Can the law of attraction and astrology both coexist?

Written By Addittya Tamhankar

Firstly – there is no such thing as LAW of attraction.

But there is ATTRACTION! There is NO Law – Absolutely NO Law – but yes – there is ATTRACTION. And this ATTRACTION is based on the QUALITIES (GUNA) that you have developed within you. By and by these qualities leads to certain KARMA and then follows the cycle of KARMIC CONNECTIONS – and this is deep – this is significant and I appreciate your question.

LAW of ATTRACTION is a man-made philosophy – and philosophies have nothing to do with the TRUTH.

Philosopher is like a BLIND MAN. And a BLIND MAN can be bold enough to claim how the LIGHT is – though HE has NEVER EVER experienced the LIGHT the DIVINE in true sense.

A Spiritualist has. He has experienced and so whatever he shares is coming through his own experiences and NOT Belief – NOT assumptions – NOT calculations.

Therefore I always say that – EITHER you are a PHILOSOPHER or you are a SPIRITUALIST – you cannot be both – either you are BLIND or either you have the ‘EYES’ to see. Either you are on the side of LOGIC and LOGIC and LOGIC and abundance of INTELLECTUALISM – OR – you are on the side of LOVE and LOVE and LOVE and abundance of INTELLIGENCE.

Philosophy has nothing but intellectualism – it is all HEAD – all calculations – NOTHING REAL. Calculations and LOGIC can take you from A to Z – but beyond that it cannot. Then you start suffocating – and that is what is happening – all these intellectuals and philosophers – continue to go round and round and round – just to realize at the end – that they have gone nowhere.

A philosopher is an intellect.
A spiritualist is a man of intelligence.

The MIND gives birth to Intellect. In fact the MIND loves intellect. MIND is intellectual which is indeed a very poor substitute for Intelligence.

Such a MIND then comes up with such FANCY ideas of LAW OF ATTRACTION.

Firstly – who makes the LAW? And this is deep. Because if you are saying or the whole human world is using the word LAW – than there has to be someone out there who governs the LAW – but in REALITY – there is NOBODY out there who is sitting or who is ‘appointed’ to govern the LAW.

IT ALL HAPPENS ON ITS OWN. THERE IS NO LAW. THERE IS NO JUDGE. THERE IS NOBODY – NO PERSON – IT SIMPLY HAPPENS ON ITS OWN. AND IT HAPPENS AT ITS OWN PACE – IT HAPPENS THROUGH ITS OWN PROCESS – and therefore people get lost when they THINK POSITIVE and yet positive is not what they get in return! BECAUSE THERE IS NO SUCH LAW. The GOOD that you do – may not be returned to you back – and one who indeed is truly focused on DOING GOOD – is LEAST INTERESTED to EXPECT anything in return – he is simply happy to help!

So this theory of THINK POSITIVE so that YOU GET POSITIVE – is purely the PHILOSOPHY OF THE MIND and the MIND IS CUNNING the MIND knows how to manipulate words and its meanings to its own SELF-INTEREST.

The Law of Attraction is the LOGIC of the MIND that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life.

And LOGIC has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the TRUTH.

There was one young man who lived in the US. And he met an old lady. The old lady belonged to a POSITIVIST GROUP that was very prominent fifty years ago in the US – they called themselves the Christian Scientists. They believe there is NO Negative in this world. Everything is divine. There is nothing wrong; everything is right. They forgot completely that IF there is nothing wrong, how are you going to define right? If there is nothing negative, how are you going to define positive? If there is no darkness, how are you going to define light? But certain people found it to be a very interesting philosophy.

The old woman asked the young man, “ I have not seen your father coming to our weekly meetings.”

The young man said “ He is very sick.”

The old woman said “ All nonsense! He has forgotten our philosophy? Sickness is your imagination. Just go home and tell him “Sickness is your imagination.” There is no sickness, no death, nothing wrong in the world. It is God who created the world. How can there be wrong?

The young man said “ I will convey your message.”

Three weeks passed and the old man did not turn up. Again the woman encountered the young man and asked him, “Did you convey my message?”

He said “ I did.”

The old woman said, “ But he has not turned up to the meeting.”

The young man said, “ I am sorry to tell you that NOW he imagines he is dead!”

TRUTH cannot be conveyed to such a woman – such kind of people – who simply cannot ACCEPT – cannot FACE the TRUTH – that DEATH exists – that the old man has died. These kind of people who keep on saying “Be Positive” are in true sense denying to SEE THROUGH the REAL – that exists in and around us and that is the greatest irony of this human world.

