Pushya Nakshatra is good or bad?

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

Repressed emotions.

In two words – comes out the most unrevealed state of Pushya Nakshatra.

He loves – but he finds it difficult to express.

She loves – but she finds it difficult to express.

He know what is RIGHT – but he find it difficult to SPEAK UP!

Reminds me of the great Bhishma of Mahabharata! One of the most beautiful man of the Kuru-Vansha – a great warrior but still he remains mum when Draupadi pleads for HIS help. He remains unavailable for the Panadavas when the great war breaks out. He knows who is right – he knows that the Pandavas are being treated unfairly and yet he stands with the Kauravas – he goes on suppressing his emotions – his ideas in the name of DUTY.


So a Pushya nakshatra is a man who is emotional within – but he is extremely DUTY- CONSCIOUS person – for him – DUTY COMES FIRST.

Love marriage is like a great revolutaionary event in their life – because to LOVE – you have to EXPRESS – you have to be very expressive – else the person whom you LOVE will go away – because the ‘message’ was never conveyed; those three magical words “I LOVE YOU” were never spoken – never expressed!

And so many PUSHYA men and women face failures in the matters of LOVE!

Once it happened – there was a man, and he must be a PUSHYA! Because a woman once approached him and said “ I love you, I want to marry you.”

The man blushed, he was a shy person (Pushya) – he looked at her and said “I will let you know soon about my decision.”

The woman went away. But the man (Pushya) took this proposal to his heart. He goes to the greatest library of his town – scans through hundreds of books – books on whether one should marry or not? Books on finding the pros and cons of marriage. And then after six months of research and study – he comes to the conclusion that ‘Marriage is a good thing – it has more pros than cons.”

So then he decides to go back to the woman’s house and let her know that now he is READY to Marry!

He goes and gives a ring on her door. The door opens – a old man (must be her father) asks “ Who you want?”

The man says “ Where is your daughter?”

The old man says “ She has gone for her honeymoon, she just got married last month.”

You see – Pushya (SHANI) – takes a long time in making decisions.

Repressed emotions. Delays in decision making and the nature of ACQUIRING. These people like to acquire as much as possible. They are good shoppers. And they are also good executives – ambitious executives who want to ACQUIRE companies – and expand their corporate empires.

Overall this is a typical material world nakshatra – or a nakshatra that helps you to progress materially.

Generally for service sector – people belonging to the sign of Capricorn (MAKAR) are the most suitable beings but along with Capricorn, people belonging to PUSHYA, ANURADHA and UTTARA BHADRAPADA Nakshatra are also suitable for their DUTY ORIENTED NATURE.

A PUSHYA is a DUTY ORIENTED person. And let me tell you all – that the moment you become a DUTIFUL person – you become a BURDENED person!

Because whatever you do – you do because it is your DUTY.

There is a GREAT DIFFERENCE between the word – DUTY & RESPONSIBILITY.

It is very unfortunate that the modern world has made RESPONSIBILITY sound as DUTY. RESPONSIBILITY is NOT DUTY.

In a school, once the teacher was teaching “ The most fundamental thing of our religion is to SERVE OTHERS.”

A young boy, and he had a very different way of thinking – he got up and said “ I understand we have to SERVE OTHERS – but then what will others do?”

The teacher said “ The others will also SERVE OTHERS.”

The young boy said “ If everybody is serving others – than why I should not serve myself – why you should not serve yourself, why we should go on sounding as if it is a duty to serve others – why to make it so complicated, that I should serve others and then wait for them to serve me?”

The young boy was asked to stand out of the classroom – he was a great danger to the society. The teachers could not answer His question – he was thrown out of the classroom.

And this is what happens – TRUTH is thrown out – LIES are embraced. And then people go on asking “ Why my life is miserable – why I am not happy, why I miss the happiness in my life?”

Duty has NO LOVE. Understand this and I say this to all my followers, fellow travelers and readers – DUTY has NO LOVE.

