At what age does a D9 (Navamsha chart) activate?

Written By Addittya Tamhankar


D9 chart is your real self. It is your Swa-roop (Swa – self. Roop ‘THE Real YOU’)

The whole world may condemn you – because they can only see your physical state – they cannot see the ‘Real You’ – the one that is hidden – the one that is real you! For that they first have to reach the stage of realizing their ‘self’!

There was a young man. And soon he lost his wife, his daughter, and son. Then a day came when he also lost his home. The landlord threw him out on the streets with his luggage. It was a small village. The man took to drinking. Soon he became a drunkard. Whenever he would pass the narrow lanes of the village with a ‘bottle’ in his hand, people would move aside – as if he was untouchable – they would keep distance – they would make fun of him. They condemned him. They hated him. And the man would simply keep walking with a bottle in hand. His clothes were dirty, for many days he may not even have had a good bath, he just used his small amount of saved money for drinking alcohol and he drank to his heart…..and life continued. The villagers had plans to throw him out of the village but they could not – who wants trouble? Law of the land would not let them do so. So they simply continued to make fun, ridicule this man, often they would beat him, the man would bleed…..but nobody would care to come closer to him, they would just leave him bleeding, and the young man with his tearful eyes would see all that was happening to him, smile and would simply continue to live his life……without any complaints, without any resentment.

Then one day something strange happened, it was monsoon season and rains started and it rained so heavily and it just continued – the rains would not stop, the village was flooded with water…..the women, the children, the cattle – they all were trapped…and many were dying, many were about to die……the whole village was in havoc…..but the rains won’t stop.

And it rained heavily continuously for 5 days….and the villagers started praying, the head of the village arranged for prayers…the whole village gathered to offer prayers, for the mercy of God – but still the rains won’t stop…..the voice of crying, the yelling, the screaming was unbearable…..the young man who was always beaten, ridiculed, was, as usual, walking through the muddy lanes of the village and the screaming the crying the voice of suffering reached his heart and for that moment his heart moved….something happened within his being and for the first time his eyes were filled with tears…..unable to bear the suffering of his villagers….he looked up in the sky and with folded hands he prayed, he said: “God I beg you – please stop the rains…..I will give up drinking if you listen to my prayers……”

And it is said …….God listened to this man’s prayers. God said that if something good is going to happen, and if this man is promising to give up on drinking alcohol then let me listen to his prayers and that very moment the rains stopped!

Just one word from your heart just one word that comes from your SWAROOP – real self – and the word is heard, the prayers are answered!

If you take one step towards God then God will take one hundred steps towards you!

With one call from the very inner core of your being can move God than your 1000 words prayers!

This inner core is your D9 chart. Your Swaroop – the real you! Whenever anything that comes, springs from your inner being – it always vibrates with the universe, with the outside world!

The young man gave up on drinking alcohol. And soon he became the greatest lover of God that the world had ever known!

The villagers realized their mistake. They all came to say sorry and also to thank the young man to whom they had been condemning for so many months….they said “It was you who prayed for us and God listened to your prayers. We mistreated you, condemned you and did so many terrible things on you and yet your heart moved for our daughters and mothers, for our sisters and our wives…you saved us….from now onwards we will not trouble you anymore…we will offer you a new house…a job and anything that you would wish for and we can provide you…..”

The young man smiled and said “Now these four walls that you are offering me cannot contain me anymore… I am set on the greatest journey of my life…and the journey is with God…I cannot stay in this village anymore. The call from the heavens have come and I should follow HIS footsteps….”

And the young man set out on his spiritual journey……whenever he would meet people he would always share his own life story that – “If with just one word that comes from your heart – God can do this miracle than imagine how much God can do – if you give your whole life to HIM! If you surrender to HIS WILL in totality?”

But people are shallow. They say many things but they do exactly the opposite of what they say! There is absolutely no sync in what people think, say and do – and therefore miseries are more and happiness is less.

The young man in his prayers would always say:

“In the ‘pursuit of desire,’ people become drunkards. But in your ‘Love’ I have become a prayerful man.”