WHAT is – is. If a man is doing wrong – you cannot go on saying to yourself – BE POSITIVE – you have to FACE THE TRUTH and DEAL WITH IT.

Always REMEMBER – and I say it all my followers – readers and fellow travelers – that there is ATTRACTION – but there is no LAW as such. Because LAW means CONDITIONS – LAW means -a predefined theory – a concept – LAW means REGULATIONS – LAW means all that which means everything BUT FREEDOM.

And the whole UNIVERSE thrives on FREEDOM – unless there is FREEDOM – there cannot be anything possible under this SUN. Anything that is beautiful – anything that is lovable anything that is meaningful.

So there is absolutely no LAW – because the moment you say it is a LAW – you are giving a GUARANTEE – and LIFE HAS NO GUARANTEE.

And so I tell you all – that DO GOOD – but whenever you DO GOOD – do NOT expect GOOD in return – this very idea of EXPECTATION brings a certain SELFISHNESS to your being and then the essence of all that you DO GOOD – is lost – is simply lost.

THE LAW OF ATTRACTION is for those MIND and those LOGICAL beings and those INTELLECTUAL beings who are DOING GOOD with an EXPECTATION of GETTING GOOD BACK – these are DEALS and DEALS are made in the MARKET – not in the REAL WORLD – not in GOD’s KINGDOM. DEALS are of the MIND – and so men and women who have been following their MIND have come up with these kind of FANCY TERMS – called LAW of ATTRACTION.

Buddha will not understand what this LAW of Attraction – because HE is so innocent – he is so SELFLESS that he JUST IS NOT BOTHERED of WHAT COMES OUT OF HIS POSITIVE ACTIONS – he just DOES GOOD and moves on – and so I love BUDDHA – the meditating beings LOVE BUDDHA – every MAN and every WOMAN who is following the HEART and NOT the MIND – loves BUDDHA – because BUDDHA does GOOD – out of LOVE and NOT out of LOGIC.

JESUS heals a blind man – gives him EYES – a NEW SIGHT – I am certain HE must not have thought of this LAW OF ATTRACTION when he would have healed a passing BLIND MAN…..

Jesus is walking on the road and suddenly a blind man comes to know that Jesus is walking towards him – somebody says ‘Jesus is coming….” and he listens to those words and he waits and as Jesus comes closer – he drops himself on Jesus’s feet and he starts crying and he says “ JESUS……Jesus……I pray to you….please please help me get my eyes back……”

And Jesus is such a beautiful person – such a compassionate master – that HE gets down on his knees – touched the blind man’s eyes and the blind man starts seeing… first a very blurred vision……he could see a young face – with some beard….with glowing eyes…..eyes that showered so much of love…..and the first words that he says is that “ I SEE YOU JESUS ——i see you and he falls at the master’s feet – but Jesus raised him up and gave him a hug – and the man could not stop crying – he was touched he was blessed he was no more the same – everything around him was the same but he was no more the same…..

The blind man who is now no more a blind man – gets up and gives a HUG to Jesus and Jesus smiles – the Master is always happy to see the sick HEAL.

The Master – the very coming of the Master is to HEAL the SICK- yes, the master indeed is for the SICK.

Jesus heals the blind man – gives him eyes to see, gives him a hug and then moves on – as if nothing special has happened – and this is how the REAL MASTER is – they never take the credit to themselves – they give it all to the ALMIGHTY GOD – they simply state that

“GOD is the creator and I am HIS humble SERVANT.”

And GOD’s servant has NO EXPECTATION. Has NO AGENDA. He is therefore FREE – FREE to live his life in his own bliss – his own peace.

The WEST calls it GOD CONSCIOUSNESS, INDIA we call it Krishna CONSCIOUSNESS – the FAR EAST call it BUDDHA CONSCIOUSNESS – names change – but what remains is CONSCIOUSNESS – you may give it any name – what needs to be REMEMBERED is that – GOD IS THE ULTIMATE FRAGRANCE OF YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS!

And to SERVE GOD – selflessly is the most beautiful blossoming that can happen to you – to all those who are reading this answer.

But who wants to listen? Even this answer maybe collapsed – but as long as it remain it can benefit a few of my genuine followers and readers.

People are running and running to advance themselves spiritually – while the real gem of a person is LEAST interested in any advancement – HE or SHE is simply devoted to SERVE the LORD by serving those in NEED.

