Importance of Pratyantardasha Dasha – Magic of Moment


The whole story of this human world revolves around one word, one question – WHEN?

The common man is impatient. Because the common man is ruled by the mind. And the mind is always in a rush. The mind wants it – right now! Impatience is the nature of the mind, the more you follow your mind, the more you are controlled by your mind, the more you would become impatient.

But a man or a woman who has become MIND, who is in the tight clutches of the MIND – won’t understand. Such a person is always in ‘hurry’ – the ‘majority’ is always in a hurry! And so the question always revolves that one word – WHEN?.

For a common man – who is yet to go beyond the Mind – what matters is when the event is going to take place!

When am I going to get married?

When am I going to get a promotion?

When am I going to travel abroad?

When am I going to start my own company?

The question of ‘When’ is always lurking in your mind. Because even if I am going to get a promotion – the question still remains – and that is WHEN?

The answer to this WHEN? – is not found in the MAHADASHA.

The answer to this WHEN? – is not found in the ANTARDASHA.

The answer to this WHEN? – is found in the PRATYANTARDASHA

And so the real essence is in understanding the Pratyantardasha.

MAHADASHA lasts for many years – a minimum of 7 yrs to 20 years.

ANTARDASHA lasts for a minimum of 1 year to 2 years

PRATYANTARDASHA lasts for a minimum of 1 month to 5 months

SOOKSHMADASHA lasts for a minimum of 5 days to 25 days

If you observe your life – you may realize that most of the specific events or decisions are taken within a timeframe of 1 to 5 months.

And therefore – it is the PRATYANTAR DASHA and SOOKSHMA DASHA that matters the most when it comes to finding the current STATE (DASHA) of your life!

A young man traveled to the United States for the first time in 2006 November.

Now let us see his DASHA PERIOD:



Let us see first from Vedic Astrology perspective:

RAHU is placed – Natal 12th house.

Sun is the Ascendant Lord, placed – Natal 3rd house

Ketu is placed in Shravan Nakshatra – signify the 12th house (Cancer- Moon)

12th house – foreign travel

3rd house – short travel

From KP Astrology perspective – his 9th cusp sub lord is also KETU. The 9th is again related to long travel!

This young man traveled to a foreign land (US) for a short duration of 3 months.

But the story is not over yet.

After one year, this young man again got an opportunity to travel overseas to the US.

That time he was running through:


Now again – RAHU – natal 12.

MOON – natal 6th and also rules the 12th house (Cancer) and PRATYANTAR RAHU again signifies 12th house.

From KP Astrology perspective – his 12th CUSP SUB LORD is RAHU. Again 12th, as you all know, is related to foreign travel/ foreign land. So along with Vedic astrology, KP also promises travel overseas.

In Kundali – every third house from the KENDRA house (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th) is the TRAVEL HOUSE!

From 1st – 3rd house.

From 4th – 6th house

From 7th – 9th house

From 10th – 12th house

So – 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th – all these four houses signify travel. Whenever the ANTAR and PRATYANTARDASHA PLANET signify any of these 4 houses – your ticket to fly overseas is guaranteed!

But the basic answer to the question WHEN? – is in your PRATYANTAR DASHA.

And not in your Antardasha!

Because decisions are taken in a month’s time or max in four month’s time. And that is where your PRATYANTAR DASHA falls.

So even though you are promised of marriage – still WHEN will the marriage happen is found through your PRATYANTAR DASHA.

Job, sexual relationships, marital relationship, opportunity, travel, good profit/loss – all ‘events’ and its happening is only to be found through your PRATYANTAR DASHA.

In KP Astrology – the sub lord decides whether an event is going to happen or not.

Similarly in the Vishomtarri Dasa – it is the Pratyantardasha lord that signifies WHEN a particular event is going to happen!

And so the story of a common man starts with the Pratyantardasha.

What is the scene? This scene is your Pratyantardasha.

What is the plot? This plot is your Antardasha.

What is the movie about? This movie is your Mahadasha.

A sequence of scenes revolves around the plot.

And a plot is what defines the nature of the movie.