If you are making a cup of tea for me – because it is your DUTY – the tea will be made perfectly – it will have all those shades and fragrance to it – it will taste good but it will NOT touch my heart!

You see – but the same tea when someone prepares out of love – out of affection – then the same tea with all the same ingredients and same taste and fragrance TOUCH my heart – because NOW there is one special ingredient added to the tea and it is called – LOVE!

And LOVE is beautiful – then no matter what you offer – it will have a very different quality to it – a very different meaning to it!

When you serve tea without LOVE – it is a DUTY (Pushya) – you are simply executing your DUTY.

When you serve tea with LOVE – it is a RESPONSIBILITY (DHANISHTA- Capricorn) – you are doing it with consciousness – a certain depth, a certain quality is to your action – a certain grace is to your ‘Presence’!

And when GRACE comes to your whole being then life is no more the same!

Then there is no sense of DUTY – then DUTY transform into RESPONSIBILITY and it is beautiful!


The moment MARRIAGE becomes A DUTY – it starts falling apart – LOVE is missing – Responsibility fades away and DUTY remains – and DUTY cannot lead you to the state of ecstasy – to the state of joy!

Many marriages EXIST – they just EXIST – they never BLOSSOM!

Marriage is suppose to BLOSSOM with time and NOT just exist.

I always insist that DO NOT STAY IN A FAILED MARRIAGE – get out of the misery that you are in – but people won’t – because they say “ at least we know our miseries – we have become used to our miseries…”

And that is the whole story – that MAN has become accustomed to HIS miseries.

People say “ My boss is very bad – but I am okay to be here – because who knows how it will be outside – other company!”

People say “ My marriage has become a misery – but it is okay, I can live with it because who knows how it will be if I get out of it and marry someone else!”

So you see – people don’t want to loose their old friend ‘the misery’ – they made misery as their friend and then they come and ask “Why my life is so miserable?”

Now what to say! Sometime you have to just laugh out at the strange ways of this human world. Such men and women continue to live in hell (ignorance) and then they come and ask “Does this place called HELL exists in reality?”

You are living in HELL (ignorance) and you are asking if HELL exists!

When ‘KNOWING’ happens within your being – “My mother is now old, she needs me.” – “My father is now old, he needs me” – WHEN THIS ‘KNOWING’ evolves through your BEING – only then the SHADOW OF IGNORANCE goes away and you come back to LIFE – back to your SENSES – back to your SOURCE – back to the realms of CONSCIOUSNESS!

So you see – the moment CONSCIOUSNESS comes to your being – you BECOME RESPONSIBLE – and let me tell you all – it is beautiful!

To become a RESPONSIBLE MAN is indeed the most beautiful development – a beautiful stage of your life – the majority is stuck in the sense of DUTY, a very few can RISE to the occasion and embrace RESPONSIBILITY in Totality!

Whole life BHISHMA executed his DUTY to safeguard the KURUs – had he been RESPONSIBLE – he would have raised his voice against the injustice – against the corruption of the Kauravas – but he remained a DUTIFUL man and NOT a responsible man!

Pushya is a DUTIFUL man. He will marry – and he will take care of his marriage partner and children because he considers it as his DUTY and not RESPONSIBILITY!

Understand the fact and I say it specifically to my close followers who have been resonating with my sharings – that DUTY is the nature of SATURN, RESPONSIBILITY is the nature of JUPITER!

And so when SATURN JUPITER comes together – DUTY is transformed into RESPONSIBILITY – a person with this combination is a person who understand perfectly the true essence – and the depth of the word – RESPONSIBILITY!

In PUSHYA – because it falls in CANCER – a very emotional sign, the Pushya person becomes emotional towards his DUTY!

You see – then when his wife is not well, still he will say “I have to go – I have to report – Sir must be waiting for me – DUTY FIRST.”

