Which conjunctions signify a psychic mind?


Psychic mind is a double edge sword. If you can put it to good cause then it may prove to be an asset else generally it is self-destructive.

Rahu conjunction Moon is the most prominent sign of a psychic mind especially if there is connection with the 8th or 12th house.

Sun Moon Mercury is another conjunction that can lead to a psychic mind but here the person becomes too strong head and suffers a lot mentally in life.

Always remember — suffering is mental.

Retrograde Mercury with conjunction Moon is the most terrible placement and brings forth a psychic mind.

Retrograde Venus with Moon and Retrograde Mars is yet another conjunction that bring immense psychic-ness in SEXUAL acts. Person just gets into SEX without thinking much and also is always inclined in trying out new sex postures. It is said that Vatsyayan the author of KAMASUTRA listed around 84 sexual postures but to a person having Venus Moon Mars conjunction even this is not enough — they continue to explore new sexual postures — the bed partner may call such a person psychic however that is how they are — always interested in sex and thinking a lot about sex. Though breakup and cheating in relationships is something always happens in their life. But they continue with their sexual quest — they are made to enjoy sex as much as they can!

Retrograde Mercury with Moon is also a good sign of a psychic person.

Basically whenever Mercury is retrograde, whenever Moon is with Rahu, whenever Moon is with Sun ( Amavasya Born), whenever Ascendant lord is retrograde — remember that you are dealing with a psychic person.

Once it happened — when I was in college, a classmate — a young girl had come with me for attending a Religious function in a very ancient temple. Incidentally outside the temple was a street vendor and he was an old man selling garlands and coconuts to devotees visiting the temple. And he was a close friend of mine. Yes he was in his 50s and I must be 20 but I always have had old friends — wise friends and they somehow seem to be drawn towards me. And so this old man watched the young girl accompanying me and the next day when I went alone to meet him, he said “ That girl looks psychic to me.”

I was shocked because he never used to be so blunt and straight. But he was right — that girl was indeed a psychic. Her Moon was in conjunction with Sun and Mercury and her Ascendant lord was in the 12th house with Retrograde Venus!

Time passed by and after a decade when I met her accidentally — I got to know that she had three divorces, four relationships and now she was suffering from psychic attacks and insomnia.

I remembered that old man — he must be something and he was also very fond of me just the way many are!

Once it happened — I was studying in 11th grade. The classroom was packed, the class teacher was teaching when suddenly the school peon came and said ‘’Madam, someone has come to meet Addittya Tamhankar. He says — it is urgent.”

The teacher said “ I can’t let him leave the classroom. Ask the man to wait for sometime.”

The peon stepped ahead and whispered something in the teacher’s ear. The teacher’s face became pale white as if she was trembling with fear. She said “ Okay, I allow Addittya to leave. Addittya you can go and meet the man.”

I was wondering who could have come to meet me. Because my father had expired long back when I was 14 and my mother had expired when I was 4 years old. So who must have come to meet me.

I just strolled outside the school gate and there was this man — 6 feet tall, heavy body builder. He was the local DON of that locality. And he rushed towards me, and said “ I know you are an Astrologer and I have heard a lot about you from your class mates.”

I wondered how come I became so famous. It was true that I was studying Astrology and also predicting but I never knew that my predictions would become so popular that a local DON has come to seek my guidance, my consultation. And I was 20 at that time.

Standing on that crowded street — I looked into his chart that he had brought and it was a matter of Love Relationship! I said “Bhai Love matter hai. Seems you are in love.”

The Don or Bhai quickly responded smiling “ Yes yes you said it right. I am in love.”

The Don was in love with a woman. He said ‘ I will do anything but you tell me whether she will be my wife.’

I could look into his eyes — he was in love but he also was a psychic — his Mercury was retrograde and so was his Venus. I said to him “ You want to hear the truth.”

He said “ Yes. I have come all the way just to hear the truth from you. Don’t worry. Just tell me the truth.”