And a movie is that – which brings the holistic view of all that is to be shown to you while the movie lasts.

The scenes keep changing at a much faster pace. And it is the scenes that matter – it is the scenes that you remember the most and not the entire movie!

And SO – people often are stuck in understanding the ANTARDASHA – (the plot) – when in reality you all should be focused on understanding the PRATYANTAR DASHA – (the scene).

Scene by scene….a ‘movie’ shapes up. Moment by moment….life shapes up.

Similarly, every phase of Pratyantar Dasha shapes up your life!

We always remember the moments, we hardly remember the days!

We always remember the scenes, we hardly remember the movies!

I may not remember the entire plot of the movie Spiderman (2002) – but I certainly remember the scene where Peter’s uncle – Uncle Ben says the most beautiful and insightful dialog that emphasizes the importance of being more conscious when the power comes.

Uncle Ben looks into Peter’s eyes and says: – “Remember – With great power comes great responsibility.”

It is the scenes that make or break a movie. It is the moments that make or break your life! Life indeed is made of moments. You always remember the moments and not the days!

The movie Spiderman is not just about the long jumps and magnanimous fights between the good and the evil – it has far more to it. And that is – the significance of living a selfless life – to SERVE those who are in NEED, to AIM for the higher altitudes of life – to do something that is beyond the scope of ordinary life!

To go beyond the ordinary life – you need strong determination, values, and the courage to JUMP into the unknown!

And only a truly ‘mad’ person can JUMP into the unknown! Your so-called intellectual heads cannot JUMP – cannot take the RISKS – cannot live for others – for that, you need someone like spiderman – a HERO – who is willing to take the step towards the unknown – he NEVER plans, he NEVER calculates, he never ORGANIZES – he simply JUMPS – for OTHERS – to HELP others – and that makes him the HERO – the real HERO!

The very essence of the movie Spiderman – the very secret of the success of its story is in the depth of its scenes that are so well knitted with some deep dialogs and the wonderful message – the message of helping others – selflessly!

Only a truly mad person can relate to life! He can sing, he can dance, he can live his life to the fullest – because at the core of his existence – is his heart – he simply follows his heart and the heart is beautiful – it always is! Only such a heartful man can listen to the music of life that the others cannot! Such a man may be called ‘insane’ – and yet in the kingdom of God – only such a person is the sanest person – the wisest person!

Beyond the Pratyantardasha – there is the sky – the highest level of Dasha (state) – that only a true Yogi can experience – someone who has gone beyond the mind – someone who has experienced the bliss within – someone who simply rejoices by living moment to moment – and such a man is called – a man of awareness, a ‘living’ Yogi!

A man of awareness is truly ‘living’ – because he is always found in this NOW moment – and SO – only such a man can experience the SOOKSHMA DASHA!

SOOKSHMA DASHA is the highest ‘state’ (Dasha) that only a Yogi can experience – someone who has blossomed into a beautiful flower – can experience – it is the ultimate state (Dasha) – the epitome of consciousness!

A Yogi is always HERE. In the NOW moment. And so he can vibrate, appreciate and relate to the Sookshma Dasha because he is able to feel and understand the vibrations of Sookshma Dasha! Sookshma Dasha is all about the NOW moment!

But common man, someone who is living his or her life in utter ignorance – is never HERE in totality. Half of his Mind is in the Past. The remaining half is in the Future. So for such a man understanding or even experiencing the Sookshma Dasha is difficult. Because he is still to evolve – he is simply NOT HERE so how can he feel the NOW moment? He is lost. He remains a lost man.

And that is how the majority of this human world remains. A lost world!

A lost man is always found to be fearful. I receive many emails filled with FEAR. “My RAHU DASHA WILL BEGIN NEXT YEAR…so help me to do something about it.” “MY SHANI MAHA DASHA is beginning next month – so what should I do now?” and many such mails come over.

