading the holy scriptures, shlokas every day.

Buddha says: “The most illuminating is a mind which is thoroughly cleansed of dirt.”.

The intense emotional nature that RAHU in ASHLESHA bring along is GOOD as long as you are a meditative being – because then you cleanse the dirt that has accumulated on your mind by meditating every day!

RAHU in ASHLESHA is actually a ‘blessing in disguise’ for evolved souls – because it can bring a certain awareness towards purifying the mind – and moving beyond the mind! It can become a great asset for meditation practitioner, spirit healers or phycologists.

However for a less evolved being – RAHU in ASHLESHA can literally lead to an emotional turmoil in life – simply because such a being has never taken any efforts to purify his mind by turning inwards!

But when less evolved beings take to meditations, prayers and consistent Yoga practice – then the emotional turmoil that they have been through – can actually become a ‘learning phase’ that reconnects them with the divinity within.

RAHU in ASHLESHA brings inclination towards ‘wild imaginations’ and ‘unique ideas’ to the BRAIN (Mercury). However it is the state of the MOON in the chart that decides on which ‘route’ and in what way – the BRAIN will process the ‘desires’ initiated by RAHU.

MOON commands MERCURY. MOON is the MIND and your BRAINS works based on the direction that your MIND (MOON) provides! And so RAHU in ASHLESHA makes MERCURY and MOON instrumental in deciding the overall course of native’s life. If Moon and Mercury is well-placed then RAHU in Ashlesha can give birth to great writers, actors and artists who produce unique work of art that is mesmerizing and deeply engaging.

One of the finest Hollywood actor – Tom Cruise has Rahu in Ashlesha.

However RAHU in Ashlesha also brings great attraction towards the supernatural, the mystic, the occult – the science of scientology. Tom Cruise has been a scientologists for many years.

Scientology is a cult – a movement that believes in the fact that human being is an immortal, spiritual being (known as ‘Thetan’ (soul)) that is resident in a physical body. The Thetan or Soul has had innumerable past lives. To a large extent – Scientology is similar to Hindu Sanatan Dharma concepts – though it is more focused on ‘practical testing’ than just following the beliefs.

Scientology was invented by by American science-fiction author L. Ron Hubbard. Hobbard was also a United States Navy Officer. In the initial days – Hobbard came up with a unique healing technique called Dianetics. Dianetics is a counselling technique in which the healer assists the patient in conscious recall of traumatic events that happened in his or her past. It was kind of psychotherapy – however Hobbard defined Dianetics as a spiritual healing technology and an organized science of thoughts.

Hobbard later established three ‘Church of Scientology’ organizations – a “Church of American Science”, a “Church of Scientology” and a “Church of Spiritual Engineering”.

The difference between a normal Church and Church of Scientology is that the Church of Scientology has no set dogma concerning God that it imposes on its members. As with all its tenets, Scientology does not ask individuals to accept anything on faith alone. Rather, as one’s level of spiritual awareness increases through participation in Scientology auditing and training, one attains his own certainty of every dynamic. Accordingly, only when the Seventh Dynamic (spiritual) is reached in its entirety will one discover and come to a full understanding of the Eighth Dynamic (infinity) and one’s relationship to the Supreme Being.

In simple words – Scientology does not preach or impose a particular idea of God. Rather, people are expected to discover the truth through their own observations as their awareness advances.

RAHU in ASHLESHA – at some stage of life – definitely pulls you towards ‘spiritual’ – ‘supernatural’ sciences. Tom Cruise – a perfect RAHU in ASHLESHA example.

Scientology or similar kind of ‘movements’ that are primarily focused on ‘HEALING’ by spiritual means – are very closely connected with the Nakshatra – ASHLESHA!

ASHLESHA is primarily related with ‘AIR’ – and all kind of ‘MAGICS’ happen through the ‘AIR’ – it is also related with ‘SPELLS’ ‘MANTRA” because ASHLESHA is ruled by MERCURY – the planet that rules over the ‘pronunciations’ (spells/spellings) of specific ‘words’ (Mantra)!

And so ASHLESHA is very closely related to the WORLD OF MAGIC – WHITE MAGIC or BLACK MAGIC – but MAGIC comes easily to the NAKSHATRA of ASHLESHA or for matter natives born on Ashlesha or having RAHU in ASHLESHA! A natural inclination towards the occult – the magic – the tantra is always found in natives having RAHU in ASHLESHA.

It is necessary to remember that the ENERGY used for performing a certain MAGIC is the SAME – however it all depends on the person – whether he/she has focused on expanding positivism within or negativity within.

RAHU in ASHLESHA can really do wonders and magics and can be of great help to the society – if they focus on nurturing positivity within them.

CANCER RAHU ASHLESHA native do not get much love from his mother. Either the mother is absent in the native’s life (due to early death or divorce) or relations with mother are not as great as it should be. Positive or negative – but ‘MOTHER’ remains the focal point in the native’s life. Either the native is disengaged with his mother or the engagement is too much – so much that the native becomes a ‘mommy’s boy’.

Rahu Ashlesha native is too much obsessed with ‘security’. They want a lot of security around them – even if they have locked the door from inside – still before going to bed – at night they will again recheck whether the door is properly locked from inside or not. They just want more security – RAHU brings too much FEAR of being attacked by ‘outsiders’ and so the native takes too much (RAHU) care of his or her security. CANCER is indeed a sign that want to remain secured – that is how the CANCER sign is represented by a CRAB whose hard outer shell protects him from danger or attacks.

Ashlesha Rahu natives has the capacity to transform their emotional vulnerability into emotional intelligence.

