What is the connection between Kundalini Shakti (Serpent power) & Astrology?


The horoscope ITSELF is called as Kundali in Indian context! Through your question — I would like to mention to all my followers and readers that Astrology is NOT different or separate from Spirituality. Astrology is a very small part of the vast cosmic world called the Spiritual world. Every human being comes with a Kundali ( divine energy)— but very few are able to AWAKEN the Kundali! 90% of the human population takes birth with a Kundali that remains asleep till they eventually die. 5% is behind awakening the Kundali. And the remaining 5% are NOT bothered about any awakening or any Kundalini awakening — they are simply lovers of God. They continue to sing the song of the Lord, chant HIS name and eventually it is these 5% who reach the stage of awakening — enlightenment. Because they simply loved — they never had any goal or agenda — they are the Buddha, the Jesus, the Mahavira, the Nanak Baba.

It is said that Mahakasayap was the first enlightened disciple of Buddha. He never asked a single question to Buddha. The other disciples said “ You never ask any questions — why?”

Mahakasayap said “ You all are right. It is true that I came all the way to seek answers, to seek enlightenment but when I met the master — just his omnipresence was enough. Just his voice, his smile and I simply allowed his words to penetrate my being. I lost all interest in asking any questions.”

And one day Mahakasayap became enlightened! And he laughed. Buddha said “ Why you laughed?” And Mahakasayap said “ Because I wanted to be the last one to attain enlightenment but I have become the first.”

That is how it is. When you are in love with the master — when you forgot about the destination and enjoy each moment in the presence of the master then and only then someday you attain — some birth you attain and even then you remain like a child — like Mahakasayap who simply laughed — a blissful laugh!

Always remember – and I specifically mention it for my close followers and readers – that you should learn to enjoy the journey (life) by living moment to moment – by bringing your MIND to the PRESENT moment – to the NOW moment. Only that man and only that woman is truly a spiritual being who is able to BE HERE NOW. Only that person can attain spiritual enlightenment who is NOT focused on attaining enlightenment but is focused on living moment to moment – experiencing each moment 100%. It is only when you are able to BE HERE NOW that you can enjoy things with total intensity.

Kabir wants seekers who are INTENSE. Baba Farid wants seekers who are INTENSE. Your intensity matters and not your belief!

Buddha says to his disciples ‘’Don’t waste your time talking with believers. Save your time for seekers because a seeker can JUMP into the unknown – a seeker can RISK all and even his life – a seeker is a totally different phenomena – he never asks “Whether God exists?’’ instead he asks ‘’Show me the way to experience God.’’ – I want seekers and not believers.’’

Every HOROSCOPE is DIVINE – that is how the ancient seers named it as KUNDALI – (the divine energy (consciousness) that dwells in human body! Nowadays horoscopes are no more read in paper copy format but still I fold my hands before reading any horoscope – no matter whose it is – because the KUNDALI (divine energy — consciousness) exists in every human being – the only difference is that most of them are totally asleep (ignorant).

For me – that man and that woman is of great worth – who is NOT behind any YOGA – who is not behind attaining enlightenment – but who is simply happy to sing a song in praise of the Lord – just the way Meera used to sing in praise of Lord Krishna!

There are many ways to reach God but the most beautiful way indeed is the path of LOVE and DEVOTION – Bhakti Marg!

The usual FEAR is that – what if I will be left ALONE? But to a devoted woman, to a devoted man – this FEAR never exists. Such a man – such a woman realize the difference between being ALONE and being LONELY.

Loneliness is the misery of missing the other. Aloneness is positive, loneliness is negative. When you feel lonely – it means you are missing someone – your happiness is dependent on someone. The state of being alone is the state of being rooted deeply within!

Always remember loneliness is sad – aloneness is blissful!

Only a man who is capable of being alone – can truly love.

Read my published books – to learn more.

Enough for now.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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