A totally condemned man, a totally rejected man – is accepted, is loved in the Kingdom of God – by God – simply because he has it – that the others don’t!

What does he have? And that is what is his D9 chart – his real self – his SWAROOP!

The water of the flowing river is sweet and pure. What you see is the DUST layer on it because it is ‘raining’ (karmic dues). You SEE the Layer of dust, the pattern of dust ( Ascendant chart) but to see the real pure water… see the true self of the flowing river…you have to go to its depth and that is where is your D9 chart or Navamsha chart!

Whether the water beneath the layer of dust is sweet or sour. Is poison or nectar, is good or bad is found only through the D9 chart.

There was one beautiful girl. And a young man fell in love with her. Somehow he found her birth details and requested for my guidance.

I said to him “ This girl will make your life miserable. Drop the idea of getting yourself involved with her and find someone else.”

But beauty is very distracting. The girl was so beautiful that the young lad could not help himself…he went ahead and then began the sweet story of “I love you” and “ You love me”…and after many days, one night I received a call from this young lad…and he said, “ Help me….”

I said what happened…and the boy said “ The girl has abandoned me – cheated me and now I am all stuck….don’t know what to do…don’t know where to go….”

This Girl had the worst D9 chart….with major planets falling in debilitated placements and Venus with Rahu in D9 chart! Moon with Mars, Shani and Sun – horrible mentality. And many such aspects where the “ water” (D9) beneath the layer (Ascendant) is not nectar but pure poison!

Then the next day the young lad came. He looked so weak, so pale. When I had met him, he was so fresh, lively and flowing like a river! But now he was all fade out. He said “ I should have listened to your advice. But I became blind in her beauty and the result you see what has happened to me.”

I said “ Mohan, in life never fall what appears to your eyes. When you SEE…you SEE through the Mind and the Mind cannot ‘see’ what lies beneath the appearance which your self can see.”

The young lad – Mohan said “I want to come out of this mess….please help. I can follow your advice. Please help me…”

I said “ Do one thing. Every day you write to me about what you did from morning to evening. All your daily activities- just draft it down and email me every night before the day ends. And be sure it should be in details.”

Mohan agreed.

Then for the next 10 days, Mohan would write a detailed mail of all his activities and send it to me.

“ Today I got up at 6 Am. Then I did this and that and then I went to college then I did this and then I had a new classmate and so on and on….”

And everyday details of his routine would come to me through his own expressions….

And on the eleventh day, I called him and asked:

“ How are you doing now…”

And his lost voice was back! The old depressed Mohan was gone and a new Mohan was born. He said “ I am feeling so good….. every day I am focused on what I am doing NOW…and it is so good…so beautiful to be in this NOW moment and because I have to write to you about my daily routine– I remain more conscious of every activity that I am doing….I am living now…..and I am so thankful to you.”

Life is all about ‘ING’….PRESENT TENSE!

Mohan found his life back. In the pursuit to share his daily activity with me….slowly he became focused on the NOW moment…..and when you are able to BE HERE NOW – then where is the question of any misery or any worry or any sadness? You are simply happy to BE – yourself and to BE – in this Now moment!

I was happy to see a young talented lad like Mohan getting back to his real self. Laughing…singing..dancing to his heart!

After many years, one day I received a call and it was Mohan. And Mohan said, “ I have got married and now a father of two kids.”

A young lad who was all pale and sad for being ditched by a beautiful girl was now living a happy married life – what else more is required! It just made my day!

The key is NOT to fall for APPEARANCE but to realize what lies beneath. And the way to get hold of this Key is to move beyond your mind and come closer to your self by trying to BE HERE NOW.

Life is flowing at this moment – if you miss the moment – you go on missing life…the height of your success depends on how much you are able to BE HERE NOW.

Meditation is possible only when you are living your life by focusing 100% on the present moment…the NOW MOMENT! When your MIND is able to BE HERE NOW….meditation is possible.

The water beneath the layer is always active. You cannot say that the water is not active and it will become active at a certain stage. The water beneath the layer of dust is always active – right from its point of evolution.