RAHU in Ashlesha often brings certain super-natural elements to the house in which the native stays. These supernatural elements can either be constructive or destructive – based on the quality of RAHU,MERCURY and MOON in the birth chart. Natives with this placement are also interested much in learning Feng Shui or Vaastu Shastra (science of architecture).

In worst scenarios the native’s residence is haunted by ghosts or is affected by black magic spells. And in a positive scenario – the native nurtures the overall aura of his residence by initiating certain rituals that bring luck and prosperity in his or her life. But the bottom line is that the native becomes more interested in rectifying the subtle energies that exist in his or her residence.

In certain cases – it has been found that the native’s mother is haunted by ghosts or affected by black magic spells. Mother is ambitious or mother is a victim of certain fake spiritual beings. The essence of the matter is that Rahu in Ashlesha shows some problem related to native’s mother – it can be related to her nature, her situation or her tragic destiny.

Sexual drive of RAHU in ASHLESHA native is totally based on ‘emotions’ – ‘bonding’ – ‘connection’. To these natives – sex is about the connection.

Tom Cruise having Rahu in Ashlesha is the best living example of the psyche that these natives have when it comes to sex. These natives can get in the bed with a partner only when they ‘connect’ – when they are in a relationship. They cannot have one night stands with a stranger – that is just out of their way of ‘doing’ things.

Rahu Ashlesha male natives have great attraction towards breasts of woman – Cancer signify the breasts and Rahu in Cancer gives too much attraction – more than usual – towards the breasts.

It is necessary for all of you to remember that like woman – men too have breasts!

A young man once asked this question – “Why men also have breasts? They are never going to fed babies – it is only the women who breastfeed her baby – then why men also have breasts?”

Men have breasts but they are the negative pole – they cannot feed a baby. And because they are negative – men have always had great attraction towards the woman breasts! Because woman breasts contain positive pole – she has the potential to produce milk and feed her baby.

Sex center of female is primarily based around her breasts. And sex center of a male is primarily centered around his penis. The female has no penis – although a body part called ‘clitoris’ exists but it is non-functional – it has no function. The male has breasts but they are non-functional. This great making of God – brings natural attraction because what a male has – the female doesn’t and what a female has – the male doesn’t – it is a perfect match!

Man’s attraction towards the female breasts have been from the very beginning of time. In fact so much of sculptures and poetry have been focused totally on the breasts.

The whole attraction between a male and female is simply because both are trying to become ‘complete’. Male has penis which is functional. Woman has ‘clitoris’ which is non-functional. Female has breasts that can fed the baby – Male has breasts that are non-functional. So you see – both complete and compliment each other – indeed human being is the greatest creation of God!

SEX is important for men and women who are still to embark completely on the spiritual path. Many married women or men are in dilemma – especially when they start becoming spiritual – they think to be spiritual means to condemn sex! That is a complete myth. As long as you are married – as long as you are living a material life – you should NEVER ignore sex or drop sexual life – and this message is specifically for my readers and close followers.

The whole message is that – ‘maintain balance’ – be a good husband or wife but at the same time also keep few hours of the day for your spiritual practice. That’s all – life is simple my fellows – but it is your mind that makes it complicated and then you come and ask “Why my life is so complicated?”!

One good aspect of Rahu in Ashlesha is that these natives too caring by nature. They can become great mothers – and they can also become great fathers. A single mom having Rahu in Ashlesha will leave no stone unturned when it comes to caring and nurturing her child!

Overall Rahu in Ashlesha is a highly sensitive person – emotional, a man of letters, and a person who can or has the potential to connect with the super natural world – the beyond! The human world needs such men and women because it is only when you experience of life goes beyond body and mind that you can give something unique, and beautiful to our planet – our Mother Earth.

Meditate every day – because it is only through meditation – through chanting the holy name of your Lord – the Mantra that you can someday experience the first glimpse of God – within you!

God is within you. Devil is also within you. When you are utterly negative – angry – lustful – ignorant – you are in Hell – the Devil within you is leading the pack. When you are positive, when you are able to control your mind – when you are able to witness the ups and downs of your life – when you remain detached – when you are no more meditating but have become meditation – that even when standing in a marketplace – you are able to experience peace within – that is the moment – the sign that God within you is now leading the pack – and when God is in control – when God consciousness is driving you and your life – can anything ever go wrong?

Walk with faith – not with fear and the journey becomes the destination!

Always remember – destination is a mirage – there is never a destination because life is an eternal journey – and so focus on the ‘journey’ of your life and not the destination. Live the moment – learn to BE HERE NOW – because past is no more and future is not yet. NOW is the only moment – life is flowing NOW – if you miss NOW – you miss life and that is how you go on missing life.

Meditation is simply to help you bring your MIND to the NOW moment – because the MIND is either thinking about the past or worried about the future – the meeting of the mind and the present moment rarely happens – and when it happens – meditation happens – focus on your breathing and bring your mind to the NOW moment – because NOW is the only reality.

Life is flowing NOW. If you miss NOW moment – you miss life.

Stop clinging to your Past and stop clinging to your miseries – LET GO.

Always remember – that life is a flux – a flowing river – change is constant – and so whether you are going through bad phase or good phase of life – whether you are going through emotional turmoil or not – nothing is going to last forever – because everything in this human world is temporary.

Learn to go with the flow of your life – miseries continue to flow into your life as long as you continue to cling – the moment you start living your life in a Let Go – the moment you start living your life by being detached – a great turning point comes in your life and then there is no looking back – the sky is clear and you are ready to fly!

You can touch the sky – you can experience the higher altitudes – the higher realms of consciousness – only when you learn to live with detachment – total detachment.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

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