I said “ You will never be able to marry this woman. But you can have a relationship. Marriage is not a good choice for you. Never marry in life.”

Bhai became emotional. But somehow he controlled his emotions and said “ Thank you. I will remember your message. And if you face any problem with anyone — you can always contact me. Here is my visiting card.”

I left for my classroom. Already I had skipped one classroom session. I never had to contact that Don but wheresoever he is — he must be in good state if he would have listened to my message and remained unmarried.

Pressure from society and parents come — they all keep saying “ Get married” but marriage is not the only choice. Time has come when marriages are no more MANDATORY and couples will live together without marrying — as long as you live as a couple without marrying — your 5th house and 11th house is active. The moment you get married — 7th house and 1st house gets activated. So if 7th house is not positive or 7th lord is not positive then avoid marriage and embrace a live in relationship — that way love will continue to blossom with you and your partner — you will remain love birds!

Always remember — Marriage is Not the only choice. Love is enough. As long as you are in love with each other — it is more than enough!

Many married couples feel that the love that was in abundance before marriage — has started fading away. This is because — 5th is the house of Love affairs and the moment love affair changes into a marriage — the 7th house takes over and the 7th is union — a deal — a marriage is a legal deal. Isn’t it ? That is why when you no more can remain in a marriage — you have to first break the deal — legally to which the world calls ‘ divorce’!

But a relationship has no legalities involved. You can have multiple breakups yet nobody is going to address you as a ‘ divorcee’!

Every coin has two sides. Relationship has its good and bad sides. While Marriage also has its good and bad sides. Someday will share more on this.

It is necessary to remember that psychic-ness is not always bad — it can be a great asset if the conjunction that I mentioned has a positive aspect of Jupiter. Then a good psychologist is born. A good hypnosis expert is born. A good magician is born.

Still if you ask me then those who have been following me for many years will understand that good or bad — psychic mind is a poor substitute to a normal mind that can be easily turned inwards. Maturity comes faster to a normal mind then to a psychic mind.

Reminds me of an incident that happened in the omni presence of Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi.

A cat ate the squirrel. However, her small infant kids – the baby squirrels were somehow able to escape from the cat’s dangerous claws. Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi was observing closely – he quickly put those baby squirrels in a small cage – so that they can be protected until they mature – until they ‘grow-up’.
Bhagavan then turned to his devotees and disciples and calmly said
“These poor little squirrels do not have the maturity to know the dangers of the outside world, that if it goes out, the cat will make a meal of them. When they get that maturity, they will go hide inside by themselves. Until they get the maturity, we have to keep putting them inside. It is the same thing with our mind. Our mind does not know that if it goes to the outside world, there is nothing but suffering. It keeps running out in ignorance. When it gets the maturity, it will go inside by itself. Until then, it is our job to put it inside with effort -which we do in meditation.”

How beautifully and with such a simple example – the divine compassionate master revealed the significance of MEDITATION! Deeply touched by His Holiness Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi.

The whole purpose of meditation is to overcome the monkey mind. And so on top of that if one has a psychic mind then it becomes more difficult for the person to go beyond the mind.

Any qualities related to the mind – powerful mind, psychic mind, strong mind makes no sense especially when it comes to embarking on the Spiritual Journey!

Spiritual journey begins when you start moving beyond the mind.

And so when you ask about psychic mind – or anybody asks the same question – it simply means that the person is too much caught up in his or her mind – which is not a good sign if you really want to progress spiritually!

Reminds me of a story.

Once it happened – a man came to meet the master – Lao Tzu and said “ My master is a great psychic man. What do you say about your master? What can your master do? What miracles can he perform?”

Lao Tzu smiled and asked “What miracles your master has been doing?”

The man said “One day he told me to go to the other bank of the river, and I stood there with a piece of paper in my hand. The river was very wide, almost one mile. He was standing on the other bank and from there he started writing with a fountain pen, and the writing came on my paper. This I have seen, I am a witness! What can your master do?””