Similarly, the D9 chart (water) is active right from the beginning of your birth stage to your death stage. And also beyond that!

D9 is the blueprint of the quality of your self. To raise the quality of the self – a balance of good karma and the effort to realize your ‘self’ by being more and more meditative is necessary!

Based on your present life karma, the D9 chart does not change in your next birth. Because the D9 chart is of the higher realms. And so unless you put efforts to explore the higher realms of your Consciousness – the D9 chart and its nature remain as is.

The core ‘PATTERN’ is in the D9. The ‘DESIGN’ may keep changing every birth after birth – but as long as the PATTERN remains as is – how can you say that growth has happened, or progress of your ‘self’ has happened?

And it is only the divine intervention of the compassionate master that can help you all to change the repeating pattern of your life afterlife!

But the master comes – only when you are ‘ready’!

This readiness is your ability to surrender yourself in totality to HIS will.

People do everything, they will run from this temple to that temple, from this pundit to that pundit, but when it comes to surrendering – a very few can do so in reality!

Maybe that is one reason why Krishna loved Arjuna! And he loved him so much that it is beyond the power of expression! And why he would not love him – Arjuna had truly surrendered to his master – Krishna, in totality!

On the battlefield of Mahabharat war – Krishna says to Arjuna “Get up and shoot your arrow on that old man standing before you – shoot him, he is standing against TRUTH”

And the old man was Pitashree Bhishma – the man who loved Arjuna. And Arjuna too loved Bhishma – but with just one word of the master – Arjuna gets up and shoots Bhishma with his arrow – only a man who has surrendered in totality to his master can do such a thing – great courage is required and it comes only when you TRUST the word of your master – when you have totally surrendered to your master!

Throughout this human life, I have met people from all walks of life – and I have absolutely no hesitation to say that it is the most common man, the poor who is able to surrender much easily, much faster than your so-called white-collar man.

The poor have more of heart and less of the head. Your so-called rich men are trapped in their heads/logic – intellectuality, too much of learning. It is difficult for them to jump…..into the unknown….they will ask questions, raise doubts, debate but someone like Peter, the fisherman, an illiterate poor man can jump and he does jumps – leaves everything, drops everything with just one call from Jesus “Follow Me”!

And it is this Peter who goes on to become the greatest Saint of Christian Faith that the world had ever known!

Peter, the fisherman was poor – but in Jesus’s dictionary – Peter was the richest man that the world would have ever known!

The definition of the word POOR is very different in what you see in your dictionary and what is in God’s dictionary!

God calls a man rich who has become absolutely frustrated with the world, who has known all that it can give and has come to know that it is illusory. He has become aware of his ‘inner poverty’. Such a man says “No richness of the world can fulfill my hungry heart; nothing that I can possess can ever bring contentment to me. My poverty remains untouched by my riches.”

God calls such a man – a rich man. It has nothing to do with his money – it has more to do with the ‘SELF-REALIZATION of his inner poverty’! Such a man than whether he has millions in his bank account or he has just a penny in his bank account – such a man is RICH in God’s dictionary! Someone who has self-realized that Money, Wealth, Property, Fame is NOT the answer to the real question – the question of finding eternal joy, peace, and bliss!

Understand the fact that when Jesus says “Blessed are the poor because theirs is the kingdom of God.” – Jesus is referring to those who have self-realized their ‘inner poverty’ – it has nothing to do with the bank balance – it has more to do with the realization of your ‘inner poverty’ – a stage in your life when you realize that all of these cars, bungalows, properties – all of these pleasures of SEX, glory of fame, and power of money is NOT helping – and you have come to the point of cul-de-sac – where you have finally realized that in spite of having all of these – you cannot experience *that* happiness, joy, and bliss! Such a man is ‘poor’ and yet rich in Jesus’s dictionary, in God’s dictionary!

And then there are those who label themselves as RICH and yet they are the poorest fellows. These so-called RICH fellows exist in two types. The first – who has a lot of money and yet they want more and more and more. GREED never stops. And the second type is someone who is yet to taste the luster of money, cars, bungalows, sexual pleasures and so on.