And so they are emotional towards their job – they take their job as a DUTY.

Opposite to PUSHYA – falls the Nakshatra of DHANISHTA in Capricorn -the nakshatra of MARS!

MARS is a EXECUTIVE PERSON – you see he belongs to the BOARDROOM. Here you see the evolution of the sense of DUTY into RESPONSIBILITY – here you see that he is not just a worker who comes to execute his duty – now he is an executive who takes the whole RESPONSIBILITY of running the company!

MARS is BOSSY by nature but even though he moves around as a BOSS – he also takes his JOB as a RESPONSIBILITY and not just a DUTY! And that makes a difference – that makes him GREAT.

Great men and great women are RESPONSIBLE individuals. They don’t just come in this world to execute DUTY – they come to show through their actions – the significance of RESPONSIBILITY!

Winston Churchill was one such great leader – who never gave up – when the whole country was bombarded by the NAZIS – he said “ I REFUSE TO GIVE UP – I WILL NEVER GIVE UP until the very last breath of my life.”

And history is witness – to what happened later – the NAZIS became too ambitious – they became too overconfident – they made many wrong decisions – they missed to realize the HARSH winters of Russia – and from there they started falling – and the whole game changed – the Allies became victorious and Hitler committed suicide!

A LEADER is born from the urgency of RESPONSIBILITY towards HIS fellows – HIS countrymen.

A good SERVANT is born from the urgency of DUTY towards HIS Job, HIS company, HIS country.

TRUTH is hard – very hard.

Understand the fact – that RESPONSIBILITY comes only when you become AWARE. The greater the awareness – the greater is the sense of RESPONSIBILITY and it is beautiful!

Break the word responsibility into two: response & ability, don’t make it one. Joining these two words has created so much confusion in the world. It is not responsibility, it is response-ability. And love is able to respond. There is no other force in the world that is so able to respond. If you love, you are bound to respond, there is no burden. Duty is a burden. Responsibility is NOT a burden – it is simply LOVE!

And there was one such person – his name was Sikander and he was a soldier. War was going on – a very difficult war and Sikander had just returned to the camp when he realized that his friend Amar is missing. He realizes that Amar is still stuck in the war and the enemy was firing madly – he goes to his senior and says “ Sir – I need to go back to the battlefield and bring back Amar.”

The senior says “ Are you Mad? The enemy is firing madly – if you go back, you too will be caught up – trapped and then you will not be able to come back in one piece.”

Sikander said “ I cannot leave my friend alone on that battlefield – Sir. I will go, I will have to go back – I know he must be waiting for me….I know….”

The senior says “ If that is what you want- then go but let me tell you – you too will be dead.”

Sikander goes back to battlefield. Everywhere the enemy is firing fiercely, bombarding – a lot of dust, a lot of deaths – and amidst all of this – Sikander finds Amar! And he carries Amar on his back – Amar is deeply wounded, bleeding profusely – on the way back – Amar dies. Sikander reaches the camp – his senior is standing before him, Sikander also is now bleeding, he too may not survive for long – looking at Sikander – the senior says “ Look – look at you – haven’t I warned you to not to go back to the battlefield – your friend is dead and now you are also dying – was it worth it??”

And Sikander looks into the eyes of the senior and says “ It was WORTH IT Sir, it was worth it – because when I found Amar – he looked into my eyes and said “Sikander – I knew you would come.”

Life is WORTH IT when there is LOVE. Life is WORTH IT when there is a sense of RESPONSIBILITY. Life is WORTH it when you CAN DIE – when you CAN SACRIFICE for others!

But in the classrooms, in the schools, in the colleges – you are taught to sacrifice everything just to be ALIVE, just to survive, sacrifice everything! But then what is the VALUE of such a LIFE? It is simply worthless – a living body without a soul!

SOUL – Pushya Nakshatra is a NAKSHTRA that is still to evolve to the state of SOUL – the state of BEING YOURSLF! It is more focused on executing duties and maintaining discipline in life.