When you HELP – without any AGENDA – without any self interest – without any selfish motive – you are creating a much better ground for meditation to blossom – to flower! So you see – first comes your KARMA – do GOOD without thinking about any such logical fancies such as LAW OF ATTRACTION and then you will TRULY ARRIVE – you will find way back HOME.

Whenever you do anything GOOD OUT OF HEART – spontaneously – it is called the ACT OF RANDOM KINDNESS (ARK). It comes spontaneously – there is absolutely NO SPACE to even think about such intellectual fancies – when you do good – you do it out of love and NOT out of expectation and THEN it is the REAL GOOD KARMA and this KARMA then follows you – yes it is the KARMA that follows you.

Just the way a ‘calf’ finds his or her mother – even though she is standing with thousands of other cows – similarly your ‘KARMA’ finds you among thousands of people – you just CANNOT escape your KARMA! No matter where you go – your KARMA follows you – What you have done – follows you – the astrologers call it KETU – the Saints call it KARMA. Whatever you have DONE – is your KETU.

Mohan asked “ Then who is RAHU – what is Rahu?”

I smiled and said “For that you have to read my book on Rahu. But since that will take some time for you – let me tell you what is RAHU….”

Rahu is your DESIRE – which compels you to take BIRTH – again and again and again until you SELF REALIZE the FUTILITY of the base desires and start RAISING the quality of your DESIRES.

Attractions to a certain woman, a certain man similarly takes place based on the PAST KARMIC CONNECTIONS or DUES.

AND ASTROLOGY SIMPLY SIGNIFY THESE KARMIC ATTRACTIONS – so the question of co-existing does not arise – they are NOT TWO ENTITIES – they are NOT SEPARATE ENTITIES – they are the TWO SIDES of the SAME COIN – called LIFE!

Once it happened, a great Emperor was found to have a strange ailment. A mole started appearing on his right hand – and before he could know, the mole had grown bigger and it had now started to pain. And the Emperor could not sleep, could not eat, could not enjoy any pleasures of the Palace. Life became difficult – many medical experts were called – but nothing worked. Now the Emperor went into deep depression – all the pleasures of the world were at his feet – beautiful maids, lovely queen, absolute power, millions and millions of treasury – thousand acres of land – EVERYTHING was there – but the Emperor was not happy – he was spending sleepless nights….and the ministers and the people were worried – they all wondered who would heal the Emperor – they all kept him in their prayers….they believed that someday God would send somebody soon….

And that day came. In that kingdom came a very old man – and he looked so gracious. His peace, His bliss, His glow – there was something about this old man – a certain fragrance lingered around him and he used to sit under a huge banyan tree – that tree became his home. The nearby flowing river became his well. And the alms that he used to get on his daily round around the capital – became his meal. On the very first day when he had arrived in the capital – a little girl had welcomed him by hugging him tightly – somehow she got attracted to this old man and the old man had smiled – and his smile was so sweet so blissful that the people of the town had started to notice him. He moved slowly – walked in his own bliss – he would never ask for food, he just would carry a wooden bowl with him. But his grace was so much – his glow – his love – as if the whole eternity was passing through those narrow lanes of the capital that people could not ignore him – some of them would step ahead and offer some fruits to him – the old man then would just look into the eyes of the man who is offering the fruits – and something would happen in the man’s heart – he would feel good – he would feel as if hundreds and hundreds of springs are showering LOVE within his whole being – he would start feeling joyous – without having any thoughts – his hand would come together and he would prostrate before the old man. And the old man would smile – a certain grace would shower through his eyes – and the man would feel blessed. And it was not just this man who felt the bliss within – but almost every generous man and woman who had met the old man – whoever would meet the old man – just a glance of His and the miracle would start happening! Slowly the problems would fade away, slowly the diseases would heal, slowly the pain would start reliving, – Just one glance – just through his gracious glance upon you – all your problems and miseries would start evaporating – leading you to a joyous life!

Slowly the news of his miracles started reaching the Emperor’s courtiers. And the courtiers informed the Emperor….the Emperor was in utter misery – unable to walk, unable to talk….the Emperor just continued to listen to the many miracles of the old man. Somebody said – a blind man was healed – he got the most beautiful eyes the world had ever known and now he remains no more in his home – he started following the old man. A woman who had been longing for a child -was blessed with a beautiful baby – jobless men started earning, sick men are feeling better – they are recovering…….