Similarly, there are two types of poor men – one who has absolutely nothing and yet with his own self-realization – his own intelligence – he has become aware of the futility of this material world. And there is the other type of poor man – who has millions of dollars or rupees in his bank account and yet have realized that this all of the money, fame, and pleasures of this material world cannot help in true sense – it may serve the purpose of existing – but does not serve the higher purpose of life.

When Jesus says the “Blessed are the poor” – He is referring to those who have realized their ‘inner poverty’ – understand this, this is of great significance!

Jesus, therefore, had 12 Apostles whose financial state varied – Peter, the fisherman was financially poor – but Mathew, the TAX Collecter was financially rich – and yet if you ask Jesus – both were POOR – because when Jesus says POOR – it has less to do with the money factor – it has more to do with the self-realization of your ‘inner poverty’! And Mathew, the tax collector realized this inner poverty the moment he met Jesus – and Jesus just says two words – FOLLOW ME….and something moves within Mathew’s heart – his consciousness is called for and Mathew drops everything and starts following the richest man – Jesus Christ – a man who had no possessions, absolutely nothing! And yet there was nobody as RICH as JESUS – Mathew self-realized it at the very first glimpse of Jesus and then no questions were asked, no doubts were raised – no intellectuality was showcased – no debate – but total SURRENDER!

And that is why – in the very beginning I mentioned that only a POOR can SURRENDER. This poverty has nothing do with the status of your bank account – it has more to do with the status of your self-realization! The higher the self-realization, the poorer you would feel within – and then the journey begins – the journey beyond! And therefore Jesus says “Blessed are the POOR”!

Only a POOR can surrender. And Surrender is the GATE! It is the only GATE that can help you trespass the many miseries of your life – the question is are you willing to surrender in totality to your Lord?

Then no matter how your D9 chart is – you always can raise the bar of your D9 chart – only if you are willing to take that one courageous step – the step to surrender in totality!

The question should not be – when the D9 chart is activated because it is activated right from your birth time, the real question should be how to raise the quality of your D9 chart – and so in the larger interest of my followers and readers, this answer has come!

Only a man – only a woman who is following the heart – can surrender! The Heart can surrender – the MIND cannot.

The MIND is the hurdle between YOU and all that is DIVINE, BEAUTIFUL and JOYFUL!

The whole purpose of meditation is to overcome this monkey mind. But to do so – first you have to catch hold of your MIND and bring it to the present moment and then let it settle down – while you focus on your breathing – breath in, breath out – let the thoughts come and go – treat these thoughts as visitors – and don’t serve them tea! Don’t entertain the thoughts, just remain focused on one thought – the thought of your Lord – the holy name of your Lord!

“Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare.”

Just one name – one thought of the Lord – then whether that name is of Krishna, Rama, Ganesha, Vishnu, Shankar – that does not matter as long as you remain focused and meditate on anyone name – it is fine. The success of your meditation and when I say ‘your’ – it is meant for all my followers and readers – the success of your meditation is solely based on how much you focus on one thought (the holy name of your Lord)!

Ananda was very close to Gautama Buddha. He followed Buddha for almost 20 years! And yet Ananda had one problem – he could not meditate – whenever he would sit to meditate – many thoughts would come to his mind and then there would be havoc and meditation would become impossible! For many days he had been trying to find an answer to this problem….

One day they were walking through the forest. Ananda was following Buddha and after a while, Buddha turned around and said: “ I am very thirsty – could you please fetch me some water?”

Ananda said, “ Master, you rest under this tree, I will go back and get some water from the river.”

The river was a few miles away. By the time Ananda reached, it started raining heavily – the river was flooded with dust on its surface – Ananda thought that it would not be good to get water from the river as there was a thick layer of dust on its surface – and so he goes back to Buddha and says “ Master – the river is dusty – there is a layer of dust on its surface, how can I fetch you water…..”

Buddha says “ Doesn’t matter. You please go back and wait until you get clean water for me.”