You can become a great soldier, a great officer, a great worker with PUSHYA NAKSHATRA – but you can become a GREAT MAN – a GREAT WOMAN only when you RISE ABOVE THE SENSE OF DUTY and REALIZE THE ESSENCE OF RESPONSIBILITY – and then there is a song to it – then everything around you is the same – but you are no more the same – then life is transforming into a beautiful painting – a dance!

Not LETTING GO – is another quality of PUSHYA. Saturn never want you to LET GO – Saturn wants REVENGE – SATURN wants you to PAY BACK. SATURN is highly material – meaning PRACTICAL by nature – and therefore when SATURN is very powerful in a horoscope – the person becomes TOO DRY – TOO REVENGEFUL – and when PUSHYA is in prominence then the emotions are too high and through the trap of emotions – the native can go to any extent – in short – SATURN DEALS WITH REALITY OF THIS MATERIAL WORLD – and so it is difficult for such a person to realize the significance of LETTING GO – the significance of MEDITATIONS – the significance of FORGIVING.

Many times you are NOT willing to forgive. The greater the IGNORANCE the greater you are adamant on NOT TO FORGIVE.

But then what happens? You remain trapped in yourself! You become the ‘prisoner’ because you are always thinking of the person you don’t want to forgive. You become a ‘prisoner’ of your nature of NOT LETTING GO.

And the moment you LET GO – the moment you say “ What has happened has happened – I FORGIVE YOU.” – the moment you say this from the depth of your HEART – a great relieve comes to your whole being! Suddenly you start looking more beautiful than you are – suddenly you start looking more lively than you are – suddenly you come back ‘home’ – to your ‘source’ – to where it all had started!

Pushya finds it difficult to forgive. My answer or my sharing is simply to HELP all PUSHYA natives to realize that it is through the HIGHER REALMS OF CONSCIOUSNESS that you CAN FORGIVE – you CAN RISE ABOVE DUTY AND REALIZE THE IMPORTANCE OF RESPONSIBILITY – that you too CAN transform yourself – after all this HUMAN LIFE – this ASTROLOGY is NOT JUST TO LET YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE – IT is NOT a FULL STOP, it is just a comma, it is just a signal – that you can begin afresh – that you can restart – that there is always a SECOND CHANCE – and life always provides you with a second chance – to GROW, to TRANSFORM, to REALIZE your shortcoming – to EVOLVE into a much matured person!

SATURN PUSHYA is at the start of maturity.

SATURN ANURADHA is at the mid of maturity.

SATURN UTTARA BHADRAPAD is at the peak of maturity – here SATURN is much matured and the abode of JUPITER (Pisces) brings a certain depth to SATURN – a certain level of understanding to SATURN.

Interestingly – Saturn makes His home in all the three signs of EMOTIONS and SENSITIVITY! All the three SIGNS – CANCER, SCORPIO, PISCES are signs that melt – that can melt – that can cry – that can show their emotions – that can express themselves in the most beautiful way possible!

It is one of the strangest thing to happen – that the most DRY planet SATURN dwells in the NAKSHATRAs of the most juicy – most emotional sensitive signs! These all three signs are signs of MOKSHA – final liberation!

You see – that is why SATURN dwells in these signs – because it is only through the KARMIC CYCLE that the liberation happens – KARMA YOGA is the territory of SATURN and SWAMI VIVEKANANDA beautiful conveys the significance of KARMA YOGA in this KALI YUG!

Why CANCER, SCORPIO and PISCES are addressed by the ancient seers as the MOKSHA triangle – or the Liberation triangle? The answer is in Swami Vivekanand’s above quote!