Listening to the courtiers and the many miracles of the old man that they shared – the Emperor’s eyes became wet…..he asked everybody to leave. When they all left him alone – the Emperor folded his hands – he could not speak, he could not move – he could not move his legs – but his heart was moved – he thanked the old man in his prayers – he thanked God for sending the old man to his capital. That night – the Emperor had a dream and in that dream the same old man had come – and he was saying “Idiot – how long are you going to make me wait in this capital of yours – get yourself healed and let me leave.”

The Emperor got up – he was taken aback – he could not wait anymore – but it was still dark outside – the sun was still to rise – he waited eagerly – every minute was become difficult to bear – the moment it was morning – he signaled the courtiers to take him to the old man.

When the Emperor was brought before the old man – the old man just looked at the Emperor – and the Emperor was moved with just the glow of His eyes. He started crying – and he stood up……and he started walking……and the mole disappeared and the Emperor rushed in the arms of the old man – and the melting – the melting happened – and the whole town – the whole fleet of the Royal members and courtiers stood with folded hands – with tears flowing from everybody’s eyes…it was the most touching movement of their life – a moment that neither they nor their forefathers had ever seen before!

The old man then looked into the Emperor’s eyes and said “ Finally you have met me again in this life – that was your wish last life. It is now fulfilled.”

The Emperor could not understand, he said “ Master please help me understand…what you mean.”

The old man said “ Last life you were a washer-man. You used to be my close disciple. And you would come to my hermitage, collect my clothes and wash them. You loved me and I loved you – and there were many many disciple in the hermitage – but you were so much fond of me that you would serve me all the day. Then one day – while cleaning my clothes on the riverside – you were distracted by the Royal Fleet of the King – the Royal Fleet of the King was passing by and a thought came to your mind “How great it is to live a life of a KING!” And this thought went so deep into your being – that I noticed it and deep within I realized that this desire of becoming a KING has gone so deep into your subconscious mind that unless you become a KING – you would not move ahead towards the final liberation. And so one evening I revealed to you that you next birth will be of a KING – just out of compassion and love I blessed you with a birth of a King and look now – you have become not just a King but an Emperor. But when I had revealed to you – your next birth – you had started crying….just the way when a child comes to know he is going to lose his mother… had started crying….and you cried that whole night – you said “ “Even though I become a King next life – I want to meet you again – I cannot imagine any life without your omnipresence.”

And so then I had said that “You will come to me again – a mole would come on your body and to heal you will come back to me and that is how you will meet me again.”

The Emperor now started crying…..with the touch of the master he was able to recollect all of his past life moments – he was a Dhobi (washer-man) last life – he was a devotee of this divine old man who is now standing before him – yes he could recollect everything – and now he could not control himself – he fell on the feet of the old man…..and said “ Now please don’t let me go – I don’t want any palaces and any royal pleasures – I had it all , my desire has been fulfilled – now give me the way ahead…..”

The old man raised him up and said “ This is how the cycle of life and birth continues – this is how the ‘attractions’ are triggered – each and every action has its threads connected to your PAST – and that PAST need not be the immediate PAST LIFE – it can be connected to many other PAST lives that you have been through. Now get up and go back to the Palace. And always remember – you need NOT renounce anything – because that will again lead to EGO – the EGO that – ‘I have renounced everything’! So just be where you are and keep me in your Heart – keep GOD in your HEART and let the journey WITH HIM begin – because always remember – the journey is NOT towards GOD – the journey is WITH GOD. Now go back and always remember – I Am With You.”

The Emperor with a very heavy heart had to return back to his Palace. But the moment he returned – his life was no more the same – a great change had been initiated within his being – and he was all set to begin his spiritual journey with deep faith, patience and love in his heart.

And this is what I have been telling you all – to each one of you who has been following me all these days and months – that YOU NEED NOT GO ANYWHERE – there is absolutely no need to GO to Himalayas – or to any place – just BE WHERE YOU ARE – just EXECUTE your worldly responsibilities with sincerity and continue to spend quality time with yourself – in deep meditation, every morning, every evening, every night – as much as you can.

Always remember – the beauty is when you learn to BALANCE your material life with your spiritual life – when you realize the fact – that ESCAPING is NOT the solution – FACING and LIVING THROUGH the many difficulties of life is the solution and while you do so – you remain engrossed within – you remain meditative – you remain focused within.

Astrology is just a ‘Telescope’ – through which you see the various placements of stars and planets (KARMA QUALITY) – and it is these KARMIC QUALITIES that brings forth the ATTRACTIONS that each one of you come across.