Understand the undercurrent of such emails – and I appeal to all my followers – understand the reason of this FEAR FACTOR – this FEAR comes because the MIND is not HERE NOW – the MIND is in the FUTURE – or – the MIND is in the PAST – and because it is NOT IN THIS NOW moment – the ‘worry’ factor is always boiling within you and along with the worry comes the urgency to PLAN, to CALCULATE, to ORGANIZE, to SECURE your future – when in reality Life is not in FUTURE – and not in the PAST – LIFE is NOW – but look how elusive the MIND is! And that is how you all are lost – you are never HERE – you are either lost in your PAST or worried about your FUTURE! And that is how your whole life is LOST! Simply lost.

And then there are a few beautiful souls who live their whole life without any planning, any calculation – they simply flow…….with the river of their life and in the process evolve into something beautiful, something wonderful!

A man of awareness is perfectly aware that if there is anything that can be rejoiced and lived – then that is this moment – the present moment – the NOW moment!

Yesterday, a young man came. His name was Gopal. And Gopal was such a simple man, always hard-working, smart and talented. Gopal said “ Next week, on Monday – my boss has invited me for a feedback session. I am worried. Why he has invited me for a feedback session – what is it that he wants to share with me.”

I said “ Gopal, I know you are a very sensitive person. I can understand the state of your mind. It happens, when you are living in this material world, the MIND always is very ACTIVE – and the mind is a monkey. You tame this mind, you do not let this MIND control you – when you go to meet your boss – just keep the mind aside. Just listen to what he is saying – just listen, and while you listen to his words, you focus on your breathing. Let your breathing be natural. Even if your boss says all the ugly and offensive things to you – still remain CALM. Do not let your breathing change – the breathing changes the moment you become angry – the moment you become nervous, the moment you become depressed. Let your boss speak all that he wants to – you just listen. And if he tries to provoke you – you do not let him do so. You remain calm, listen. And when he is done, you get out of his cabin. Remember – you are NOT going to REACT, you are only going to LISTEN and if required respond with few words, very few words.”

The MIND is very talkative. Observe yourself – whenever you become angry – you go on talking and talking and yelling. Whenever you are engaged with a girlfriend or boyfriend – you talk a lot – be it on mobile or in person.

The MIND talks a lot. And so a person who follows his or her mind – also talks a lot!

Some lovers while making love – talk a lot. The MIND is very much in play. When making love or having sex – the more you talk, the more you kill the possibility of having a good extensive sexual experience! This is a deep subject.

If you are married, or if you are in a deep relationship – then the experience of Orgasm is necessary. Physical fitness is necessary but along with physical fitness, what is necessary is to keep your mind aside while you make love – while you experience sex! Sex can be experienced in true sense when there is NO MIND – then Orgasm is possible.

To go beyond the sexual life, the material life – FIRST – it is necessary that you experience SEX in totality – Orgasm in its totality – only then you can understand its futility – only then there is a possibility – a small window for you to jump out and experience the beyond – which is far more beautiful, more joyous than those few hours of SEX that you experience!

SEX is the word that is highly condemned in our society. And yet it is SEX through which we all are born! The very source of life is SEX, and so how can you condemn sex? But ignorant people, highly hypocrites go on condemning sex, though in their MIND – the thought of sex is always lurking! That is how many so-called celibates and monks fall for sex – leading to many sexual scams. Because they have NOT overcome their sexual desires – they have simply RAN AWAY – escaped from their sexual desires – but how long can you run, how long can you suppress your sexual desires – at some point, it swells up and then you are caught in the sexual scams!

The way to overcome sexual desires is first to experience SEX in its totality. Gautama Buddha – before becoming Buddha was a Prince of a very rich kingdom. Imagine – how much sexual pleasures he would have had! And yet a time comes when he drops everything – because of his own self-realization – that there is something higher, something far beautiful than Sex, than the pleasures of this material world!

The question is about DASHA (State) – but the real question should be HOW to overcome the DASHA (State of your being)!

And that is possible only when you turn inwards. When you realize that whatever is happening in and around your life – is your own past karmic dues and if this time you REACT – than the chain will ever stop and you will be dragged into it for lives afterlives!

Once it happened, Gautama Buddha was seated beneath a tree and Ananda was also present. And a man who was against the Buddha came and started insulting the Buddha.