Jnana Yoga (Knowledge) – PISCES

4. 8. 12. First BHAKTI has to evolve within your being. Through BHAKTI comes the consciousness of executing your KARMA in the most gracious way. YOGA is possible only when your actions (KARMA) are in the right direction. And ultimately – when everything comes together – then Jnana YOGA is formed and it is through this passage of Jnana (SELF-REALIZED knowledge) that the ultimate MOKSHA – LIBERATION happens – and it happens in the 12th sign of Pisces – and it happens very much when you are ALIVE. You don’t have to die to become liberate – it is a myth that people believe that MOKSHA happens after death.

What is MOKSHA? MOKSHA is ultimate freedom from the prison called MIND! The moment you have gone beyond MIND – MOKSHA happens – ENLIGHTENMENT happens – Jesus attained MOKSHA while being ALIVE, BUDDHA, MAHAVIRA, MUHAMMAD – all the divine masters attained the stage of MOKSHA while being ALIVE – and so please remove this myth from your mind that MOKSHA happens after DEATH.

Understand the fact that you are born in a specific NAKSHATRA and SIGN based on your evolution – based on the level of your NATURE.

A pious man or a pious woman with certain quality of nature will be born on a STAR or NAKSHATRA that RELATES to his or her quality of nature!

So it is not GOD who directs you to born on a certain NASKHATRA – it is your own KARMIC QUALITY that directs you to born on a certain NAKSHATRA.

A person born in PUSHYA – because HIS or HER level or state of evolution matches the frequency of PUSHYA – you see – NEXT BIRTH – based on ‘whatever you have made of yourself in this life’ – accordingly you will be born on a specific Nakshatra.

And so come – come you all and meditate. Through meditation you can come to the realization of your own shortcomings – and once the AWARENESS of your own shortcomings is instilled within you – then the flame of your AWARENESS will BURN UP all the DARKNESS of IGNORANCE and will lead you to the higher altitudes of HUMAN LIFE.

That is why the divine master – one of the greatest YOGI of this millenium – PARAMHANSA YOGANANDA says “This world is the place to do it.”

This world is the place to evolve yourself into a new man – a man of awareness, a much matured man, a much evolved meditative man.

Meditation is the only miracle that can transform you into a new man. Every NAKSHATRA has a shortcoming and every NAKSHATRA has some great qualities.

The EMOTIONAL quality of PUSHYA can be a great QUALITY – only if these emotions are purified.

In spiritual journey – EMOTIONS play a very important role. Because BHAKTI or DEVOTION is based on EMOTIONS – PURE EMOTIONS.

Unless you purify your emotions – meditation cannot fructify!

Mohan asked “How to purify emotions?”

Nowadays Mohan have been following me a lot and so his questions are becoming more deeper.I said “ You have asked a beautiful question, Mohan.”

Emotions are purified by reciting the SHLOKAS, STOTRAS, DEVOTIONAL HYMN.

Emotions are purified by chanting the Lord’s name – “Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare” “Ram Ram Jai Raja Ram”

Emotions are purified by listening to devotional songs.

All the efforts of a spiritual sadhak or seeker should be towards purification of emotions. Emotions are good but only when they are purified.

Purity of Body.

Purity of Thoughts.

Purity of Emotions.

By eating a proper sattvic diet – purity of body is attained and maintained.

By chanting the name of the Lord and reading the holy scriptures (Gita/Quran/Bible) – purity of thoughts is attained and maintained.

And when THOUGHTS are purified – the EMOTIONS naturally get purified – then you will cry – but those tears will be of joy – of devotion – of bliss!

Then you will dance – but in that dance the dancer will not exist – the dancer (ego) gets dissolved into the dance (sadhana/meditation)! Such a dance looks so gracious so moving so wonderful!

This is the way of its happening, this is how it happens – it can happen to you all – only and only IF you are WILLING to turn inwards – if you are willing to embark on the most beautiful journey of your life – the JOURNEY WITHIN!

If you all will observe closely than you will realize that – we all make decisions based on emotions than by thoughts! It is a very hard truth – but it is also a very revolutionizing truth – that people do not live so much according to thoughts, people live more according to emotions!