Yesterday Govind came. Govind has been such a simple man. And he had been in touch for many years. But suddenly for last 4 years he had disappeared. Today when he came – I wasn’t able to recognize him. He had turned pale, weak, and also looked depressed. He said “ I have come after a long time.”

I said “ That’s right. What happened. You seem to have lost your glow.”

Govind said “ What to say. I got attracted towards a girl, then slowly I left you – stopped following you – and then I started following her! And I stopped my meditation, I stopped my prayers and day and night I just became so mad in her love that by and by my whole life style was changed – and then for the next 4 years I was in relationship with her and then one day she left me – and then I took to drinking and then my life became more worse and then everything started collapsing – until one day I remembered you and then I started crying – what a fool I was – then I remembered your words – then I remembered all that you had been sharing with me and then I could not control my self – I had to come back to you – NOW please guide me on how should I get back to where I had started with. “

Life is like that. The moment you stop meditating you stop your prayers – you stop living a purified conscious life – the QUALITIES within you start falling – when QUALITIES start falling – you start getting ATTRACTED towards MEN or WOMEN of low quality – base level – then these same MEN AND WOMEN engulf you and start making your life a MESS. Just the way Govind first became impure – ignorant and then fell for a woman who may have those GOOD SEXY LOOKS – but from within she was a MESS – a poor drag – a dirt. And then once he was captured by her – once he was caught in her clutches – his life started becoming a HELL!

So DO NOT blame the WOMAN or the MAN who has spoiled your life – or has ATTRACTED you and then made your life a MESS – the problem is WITH YOU – because HAD YOU BEEN LIVING A PURE CONSCIOUS LIFE – you would NOT have fallen for such a flimsy man or woman.

ATTRACTIONS happen based on WHAT YOU ARE WITHIN. Always remember ATTRACTION to a wrong WOMAN or MAN is basically YOUR OWN SHORTCOMING – it is a sign that YOUR QUALITY (GUNA) is taking a setback – your STANDARD is falling and then every thing starts falling – you jump in the bed – and then misery makes sure that one day the same bed becomes your deathbed!

Always remember – just remember that YOU are your HELL and YOU are your HEAVEN too. It all begins with you – if you want to have a GOOD FRIEND – first you should ensure that you are filled with all the GOODNESS that you expect from others. If you want to have GREAT friend – then first you should be GREAT.

If you are looking a good life partner than first you should have all the QUALITIES (GUNA) of a good life partner.

But people are shallow – they would expect others to be something that they themselves are not. Then how willl the marriage work?Then how will the relationship work? Then how will the friendship will work?

But people say something, feel something and do something else. There is absolutely NO sync in what you feel, you say and you do and hence miseries are more and happiness is less, problems are more and peace is less.

LAW OF ATTRACTION is a beautiful philosophy of the CUNNING MIND. And all that feeds the MIND SELLS like a hot cake! All that appeals the MIND – sells faster.

But I am not here to make your MIND happy – I am here to help you all realize the TRUTH – and the TRUTH is beyond MIND – the TRUTH can only be found in the state of NO MIND.

Meditation is NO MIND. TRUTH is already there – but you can experience it ONLY when you KEEP the MIND ASIDE. And in this KALI YUG – it is going to be more and more difficult because the MIND has become the MASTER – the majority is RULED by the MIND and so you see more miseries – more madness – more murders – more attacks – more clinging – more attachments and more sufferings. Because the majority has become the MIND – and so the TRUTH disturbs the majority – the TRUTH is collapsed – the TRUTH is condemned fiercely.

You have to tame the monkey MIND – you have to take control of your MIND -else this MIND will cause many miseries in your life and I say it to you all – WAKE UP before it is too late – GET BACK TO YOUR ROOTS – GET BACK TO WHERE YOU HAD STARTED – and the way to do so – is by focusing WITHIN.

So come – come you all – the MIND will continue to raise many questions – but always REMEMBER the answer comes – the REAL ANSWER – the RIGHT DIRECTION comes only from your HEART! And so Meditate – Meditate by focusing on your HEART – your HEART is beautiful – what comes between you and your HEART is the monkey mind.

Your HEART knows the way……listen to the voice of your heart and JUMP – JUMP into the unknown – JUMP into yourself – and take a deep breath and meditate. Millions and millions of buds blossom into a beautiful flower – Why can’t you blossom into a beautiful flower? You have all the means to blossom – all you need is to BELIEVE in yourself and let the spirit – the consciousness within you EXPAND….