He abused Buddha, said many ugly things to Him. Buddha’s disciple – Ananda was not able to bear this anymore – Ananda and Gautama Buddha were from the Royal family, they were Kshatriya, fighters – but because Gautama Buddha is present, he controls himself, otherwise, he would have killed him then and there.

The man continues to abuse Buddha. And Buddha simply listens attentively and then says “Thank You.”

The man is now puzzled. He says to Buddha “Are you mad? Have you gone mad? I am insulting you, offending you and you simply say ‘Thank you’?”

Buddha said, “Yes because I was waiting for you. I had insulted you in the past and I was waiting – until you came I would not be totally free. Now you are the last man; my accounts are closed. Thank you for coming. You might have waited, you might not have come in this life, and then I would have had to wait for you. And I don’t say anything anymore, because enough is enough. I don’t want to create another chain.”

The man leaves with embarrassment. The accounts are closed. When you don’t react – slowly, the accounts are closed – but the big question is – how many are able to do so? Not everybody is Buddha – and not everybody can be a Buddha – to be a Buddha – you need to turn inwards, find yourself, discover yourself – and most importantly LEARN TO LIVE YOUR WHOLE LIFE in TOTAL ACCEPTANCE!

It is always easy to become a HITLER, but it is always going to be difficult to be a BUDDHA! They are two polarities – HELL and HEAVEN. It is easy to find a place in HELL, it is always a challenge to find a place in heaven!

This HELL and HEAVEN is nowhere on the outside – but very much within you!

When you are in love, when you are in peace, when you are following the path of TRUTH – you are in Heaven.

When you spend your whole life in Hatred, in violence, in doing all kinds of untruthful karma – you are in Hell.

The DASHA or the STATE is your own creation. If this time also – you will go on reacting – rebelling – hating – then you are creating a new cycle of hell for yourself! The only way to stop this chain, to close this account is by being more and more understanding.

There was one Emperor, and he was the mightiest of all. One day he comes to meet Lao Tzu and asks “What is hell and what is heaven?”

Lao Tzu looked at the Emperor and said “You son-of-a-bitch! Have you looked at your face in the mirror lately? I have never seen such a dirty-looking fellow before!”

The Emperor was enraged! He had not expected such a thing from such a great saint. You don’t know great saints! You know only small, puny saints. A real saint is not a cat, he is a tiger!

The Emperor was so enraged that he pulled his sword out of its sheath. He was going to cut the head of the Master. Just as the sword was coming closer, the Master said, “Wait! You are entering hell. This is the gate to hell.”

The way the Master said “Wait!” and this word of the master was so powerful that the Emperor’s hand was stopped in the middle, and he understood — “True!” He threw the sword away, fell at the feet of the Master, and the Master laughed and said, “This is the way to heaven! You have already experienced both within a single moment. The distance is not far.”

Whenever you are living your life in total surrender to your Lord, whenever you are living your life in total devotion, total love – you always are experiencing the bliss of Heaven!

Some pain. Some setback. Some failure. Some insult. Some difficulties. All of these are going to be there – it is in everybody’s life. Even Sai Baba was tortured by the villagers of Shirdi, Saint Dyaneshwar was ridiculed and insulted, Jesus was not only opposed but also crucified, Buddha was insulted and offended so many times – it always happens with everybody.

What matters is how to FACE it – how you deal with it – how you create a bridge from all the stones that are being thrown upon you!

Life is difficult. This human life is not as rosy as it seems to be! It has many thorns – the thorns of cheat, fraud, lust, anger, deceit, politics, and the list of such ‘thorns’ is unending – but the divine master is simply encouraging you to ACCEPT all these dirt, these thorns – because it is only when YOU ACCEPT the thorns that you can experience the ‘flowers’!

Just be yourself. There was one man – a monk and he lived his whole life trying to become like Buddha, like Jesus, like Krishna. And when he was on his deathbed, his eyes were filled with tears – somebody asked him “Why are you crying, are you afraid of death?”

And the monk who was now very old said “ I am not afraid of death. I am afraid of what am I going to answer God when God will ask me “ Nayantara – I had sent you to BE NAYANTARA – then why you spend your whole life trying to become like someone else? Why you tried to become Jesus, become Buddha, become Krishna – when I would have loved to see you living your life by BEING YOU!”