There are so many brands of mobile phones – and so many shops. But you will BUY that brand which relates to your emotions! And what triggers this relating to certain brands?


Watch all the advertisements – and most of them are directly focusing on your EMOTIONS! There are many such advertisements – one that I remember much is of Hyundai Cars (Celebrating 20 years) advertisement.

The advertisment begins with an Army officer who has lost his way and now urgently needs a lift – and he is on a very important mission- KARGIL war.

He seeks a lift and a civilian is on his way – he is driving a Hyundai car – he stops his car, the officer says “But you are going straight way and I have to go towards Kargil – it is on the opposite direction.”

The civilian says “ No problem, I will drop you at your posting in Kargil, please get inside the car.”

On the way the officer asks “ Where were you going?”

The civilian says “ I was actually heading for a Government Job interview. Only if I get this job than my marriage is possible! My ‘to be’ father-in-law wants me to first get a Government job – only than will he agree for our marriage!”

The military officer is taken aback.

They reach KARGIL. The civilian happily says “See I dropped you in time. You have reached KARGIL.”

The officer says “ But you will miss your job interview. And it must be very important for you. Your marriage is dependent on getting the job….”

The civilian smiles and says “Sir, I am clear about one thing…those who serve the nation – must be served first.”

So such beautiful deeply moving advertisements capture your emotions – it reflects the feeling that those who drive Hyundai – CARES for others – CARES for the NATION.

So you see – emotions is what DRIVES your LIFE. Without emotions – LIFE becomes a dry ARID land. With Emotion – the land is no more arid, no more dry – flowers start blossoming, green pastures, and life becomes a garden of bliss!

Always remember that your HATRED, your ANGER, your LOVE is related to your EMOTIONS and not thoughts.

You may have noticed, in fact all of you may have noticed that many times – you decide that you will not get angry — but then when the time comes – you get angry!

Thinking – you think that you should not become angry – you think that you should not propose – you think that you should not say ‘YES’ – but when the time comes – your EMOTIONS overcome your thinking and you do exactly that which you had decided NOT TO DO!

Cancer is an emotional sign. But Pushya is ruled by Saturn – it has the nature of Saturn but quality of Cancer! So you have a person who appears STRICT on the outside but is a butter within! My grandfather was a Cancer man with Pushya – whole life he remained a dutiful person – he was strict – at least that is what it appeared to those who lived with him – but from within he was a very emotional man. When his dad died (my great-grandfather) he was the only man who cried whole night – whole night he cried – people were surprised because they had never seen him crying – they never had imagined that this man has a heart – has emotions – it happens – it always happens that those who have been appearing as ‘stones’ – melt when the time comes – they simply melt – and the whole world wonders – because they never had seen the softer side of such men, they forgot the fact they are CANCERS – hard on the outside – very protective – but very soft WITHIN!

The outer shell of the crab – is very HARD.

The inner body of the crab – is very SOFT.

And that is exactly how a CANCER man or woman is – HARD on the outside – because they are very protective – PREVENTION and DEFENSE are their primary MOTTO and so they have to be HARD on the outside just the way you see this beautiful CRAB and his hard outer shell.

Their world is made of WATER. They are found in fresh water and salt water – WATER is their world – WATER represent EMOTIONS – they are juicy people – they are active people – they are very emotional people.

Now Pushya brings a much more stricter or harder outer SHELL than the other two NAKSHATRAS in CANCER (Punarvasu and Ashlesha) – in fact PUSHYA comprises most of the CANCER’s defensive nature!

The spiritual journey is based on how pure your emotions are!

We have seen the many ways to purify emotions but how will you realize or come to the state of realization that your emotions are purified? What is the way to measure the purification of your emotions?

The answer is simple – it is to be measured on the following four qualities:





The last quality – GRATITUDE is of immense importance – unless you become GRATEFUL you really cannot attain anything in this life or life beyond!