And when the LIGHT is instilled WITHIN – all the IGNORANCE that you have been carrying along all you life burn up – leading you a blissful path – the path of LOVE, of PEACE, of SILENCE.

The greatest DEFENSE is to ATTACK – but that ATTACK should be of LOVE, of PEACE, of SILENCE. And then such an attack becomes the greatest DEFENSE you could ever have imagined in your life.

Once you start following your HEART – once you realize the significance of LOVE, of SILENCE, of JOY then you will NOT worry – then you will NOT entertain – then you will NOT think about concepts and philosophies like the LAW OF ATTRACTIONS – then you will rather start FOCUSING on the QUALITY OF ATTRACTIONS! And that is what I would LOVE to see happening WITHIN you – that you all start moving from the MIND towards your HEART – that you stop Becoming and start BEING YOURSELF – that you drop the MASK OF PERSONALITY and let your INDIVIDUALITY take on. And then you all will be beautiful – then you all will find the answers to your miseries – then everything around you will be the same but you will no more be the same – then the flowering will start happening – then the meditation will start blossoming – this is the way of its happening – only if you are willing to TURN INWARD and set on the most wonderful journey of your life – the JOURNEY WITHIN – the JOURNEY towards the SELF.

Meditate and whenever you feel LOW – whenever you feel UPSET – whenever you feel angry – REMEMBER – SAMMASTI says the Buddha – just REMEMBER your inner space and go within again and again until you find peace – just REMEMBER – the last word of BUDDHA was SAMMASTI meaning REMEMBER – Remember your inner space – And the more you would REMEMBER – the more you would start understand the FORGOTTEN LANGUAGE – the Language of Silence.

Silence is the most beautiful language but that SILENCE has to be a blissful silence. Real communication happens in Silence.

But People don’t get it – they want to TALK and I am against talking – I am against all those things that come in between YOU and YOUR inner peace. And TALKING is the most idiotic thing that goes on and on and on – and nothing ever is found – you remain a lost man. TALKING can make you RICH from the OUTSIDE. But the same TALKING is taking you away from YOURSELF – from outside you are becoming RICHER – but from inside you are becoming poorer.

And so to all my dear followers and readers and fellow travelers – I appeal – let there be more SILENCE within you – a blissful silence. Through SILENCE everything can be shared – through SILENCE everything can be realized – the larger question is – HOW MUCH ARE YOU READY to rejoice in SILENCE?

Your READINESS to REJOICE in SILENCE states your spiritual progress – the greater the SILENCE the greater is the QUALITY WITHIN and the greater the QUALITY the greater is the ATTRACTION towards the HIGHER ALTITUDES – LOVE happens – LOVE cannot be planned – LOVE cannot be managed – it is NOT Politics – LOVE simply happens and when you are progressing WITHIN – when you are GROWING INSIDE OUT – then you start loving that which is of the higher realms – than you love but you love something that would help you to rise to the higher planes – such a love is WORTH it!

And so no matter where you all go – no matter how many places on this planet you visit -no matter how many clubs and resorts you visit – finally PEACE is only to be found – JOY is to be only found- TRUTH is to be only found WHEN you start turning inward – when you start meditating – when you start self realizing the immense significance of taking the name of the Holy Lord.

The more you come closer to your SELF – the more you would start realizing how the ATTRACTIONS take place – the more you would start understanding that ASTROLOGY is nothing but one medium to help you realize the IMPORTANCE of living life with CONSCIOUSNESS. Then you will realize that ASTROLOGY and KARMA are not separated but a small part of the VAST OCEAN called Spirituality.

And so let there be focus on helping each other to be more and more meditative – because until the TV within you is SWITCHED ON – you cannot come to the TRUTH – you cannot understand the forgotten language – the language of Silence.




Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Addittya Tamhankar

Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a distinguished astrologer and acclaimed author known for his in-depth knowledge and insight into astrology. He has authored over 11 books, including bestsellers on the cosmic entities Rahu and Ketϋ, and his recent works include "Come Back Home - Reconnect to Source Consciousness" and "27 Nakshatras - the Living Legends." Alongside his literary achievements, Acharya Addittya has cultivated a substantial online following, with over 1,000 YouTube videos and a community of more than 40,000 subscribers. His blogs offer enlightening discussions on spirituality and planetary influences, drawing readers and viewers who seek wisdom and deeper understanding of these complex subjects.
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