Ketu in Shravan Nakshatra


The law of gravity would not have been discovered without the power of Ketu in Shravan! Sir Issac Newton was the man who discovered the law of gravity. Newton was sitting under an apple tree and then one apple fell down. Because of this he started thinking, and he felt something is pulling the apple downwards. And that is when he discovered the law of gravity. Sharp observation is one beautiful trait of Ketu in Shravan Nakshatra. Sir Isaac Newton had Ketu in Shravan Nakshatra. India would have never succeeded in testing the atom bomb twice if Abdul Kalam would not have been there. In spite being a Muslim by birth – he was elected as the President of India and till date no other person has been able to match his stature and the immense contribution he made for the betterment of India. He is known for his insightful quotes and poems and he was a man of literature. Abdul Kalam also had Ketu in Shravan Nakshatra. The world of music is incomplete without the mention of Mozart. Mozart is widely regarded as one of the greatest composers in history, leaving an indelible imprint on Western classical music. His extraordinary talent for composition and his ability to capture the essence of emotions through music were unmatched. The influence of Ketu in Shravan Nakshatra is evident in Mozart’s unrivaled ability to listen intently, extracting inspiration from the world around him. His compositions continue to mesmerize and inspire generations, showcasing the power of Ketu’s association with Shravan Nakshatra. These examples illustrate the diverse range of talents and abilities that can manifest when Ketu aligns with Shravan Nakshatra at the time of birth. From scientific geniuses like Newton and Kalam to musical prodigies like Mozart, these individuals exhibited exceptional gifts and accomplishments in their respective fields. The combination of Ketu and Shravan Nakshatra enhanced their power of listening, discernment, and deeper understanding, enabling them to leave an enduring impact on the world.

Shravan Nakshatra is a great learner – and to become a great learner you need to develop the art of listening, observing, analyzing and exploring new perspectives towards a specific subject. Ketu brings much depth and spiritual touch to these beautiful qualities of Shravan Nakshatra. The mystical and transformative nature of Ketu uplift the qualities of Shravan and that is how you experience a certain divinity in their creation or sharing. The Midas touch that make this happen is the touch of Ketu! And so the general qualities of Shravan suddenly become very unique by the presence of Ketu in Shravan!
Now let’s explore some of the prominent qualities associated with Ketu in Shravan Nakshatra:

1. Deep Listeners: Individuals born with Ketu in Shravan Nakshatra possess an innate ability to be deep listeners. They have a natural inclination to absorb information and insights from their surroundings. This quality allows them to be attentive observers of the world, picking up on subtle nuances and hidden meanings. They have a knack for truly understanding others and connecting at a profound level.
2. Astute Learners: Ketu’s influence enhances their capacity for learning and acquiring knowledge. People with Ketu in Shravan Nakshatra have a deep desire to expand their understanding and wisdom. They are drawn to intellectual pursuits and are determined seekers of truth. This quality enables them to become experts in their chosen fields through their constant hunger for learning and self-improvement.
3. Intuitive Insight: Those with Ketu in Shravan Nakshatra possess a heightened sense of intuition and inner knowing. They have the ability to tap into a vast pool of hidden wisdom and often rely on their inner guidance to make important decisions. This intuitive insight helps them navigate through complex situations and find unique solutions. They tend to trust their inner voice and have a deep connection to their spiritual side.
4. Spiritual Inclinations: The combination of Ketu and Shravan Nakshatra fosters a strong spiritual inclination. Individuals with this placement often explore various spiritual and mystical practices, seeking a deeper connection with the divine. They embrace meditation, contemplation, or other forms of introspective practices to delve into the mysteries of life. Their spiritual pursuits provide them with a sense of purpose and nourish their inner growth.
5. Transformational Perspective: Ketu in Shravan Nakshatra individuals possess a transformative perspective on life. They see challenges and setbacks as opportunities for growth and change. Rather than resist change, they embrace it and are open to new ideas and experiences. Their ability to adapt and transform enables them to evolve and inspire others on their own journeys of self-discovery.
6. Gifted Communicators: Those born with Ketu in Shravan Nakshatra often possess exceptional communication skills. They have a natural flair for articulating ideas and connecting with others through their words. Their ability to listen deeply, combined with their knack for learning, allows them to communicate profound concepts in a way that is easily understood by others. They excel in fields such as teaching, writing, public speaking, and counseling.