At that moment – what am I going to answer? And that is why my eyes are filled with tears – tears of self-realizing that this human life is NOT to become like someone else – but to BE YOURSELF!”

Just BE yourself – you look beautiful when you are natural. To be beautiful is to be natural! Flow naturally. There is absolutely no need to BECOME – you are as good as you are. You just have to come closer to your ‘self’ by being more and more meditative.

Time is above all. The DASHA is nothing but the STATE of your being! The State is always changing – now you are happy, the next moment you are sad. This change is always happening because you are still being controlled by your MIND!

The Mind is always in play. All your emotions are of the Mind.

The Mind is just a turmoil. And because of this turmoil, you all cannot see your own nature. You go on missing yourself. You meet everybody in the world and you never meet yourself.

Your ‘introduction’ is still not known to yourself! And that is the greatest irony of this human life. Whenever I am saying ‘your’ – it is for all my readers and followers. Nothing personal.

People come and ask “ Is there – life after death?” when the real question should be whether you are alive before death!

When you are simply going with the flow – when you are living moment to moment – then why would you bother or even have to think about WHEN a certain thing is going to happen! Such a person is simply happy to BE – the question of BECOMING simply never arises!

The question of BECOMING arises in the Mind. If you are following the MIND – you always are trying to BECOME – when in reality the existence wants you to BE!

Just BE yourself. You don’t have to become like Jesus, like Buddha, like Krishna – if God wanted – then HE would have made hundreds of Jesus, hundreds of Buddha, hundreds of Krishna, but God made only one Jesus, one Buddha, one Krishna – and similarly GOD has made only ONE UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL – and that is YOU!

No individual is INFERIOR. And no individual is SUPERIOR. Every individual is UNIQUE! And to BE yourself – is to simply value your uniqueness – to realize that YOU are NOT a product, you are an INDIVIDUAL – a UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL!

But society never wants you to discover your own being! Because then you will be wise, then you will become aware – then how can the society dictate you – then the society will find difficulty in facing you – and that is how every INDIVIDUAL who has discovered his own being – who has been living his whole life by BEING HIMSELF – is fiercely opposed by the SOCIETY – is CONDEMNED by the SOCIETY – is LABELED by the SOCIETY! That is how JESUS was crucified, that is how Buddha was ridiculed, that is how MAHAVIRA was offended, that is how Muhammed was forced to go to Medina, that is how Sai BABA was opposed by the then locals of Shirdi! The SOCIETY goes AGAINST every INDIVIDUAL who is trying to discover his own being – who is living by being himself – who has realized the fact that RESPECTABILITY IS SLAVERY – and INDIVIDUALITY is DIGNITY!

Such an individual has to go through many challenges because society is always trying to put him in trouble – because TRUTH is feared – and such an individual is always speaking the truth, sharing the Truth – and so he has to face the anger of the society. Because the Society has always been against TRUTH. And yet it is TRUTH that has always remained – always accepted in the end.

Never force the truth on your daughter, your son, your wife, your sister or brother. Just share with them the truth – and then let them decide what to do with their life. At the most, you can make them conscious of the truth – but you cannot help them realize the TRUTH – unless and until they themselves experience it through their own experiences!

Always remember – you don’t have to defend the TRUTH, you don’t have to justify the TRUTH – you just have to let it flow – when the time comes, it wins over all those things that have been utterly false, fake!

Avatar Meher Baba – the divine spiritual master who traveled across the globe and transformed many madmen into enlightened beings – always used to say that if you believe in me – only then come to me.

Truth needs no justification. Truth always remains.

And what could be the most beautiful coincidence that when we are meditating on the ‘ultimate truth’ – the day of Dassera is just about to begin!

It is the day when TRUTH defeated the FALSE – it is the day when CONSCIOUSNESS defeated the IGNORANCE – it is the day when LIGHT evaded the utter DARKNESS – the day of Dassera!