Ananda goes back to the same river, it is still raining, there is a thick layer of dust on the river surface – but ANANDA is a devoted disciple – he loves Buddha, he cannot see his master in this state – he is determined to collect clean water and satisfy his master’s thirst. And so he waits, and he waits and he waits and after a long time – the rains stop, the thick layer of dust starts settling down……and soon he could see the pure clean water flowing through the river…..

Ananda takes the clean water of the river to his master – Gautama Buddha.

And the moment he offers water to Buddha, Ananda starts crying, tears start flowing through his eyes…..looking into the master’s eyes – Ananda says “ How can I thank you – even if I pour out my whole heart to you – still how can I thank you….you have given me the answer that I have been seeking my whole life. I now understand that this request to bring water for you was just an excuse – to help me find my answer. I have got my answer – just the way I witnessed without involving myself in removing or touching the layer of dust – without giving much importance to the layer of that dust – similarly – when I sit for meditation – I should simply WITNESS the layer of thoughts and not entertain them – with time – these layer of thoughts will settle down on its own and then I can experience the ‘Self’ – just the way I experienced the flowing clean water of that river!”

Buddha said “Ananda, today you have realized the significance of WITNESSING – just witness, and all the ‘dust’ – all that is irrelevant will settle down on its own! You just be a witness and that’s all.”

Stay at the seashore – and just ‘witness’ the many high tides and low tides of the ocean (life). Do not go an jump in the ocean – that is how you get drowned, that is how you make your life miserable by getting entangled with all that is happening in and around your life!

So just stay on the seashore and WITNESS. This one small word – if you all can understand – and relate and make the center point of your existence then and only then you can rise above all your miseries – then only you can go beyond all your problems!

Problems exist as long as the mind exists – as long as you remain trapped in the prison of your mind! The moment you move beyond Mind – witnessing becomes possible – then you can meditate, then you can experience a glimpse of the beyond – in that state of NO MIND – you can experience the divine.

Your D9 can only upscale in its entirety when you rise above your mind! And nobody is going to tell you all this – because no books have it – it is not written in any scriptures and yet I am telling you all – if you can relate, you can progress, you can experience something that is far beautiful than what you have been trapped into!

The higher realms of life, the real you, the SWAROOP is only to be found through the state of your D9!

Since the subject is of SWAROOP (D9) – how can I miss to mention the divine Saint – Swami Swaroopanand of Pawas!

A beautiful real picture of Swami in a deep meditative state.

The story of this great Saint is truly fascinating. He was born in a very rich family. They were landlords. And he grew up just like any other boy would. He went to Mumbai for his higher studies and then joined the freedom struggle movement against the Britishers. He was the hero of those times, and life was going on….when one fine day – he fell sick – and it was so severe that he had to return back to his village – Pawas. And it is here that a new story began – the story of transformation, the stage to which Jesus addresses as ‘Reborn’!

After going through many months and years of severe sickness – the young man took to meditation – and he dedicated his whole life to this one purpose – the purpose to know your ‘self’ – self-realization!

And a day came in his life – when the moon became full when meditation came to its ultimate state! When the enlightenment, the ultimate state of consciousness was experienced – and from that day onwards – a new man was born – a new Saint was born – the enlightened Swami Swaroopanand!

People experienced many miracles through his divine blessings. He wrote one of the most beautiful books on Bhagavad Geeta. Today, a beautiful SAMADHI TEMPLE of HIS stands tall in the beautiful village of Pawas! Swamiji took SAMADHI in his village itself, today the whole village is known for his Samadhi Temple!

A beautiful real picture of Swami Swaroopananda Samadhi.

The Government of India recently released a postage stamp ticket in his remembrance:

Swamiji spent his whole life in emphasizing on the significance of meditating on the Lord’s holy name.

The first thing that should be as a foundation for your whole life is – the Art of Meditation.

Meditation is the only science that can transform you into a new person! Then you can understand D9, then you can understand and vibrate with all charts – why just D9!