Not everybody is grateful. Not everybody has a sense of Gratitude.

And only those who have been grateful, only those who a heart filled with GRATITUDE are blessed with happiness. Because it is NOT happiness that brings GRATITUDE, it is GRATITUDE that brings HAPPINESS!

And so to all Pushya natives – I appeal – BE GRATEFUL, BE THANKFUL.

Saturn is not a very thankful being. Pushya is not a very thankful Nakshatra. But still – through your own efforts you can overcome the nature of SATURN and become more and more thankful – grateful, and this change – this transformation will then bring abundance of happiness in your life.

A man who says ‘Thank you’ from the bottom of his heart is a man worth connecting with! He understands life – he values life – he has a grateful heart – such a man always comes out of difficulties – because GOD LOVES A GRATEFUL HEART – GOD LOVES A GRATEFUL MAN!

And so no matter how many difficulties you are going through – no matter if you are JOBLESS at this moment – no matter if you are HOPELESS at this moment – as long as you are THANKFUL – as long as you are GRATEFUL for all that GOD has blessed you with – you will continue to progress in life.

Mohan said “ What if my job is gone?”

I said “ Mohan – look at yourself. Look closely and remember – just remember what you were 20 years ago! 20 years ago nobody looked at you – nobody even thought of you – that one day you will become an officer of such a high caliber!”

Mohan said “ That is true.”

I said “ Now tell me – from streets to the skyscrapers – your journey of life has been fascinating – now tell me if GOD has been so much kind to you and so even if you lose your job because of the ongoing global economic factors – then do you think GOD will forget you?”

That never happens – the CHILD may forgot his FATHER, but the holy FATHER never forget HIS CHILD!

At our core – we all are CHILD OF GOD! And when this feeling – when this TRUTH goes DEEP into your being – then the FEAR does not EXIST! Then no matter whether you are on job or your are out of job – then whether you are under heavy debt or you are losing heavily in business – no matter what – then YOU KNOW – that GOD IS GOING TO FIX IT ALL – you don’t have to FIX anything – you just have to FIX your HEART on HIS HOLY NAME and then the MIRACLE starts happening – the greatest miracle of your LIFE that the world had ever known!

And so come – come you all and focus on your meditation. Many people will try to disturb you -offend you and I meet many such people all across – but that should not DISTURB you – because you all are beautiful – your heart is beautiful – the heart is always beautiful – what makes it ugly is your MIND – the MONKEY MIND!

Buddha says – Rule over your mind else the mind will rule over you.

Who is this ‘you’ that Buddha refers to?

It is your SELF – soul. Meditation is a medium to bring you closer to your SELF – soul.

And the sooner you start coming closer – the more challenges you will have to face – because the MIND won’t let you out of its prison so easily – the MIND will try all ways possible to distract you – to hold you – to enslave you – but it is YOUR FAITH, it is YOUR DEVOTION, it is YOUR EFFORTS that can help you overcome the monkey mind and experience the real taste of FREEDOM for the every first time in your life. The key is ‘persistence’ – the key is ‘consistency’ – the key is ‘efforts’.

Take efforts – sit daily for meditation. God has given you all the necessary ‘ground’ – else you all would have not been following me! You only follow that which also is within you – you only appreciate that which is also within you!

And so you all have it – you all have the capability to rise above the mind – you all can FLY – you all have the wings to fly – all you need is to learn how to fly – and you can learn it only when you start turning inwards – when you start meditating – when you start taking efforts to spread your ‘wings’ and take to the sky!

The ‘sky’ is the consciousness – the moment you start flying in the higher realms of consciousness – you ‘arrive’ and then the master says “ Welcome back home’”

The master is waiting – the master can wait for indefinite time, you don’t have to rush to seek the master – the master will come in search of you – only when you learn to spread your wings and ‘fly’.

Meditate. And take to the sky. Fly!

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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