And so on this beautiful day – that we all are going to experience soon, let us focus on walking on the path of TRUTH – no matter how many people try to pull you down – as long as you are on the path of TRUTH – as long as you are living your life with consciousness – nobody can cause any harm to you – the moment consciousness comes – the whole building of miseries comes crashing down – then the ‘road’ is clear and you are ready to take that first step towards eternal bliss, peace, and joy!

This Dassera – I pray for all my followers and readers – may you all live your life with love and light. For it is only the light of consciousness that can help you overcome the many miseries of this human life.

You will love, you will share love, you will receive and you will give love based on your level of awareness. The greater the awareness, the greater is the love, the greater is the potential to forgive, to Let Go, to live in peace, in bliss, in joy!

This light is your ‘inner light’ – it is your awareness!

Awareness means you come with your inner light – you move with awareness, you walk with awareness, you deal with awareness, you talk with awareness – when there is awareness to your existence – a certain grace comes to your actions – then there is a song to it – then there is a certain beauty to your living – then your whole life becomes a light of awareness – pure consciousness!

Consciousness is bliss. Ignorance is misery. Our life becomes a miserable life when we continue to live with ignorance, utter ignorance. And the same life starts transforming into a melody – music – when we start living with consciousness!

What a beautiful quote of Nisargadatta Maharaj – the essence of ONENESS is so beautifully expressed through the divine words of Maharaj-Ji! Beautiful and so deep.

The disciple moves towards the master…..the master moves towards the disciple… is the consciousness within that is calling for the unity – the ONENESS – the LOVE – the ultimate LOVE! How to express such a love – language is really poor – words cannot suffice!

SIN happens only when there is no consciousness- to our action. Just the way a drunkard commits actions (karma) – an ignorant fellow commits SIN. The moment the ignorance is removed by the light of consciousness – Sinner becomes a Saint! That is the power of Consciousness – when it comes, there is no stopping – there is no looking back – the road is clear and you are ready to walk!

The whole purpose of human life is to experience the light of consciousness – within, the journey is not on the outside – the journey is always within. Look within – turn inwards, meditate and let the consciousness within you…expand…..

I tell you – and I tell it to you all – just out of love, out of love and only love – that if you can meditate, if you can spend minimum 20 minutes daily in deep meditation – then no matter how difficult is your DASHA (state) – no matter how powerful is your enemy – no matter how much life is testing you – YOU CAN OVERCOME everything – just by being meditative, just by being forgiving, just be being truthful, just by following the path of LOVE and DEVOTION!

But who wants to listen? Intellectuals are many. Intelligent are few. Followers of MIND are many, Followers of the Heart are few. And yet it is these few who make this world a much better place to live. The MIND is mechanical, it can be trained. But beyond that – the MIND is useless. The Mind has absolutely NO intelligence. It is your HEART – where the intelligence is – it is your HEART where love is! It is your HEART – where God is.

Paradise is in your heart. God dwells in your heart. God is Love and Love is Real!

The whole purpose of meditation is to reach to the depth of your Heart. Meditation is a journey from Mind toward the Heart!

So come, come you all and spend some time in meditation – the more you meditate – the more you become alive – the more you look fresh, the more you become conscious of your actions! Then there is no fear of what is to come, then there is no worry of what DASHA is running – then you are no more attached to this human body – then the sky is clear and you are ready to fly!

This Dassera – make a promise to yourself – that no matter how difficult life gets – you will never give up – you will never say “It is all over” – because the truth is – that after every ‘full stop’ – a new sentence begins!

Life never stops. Life is a journey. After an ending, there is always a new beginning! The ‘journey’ of life never stops, it always continues…..

Experience this ‘journey of life’ by bringing more and more awareness – to your being. The more you become aware the more you can experience joy, bliss, and peace in your life.

The journey is within.

Let the ‘journey of awareness’ within you all – begin.

Meditate. Look within. Turn inwards. And let the journey within – continue….

Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar

Acharya Addittya Tamhankar is a celebrity Astrologer and internationally acclaimed author of 9 books with two best selling books on Rahu and Ketu. His latest internationally published book is on Retrograde Planets titled “Essence of Retrograde planets”.
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