Lao Tzu said “My master does greater miracles than this. This is nothing. When he is hungry he eats, when he is sleepy, he goes to sleep.

The man said “What are you talking about? You call these miracles? Everybody is doing that!”

Lao Tzu said “Nobody is doing that. When you sleep you do a thousand and one things. When you eat you think a thousand and one things. When my master sleeps he simply sleeps: no tossing, no turning, not even a dream. He simply sleeps, he is totally in sleep. Only sleep exists in that moment, nothing else. And when he feels hungry he eats. He is always wherever he is. He lives moment to moment – he is always in the present moment.”

The man was puzzled. He said “I cannot see yet what there is in this.”

Lao Tzu said “But this is the miracle, the greatest miracle!”

To be in the present moment – 100% is indeed the greatest miracle.

What is so great about writing from one bank of the river to the other bank? What is the point? A psychic takes great interest in such ‘plays’ – a Buddha, Jesus, Mahavira will never waster their time in such plays of the mind – they are the masters – the real masters!

It is said that a man went to Ramkrishna Paramhansa (the Guru of Swami Vivekananda) and said “My master is a great man. He can walk on water.”

Ramkrishna said “ That is foolishness. I can just pay two paisa (two cents) to the ferryman and he can take me to the other side of the river. How many years your master had practiced to perform such miracle?”

The man said “18 years”

Ramkrishna laughed and said “This is too much. Just two paisa (two cents) is the value of this. Your master is a fool. Go and tell him that he should not waste his life this way. Make him aware. It can be done so easily.”

And this is so significant. This is how all the psychic men and women spend their life in fancies of doing such trivial miracles – when the real miracle is to BE HERE NOW!

A psychic mind is a poor mind – it cannot understand the simplicity of life – it cannot understand that God is simple, Truth is simple. The psychic master spend 18 years just to perform the miracle of walking on water! Isn’t that stupidity?

And we have many such stupid among us – who miss the point and that is how they go on missing life – what can be done in just 2 cents – the psychic mind spends 18 years for it!

A psychic mind is a fast mind – and a fast mind is a sick mind.

A man or a woman comes in this human world with a psychic mind because in their past births they have been in the same state of mind – a psychic mind!

But you can stop this unending cycle of births and rebirths of psychic mind – when you start turning inwards – when you start following the word of the Master – when you take to meditations – it is a slow process – because you have done much damage to your mind from many past births – it is going to take time – GOOD THINGS ALWAYS TAKE TIME – the larger question is whether you are willing to JUMP within – whether you are willing to start meditating every day and whether you are willing to fight back the many temptations that your psychic mind brings along – if you are – then this birth can be the turning point of your life!

Many times it happens – you are in search of someone or something and you end up meeting something that is more beautiful than what you were searching for!

Always remember – all miracles and all psychic mind ‘propagandas’ are ego trips. There is no truth in it.

Ramkrishna Paramhansa used to say Äll miracles are EGO trips!

And this is so true – so true. Only my few close followers can relate to this ultimate truth that Ramkrishna so compassionately shares with us.

Always remember – a real man of religion is a miracle and His miracle is very subtle.

The real miracle starts happening when you start asking yourself – the question “WHO AM I?”

Who am I? – Many don’t even come to realize the significance of this question. Your spiritual journey begins only when you start asking yourself – Who am I?

Retrograde Mercury, Moon with Rahu, Moon with Sun, Moon with Retrograde Mercury – these and many such conjunctions that has no aspect from Jupiter are a sign of psychic mind – but with consistent efforts – by turning inwards – by spending quality time with your SELF – by meditating every day – chanting the name of the Lord – you can overcome this psychic mind.

There is always 1% space left by GOD – 99% astrology can be accurate but 1% is the space that is specifically left for you to make a positive change within yourself – because when you change – only then will your destiny change for good.

Always believe in the Power of Possibility – everything is possible – the larger question is – Are you Ready?

Meditate. Turn inwards.

Blessing to all my close followers. Stay connected and stay blessed.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

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