So come, come you all – let us spend some time in deep meditation. The karmic cycle always remains – as long as this physical body exists – the shadow of our KARMA is always going to be there! So don’t get lost in this shadow (Rahu) – come out of this shadow – by getting to the stage of WITNESSING! The more you detach yourself, the more you can be a Witness. Buddha through his deep compassion share with Ananda – the beauty of witnessing.

A real-life can be built only on the eternal rock of WITNESSING!

Sometimes, marriage is not happening, sometimes, a good job is not coming on your way, sometimes, the marriage is not working out well and there are many such instances that almost everybody have experienced in this life or the lives before this life! Buddha is encouraging us all to remain rooted within and simply WITNESS all that is happening before your eyes – without getting entangled, without getting attached – life is like a flowing river – always REMEMBER – nothing lasts forever – not good times and not even bad times!

Change is constant. Except for Change, everything else changes! My heart moves when I read the many emails that you all send me with all your pain and sufferings, but you all have to be patient, you all have to be faithful.

PATIENCE and Being FAITHFUL are the two greatest qualities that can help you overcome the greatest hurdle of your life – and I say it without any doubt, without absolute NO DOUBT!

Sai Baba wants only these two things from you – and if you can give it – then let me tell you – there is nobody as beautiful, as courageous and as intelligent as you!

Tomorrow – Navratri begins! The Nine days of fasting begins. The singing, the dancing, the celebration of love begins. Without the presence of the woman – this material world would not have evolved! The woman is at the very core of this human world. She is the Provider! A woman is a provider – nobody can understand love as much as a woman can! A man may say “I think, I love you” but a woman will simply say “ I love you”!

The core of existence is a woman. Even to our planet – we address as Mother Earth!

The universe is Mother. Feminine. It is never closed. The universe is never closed. It is always open – the door is not locked. All you have to do is ‘knock’ and the door will open…all you have to do is take that first step towards love – and the universe will take one thousand step towards you! A woman waits, she is never going to step ahead and say “I love you.” – She will wait, her love is expressed through her unconditional waiting. She will wait and wait and wait – and the moment you step ahead with love, with devotion – you will realize that your love is nothing – before her infinite love! The universe responds the deity responds, the Goddess responds – but understand that she responds – she never initiates!

It is YOU all – who have to initiate – and then you will be showered with her infinite love and blessings.

Prosperity comes only when you learn to respect the woman. Love is not ready-made, it comes only through your own action, your own initiative.

As we all begin with the celebrations of the Navratri festival, let us offer unconditional love at Her holy feet and let us all celebrate the divinity in feminity with utmost love and devotion.

Always remember – no matter how difficult is your life, no matter how many challenges you may be facing, no matter how many hurdles are on your way – always celebrate life – because life is all about moments – if you are not here – at this moment – and if you are thinking about the future or the past – then you simply go on missing life – missing all the celebrations that life is made of!

And so celebrate life – and you will be able to celebrate life only when you are able to BE HERE NOW – only when you have realized the higher realms of life which in turn is your D9 chart – it is there, it is always there – there is absolutely no need to wait for its activation – because it is always in active mode – the real question is – whether you are able to consciously relate to your ‘self’ which is your D9 chart – and the way to do so – to relate is only through meditation, deep meditation.

Once you get into the cycle of daily meditation, once you start turning inwards, once you are on the journey towards the beyond – then the celebration begins. Then every moment is a celebration, then life is no more just lived, but also celebrated!

Come, you all, the beautiful moment has once again arrived – the Navratri festival! Come and rejoice in HER love, in HER devotion – dance to your heart, sing to your heart – let there be no suppression of your feeling. Suppression is suicideExpression is life! Let there be more expression to your life.

Life is for those – who know how to celebrate.

Let there be more ‘life’ to your existence. Let there be a dance, a song, music to your life. On the beautiful occasion of Navratri festival – keep all your worries aside and rejoice in HER omnipresence. The way to live a stress-free life is to celebrate life with all its shades and colors! And you will be able to do so when you learn to live your life in total Acceptance.

Celebrate life. Let the celebrations begin.

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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