These qualities empower individuals with Ketu in Shravan Nakshatra to make meaningful contributions in various domains of life. Their ability to listen, learn, and intuitively understand others enables them to bring insights and wisdom to their interactions and endeavors. They have the potential to become knowledgeable mentors, gifted educators, talented artists, or spiritual guides, leaving a profound impact on the world.

Whatever Ketu touches becomes gold. But that gold is only seen by those who has a certain depth of understanding. Ketu in Shravan brings great transformation but this transformation happens after the age of 36. And it is only through the divine intervention that transformation happens in such a native’s life. Reminds of Balmik. There is a Hindu story in India… The oldest book on the life of Rama is written by Balmik. Balmik was a robber, thief, murderer — everything that you can conceive of he had done. That was his only profession. Uneducated but a tremendously powerful man, just on the highway he would be waiting for people, and anybody who was caught had to give everything; otherwise he was finished. Balmik’s family was living in luxury — he was bringing so much every day.

One day it happened that one beautiful saint, Narada, who was always carrying his ektara — a simple musical instrument, with only one string, that had become his symbol — singing and playing on his ektara he was passing, and Balmik caught hold of him. But he was still singing and playing on his ektara.

Balmik said, “Are you mad or something? Can’t you see me, can’t you see my sword? Give me everything that you have!”

Narada said, “You have caught a beggar; I have only this ektara. And that too I am not going to give easily, because what will you do with this? But if you want it, I can give it to you. If you want my life I can give that too. But before I give you anything, I want to ask one question to you.”

Balmik said, “Question? What question?”

Narada said, “You go home, ask your wife: you have been killing people, robbing people — is she ready to share the responsibility of it. Ask your father, your mother, your son, your daughter. Are they willing to share the responsibility of what you are doing?”

Balmik had never thought about such a thing; he was an uneducated man. He said, “I have never thought about it. They must share the responsibility. I am doing it for them.”

Narada said, “I will be here. Don’t be worried, you can just tie me to the tree so I cannot escape.” He was tied to the tree and Balmik rushed to his home and asked his wife. His wife said, “I have nothing to do with your responsibilities. It is your responsibility to feed your wife; how you do it I have no concern for.” And the same was the response of everybody.

Even the mother said, “It is your responsibility to take care of your old father and mother. Now how you are doing it — that you have to work out. We have not told you to kill people and rob people; you are doing it on your own. We are simply not responsible for any of your acts.”

Not a single man in his house was ready to share responsibility. He was shocked! He went back, untied Narada, touched his feet and said, “I have been my whole life a wrong person. Is there any possibility for me to get rid of all that I have done?”

Narada said, “There is no problem. You stop doing it, because the people you are doing it for are not even ready to take responsibility for it! And I will teach you my song. My song is very simple; I simply repeat the name of Rama. It is so simple, no education is needed. You sit under the tree and repeat, `Rama, Rama…’ as long as you can, and you will be transformed — because intrinsically your innermost core always remains pure. It is only the layers on it which can be dropped.”

After a few months Narda came back and he was surprised: Balmik was sitting there under the tree. Narda had been his whole life repeating the name of Rama, the Hindu God, but nothing like this had happened to him. Balmik was surrounded by an aura of light. Just going close to him you felt a tremendous silence, a great rejoicing. And it is said that it is this Balmik who later came to be known as Saint Valmiki. Saint Valmiki scripted the greatest scripture of all times – the Valmiki Ramayana. Ramayana is the life story of Lord Rama but the story of his life is so magical that by the end of it – you become so full of devotion and love that there is no word that can describe the divine juice, the divine love it leads you to! A ruthless dry person Balmik – transformed into a great Saint and wrote the most divine book filled with so much of love and deep insights that you can now understand the great transformation Ketu in Shravan can bring in ones life.

Always remember every Saint has a Past and every Sinner has a future. And so never condemn a sinner because if he gets a fair chance and proper guidance – then he too can transform into a great Saint.

Enough for now.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.


Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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