What are auspicious and inauspicious colors as per Astrology?


There is NO such thing as auspicious and inauspicious color in this human life – if I may say so. We think that we SEE by our eyes – but in reality we all SEE by our MIND!

So we see and the MIND goes on creating many illusions – for a minute keep aside the mind and then the question of what color is good or bad – will simply cease to exist!

Let me tell you and to all my readers, followers and fellow travelers- that if a BLACK garment is offered by Sai Baba to you then tell me – and I say it again – tell me – won’t you keep that utterly BLACK garment close to your heart?

It is the MIND – (the MOON). Colors that you like – are the likes of the MOON – your MIND and the Mind is just a traffic of thoughts that hold no connection to the REALITY of THINGS.

But people want entertainment so then they try to see which color suits which ascendant or moon sign. In reality the TRUTH is that it is all MIND GAME – the reality – the existence is simply happy to relate with you – no matter what color shades you use.

It all depends on the PERCEPTION.

Always remember if you are living with consciousness- if you are living with love – if there is a certain light of awareness within you then no matter what color you wear or color you use – it will always bring good quality to your life.

When I was in my mid twenties – I was very attracted towards the bright vibrant colors.

Wherever I would go for shopping- I would buy bright vibrant shades. Then slowly time started changing. Then slowly I started changing – then everything around was the same but I was no more the same. Then the meditations then the prayers then the love and life was no more the same! That is the miracle of love and blessing of the compassionate master, the benevolent master. And so now I like light shades – in fact now I like only one shade and that is WHITE. PURE WHITE.

So the point I am trying to make and help you and all my dear followers and readers is that there is no such thing as auspicious and inauspicious colors – there is only one thing – DARK OR LIGHT SHADES! And that’s all!

So if your LAGNA is KUMBH with MEEN RASHI or any other LAGNA – all shades are available to you – to use – the question that you should ask yourself – what quality of shade you want to use – DARK or LIGHT!

AND this is deep. The whole essence is in just one thing – and I specifically say it to all my readers and followers – that ask yourself – at this moment in your life what quality of shade you like – DARK or LIGHT?

DARK simply conveys that you are still at the base level of consciousness.

LIGHT simply conveys that you are now evolving to the higher altitudes of God Consciousness.

And the most beautiful peak comes when you are NO MORE caught up in the Dark or Light shades but NOW you simply love only one color that has no color – no dark and no light – it is called WHITE!

WHITE is a shade that relates to the planet VENUS!

And VENUS is LOVE – unconditional LOVE – PURE LOVE – and therefore VENUS EXALTS in the sign of PISCES – a sign that I love the most – a sign that rules the 12th house – the house of MOKSHA – the house of liberation – the house where the Buddha sits and meditates!

And so see – the answer has come – it is WHITE. You are a PISCES and colors are meant for the MIND – the REALITY has nothing to with any shade. We choose color because we see through our MIND! The BUDDHA would NEVER MIND of what color you offer him because the BUDDHA simply rejoices in a state of NO MIND!

Just out of compassion and love – I am sharing the fact that only WHITE is the shade that surpasses all the shades – it simply shows purity- love , openness and compassion.

When in doubt – always select White. Not because it has to do with auspicious or in-auspiciousness BUT simply because it is ABOVE ALL the notions that hold you back – because it simply sets you free.

Black is to hold on – possessive.

White is to LET GO – total freedom.

And the story of human life is caught up between Black & White! Between Rahu & Ketu.

Rahu wants to cling – possess. Ketu is simply willing to Let Go!

White is a Let Go.

Meditation is a Let Go says the spiritual master – Osho.

Lord SHIVA is the EPITOME of LETTING GO – the EPITOME OF living life with ACCEPTANCE – nobody could accept the ‘poison’ but LORD SHIVA ACCEPTS the poison – drinks it just to SAVE THE WHOLE UNIVERSE – and LORD SHIVA simply rejoices in WHITE – even the flowers we offer to HIS HOLINESS is of WHITE SHADE!

What a coincidence – today is also MONDAY – a DAY to celebrate the WHITE – the PURE – the SHIVA!

And so I have seen that whosoever is following a meditative way of life – who are living in a Let Go – who are living with Acceptance- they slowly slowly start finding comfort in only one shade – WHITE.

And so I never do any discrimination by categorizing anything as good or bad – because after all EVERYTHING is GOD’s Creation and the compassionate master – the divine man whom I love the most – expresses this reality in words that should be written in Gold.

Love and Light to all my fellow travelers and followers.

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And always remember – no man or no woman, no color and no day is good or bad – it is what we reflect from within – if a thief can transform into a great Saint – if an utterly hopeless man can transform into the most beautiful person the world had ever known – and you all know – through my sharing I have shared many such real life examples – then tell me – how can we go on labeling someone as auspicious or inauspicious? Always remember – the BAD can TRANSFORM into the GOOD! And always remember – the GOOD – at some point in his life was also BAD!

It is within US – within our hands to transform anything that is BAD into GOOD and WE CAN DO IT – only and only if we are willing to turn inwards and self-realize the many many deeper aspects of this ‘journey’ called life.

A woman born on a specific nakshatra is deserted by the society. A man born on a certain aspect is condemned by the society. The society is fake – because the same society goes on lecturing on how to NOT to discriminate! When in reality at every moment of life the society goes on discriminating – making life more difficult than it already is!

But the compassionate master will always ACCEPT you – no matter what color you are wearing on – no matter what nakshatra you are born – no matter how bad the people label your horoscope – the master will always accept you – the larger question is – whether you are willing to come, whether you are willing to SURRENDER!

There are many more things to share but for today, enough.

Meditate and let the ‘journey within’ begin.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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